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Best New York Sports Betting Sites 2021 | Top NY Bookmaker

Flag & Profile New York
New York Flag
New York Silhouette
Planned for: 2022
Regulation earliest in 2022
  • No government regulation currently in place or planned
  • Online Sports Betting is not permitted in the State of New York
  • Regulation & Legalization possible earliest in 2022
  • Authority: New York State Gaming Commission
New York Flag
New York Silhouette
Planned for: 2022

The Best NY Bookmakers

Are you looking to find the best NY bookmakers? Sports betting is now legal throughout the state, but that doesn’t mean that everyone in New York can enjoy sportsbook wagering at the best  bookmakers in New York. Currently the state is only allowing wagering in-person, which means that there are some gamblers that aren’t willing to make the trip to the best New York bookies to place their wagers. The New York sports betting bill is currently being looked at and considered for modification, but just now online wagering at the best New York sportsbook isn’t an option that gamblers can make use of. New York is still a good place to be for sports betting and there are several contenders for the best New York bookies throughout the state to place wagers at. Read on to find out about the best NY bookmakers.

New York Gambling Industry

New York bookmakers have a rich gambling history, but most of the well-known forms of gambling didn’t start in the state until the mid 1950’s. With a pretty rich off-track betting and poker history wagering in New York is common and accepted and has been for quite some time. Betting in New York, at New York bookmakers, is allowed at one of the many casinos throughout the state today, and there’s an active sports betting industry at the best New York bookies, although you won't find any top NY betting sites. Gamblers interested in sports betting in New York can do so at one of the four sportsbook casinos in the state. Each of these locations offers a full-suite of sports wagering options to choose from. Gamblers that want to get started wagering will enjoy the different options from the best online sports gambling sites to select from.

Landbased Sports Betting Legal Situation

In-person sports betting has been legal in New York for a few years now and it’s simple to enjoy at any of best New York sportsbook providers throughout the state. Gamblers looking for New York bookmakers that would like to place sports wagers on popular sporting events are free to do so form within one of these wagering locations. Here they can pick out the sports they are most interested in and place wagers down on them. It only takes a few minutes to place the wagers and it’s a simple process. The laws about online wagering still aren’t fully clear and there is some confusion about online wagering, but most gamblers should feel confident about wagering in person in New York state. Below are the four sportsbooks that allow sports betting in New York state today. Gamblers can travel to any of these locations to place their wagers and try to win.

  • Resorts World Catskills
  • Del Lago Resort
  • Tioga Downs
  • Rivers Casino and Resort

Online Sports Betting Legal Situation for Top NY Betting Sites

Currently online betting in New York is not yet legal and top NY betting sites are not an option for gamblers to make use of if they want to stay legal. This could change in the near future though once some top NY betting sites get started. Lawmakers are looking at the current laws and trying to figure out how to legalize sports betting online without changing the state’s constitution regarding the best New York sportsbook sites, and also whether or not they should legalize online sports betting at all. This is an ongoing debate and is one of the reasons that online sports betting isn’t possible just yet at the top NY betting sites. Interested gamblers will have to rely on other states to place online sports wagers currently, or to visit one of the 11 different locations throughout the state to place wagers at.

Mobile NY Sports Betting Gambling Situation for the Best New York Sportsbook Sites

Just as online sports betting in New York isn’t yet allowed, neither is mobile wagering at bookmakers in New York. These two forms of wagering follow the same set of laws, which means that chances are good that if one (such as New York bookmakers) becomes legal they will both be legal at the same time. Mobile wagering is an important feature for many players, and it’s a serious loss compared to states like Pennsylvania and New Jersey that are offering this feature already. That’s why many gamblers are visiting these states to place wagers rather than bookmakers in New York. There is some work in place to try and make it legal to wager online and on mobile but the question “will New York allow sports betting online?” doesn’t have a definite answer just yet.

