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William Hill Review & Rating US 2020

William Hill
William Hill
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  • Live betting support
  • Easy bonus offers
  • Simple Navigation
  • Mobile support
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Payment Methods:
MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA Online Banking Icon Online Banking Cash at Cage Icon Cash at Cage ACH Payments Icon ACH Payments Skrill Icon Skrill PlayPlus Icon PlayPlus eCheck Icon eCheck
Bonus Type Show Info Deposit Match Requirements Show Info 1x Up To Show Info $150 Bonus Time Show Info 60 days after registration for first bet Cashable Show Info No Bonus Code Show Info HERO50
100% up to $150
Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License IconNevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) License Icon
  • Simple site with easy navigation
  • Live wagering is possible
  • Easy bonus conditions to fullfill
  • Mobile support for iOS and Android
  • Few sports offerings
  • No VIP for sportsbook players
Conclusion and Rating
William Hill

"A Decent Option"

William Hill is a well-known name in the industry but the sportsbook doesn’t do it best out of all the different options. There are some sportsbooks that offer more sporting events to wager on. There are others with more bonus options to choose from and more prize-winning opportunities to make use of. There are also sportsbooks that offer more extras other than a orse racing system. William Hill is a decent option, but it’s only for the right sort of person that wants to make use of the main features without worrying about downsides like fewer sports to choose from and a lackluster VIP program.

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Read Our William Hill Sportsbook Rating Based On 10 Categories

William Hill is a well-known sportsbook establishment that offers sports wagering all around the world today and now the platform is available to American players as well. Gamblers that are interested in making use of the William Hill sports book can do so online or in person as long as they are in the proper state to do so. The site offers a good blend of features and extras, but we’re going to look at all that information to make sure the platform is user-friendly enough and simple enough to use. That means that we’ll look at what makes the site stand out and why the sportsbook is still running today and who will want to play there over time.

William Hill Legal: Security and Licensing Considerations

To keep the wagering experience fair for everyone, and to make sure that gamblers feel confident with the support and the protection that’s offered at a sports book, we took great care picking out the security measures that overlook the sportsbook. From the moment that players start making use of the sportsbook they are protected by full SSL encryption that helps prevent information from being taken by players that aren’t supposed to have access to it. There are advanced software security measures in place like safes and vaults, but gamblers have to know about passwords and other tools to help keep different systems safe as well. The William Hill sportsbook has quite a bit going for it and gamblers should consider using the William Hill Deposit Methods for safety purposes. William Hill owns a license in the following states, so playing in these states is 100% legal:

Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License IconNevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) License Icon

A Full Look at the Site Services

Our William Hill app review will be based on a look at the most important features for this app and what each of them has to offer. Gamblers should take the moment to get familiar with each of the different features that’s offered on the site and how they come together to offer excellent performance benefits. Only by getting familiar with the different services of the William Hill sports betting platform is it possible to determine whether the site is worth playing at compared to other available platforms.

Betting Offer & Live Betting: Just 10 Sports

The most popular sports events are covered by the William Hill betting site, but there is a lack of additional sports to choose from. There are just 10 total sports available to wager on, which might seem like a lot, but is actually lacking quite a bit in variety compared to other online sportsbook offers available today. Gamblers that are interested in making the most of this service can enjoy access to most of their favorite sporting events, but gamblers are encouraged to look over the different options before signing up to verify that the site has all that’s needed in terms of sports coverage. There will be some players that simply can’t get the coverage they want from the sportsbook, which will make it less useful to them.

Odds: Simple Odds Display at the William Hill Sportsbook

American odds are the most familiar throughout the United States. This is the way that odds are displayed on the William Hill platform. Gamblers that want to place wagers effectively need to know how to read those odds and how to make the most of them as well. They can do this by learning about the probabilities of the odds and also by learning what to watch out for when reading odds.

