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Here at captaingambling we work hard to make sure our visitors have access to reliable sportsbook reviews and comparisons they can rely on for their sports gambling needs. Online sports gambling is more popular than ever today, and we offer objective comparisons of online sports gambling sites, so it’s easy to see which options are better than others for your needs. With a quick glance at our reviews our readers can see what promotions are available, which betting limits are supported and what sporting events are covered by the sites. We also provide our visitors with state-specific provider information, making it easy to look at relevant options and decide where to play fast.

Is there One Best Site for Online Gambling for Sports?

We review dozens of different sports betting sites and companies, and some are given a higher rank than others. Our favorite options aren’t always the best options for other players though. That’s because every gambler has different needs. That’s why it’s so important to consider your specific needs and what you prefer to get from a sports betting website before choosing where to join. Our top ranked recommendation might be perfect for you, but one of our lower recommended sites could be the right option for you instead. There is no perfect option for everyone because people have different preferences.

Think about the sports you want to wager on, whether mobile support is important to you, which promotions mean the most and your other preferences before choosing from the best online sports gambling sites available today. Only after thinking about these important considerations can you pick a site that you’ll be happy to use.

The 8 Criteria that Make a Good Online Sports Gambling Site

With so many different sportsbook operators to compare, it’s difficult deciding exactly what features are most important and how to judge different sites from one another. That’s why at captaingambling we have eight specific criteria points we consider when choosing which sportsbooks are best. We use the simple guideline outlined below to select the good sports gambling sites from the bad.

  1. Live Betting and Betting Offers: Online gamblers want to be able to make use of modern features like live betting and advanced wagering options, which is why we look for sports gambling sites that offer live betting options and that provide betting offers and incentives for combination bets.
  2. The Odds: Odds are crucial when deciding which side of a bet to make for a particular sporting event. Our top recommendations all showcase odds prominently so that gamblers can make their betting decisions with updated information.
  3. Promotions & Welcome Bonuses: A major benefit of using an online sports gambling site is all the promotions and welcome bonuses available. We always compare sites based on those offers and when one site has much more compelling bonuses it will rank higher normally.
  4. The Customer Service: We look for customer service when judging sportsbooks because quality customer service makes a website more enjoyable and user-friendly in general. Top-quality customer service means getting problems addressed quickly and getting back to the betting fun once again.
  5. Banking Options: In order to gamble at an online betting site a real money deposit must first be made. To make this as simple as possible at captaingambling we pick out websites that offer many deposit methods and popular methods that are simple to use.
  6. Payout and Betting Limits: High rollers are limited at some sportsbooks with low payout and betting limits. In order to make sure everyone is happy we always look at these values and make them known to help our readers decide where to play.
  7. Site Usability: A feature-rich sportsbook with poor usability isn’t worth joining in our opinion. When choosing online sports gambling sites we start by making sure the site is easy to navigate and the features are simple to access. Only after accomplishing that do we move on to looking at the other features that make a site stand out.
  8. Support for Mobile: Finally there is mobile support to consider. Most bettors rely on a mobile device to place wagers today, because it’s just more convenient. That’s why mobile support and sports betting app availability is given strong consideration and some sites are removed from our recommended list if they lack these features.

5 Factors for a Positive Online Sports Gambling Experience

While we rely on a set of rigid standard to determine which sites are the highest quality for online gambling for sports, those selections don’t always provide the absolute best play experience. That’s why we also look at these five considerations to help us pick out the most user-friendly sites or most enjoyable to play at.

#1 Site Usability

First and foremost is site usability. The website of the sports site should be easy to navigate and it should load up quickly. We want our visitors to enjoy signing in and selecting features on their chosen sportsbook, so we keep that in mind when reviewing the site.

#2 Banking Simplicity

Banking is a necessary evil of joining a website for sports gambling. It doesn’t have to be difficult though. We group different sites based on how difficult their banking methods are. In order to make sure our users can get started easily, we select sites based on the popularity of the banking methods that they offer. We also look at the deposit and withdrawal terms to be sure that they are lenient enough to allow for a smooth transaction every single time.

#3 Rewarding Promotions

Top-quality promotions make joining a new sportsbook worthwhile, while poor promotions can leave players feeling like they didn’t get much of anything. We don’t recommend sites purely based on the promotions they offer, but we do explain which sites offer the most rewarding promotions. If bonuses are important to you, you can use our recommendations to help find the sites that are going to give you the most overall.

#4 Simple Signup Process

Signing up to a new sportsbook should be quick and easy. It shouldn’t feel like a drawn-out or unpleasant process. We join each site we test and ensure that the process is quick and to-the-point. If we recommend a site to you, you can rest-assured that it’s going to have a simple signup process that you can get through in just a few minutes.

#5 A Lenient Withdrawal Process

Finally we look at the withdrawal process for any winnings that a player gets. After all, what’s the fun of placing a wager if it’s difficult to gain access to your winnings? We look at the terms and conditions and the limitations on the withdrawal process, and use all that information to help us select the highest quality options overall.

Our Top 5 Sports Gambling Bonus Offers

Down below are our top-select bonus offers from our online sportsbook reviews. These offers stand out in terms of their value, their ease-of-use or some other defining factor. Our top selection might not be the best selection for all players though. Everyone has a different view of which bonus offers are the best. Consider our offers with your own preferences in mind, and choose an option that fits your needs best overall to make the most of your gambling experience.

