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Pointsbet Review & Rating US 2020

PointsBet Sportsbook
PointsBet Sportsbook
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  • Easy to use site
  • Simple live wagering system
  • Powerful variable payouts
  • 17 different betting options
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Bonus Type Show Info Bet Insurance Requirements Show Info 1x Cashback Up To Show Info $500 Bonus Time Show Info 90 Days Cashable Show Info No Bonus Code Show Info WELCOMEHP2
100% up to $500
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  • 17 different sporting events
  • Good maximum sports payouts
  • Exciting dynamic payouts
  • Simple navigation
  • Only sports betting is offered
  • It’s possible to lose more than your balance
Conclusion and Rating
PointsBet Sportsbook

"Conclusion: Final Thoughts on the PointsBet Sportsbook"

The PointsBet sportsbook is an impressive online website for offering different betting opportunities than what most other sportsbooks offer. The different features are simple to navigate and placing a wager takes only seconds. After becoming a member of the site there are boosted bets, exciting cash match bonuses and more to keep things interesting. Serious gamblers have many features to look forward to. Join today for up to $500 in bet insurance on the first wager.

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Read Our Pointsbet Rating Based On 10 Categories

Pointsbet is a new online sportsbook that’s quickly gaining ground throughout the United States. It offers a new kind of way to wager on different popular sporting events, that rewards players for being as accurate as possible with their wagers. The sportsbook is different than others available today, and we’ll explore those differences with an in-depth comparison down below. American players that are interested in learning about the different sports wagering options should take the time to read through the in-depth comparison that looks at the same key factors with each of the major sportsbook sites offered to players in the United States. At captaingambling we take the time to fully compare different sites and their features, including Points Bet in this review.

Security & Licensing: The PointsBet Sportsbook is Legit

Online gambling should be safe and secure, and the Pointsbet sportsbook platform is carefully secured to make it safe for everyone. The entire site is protected with SSL encryption for enhanced safety and secure banking. The software is verified by a third-party to be fair and secure. The website is also licensed to be used in different states throughout the United States. Gamblers looking to place sports bets can rest-assured that they’re using a secure platform that they can count on to keep their money safe and secure as they place wagers online. Pointsbet sportsbook owns a license in the following states, so playing in these states is 100% legal:

Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License Icon

PointsBet Sportsbook Review: Looking at all the Features

A sportsbook review is only useful if it compares the same key features on every site. That’s why this review looks at the most important features of the PointsBet sportsbook, including the PointsBet points, the betting options, mobile support, banking options and more. By looking at all these key features the Pointsbet Sportsbook Review offers players information they can use to decide to play at the site or not.

Betting Offer & Live Betting: 17 Different Betting Options

At the PointsBet sportsbook there are a total of 17 different betting options to work with, this gives players access to most of the popular sporting events and some not-so-popular events as well. Players can easily open up the different betting opportunities and place wagers for the major sports contests that they’re interested in.

PointsBet isn’t a standard sportsbook though, because bettors are rewarded based on the results of the game in a variable way. Bettors don’t just win by guessing the outcome of a match properly, they are rewarded for more extreme match outcomes as well. So wagering on a team to win will pay out better if the team wins by a large margin. This system helps to make wagering feel more dynamic, and gives players a reason to watch each match and to focus on the details, even though the site doesn’t offer a dynamic betting system like some others do.

Odds: American Odds Using Pointsbet Spread Betting

There are three different options available for odds at the PointsBet sportsbook. American players can set the site to display all odds in the American +100 format, but they can also be displayed in the 1.25 decimal format and the 1/25 fractional format as well. The different options are there to help make players feel comfortable when playing at the site, and gamblers can switch between these three settings whenever they like while using the platform or the Points Bet app.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions: Rewards, Insurance and Boosts

There are several different bonus opportunities for gamblers at the PointsBet sportsbook. New players can unlock an impressive bet insurance bonus worth up to $500 in insurance on a losing wager. These players simply place a bet and wait to be compensated if the wager goes bad. For gamblers that decide to stick around at the sportsbook site, there are also odds boosts that can be triggered when playing. These special boosts are set on specific matchups, giving gamblers opportunities to look for each time they sign on and start playing at the sportsbook.

Interested players should visit the Promos section of the website to see the current boost options available. There are also bonus bet matches provided for specific wager types at the PointsBet sportsbook. Players that aren’t afraid to bet on more specific options like a player’s home run count, or goal count of a certain team can unlock additional rewards while wagering. For even more information about the different bonus opportunities at the PointsBet sportsbook, see our bonus review here.