By spending time getting familiar with the different options available and to decide which one to go with. The odds are prominently displayed next to the different wagering positions, making it easier to judge the different wagering opportunities. The same can be said for the live wagering options. There are odds displayed throughout the matchups for the different In-Play or live matchups, making it easier for players to see which of the different options is worth a look or two. For players that are familiar with a different odds format, the sportsbook odds can be adjusted to display as decimals and fractions as well for gamblers that would rather have that.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions: Get $50 in Bet Match Bonuses

New players that join up through the William Hill contact page can unlock up to $50 in bonus funds just for joining and placing some wagers. The process to unlock this bonus offer is quick and easy and it makes a very real difference. Gamblers that are interested in making the most of the offer should take the time to enter in the Get50 bonus code while signing up. As long as the code is entered in the player will qualify for the bonus payout over 15 days after wagering at least $50. Adding the code and wagering the right amount is all it takes to unlock these bonus funds. The process is quick and easy to go through and results in a nice boost to the player’s account in the end. There are regular bonus offers available and existing players should check back to see what other sorts of benefits are available for them to make the most of.

Bonus & Requirements
Type Value
Bonus amount $150
Bonus Type Deposit Match
Rollover 1x
Min. Odds N/A
Min. Payment N/A
Max. Time 60 days after registration for first bet
Cashable No

Customer Service: Comprehensive Help Services

There is a lot to be said about the level of quality of a sportsbook depending on the amount of customer service that’s provided. The William Hill Legit sportsbook offers gamblers many different ways for them to ask for help if they have any issues while wagering online. There is a live chat tool, a dedicated phone number that can be dialed as well as an email address that’s always available. Bettors that run into issues with the platform can leverage any one of these methods to get the help that they need. There is an FAQ section as well for the players that like to look up information all on their own. Between all of these different tools it’s easier than you might realize to get help and customer support.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Very Limited Options

Depositing money into the William Hill sports betting site is simple to do and there are plenty of different options to work with as well. The same can not be said about withdrawing money. Gamblers that are interested in playing at the sportsbook should take the time to get familiar with the different payment solutions and whether they work for them or not. Most gamblers are surprised to hear that the only withdrawal tool natively supported by the site is the William Hill prepaid card. That card can be used to get money out of the account and to shop with the money at a large number of locations. Gamblers that have decent sized winnings should be able to take their funds out using the cards, but there are extended waiting periods for more extensive withdrawal options.

Here is an overview of all available payment methods:

MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA Online Banking Icon Online Banking Cash at Cage Icon Cash at Cage ACH Payments Icon ACH Payments Skrill Icon Skrill PlayPlus Icon PlayPlus eCheck Icon eCheck

Withdrawal Options

  • William Hill prepaid card
  • Cash withdrawal in person

As long as players don’t mind using the William Hill prepaid card for withdrawals, they shouldn’t have issues while playing at the sportsbook. The withdrawal process is fast and easy and impressive enough to be worth the effort as well.

Limits & Payout: Golden Nugget Legit Options

There is a $1,000 deposit limit for William Hill for gamblers that want to get started at the site. There are withdrawal limits as well but most players will be able to take their winnings out of their accounts using the prepaid cards connected to the accounts. These cards are simple to obtain and can be used for most depositing and withdrawal situations. Gamblers that want to make use of the sportsbook should get familiar with using the card because it will make moving funds around simpler overall.

Usability: Decent Navigation

The simplicity of placing a wager and seeing the different wagering options largely determines whether a site is usable or not. The William Hill sports book is easy to navigate on a full-sized device and makes it simple to examine the different wagering options and to place wagers reliably. All the most current wagering opportunities are displayed in the center of the page at the moment of signing into the site. That’s not all though. The sportsbook also has a list of every sport to the side, as well as the live wagering options for quick picking. The most important wagering options and odds are visible from the moment the site is accessed, and it’s that emphasis on usability that makes the site such a pleasure to make use of for interested players.

Devices & App: iOS & Android Coverage

Mobile devices will work to access the sportsbook or gamblers that are interested in being able to place wagers while on the go. These players can easily open up the site on an Android or iOS device and place a wager. The different options are all present and there are dedicated apps for both types of devices as well. Gamblers on other mobile devices might face some complications when they try and use the platform. The William Hill app is designed to be easy to use and should load up quickly and simply. Once open, players can register for an account, sign in, place wagers, move funds around and more. All the features are built in and that makes the mobile support really excellent at the sportsbook.

