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PointsBet Signup 2021

How to Get Started on PointsBet
PointsBet Sportsbook
PointsBet Sportsbook
  • PointsBet sign-up is essential to having a PointsBet account
  • sign-up can be done on the mobile app
  • Signing up is free and comes with amazing bonuses
100% up to$1000
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PointsBet sign-up is a step to getting a PointsBet account to start enjoying wagering service. PointsBet is an online betting company that has gained popularity with favorable reviews in the US. Prospective members who want to benefit from the numerous features that PointsBet offers must sign up on the official PointsBet website. With a very attractive, user-friendly website interface and a mobile application, PointsBet sign-up are easy and fast with no restrictions for eligible customers. New customers are given excellent mouthwatering bonuses that will help give a good first-time betting experience.

Check out PointsBet Visit now
Check out PointsBet Visit now

PointsBet Sign Up Explained

To sign-up for PointsBet, it requires visiting official site through your web browser of your choice. If you want some directions on how to open an account on PointsBet, you don’t need to be worried as steps needed are outlined in this article. A sign-up will afford you some benefits which will be explained to you as you go through this article. Below is a step by step procedure on opening your PointsBet account!

On PointsBet Official Website:

  • Click on that sign-up tab and you would be directed to a new page for you to provide relevant information. The next page that pops out is divided into two.
  • The first page requires that you input your first name, last name and a valid email address. Then click on continue
  • On the second page. Your personal which includes your date of birth, telephone number, address and social security number and account details are required. PointsBet sign-up also requires cell phone information to be in its PointsBet contact [PointsBet contact].
  • The account details include Username and
  • Agreeing that you have read the privacy policy and have accepted the terms and conditions.
  • You then click join PointsBet.

Signing up on the mobile app

PointsBet mobile app is created to be used by the least tech savvy customer as it is user friendly and simple to use. Signing up on the mobile is also a simple and straight forward process as well. Below are the simple procedures to sign up using the mobile app

  • Go to the official PointsBet website and download the android mobile app f your device is running on android OS. It can also be found on apple store for IOS devices.
  • Install the app and click on create account.
  • Follow the simple sign up process in the forms provided.
  • input your first name, last name and a valid email address. Then click on continue
  • On the second page. Your personal which includes your date of birth, telephone number, address and social security number and account details are required.
  • The account details include Username and Password.
  • Agreeing that you have read the privacy policy and have accepted the terms and conditions.
  • You then click join PointsBet.

Welcome Bonuses and Promotions

PointsBet offers its customers great deals, and for all new customers who open a PointsBet account there is an awesome welcome bonus to get! This welcome bonus gives new punters a good avenue to test the betting waters without being scared of sinking debt or loosing deposited funds. It’s like a lifeguard to keep you afloat till you can swim expertly.

$50 No-Deposit Bonus

PointsBet sign-up option comes with plenty of merit. At the start of the sign-up, there is usually a sign-up promotion of $50 without PointsBet deposit [PointsBet deposit]. New account holder get to claim this $50 dollar bonus bet and keep earnings from this bonus. Kindly go through the terms and conditions of the no-deposit bonus so you can be highly intimated with what terms you need to fulfil to claim this bonus.

Terms and condition: This bonus has a 7 day validity period. So you have to use it fast within 7 days after signing up for your account. All you need to do is explore the numerous betting markets available and place your wager and then click on the “bonus bet” check box to use your bonus for the wager you placed. Remember that your bonus bet is valid for odds of 1.5 and higher.

Risk Free Bets of $1000

PointsBet also provide risk free bets up to the tune of $1000 with no risk attached. This can be used on your first wager. It’s truly a safety net for you while you bet. So you need not be scared when taking the betting bull by the horn on your first rodeo.

$500 PointsBet Bonus Offer

This is like a refund bonus offer on your first wager on a special type of betting offered by PointsBet like the fixed odds bets with an assurance on refund if your wager doesn’t go as planned up to the tune of $500

Terms and condition: Make sure you use this bonus with a market without a stop loss function as this bonus is invalid for markets that have a stop loss feature attached to it. Also make sure to keep the loss incurred to be $500 and below to benefit from this offer. This refund is not withdrawable and can only be used as funds for a case you win on your wager; no refund is possible as no loss was incurred.  

Available Accounts

Available accounts for customers include cash only account and credit account. The default account available to customers is the cash only account. You can opt for the credit account if you so wish. The credit account affords you the luxury of placing wagers even when your account balance is depleted. So you get some form of credit loan to avoid a break in case your accounts balance runs flat. Think of it as a lifeline account. But your cash only account can only run on your deposited funds and no more. If you are trying to keep your gambling in check, we advise you stick to the cash only account.

Placing Wagers on PointsBet

The main purpose of signing up with PointsBet is to wager on your favorable markets and make awesome profits. So after your account has been created, the next order of business is to start betting on your favorite sports and markets offered by PointsBet. PointsBet boast more than 300 betting markets for betting pleasure. All you need to do is log in to your account and choose the markets you want. Place your wagers using either your deposited funds or your abundant sign-up bonus. Below are some bets you can place to earn profits.

Single bet: One of the bets you can place are single bets. It’s the simplest bet for you; all you need to do is access your account and choose your favorite market. Next add your wagering amount and place your bet. You can wager on favorites for a start to be on the safe side, although the proceeds might be small due to small odds. Sit back relax and watch your earnings increase. 

Combined bet: You can increase your betting skills by combining single bets with other selections. Combination bets are safe as you can earn more money while reducing the risk. This is not a parlay as the risk on parlays is higher. And the reward is also high as well. Parlays can be placed when you are absolutely sure or convinced your selections will hit.

Check out PointsBet Visit now
Check out PointsBet Visit now

Sign Up and Get a PointsBet Account Now!

PointsBet sign-up is quick, easy, and secured. PointsBet sign-up has no technicalities and information provided on it is secured and cannot be disclosed. PointsBet members after sign-up can be rest assured that their details are secured. As at the point of writing this, only residents of Australia and the United States are allowed to participate. Make the wise move today and quickly sign up for your PointsBet account. Kindly go to our sports betting comparison [sports betting comparison] page to get more information PointsBet.

Conclusion: Easy Sign Up for All
As discussed in this article, the sign up process on PointsBet is hitch free and easy because of the simplicity of the sign up process. Sign up is essential for users who wish to have unhindered access to its products and services. PointsBet sign-up comes with its own benefits for users and members. This include among other things, robust welcome bonuses, safety and security of accounts and information and access to PointsBet mobile app functions. With these benefits, members need not think twice about their preferred sportsbook.

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