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Sports Betting New Hampshire 2020

Flag & Profile New Hampshire
New Hampshire Flag
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Legal since: 07-12-2019
Legal since July 2019
  • Legal since July 2019 the House Bill 480 passed
  • Five online and 10 retail operator
  • NH sports betting will be widely accessible
  • Authority: New Hampshire Lottery Commission (NHLC)
New Hampshire Flag
New Hampshire Silhouette
Legal since: 07-12-2019

Online Betting in New Hampshire: Quick Overview 2020

With Governor Chris Sununu signing the bill regulating sports betting New Hampshire in July of 2019, NH became the sixth US state to legalize sports betting. With this, they joined the trend of states passing betting bills following on the Supreme Court decision to overturn PASPA, allowing for a brand new approach to this area of gambling. However, although all legal prerequisites have been met, New Hampshire is yet to see any sportsbooks going live as of yet.

Introduction to Sports Betting New Hampshire

New Hampshire has never been too keen on gambling but the state has never been strictly against it, either. They were already regulated landbased casinos prior to the sports betting bill and bettors were allowed to place wagers on horse races online. Then, in July of 2019, the governor finally signed the bill regulating other forms of New Hampshire betting.

The New Hampshire sports betting bill has been through some changes and was amended from its original form before it was passed in its current state. These changes mostly related to the number of allowed casino and sports betting operators. Despite the efforts to remove the cap on the number of betting providers, it remained in place in the final version of the bill.

Landbased Sports Betting Legal Situation

When it comes to landbased sports betting in New Hampshire, the situation is still developing. Namely, the bill features a cap of no more than ten retail betting operators in the state. Thus, there will be a fierce competition between those wanting to get their foot into the door early and get their license.

The New Hampshire Lottery has created a subdivision to deal with all things related to sports betting, called the Division of Sports Wagering. This Division is in charge of licensing aspiring betting operators. So far, they’ve received thirteen applications and are currently in the process of reviewing them.

It seems that the first betting shops will likely go live in the state early in 2020. The licensing process is taking longer than most operators and bettors would like but due to the restrictive nature of the bill, this was to be expected. Regardless, players from NH will soon be able to place their wagers and get cracking.

Online Sports Betting Legal Situation

In the online segment of the sports betting market, things are even more restrictive. The state will only allow for five mobile operators to be present so the competition for this one is very strong. Of course, all operators are well aware that the remote segment of betting is likely to be a main source of income moving forward.

Unlike Iowa [Iowa sports betting], New Hampshire will allow remote registration, so players won’t need to visit the casino to be able to register and place their bets online. Of course, they’ll still have to be physically present within New Hampshire borders but being able to set things up with the bookie remotely makes it much easier to get started. This is one provision that the bill definitely got right as there is no need to force players to visit the physical location to be able to bet online in this day and age.

Mobile Sports Betting & Gambling Situation

Everything we explained about online betting in New Hampshire pertains to the mobile betting as well. Those operators that are granted online licenses will also be allowed to launch mobile apps for their players to use. Bettors will be able to download and install these apps on their devices remotely and start placing wagers with no delay.

The fact there will be only five mobile betting shops operating in the country does mean that major players in the betting industry will be fighting for their spot. These operators will be selected by the Division of Sports Wagering in the two-step process. First, the Division will select a batch of operators based on their financial status, overall reputation, and technical expertise.

Then, from this batch of operators, they will finally select the five that can create most revenue. Thus, it will be interesting to see who ends up getting their license in New Hampshire and what options players will have access to in the end.

Online Sports Betting Licensing Process

Unlike most other states, New Hampshire is yet to iron out all the details of the licensing procedure for legal sports betting New Hampshire. This is something that the Division of Sports Wagering needs to do to complete the process of legalizing and regulating sports betting in the state. However, some details are already known.

One interesting stipulation in the law is that every municipality will be free to hold a referendum to decide if they will allow for a sportsbook to be established on their territory. Only after the voters give their approval, the operator can proceed to establish the retail sportsbook in the municipality. This gives people more freedom to decide whether they want to have sports betting facilities in their neighborhood.

A New Hampshire sportsbook applies for a license with the Division and then they go through the review process. During this process, the Division looks into all relevant aspects of the application and decides whether to approve it or reject it. So far, no applications have been officially accepted but this should happen any day now.

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New Hampshire Online Sportsbook List 2020

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling & New Hampshire Betting

New Hampshire has had a rather interesting gambling history. As mentioned, the state has never been too much pro-gambling but it’s never been too much against it, so there’s always been some sort of balance. Even today, there are no proper casinos in NH although there is casino gambling done through the law provisions that allow for charitable gambling, i.e. the type of gambling where a part of proceeds goes to charitable organizations.

The first type of gambling to be legalized in the state was pari-mutual betting on horse and dog races. This happened in 1933 and the industry has been thriving for a number of decades. Eventually, though, it suffered a sharp decline and it stopped entirely in 2013. The state lottery was launched in 1963.

When it comes to other forms of gambling, New Hampshire has always had interesting laws addressing the topic. There are no commercial casinos operating in the state. However, the law allows for charitable casinos to operate with no issues, so players do have access to games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, etc.