1. Operator Review $500 Dep. Bonus 4.9/5 888Sport Bonus Code
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2. Operator Review $100 Dep. Bonus 4.9/5 Bet365 Bonus Code
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3. Operator Review $500 100% Dep. Bonus 4.8/5 BetAmerica Bonus Code
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4. Operator Review $300 100% Bet Match Welcome 4.8/5 Caesars Sportsbook Bonus Code
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5. Operator Review $200 Free Cash 4.7/5 Betfair Bonus Code
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Our Top 5 Gambling Apps

Mobile sports betting is increasing in popularity, which is why we put together a list of our favorite apps for online sports gambling. Though we have a favorite app, our top app won’t be the leading option for all of our readers. Choose an app based on your devices and how you plan on using your online sportsbook for the best results.

1. Operator Review $100 Dep. Bonus 4.8/5 Bet365 Bonus Code
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2. Operator Review $500 50% Dep. Match 4.8/5 DraftKings Sportsbook Bonus Code
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3. Operator Review $500 100% Bet insurance 4.8/5 FanDuel Sportsbook Bonus Code
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4. Operator Review $500 Dep. Bonus 4.8/5 888Sport Bonus Code
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5. Operator Review $250 100% Dep. Match 4.8/5 Resorts Sportsbook Bonus Code
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Why to trust captaingambling for Sports Gambling Site Advice

captaingambling is a leading sportsbook review service provider that’s dedicated to offering reliable advice about which sites gamblers should use. The company is licensed to offer services in the United States, every site review is held to the same standards and reviewers are given a strict criteria list to follow when composing their final review. This information leads to better quality results overall and more helpful advice. Gamblers looking for state-specific sports betting advice can get relevant information about sports gambling sites from captaingambling.

Legal Situation in the USA

Since 1992 sports betting has not been permitted in the United States except for in very limited circumstances. The Supreme Court recently ruled in favor of sports betting and overturned PASPA, the original law forbidding it. In its ruling, the Supreme Court decided that players would be allowed to participate in online gambling for sports, at the discretion of the states. That means that states now have the power to decide whether sports betting is legal or not, and a handful of states have already made it legal. Gamblers that live in New Jersey, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and a variety of other states across the country have the power to place sports wagers online legally. More states are looking into passing laws to allow their citizens to participate in sports betting as well, and there are new operators being added to the list of providers available in the states with legal sports betting already.

Players that are interested in participating in sports betting should take a moment to look through the laws of their local states to see whether it’s legal for them to do so or not. The laws are constantly changing, but it’s likely that sports betting will only become more accessible in the future. Make sure you double check to see if sports betting is legal in your current state before wagering.

Preview of the Online Sports Gambling Market

Now that sportsbooks are legal to operate within the United States at the federal level, more and more states are working to pass their own laws to make sports bets legal for their citizens. Even though less than a dozen states currently offer sports betting, that number is likely to go up dramatically as more states craft their own legislation on the matter. In the coming years many additional states are expected to allow sports wagering as well.

While all 50 states are never going to agree to allow sports gambling, the number of states that do is expected to at least double from current options. Along with an increased number of states that allow sports betting, more operators are expected to obtain licensing and to move into the United States to offer their services. Gamblers in search of quality sports gambling sites to play at will have to work harder than ever to find a place to play. That’s why captaingambling and similar sites are needed more than ever.

10 Valuable Q & A about Sports Gambling

Real money wagering online can be safe when you play at a reliable sportsbook. There are many sites that are licensed and regulated and that follow laws to keep them safe. Wager at one of these and avoid the rest.

Maybe. It’s impossible to answer this question without knowing your specific state. Check our guide at the following link [state guide overview link] to learn if your state currently supports online sports betting.

At captaingambling we specialize in organizing different sportsbooks based on what states they operate in. Take a look at our sportsbook reviews and learn which options are available in your current state.

Yes, Payout Percentage is an important measurement that determines how much money a sportsbook site pays back to its gamblers. The best online sports gambling sites offer a more generous Payout Percentage, which means bigger payouts when you win.

Sometimes. There are sites that offer fast enough payment methods that you can sign up for an account, get approved and complete your deposit all on the same day. You can look to find out what sports betting sites accept PayPal, because it’s a rapid payment service. It’s important to select a fast deposit method such as eWallet, credit card or Bitcoin to make this possible.

Yes, Bitcoin is a reliable payment method for online gambling when you know how to use the solution. When used properly Bitcoin is a fast deposit and withdrawal tool that will help you move money around online safely.

No, you can only wager on the sports that are supported by a particular sportsbook. That’s why it’s so important to check which sports are offered before joining a specific website. Only join a site that offers all the sports you are most interested in.

Get to know the different teams and players involved in the specific match you are wagering on. You should also take the time to look over the sports betting odds for any specific decision to help you make the most informed decision.

This depends on if you are interested in football or not. You should wager on the sporting events that you are most interested in or that you are most informed about. This will help make sports betting more entertaining for you and can help improve your results as well.

Yes, you will be required to pay taxes on any winnings that you get from a sportsbook. Traditionally you should expect to pay about 24% in taxes on all your winnings. Any prize larger than $5,000 will usually be help until taxes are paid for it. You are expected to pay taxes on your winnings voluntarily, especially on the smaller amounts because they often aren’t tracked very closely until larger wins begin to pile up.

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