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Sugarhouse Sportsbook Review & Rating US 2021

4.7 / 5
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Sugarhouse Sports Highlights
  • Simple user-interface
  • Powerful live betting
  • Casino offered as well
  • Simple welcome bonus
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Author: Michael McKean
Last update on: December 16th, 2020
Topic: Sports Betting Review
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SugarHouse Sportsbook Review

Welcome to our Sugarhouse sportsbook review. Is Sugarhouse sportsbook legit? We'll show you that the Sugarhouse sportsbook safely gives you a great way to bet on your favorite sport. The Sugarhouse casino sportsbook is a newer online betting platform, but a powerful tool for American players looking to place wagers. To get into the full capabilities of the platform we’re going to take the time to look at all the features of the sportsbook and how they compare to other similar sportsbooks in this SugarHouse Sportsbook Review. At captaingambling we look at different sportsbooks and compare them to one another by finding similar features. It’s these similarities that help the sportsbooks stand out as high quality products and makes them so desirable to make use of. Take a moment to learn exactly what you can expect if you play at the Sugarhouse sportsbook online. The site offers limited bonus options, special features, live wagering and more for players to unlock and make use of.



Carry on reading for our full review on Sugarhouse Sports US, or click on one of this buttons below to get the latest on Bet365 in your state.

Security & Licensing: The Sugarhouse Sportsbook is Legit

Before players take the time to join up with the sportsbook it’s important to know whether or not it’s safe and secure to play at. The site is designed with security in mind, which means that it’s carefully secured to be safe for most gamblers to use. Players that test out the sportsbook will be impressed by the reliable encryption that’s used on every page, as well as all the other security features that help the sportsbook stand out.


  • Easy navigation
  • Rich live wagering features
  • Convenient positions newsfeed Cons


  • Just 9 sports covered
  • Few bonus options

When putting together this Sugarhouse sportsbook review we were impressed by the licensing and monitoring that goes into keeping the platform safe and reliable to make use of. It’s these little extra touches that make the site a worthwhile place to place and a location worth joining and wagering with real money. You can compare this to the findings in our other betting reviews, such as our "Is 888sport scam?" and "Is MyBookie legal?" guides. Sugarhouse Sportsbook owns a license in the following states, so playing in these states is 100% legal:

Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License IconPennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) License Icon

Reviewing: Looking at What Makes the Sportsbook Special

Down below we look at the same features that we always examine with each of our operator reviews to help compare the Sugarhouse sportsbook in NJ and other locations to the other sportsbooks that we already reviewed. This review will give interested players information about which location to choose and should make it a bit easier to find the right location to wager at.

Betting Offer & Live Betting: Coverage for Just 9

Immediately something stands out about the Sugarhouse sportsbook online platform, it covers only 9 different sporting events. With such minimal coverage there will be some members of the site that can’t place wagers on matches they are interested in. While many of the major sports are covered, there is no NBA coverage, which will discourage some players from joining the site. Gamblers will also miss out on Rugby coverage and some of the less popular American sports that are covered by other sportsbooks. Even the NHL doesn’t enjoy betting coverage.

Odds: Available in Each Format

As a gambler using the Sugarhouse online sportsbook and casino the odds displayed with the different wagering positions are important. The odds make it more obvious which of the wagering options are worth trying for and which should be skipped right over. There are some wagers that aren’t likely to come true and often the odds aren’t good enough to make them worth wagering on. With all the odds available in three different formats it’s always simple to check exactly what the likelihood of a certain position is, and to determine whether a specific wager is worth trying for or not.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions: A Deposit Match Bonus

While many sportsbooks offer access to many different bonus offers, the Sugarhouse sportsbook in NJ and other states offers access to just a single promotion. New players can unlock up to $250 in bonus funds while making their initial deposit into the account. This bonus is a 100% deposit match bonus, meaning that players that want to claim it must deposit $250 to get $250. After making that deposit there is a 1x wagering requirement before the bonus money becomes available. First Deposit Bonus may only be claimed once per person across all Rivers and SugarHouse websites.

As long as players deposit at least $10 when joining up with the sportsbook they will qualify for the special offer and most gamblers will unlock this special bonus as well, because it’s simple to unlock. Gamblers that are searching or a way to get more funds to wager with will appreciate the special offer available at the sportsbook. It’s easier to qualify for than other bonus offers are, which makes up for the fact that it’s the only offer. For more specifics about the bonuses see our complete Sugarhouse casino bonus review here.

