Are You Ready For Some Football? 6 Thoughts On The Eve Of The NFL Pre-Season

Finally, we have a steady stream of real football news to talk about and obsess over. Oh sure, the offseason antics of Dez Bryant and his momma, the arrest of Adrian Peterson, and the marijuana struggles of Nick Fairley were news for the media, but the football fan in me wanted something of substance to grab a hold of. I don’t really go for the bad news media. I want to see football.

The NFL preseason football is finally here. You may not be excited, but to me the preseason is like the football equivalent of foreplay. The preseason fills us with anticipation and gets us all warmed up and ready for the real games come September. Although it’s only week one of the preseason, it seems the NFL is already offering us promise with the art of seduction.

Today’s post will take you through the thoughts of a football fan on the eve of the preseason …

5 Replies to “Are You Ready For Some Football? 6 Thoughts On The Eve Of The NFL Pre-Season”

  1. Excellent thoughts to ponder for sure. A couple of my thoughts …

    As much as I’m a huge LeSean McCoy fan and as good as Arian Foster is, let’s not forget about Ray Rice as well. He’s right there in the discussion with the likes of Shady and Foster, as is a healthy Adrian Peterson, though we all know that isn’t the case.

    I’m definitely a little surprised about the Mike Wallace situation too. The guy is simply one of the best young receivers, and best receivers period, in football. Why wouldn’t you want this man happy? Makes little sense, but then again, the Steelers have a pretty good track record.

    I’m definitely, finally starting to get ready for some football, that’s for sure.

    1. Rev I agree with all your points. Especially Ray Rice. He is on the cusp of greatness. As for Pittsburgh they never pay a large price for anything and they have been able to reload almost every time. It’s amazing what they do in the scouting area.

  2. Good post Joe. Haven’t been on in a while. Glad to see a post about the NFL on the journal. AP and Chris Johnson are going to bounce back. The Jaguars will sign Blackmon but its going to be hard for MJD to get paid with 2 years left on that contract.
    As for the Steelers they will continue to do what they have always done. They will not give anyone a big contract unless its for a franchise quarterback.

    1. I agree Fee. MJD is going to have to wait this one out all the way if he wants to get paid. Fan pressure might make them cave in or ticket sales. As for the Steelers some things will never change. It hasn’t hurt them thus far. Can’t see it doing it now.

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