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Best Rhode Island Sports Betting 2020

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Legal since: 03-25-2019
No Online-only Operators so far
  • Online Sports Betting is legal & regulated in Rhode Island
  • Legalized & Regulated since 03/25/2019 (Senate Bill 37)
  • No plans so far to issue licenses to online-only operators
  • Authority: Rhode Island Lottery Commission
Rhode Island Flag
Rhode Island Silhouette
Legal since: 03-25-2019

Top Rhode Island Bookmaker Sites

As a location designed to cater to all the different types of people Rhode Island got off to a nice start in terms of gambling with most forms of wagering being accepted readily by the new colony. While sports betting wasn’t allowed initially, many of the state’s projects were funded by the money that was made from the different lotteries held throughout the year. These special lotteries were used to fund public works projects and they were an important tool for raising money to pay for different projects. Rhode Island had to go through some rough patches in terms of Sports betting in Rhode Island, but today the state offers some of the best local betting and it should offer an excellent online wagering experience as well for experienced individuals.

Introduction into the Rhode Island Gambling Industry

The Rhode Island gambling industry started off on rough terms with just lottery betting allowed for many decades. Much of the extra projects that needed funding got their money from this simple tool. Wagering was eventually banned outright by the state at the end of the 1800’s, but wagering was made legal once again in the 1930’s. Today Rhode Island betting is liberal enough to make wagering easy for most, even though the state seems pretty limited in terms of features. Gamblers that would like to place wagers on the one of two sportsbooks around the state can do so in person, and the state is working on offering online wagering services as well. Sports betting in Rhode Island is accessible and simple and that’s the benefit of wagering in the state.

Landbased Rhode Island Sports Betting Legal Situation

Players interested in sports betting in person will be happy to hear that the state fully supports sports betting and that there are multiple locations to place sports wagers at. These Rhode Island sports betting locations are easy to access and should be a short trip for most residents within the state. If residents want to begin placing wagers they are free to do so, they just have to travel to one of the few locations to do it. Below are the sportsbooks and wagering venues available in the state. Gamblers can visit either of the two locations below and start placing wagers with ease. Each of these locations are highly accessible and they are free to use for anyone that travels to them. Eventually they are likely to come with online wagering capabilities as well, but currently they can only be used in person.

  • NewPort Grand Casino
  • Twin River Casino

Online Sports Betting Legal Situation

Even though Rhode Island sports betting online is legal to do, that doesn’t mean that it’s something that citizens can enjoy just yet. The state allows online gambling, but there aren’t any establishments in place that offer this service. Gamblers that want to place sports wagers still have to travel to one of the two physical locations to put a wager down. If they live far from the location they will have to wager infrequently or deal with the drive each time they want to wager. It’s likely that online platforms will be released soon, giving players a location that they can visit online when they don’t have the time or the money to travel to a physical location to place wagers.

Mobile Sports Betting in Rhode Island Gambling Situation

Just like with online sports betting, mobile wagering is legal in Rhode Island but there aren’t many options for residents to work with currently. That means that in theory players in the state can place wagers on a mobile smartphone or tablet, but they will actually have to do some waiting before taking part in online betting in Rhode Island. The sports betting Rhode Island start date was back in 2016 and then 2018 and new laws are being approved regularly. It’s likely that several different options will become available for gamblers to use over time, and these options will make wagering more convenient and enjoyable for anyone that wants to do that sort of thing. Mobile wagering is a more convenient way to place sports bets, which is why most sportsbooks try to offer the service as soon as they can.

Online Sports Betting Operator Licensing Process

There is a strict licensing process that each sportsbook has to go through in order to start offering their services to the public. The process starts off with making the initial investments into the sportsbook with the Division of Gaming and Athletics to secure a license with the state. After making the initial investments operators must meet strict auditing and software requirements to offer reliable services to their gamblers. The Division of Gaming and Athletics will look at the sportsbook and make sure that it’s set up properly. After doing this initial investigation the sportsbook can be licensed and offer services to gamblers in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Online Sportsbook List 2020

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling in Rhode Island

Rhode Island get its start with gambling during the time of its colonization. Lotteries were used during the 1800’s to pay for trading missions, building projects and other important advancements for the colony. It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that gambling became illegal and the lottery and other forms of wagering were outlawed. Gambling remained illegal for several decades, but eventually Rhode Island sports betting, casino wagering and lotteries all came back to the state. In the 1930’s horse wagering became legal once again and became a popular form of entertainment. In the 1970’s the lottery became available for citizens to wager on.