Bonus & Requirements

Type Value
Bonus amount $250
Bonus Type Deposit Match
Example Deposit $250, get $250 Bonus Money
Rollover 1x Bonus Amount
Min. Odds N/A
Min. Payment N/A
Max. Time 30 Days
Cashable Yes

Customer Service: Dependable Online Support

Gamblers using the Sugarhouse casino sportsbook site have access to online customer support whenever they need it. These players can seek out help from the provider through two online support methods or through the detailed FAQ tool. Gamblers that want answers immediately have the live chat support tool that they can rely on. This tool is simple to use and can be connected to nearly instantly when support questions need answered immediately.

When there is a bit more time to get answers to questions there is also an email support tool. This tool is good for players that don’t want to wait around to talk with a representative to get help with a problem, but instead would rather ask a quick question and see the answer the next time they get on to play. The support tools work easily and they help improve our Sugarhouse sportsbook rating as well. The in-depth FAQ section is easy to search through for answers to very specific questions.

Deposit & Withdrawal: All the Important Transfer Tools Available

Banking at the sportsbook is quick and easy to do because just the right tools are available to move money around with. Players can make deposits and withdrawals with around six different methods each way, which is a convenient set of options overall. Players looking to make a deposit with the Sugarhouse sportsbook legal platform can use cash, Neteller, PayPal, a wire transfer, credit or debit cards and online banking to get the job done. When withdrawing money from the Sugarhouse casino sportsbook online PayPal and Neteller are prime options, but online banking, eCheck or cash withdrawal can also be used.

Here is an overview of all available payment methods:

MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA NETELLER Icon NETELLER PayPal Icon PayPal Online Banking Icon Online Banking Cash at Cage Icon Cash at Cage ACH Payments Icon ACH Payments PlayPlus Icon PlayPlus Discover Icon Discover eCheck Icon eCheck

Withdrawal Options

  • Online banking
  • eCheck
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Cash withdrawal

Between all the different payment options there are available with this sportsbook it’s simple to get money around where you need it. Each of the methods is common and most are options players should be familiar with. New or existing gamblers should take the time to get familiar with the different payment tools and then start making the most of each one of them from there.

SugarHouse Sportsbook Review

Limits & Payout: Sugarhouse Casino Limitations

Deposit and withdrawal limitations at the sportsbook are relaxed enough for high-rollers to have a good time. Gamblers that are just getting started on the site can move thousands back and forth without much issue. Wagering specifics are different depending on the sporting event, but it’s possible to wager thousands on a single betting position most of the time. Serious high rollers have the flexibility to go for big wins, while more reserved players can get going with a minimum deposit amount of just $10, which is a real benefit we noticed during this Sugarhouse sportsbook rating.

Getting a prize payout from the sportsbook can be a time-consuming process depending on the payment method that is selected. There is a processing period of up to 72 hours that is attached to any withdrawal coming out of the sportsbook initially. After going through the processing period there is a waiting period that is anywhere from several hours, to a few days, up to as many as 14 days when asking for a check by mail. Choosing a faster payment solution will speed up the withdrawal process dramatically.

Usability: The Site is Simple but Functional

Gamblers that want to be able to place wagers as quickly and efficiently as possible will be delighted by the way that the sportsbook is setup. That’s because the website has all the most important tools available right on the main page. Simply visiting the page is all that’s necessary to place live wagers, to take positions on all the different sporting events, and to hop into current positions within mere moments. The News Feed feature showcases the latest positions and their odds right away for quick consideration. If that’s not enough, an expanded view of the different betting opportunities is always just a click away on the page.

Devices & App: Android and iOS Users are Covered

Mobile wagering is an exciting gambling experience that makes it possible to place wagers from anywhere. There is no reason to be stuck to a computer today when there are so many different portable devices that can be used to place wagers. Tablets and smartphones both can be used to access all the different features of the sportsbook simple. Even though their interfaces aren’t quite as clean and simple as the full-sized desktop display, they are still easy to work with. Android devices and iOS devices both have a Sugarhouse casino sportsbook app to work with.

These apps can be downloaded and installed on the device and then used to make wagering decisions, to collect bonuses, to move money around or do anything else. Other device users can load up the website in their mobile browser without ever downloading an app as well, making BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices usable as well in the right circumstances. For a complete look at the mobile experience see our Sugarhouse sportsbook app review here. We look at things like usability and differences in layout between the full-sized displays and the mobile products.

  • Download and install the Sugarhouse mobile app
  • Register for a real money account
  • Make a deposit and start making mobile bets
App Review Registration Image

Additional Offers: A Rich Online Casino

The Sugarhouse casino sportsbook offers an okay selection of sports wagering opportunities, but that’s nothing compared to the different online casino features that are offered. Players can search through a huge selection of slot games and table games and unlock all sorts of exciting rewards and bonuses through the VIP program right through the site. Long-term players will be rewarded with bigger and better payouts over time, making it an exciting tool for interested gamblers.