Bonus & Requirements
Type Value
Bonus amount $500
Bonus Type Bet Insurance
Example Bet $500, lose the bet, get $500 Bonus Money
Rollover 1x Cashback
Min. Odds N/A
Min. Payment N/A
Max. Time 90 Days
Cashable No

Customer Service: Email, Live Chat and FAQ

When wagering at an online sportsbook it’s vital to be able to get help with any issues that arise. After all wagering at a bookie in person means that you have someone to ask for help with any problems that you face when placing wagers. The PointsBet sportsbook platform comes with several different customer support tools to help bettors get through their issues. Support will answer questions rapidly through a dedicated email address that’s simple to contact at any hour of the day. Email support answers questions within 24 hours, and usually much sooner than that. There is also a live chat service that players can contact for immediate help. The live chat tool is available directly through the website and messages can be sent back and forth in real time using the tool. Add in a comprehensive FAQ tool and it’s simple to get answers to most questions on the same day that they arise at PointsBet.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Few Banking Options

PointsBet excels in many areas, but it’s lacking in terms of its banking options. Bettors will be underwhelmed by the different banking tools they have available to them, which means that they must get familiar with the options before joining to make sure one of them will work for deposits and withdrawals. Below is an overview of the different available options.

Here is an overview of all available payment methods:

MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA Online Banking Icon Online Banking

Withdrawal Options

  • Online Banking

Completing deposits is simple to do as long as wagerers are comfortable using a credit or debit card, or they have access to a compatible online banking platform. Deposits can be completed in just minutes using a card, while banking solutions will take longer. Withdrawing winnings is more difficult without an online banking tool available. Some players may be able to get money out using a Check or wire transfer, but most players prefer to use the more rapid online banking tools that are compatible with the website.

Limits & Payout: Pointsbet Sportsbook Legal Limits

Before placing any wagers or even getting started with the PointsBet sportsbook it’s important to know about the different wagering limits and win limits. These limits are different for different sports and activities and they range in a major way depending on the betting market. The minimum wager amount for any sporting event goes all the way down to $0.50 per wager. The maximum amount varies based on the sports event, but the different win limits help offer an idea of what top wagers should be used. Placing a wager with a payout larger than the maximum limit would be a waste. Below is an overview of many of the maximum payouts by sport. The lowest maximum payout is just $1,000, while many of the most popular sporting events offer up to $500,000 in prize payouts per day.

Limits By Sport

  • NFL - $500,000
  • NCAA - $250,000
  • NBA - $500,000
  • MLB - $500,000
  • Major Soccer Leagues - $300,000 or $100,000 for other soccer matchups
  • NHL - $250,000
  • Golf PGA, Majors or WGC - $250,000
  • Tennis – Grandslam - $150,000 and ATP or WTA - $75,000
  • F1 and NASCAR - $100,000
  • UFC, WBC and WBA - $250,000
  • Rugby- Top Leagues and Tournaments - $100,000, Other - $50,000
  • Snooker – Televised - $50,000, other $25,000
  • Volleyball – Olympic or World Tournament - $50,000, NCAA - $25,000
  • Other Sports - $40,000

Before placing any wagers on different sporting events, players should make sure they are familiar with the different betting limits to avoid trying for a win that they can’t collect on. Placing too large of a wager can result in lost money if the payout is larger than the limit available.

Usability: PointsBet Sportsbook Review l

When considering any potential sportsbook usability should be the number one consideration made. Sites that are easy to navigate are the best options, while difficult-to-navigate sites should be approached with caution. At the PointsBet New Jersey sportsbook and other platforms for American Players the site is simple to navigate and the different bet opportunities take just moments to make use of. Joining the sportsbook takes minutes and signing in is just as quick. Once you are on the platform it takes just two or three clicks to find a match and place a wager.

All the different sporting events are listed on the side of the screen in a clean navigation menu. Selecting specific matchups is accomplished by clicking on the sport and then one of the current wagering opportunities. After doing that the odds are displayed and wagering is as simple as click on the desired wager and entering in a wager amount before accepting. The site is quick and easy to navigate and is a pleasure to use for anyone looking to place wagers fast. The only complicated aspect of PointsBet is the variable payout system. Prize payouts and losses are adjusted based on the severity of the win or the loss, which means you’ll have to do some additional calculations to determine what sort of payout is expected. The system does this work for you though, keeping things easy for gamblers that just want to wager and watch the match.

Devices & App: Android and iOS Support

When playing on a sportsbook platform it’s useful being able to place wagers using a mobile device like a smartphone or a tablet. There is a Points Bet app specifically for that purpose. Players at the sportsbook can download an iOS or Android app to make wagers while on the go. Both of the apps are simple to use and offer a wide range of features to interested players. Within moments of downloading the apps players with accounts can be placing wagers as long as they are in one of the supported states.