  • Visit William Hill instant play platform
  • Register for a real money account
  • Deposit funds & start betting on the go
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Additional Offer: Experience Horse Racing Action as Well

On top of all the sports betting features that are built right into the sportsbook platform for William Hill, there is also a full horse racing module to work with as well. The horse racing setup comes with a good blend of features and exciting prize-winning opportunities. Gamblers that thoroughly enjoy horse races will like the simple weekly race schedule and all the in-depth analysis tools available for choosing the best horse to wager on. It’s these extra tools that give gamblers something else to look forward to when they are sick of using the stock sportsbook tools that come with the William Hill sportsbook.

William Hill In Michigan - Ready to launch?

William Hill is a well-known sportsbook in the UK. It has expanded internationally and has a sterling reputation in most other countries as well. But their American site is lacking in so many ways. One hopes that in the future William Hill will bring their American site up to the same standards of their other sites, and that the William Hill sportsbook in Michigan will be better.

But for now, we think that they will only offer 10 sports on William Hill betting in Michigan. We know they can do better than that. If they update the site in the future and bring it up to UK standards, we will let you know.

William Hill Michigan Bonus Offers

While this site isn't available in Michigan yet, here are the bonuses they offer in New Jersey. When it does launch in Michigan they should be similar if not exactly the same.

William Hill's welcome bonus is both complex and not very good. You can get up to $50 in matching funds on your first deposit. However, to claim it you have to input whatever their current coupon code is, and that code changes fairly frequently. Then you need to bet at least $50, which admittedly is very low compared to other sportsbooks. After betting, you will then be able to withdraw any money you win minus the amount of bonus money you bet with. To be honest, you can get much better and it’s easier to claim rewards elsewhere.

William Hill Michigan Customer Service

As we said before, this site isn't available yet in Michigan. We tested the New Jersey version of the site and this is what we found.

The one thing that William Hill gets right is their customer service. You can contact them on live chat and get responses 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call them up and talk to a real person on the phone. For questions that require documentation, you can send them an email which they will respond to in about a half an hour. All of their responses were correct, and they asked sensible follow-up questions. We have no problem at all with their customer service.

William Hill Michigan VIP Program

This site has yet to launch in Michigan. Here is what the VIP section is like in New Jersey: For some reason, they offer no VIP program. Their sites in other countries have VIP programs so we are at a loss as to why there isn't one on their U.S. site.

The Complete Golden Nugget FAQ

No, there are no eWallet services offered by the sportsbook. Interested gamblers will have to make use of one of the supported withdrawal and deposit services at the site.

No, it takes only a few minutes to sign up and to start playing on the sportsbook website. Most new players don’t take much time to become members and they’re impressed by all the different features available after they join.

Anyone that lives in one of the supported states and is old enough can participate in the William Hill sportsbook. That means that most people in the accepted states can easily start wagering when they want.

Yes, there is a minimum age to use the platform and it’s somewhere between 18 and 21. Some states have a minimum wagering age of 18, while others go all the way up to 21. The state that you’re playing in will determine what the minimum age is to make use of the platform and to start wagering.

Yes, the site will open in a mobile web browser, which means that most mobile phone and tablet owners will be able to wager while on the go even if they don’t have access to one of the two William Hill sportsbook apps.

Yes, there are codes that must be entered in in order to qualify for the special bonus offers available at William Hill the online sportsbook. These codes are easy to make use of and make it possible to start working toward unlocking the bonus perks.

The William Hill Sportsbook Summary
The William Hill sportsbook for American players is relatively new and offers coverage for fewer sports than many other sportsbooks offered today. It does cover most of the well-known sports though, so most gamblers are happy with the lineup when they start placing wagers. Any gamblers that would like access to more wagering opportunities should let the sportsbook know and they might expand the offering further. William Hill is a well-known sportsbook operator and a big name in the gambling world, which is why it’s easy to trust that the site is going to hold up well over time and that players can get good reliable results by playing at the sportsbook after it’s put in.

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  • Simple site with easy navigation
  • Live wagering is possible
  • Easy bonus conditions to fullfill
  • Mobile support for iOS and Android
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