Online Sports Betting Operator Licensing Process for Bookmakers in New York

Even though there is currently no legal sports betting online in New York, if it does become legal there will be a standard licensing process for each of the different operators to follow through with. This process will help protect gamblers by making sure the bookmakers in New York are safe and reliable to use and that they offer good solid services. Each of the operators will have to get licensed by the state and will likely answer to the state’s Gaming Commission. To get a license from this organization operators have to make deposits, pay taxes and go through an inspection

New York Online Sportsbook List 2021 - The Top NY Betting Sites

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling in New York - The rise of New York bookmakers

New York citizens have been betting in one way or another at New York bookmakers for a long time, but there are a few industries that have developed over the years around NY sports betting and table games. Gamblers have been participating in off-track betting at New York bookmakers since the 1970’s and there are establishments all over the state that offer horse race wagering to gamblers interested in that sort of thing. Poker is also a very popular sport in New York state and it got its start in New York city being played in the Ghoulash Joints throughout the city. Poker got a small start in New York City, but spread to create a powerful wagering industry throughout the city. Though it was never legalized in New York City, today there are 11 casinos across the state that allow poker play. This gives players a chance to participate as long as they can make it to one of the different locations. In 2016 many of the traditional racinos were converted into full-fledged New York bookmakers with wagering on different sporting events being possible. There are still debates about whether or not online gambling should be legal in New York state, but for now there are four different casinos in the state that all offer high-quality sportsbook wagering services.  Thanks to New York sports betting law each of these locations offers a full range of services today allowing players to place wagers on most sporting activities. The locations are ideal for wagering and watching matches, and a good way to spend the afternoon for gamblers that want to place some wagers.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions About New York Bookmakers

❓Can I Enjoy Gambling Online in New York?

No, not currently according to the New York sports betting law. There are no betting sites available just yet, though some might become available in the future.

👀How many legal New York Sports Betting Sites are available?

Gamblers in NY can choose from 0 different sites to wager at in the state.

✅What is the best sports betting site in New York?

There aren’t any sites available currently, so it is impossible to choose the best option available.

⭐When did legal sports betting in New York open?

Legal sports betting in New York became available in 2016. Since then it’s been available in four different casinos throughout the state.

❓When did online gambling become Legal in New York?

It still isn’t legal in New York state but many experts expect it to be legalized in the near future. Officials are arguing about the best way to legalize online gambling, but it is being strongly considered.

❓Where can I play using my mobile device?

Currently there is no place in New York state to place mobile sports bets legally. This could change in the future, especially if online wagering becomes available at some of the sportsbooks. We will update our best bookmaker apps guide accordingly when they become available. 

👀Who is responsible for regulating New York online gambling?

The Gaming Commission is responsible for regulating online gambling in the state and will oversee the industry if it gets approved.

Responsible Online Gambling at Best New York Sportsbook Sites

The Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services is a useful resource for those suffering from gambling addiction in New York state. The organization offers phone help and other help resources as well. Anyone with a gambling issue can call up the organization and get help with their problem. Along with being able to talk with experts about gambling addiction, there are meetings throughout the state and there are different ways a player can limit their exposure to wagering in the state. It’s possible for players to lock themselves out of casinos and sports books in New York. They can limit the money they can deposit into the casinos, or even lock themselves out of these establishments. The

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise at Bookmakers in New York

Daily Fantasy Sports are another example of sports betting in New York that’s legal to take part in. There are several different options to choose from as far as platforms go, giving interested gamblers different options to consider if they want to start wagering online. Daily Fantasy Sports, unlike more traditional sports betting options are based on fantasy teams f players that are put together from real players from different teams. Gamblers are free to build their own teams of players they believe will perform at the highest level. After building a team, the players can keep track of their success by tracking the total points earned by each of the player selections.

At the end of the day a total score is added up for each of the different player selections, and the winner gets all the money put in by the other gamblers. With thousands of players combined into one single prize pool it’s possible to unlock some very large prize payouts from the sport, which is why so many different gamblers are attracted to Daily Fantasy Sports. If you would like to try this form of sports betting out for yourself, take the time to test it out and see if you like it. Learn more about Daily Fantasy Sports down below and you could learn something valuable about the sport that makes you want to begin playing it.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

Gambling for real money is a lot of fun, and it’s the reason that so many people are attracted to legal sports betting in New York. That activity isn’t the right one for everyone though. For some it’s the act of gambling that’s enjoyable and not the actual prize payout potential. That’s why there are so many players interested in social casinos. These special establishments offer the fun of traditional wagering without the risk that comes with betting real money.

Instead, players at social casinos play with free money and try to win more free money. They can work on winning more and more money, and use that money to wager on the rest of the games offered by the casino. If they lose all their play money they can just get a small amount more from the casino later on. These sites are offered online and can be enjoyed from anywhere in the country, making them convenient to make use of.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered? Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based Casinos Yes there are 11
Online Gambling No Not yet
Sports Betting Yes in the four supported locations listed above.
Lottery Yes
Daily Fantasy Sports Yes according to the current legislation online wagering is legal.
House Gambling Yes
Minimum Gambling Age 18 - 21 18 to bet on horses or play the lottery