Interested iOS users must have at least iOS 9.0 or later to download the app and to get it to work on an iPad or iPhone. Android users must download the software directly through the sportsbook site, and the software should work on most modern Android devices released in the last few years. Players on Blackberry and Windows Phone devices can also wager on the go, as long as they have a web browser that will support the standard Points Bet Sportsbook platform. It’s possible to open up the site in a mobile web browser, to sign in and to make use of all the standard features that are offered. Mobile support at the PointsBet Sportsbook is excellent, but to learn more specifics about what is offered by the platform take a moment to read through our full PointsBet Sportsbook App review here.

  • Download the PointsBet mobile app
  • Register as real money player
  • Make a deposit and make fixed odds and points bets on the go
App Review Registration Image

More Offerings: Just Sports Betting

While some sportsbooks offer access to other wagering opportunities, such as a poker room or a casino, that’s not the case with the PointsBet sportsbook. Instead, the platform only has sports wagering opportunities. Players that join the site must be happy making sports wagers. Because the site only focuses on different sporting events, it supports a comprehensive list of sporting events. The site also gives gamblers more sports betting features to make use of when playing there.

PointsBet In Michigan - Will it launch?

PointsBet is a newer online betting company. Currently, they only offer bets on sports - and we expect the Michigan version will be the same. They do not have a casino offering blackjack, poker, or video slots. They offer 17 sports to bet on which means if you are into an obscure sport you can probably find it.

There is a useful welcome offer for New Jersey players, which may be the same for those in Michigan once it becomes available. The wide variety of sports offered is the reason to try the PointsBet sportsbook in Michigan. PointsBet betting in Michigan looks promising - and here's why.

PointsBet Michigan Bonus Offers

While this site isn't available in Michigan yet, here are the bonuses they offer in New Jersey. When it does launch in Michigan they should be similar if not exactly the same.

PointsBet does not offer any no deposit bonus at all.  In fact, there are no cash offers on the table at all. Instead, PointsBet offers you $500 in insurance on your first losing bets. What that means is that the first $500 you lose while betting at PointsBet does not cost you any money.

That is certainly a novel approach to a welcome offer.  It's different from the typical matched deposit and free bet bonuses, and gives bettors a bit of security when placing bets on their site. It's a thunbs up from us!

PointsBet Michigan Customer Service

As we said before, this site isn't available yet in Michigan. We tested the New Jersey version of the site and this is what we found.

PointsBet does have excellent customer service we have to say. They offer live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They also have an email address for customer support if you have a problem that will require you to send over documentation. They do not have a telephone support line, but with the live chat, that really shouldn't be needed. Their email support may take several hours for you to get a response, so it's best to opt for the live chat. That said, their responses on both live chat and email were always correct, and they always asked us follow-up questions if they needed to.

PointsBet Michigan VIP Program

This site has yet to launch in Michigan. Here is what the VIP section is like in New Jersey: PointsBet does not have a VIP program at this time. That is probably because it is one of the newer online bookies and is still feeling its way around. Once a VIP program is rolled out, we'll be sure to let you know.

The Full Points Bet FAQ

🏈 Why is PointsBetting different than traditional sports wagers?

The main difference is that wagers placed on the PointsBet sports platform aren’t assigned fixed payouts. Winning by a wider margin results in a larger payout reward and losing by a wider margin results in a bigger loss.

📺 How does live betting work?

It might not be obvious that PointsBet even offers live wagering because there is no live wagering site. Players can place live wagers by simply visiting a betting opportunity for a live match and placing a bet. They will lock in the current odds when placing the bet.

❌ Is it possible to cancel a bet?

Yes, to cancel a bet call 833-338-PBET within 15 minutes of placing a wager at the sportsbook and preferably right after placing the wager. Ask to cancel the bet and it will usually be cancelled as long as the match isn’t yet started.

💵 Why are there different payout limits for different sports?

Each type of sport and specific sporting event has a total wager volume available based on the number of players that place wagers. It’s this volume that determines the maximum payout limit for the sporting event. Naturally, more popular sporting events come with the highest payout limits, while the less popular options come with lower limits.

➖ What happens if I get a negative balance?

It’s possible to get a negative balance while playing at PointsBet. To deal with a negative balance it is important to add a deposit to cover the negative amount as soon as possible. If a deposit isn’t made soon enough your account will be locked until paid in full and the withheld amount for leveraged wagers will increase to 100% of the potential loss.

Conclusion: Summarizing the PointsBet Sportsbook Review
The PointsBet sportsbook is an interesting platform for wagering on sporting events that’s very different from most common sports betting sites. That’s because of the variable win and loss system that’s present. With a total of 17 different wagering categories and lots of standard and boosted bets, there’s something for everyone to make use of on the sportsbook. Interested players are encouraged to sign up to try out the different features that the PointsBet NJ sportsbook has to offer. With up to $500 in bet insurance available from the beginning there’s a good reason to start playing.

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  • 17 different sporting events
  • Good maximum sports payouts
  • Exciting dynamic payouts
  • Simple navigation
100% on$500 Bet Insurance
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