SugarHouse In Michigan - Coming soon?

SugarHouse has been around since 2010. While they only offer nine sports to bet on, it's great for those who are interested in those sports.

They also have an online casino, so if you just want to bet on basketball and then go play the slots, it's perfect for your needs. While the SugarHouse sportsbook in Michigan might not have the broad range of betting markets that others have, we still think it's definitely worth a visit. Based on our tests of Sugarhouse in New Jersey, this is what we can expect from Sugarhouse betting in Michigan once it becomes available.

SugarHouse Michigan Bonus Offers

While this site isn't available in Michigan yet, here are the bonuses they offer in New Jersey. When it does launch in Michigan they should be similar if not exactly the same.

The SugarHouse welcome bonus is actually pretty decent. When you make your first deposit you will receive matching funds up to $250 – a fairly high number when it comes to sportsbooks. If you bet $20 on a two to one bet and you win, you can withdraw $20. If you lose, you lose nothing. This welcome offer is one of the reasons that people who do choose SugarHouse come here.

SugarHouse Michigan Customer Service

As we said before, this site isn't available yet in Michigan. We tested the New Jersey version of the site and this is what we found.

SugarHouse has two customer service options. The first is their excellent live chat. Simply contact them and within seconds someone will be talking to you online. If you have a question that requires you to send documentation you can contact them via email. It may take a couple of hours to get a response. Curiously they do not offer any telephone support at all, so you are limited with the live chat and email support. They did respond well to all of our questions and gave correct answers when we contacted them.

SugarHouse Michigan VIP Program

This site has yet to launch in Michigan as mentioned in this SugarHouse Sportsbook Review. Here is what the VIP section is like in New Jersey.

SugarHouse does have an excellent VIP program. For every dollar you bet you get points in the program. The more you bet the more points you earn. These points can be exchanged for better and better prizes as you move up the ladder. It's a fun system and if you only want to bet one of the nine sports on offer can become very attractive indeed.

Overall the welcome bonus and the VIP program are the strongest reasons to bet at SugarHouse. Want to see what other providers have on offer? Check out our bet365 rating.

The Full Sugarhouse FAQ

❓Are bonus codes needed for the bonus offers?

Yes, unlike many other sportsbooks, when you play the sugarhouse sportsbook the codes are necessary to unlock the special bonus offers. Make sure to be up-to-date with the different codes and to make use of them when possible to get extra bonus money.

👀How does the bonus bank work?

Gamblers at the Sugarhouse sportsbook must make use of the Bonus Bank in order to gain access to their bonus funds. This separate bonus account can be used withdraw money from and to wager form. Players simply need to visit the bonus bank section, make a withdrawal using the adjustment slider and the activate button. Once that’s done the money is usable.

📱Is the sportsbook playable over a cellular data connection?

Yes, in some instances it’s possible to play at the sportsbook over a mobile cellular connection rather than a WiFi connection. Players will have to monitor their own mobile data when playing in this way and be careful to avoid low coverage areas for good reliable performance.

⭐Why is the Android app download process different than the iOS process?

Android device owners will notice that they have to go through a very different download and install process than iOS owners do to start wagering on the mobile app. That’s because Google Play does not allow gambling apps. The download process is simpler than it seems, but gamblers that are confused should see the Player FAQ for help through the install process.

✅Is it possible to play at the site outside of the approved states on mobile or a laptop?

No it isn’t possible. In order to wager on any platform the sportsbook uses geolocation software to determine where you are currently. Only players located within the state are allowed to make use of the wagering services at the sportsbook. This helps to keep the Sugarhouse sportsbook platform compliant with local laws and avoid potential problems.

The Play Sugarhouse Sportsbook Summary
The Sugarhouse sportsbook is more limited than many other sportsbook options available to American players today. With just 9 different sports to wager on, and very few bonus offers, the site isn’t as exciting to use as others. With that said, gamblers that have access to all the sports that they really care about will love the simplicity of the platform. It’s quick and easy placing wagers and making use of all the different features. This is a true benefit of the platform and makes using it more enjoyable. Gamblers that don’t mind the limitations will find the site exciting to use, while those that need more features will have to look elsewhere.

New Jersey

Bonus Amount $250
Example Deposit $250, get $250 Bonus Money
Min. Odds
Expiration time 30 Days
Bonus Type Deposit Match
Rollover 1x Bonus Amount
Min. Payment N/A
Cashable Yes
Bonuscode ***** CLAIM Sugarhouse Sports NJ
T&Cs apply, 18+