Online gambling, with the exception of New Hampshire online betting with the passage of new bill, remains unregulated in the state. There are no legal options for those looking to play online poker or try their luck with an online casino. While the state was quick to regulate sports betting when the opportunity presented itself, there doesn’t seem to be much interest to tackle other areas of online gambling in the near future.

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New Hampshire Online Betting: Frequently Asked Questions

With the exception of sports gambling New Hampshire, no other forms of gambling are available online. The state hasn’t passed any bills regulating online gambling or online poker, so players still have no access to licensed gambling sites. It remains unknown when and if NH might tackle this particular area.

At this very moment, there are no live betting sites available to residents of New Hampshire, which may lead to a question is sports betting legal in New Hampshire? The answer is yes and there will be 10 landbased and 5 online operators available once the licensing process is completed.shops opening their doors in the future.

This question will remain unanswered for at least little while longer. The state is currently in the process of issuing licenses to aspiring operators so we’ll see which ones of those getting the license will end up taking the accolade of the best betting site in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire passed the bill regulating sports betting in July of 2019. This marked the official start of legal sports betting in the state. However, we’re still to see any sportsbooks actually going live as the licensing process is currently ongoing. First operators are likely to launch early in 2020.

Online gambling isn’t legal in New Hampshire. The state had only passed the bill addressing sports betting and it is the only form of gambling that can be done online. Other types of gambling, such as poker, slots, or casino table games, can’t be legally played online in the state.

Once the licensing process is completed, there should be five sportsbooks offering mobile apps for their players. Bettors will be able to download these apps and register remotely but you will need to be physically present within the state borders to be able to place actual sports bets.

The Division of Sports Wagering, which is a subdivision of the New Hampshire Lottery Commission, is in charge of regulating sports betting. All other forms of gambling are regulated by the NH Lottery Commission and other entities operating within this organization. Since online gambling is still not regulated, there is no specific body regulating it.

Responsible Online Gambling

While everyone tends to focus on good things about sports betting and online gambling, it is important not to lose sight of the bigger picture in the process. Gambling can be addictive and can lead to serious issues and we want to make sure players understand this and also understand there are ways to get help even when things seem very bleak.

Developing a gambling addiction isn’t something that just happens to other people. Everyone who enjoys gambling is at risk to some extent, some more than the others. It is important to be able to recognize the signs early and act upon them as soon as possible. There are organizations out there like Gamblers Anonymous that can help.

If you feel like your gambling and/or betting is getting out of hand and you’re having issues maintaining control, it may be time to step back and take a break. Casinos and betting sites have tools in place to help you set the limits and control your expenses but if these don’t help, don’t be afraid or ashamed to turn to experts for assistance.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy Sports have been legal in New Hampshire since 2017. This area was regulated by a special bill signed by Governor Sununu in July of that year although major DFS operators were already present in the market and had a great number of players. So, this move was more of a way to regulate the area and make sure the state received its share.

As it stands now, DFS sites wanting to operate in New Hampshire need to apply for a license with the NH Lottery Commission. However, this is a very simple process of registration, as there are no licensing fees and no special taxes levied on DFS operators. Hence, this is certainly a very operator-friendly environment.

Players need to be at least 18 years of age to participate. Current laws also make sure that the environment remains competitive and fair by banning those who could have inside information or influence outcomes of any matches in any way. It also requires DFS operators to identify experienced players, i.e. those who have participated in more than 1,000 contests.

All in all, those who enjoy Daily Fantasy Sports have ample options available to them in New Hampshire and can enjoy it with almost no restrictions. This hasn’t change in the slightest with the new sports betting bill as it doesn’t even mention DFS. Fantasy sports are recognized as a separate category, as they should be.

Social Casinos: Gambling Fun with No Risk

Since online gambling isn’t legal in New Hampshire, fans of casino games and slots are left with no options to get their fun. While sports bettors can now freely have their entertainment, those who enjoy casino gambling are once again left behind, waiting for some better times when legislators will finally decide to tackle the issue.

While we can’t influence the speed at which legislative processes move in any particular state, we can at the very least suggest some alternatives for these players in the form of social casinos. These are casinos where you get to play all the games like blackjack, roulette, and hundreds of different slots but without actually having to risk any money.

These social casinos like Slotomania and Huuuge Casino feature a great variety of games and even offer some slots that are only available in play-money modes. They offer plenty of excitement even without the real money element. You get to play and break records and receive virtual prizes for your achievements, such as badges, accolades, and access to new games. Given the current situation in New Hampshire, these social casinos are your best option to have fun, experience the thrill of gambling, and stay on the right side of the law, while protecting your hard earned cash.

Quick New Hampshire Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based CasinosYesNew Hampshire doesn’t allow commercial casinos but the state does allow for charitable casinos to offer games like blackjack, roulette, and poker
Online GamblingNoOnline gambling isn’t legal in New Hampshire. Players can’t play casino games or online poker at any state-regulated sites.
Sports BettingYesThe bill regulating sports betting in New Hampshire was passed in July of 2019, allowing for 10 retail and 5 online operators
LotteryYesNew Hampshire state lottery was launched fairly early, in 1963.
Daily Fantasy SportsYesDFS are regulated by a special bill that was passed in 2017 and are completely legal in New Hampshire
House GamblingNoGambling games of any variety not sanctioned by the state are not allowed in New Hampshire
Minimum Gambling Age18The minimum age for all forms of gambling in NH is 18