Two race tracks and a range of slot machines were added more than ten years later. It wasn’t until 2012 that a full setup of casino games were allowed in the state’s two casinos though. Then in 2016 Rhode Island sports betting became legal, and in 2019 online wagering and mobile wagering both became legal as well. Today the state is very friendly to gamblers that want to place bets, and it’s a good place to get started with wagering as well. Below is more information about Rhode Island and the way that the state’s changing over time as well.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s legal to wager online in Rhode Island even though there are limited options to make use of for residents that want to do so.

There are a total of 0 different betting sites available in Rhode Island to make use of. Between these different options there is something for everyone.

Even though there are only a few sports betting options to make use of in Rhode Island it can still be difficult deciding on the best site for sports betting in Rhode Island. The best way to figure this out is to test out several and make a decision after.

Sports betting became legal in 2016 in Rhode Island. It was available in the form of race betting much sooner though in the 1970’s.

Online gambling became legal in Rhode Island in 2019 and is slowly expanding to be a more powerful and accessible form of entertainment.

It’s possible to play at any of the mobile-friendly online sportsbooks as long as you’re somewhere in the state when you get onto those platforms. There are a few to choose from, so select them with care.

The Division of Gaming and Athletics is responsible for regulating online gambling.

Responsible Online Gambling

Online gambling or wagering in person can be addictive and something that some gamblers get caught up in even when it’s bad for them. That’s why it’s so important to seek out help as a problem gambler and to take steps to keep it from becoming a life-altering issue. The Rhode Island Council on Problem Gambling is always available to help residents with gambling issues and they are available through a chat app as well as through a dedicated phone number. Along with having ready access to help whenever it’s needed, there are also tools available to help stop problem gambling. The sportsbooks and casinos allow players to ban themselves and to limit or cut off the money that they can deposit into the sportsbook and make use of. This helps keep Rhode Island sports betting online under control. With so many resources available getting help is quick and easy for those that seek it.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy Sports is a fun and exciting way to wager on different sports types from around the world without wagering in the traditional sense. Gamblers that decide to wager on fantasy sports leagues aren’t wagering on a specific team or even one specific player. Instead they are building a fantasy team of many different players. Those players perform good or bad depending on how they do in their real-life careers.

The players that form the most effective teams will walk away with the big prizes from this special league. Getting started is quick and easy and it’s a lot of fun trying to win big and playing for the massive prize pools that are often available as well. Sites like DraftKings and many others are available to test out. Sports bettors that want to try out something different should take a look at the different fantasy sports sites and what they have to offer. Give them a try today and you could be the next big sports winner.

Social Casinos: Rhode Island Sports Betting Without the Risk

Rhode Island sports betting is enjoyable and diverse, but it’s also an activity that can be described as risky and that can lose players some money as well. That’s why some gamblers are attracted to social casinos. These casinos offer gambling fun without the monetary risks. The casinos give players free money to play with and that money can be used to place wagers on all the different games. The money gives players something to try for, but there is no real money risk at the same time. Gamblers simply place wagers and try to win more of the play money, but if they lose they aren’t losing their actual money.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to social casinos online, so choosing one is all about looking at the different games and picking out an option that’s desirable. Different gamblers choose different social casinos to meet their needs. Gambling at social casinos is a un way to get started with online betting, but eventually most players will want to wager for real money. That’s when it’s time to access one of the different sportsbooks in Rhode Island for more excitement.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered? Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based Casinos Yes there are two to choose from.  
Online Gambling Yes it is now supported.
Sports Betting Yes
Lottery Yes very popular in Rhode Island
Daily Fantasy Sports Yes legal and available online.
House Gambling No
Minimum Gambling Age 18