Best Mississippi Sports Betting Sites 2021

Best Mississippi Sports Betting Sites 2021

Mississippi has a long history based on wagering, which is why it should come as a surprise to nobody that Mississippi sports betting is a big deal for the state. Not only is sports betting legal throughout the state, but Mississippi sports betting sites look to be on the horizon. While Mississippi sports betting sites aren’t quite up to the technology of the likes of New Jersey, there is still a lot to be grateful for as a member of the state that likes to gamble. The state is home to a large number of sportsbooks and casinos and is an enjoyable place to live for gamblers. The only downside is the lack of online sports betting & MS betting sites but that’s expected to change in the future.

Introduction into Mississippi’s Gambling Industry

Mississippi has always been home to wagering industries since the Native Americans played stick ball in the 1700’s and Spanish colonists raced horses for sport. Over the years some form of wagering has always been allowed and even celebrated in the state, and much of the local economy of Mississippi is based on gambling today. New gambling laws pass quickly in the state, which is why Mississippi was the third state to allow sports betting after the Federal law got rid of PASPA allowing sports betting throughout the country. Today Mississippi is an excellent place to live as a sports bettor, though it doesn’t yet have MS betting sites.

Though Mississippi sports betting sites isn’t a thing yet, standard sports wagering in person is very much a growing industry. There are more than 30 different casinos throughout the state, nearly all of which are along the coastlines of the state. These establishments are mostly owned by the native Indian populations and they give gamblers access to sports betting, table games, slots, poker and more. Most forms of gambling are allowed at the casinos and they’re only growing and advancing as time goes by. Anyone wondering “does Mississippi have sports betting?” will be happy to hear that the industry is one of the best throughout the US today.

Best Mississippi Betting Sites

There is more hesitation when it comes to online sports betting in Mississippi, because legislators believe it will be more difficult to regulate Mississippi sports betting sites. Some legislators are all for online wagering, while others are cautious about the subject of MS betting sites. That’s why there is no online wagering available currently and there’s no guarantee when it will be released to the citizens. There are some casinos that offer electronic wagering to their customers in Mississippi, but the wagering must be done on the casino grounds even if they take place in the hotel rooms on the casino grounds. There’s hope that online wagering will be added soon, but there are no guarantees and the technology could be stalled by several years if lawmakers can’t agree on the terms and the regulations.

Mobile Sports Betting Gambling Situation

Just as Mississippi sports betting sites aren’t legal just yet, neither is mobile wagering. All the wagering must occur in person currently, which means that gamblers in the state must be willing to travel to local establishments. Gamblers that like to play from home will be disappointed by the laws, but with more than 30 different establishments to use, many players won’t have to travel far to place their wagers. Players interested in online wagering should keep a close eye on the laws that pass in the coming new year to see how they change. There’s a chance that gamers will soon have access to MS betting sites like they do in other states like New Jersey. Mobile wagering is fast becoming a favorite way to place bets and it’s something that serious gamblers in Mississippi are seriously waiting to make sure they can place their important sports bets right when they need to.

Online Sports Betting Operator Licensing Process

There is no online sportsbook licensing process in Mississippi just yet because Mississippi sports betting sites arent legal yet. That doesn’t mean that the lawmakers aren’t already considering the process of creating the best Mississippi betting sites. It’s likely that the governing body that handles land-based regulations is already looking at online laws and regulations as well for if online wagering becomes legal. Careful auditing and strict licensing practices must be met in order to get a casino license within Mississippi to operate within person to make sure that players have a safe and reliable gaming experience. The same attention-to-detail and care would go into protecting the online wagering industry. Many gamblers want to know “will Mississippi legalize sports betting online?” and it’s impossible to know that right now. If they do, there’s a good chance that the industry will be carefully regulated and protected for good reliable performance.

History of Gambling in Mississippi

Mississippi has one of the longest gambling-based histories of any of the states that you’ll come across today. With wagering going back into the 1700’s and before with the Native Americans betting on stickball to the times of Spanish colonialists wagering on horses and jockeys, to early casinos being built in the 1920’s. The state grew up with sports betting and traditional casinos throughout, and that history has led to one of the most liberal states when it comes to wagering throughout the US today. A large wagering industry grew up around the coast of Mississippi in the early to mid 1900’s, but Hurricane Camille destroyed most of the hotels and casinos and put an end to the industry until 1988 when the National Indian Gaming Act was put into place.

Best Mississippi Sports Betting Sites 2021

This started establishing Indian-run casinos like the Silver Star Casino in Neshoba County. In 1990 the Mississippi Gaming Control Act was passed that allowed gambling and casinos along the coastal counties of Mississippi as long as the residents approved the establishments. The Mississippi casinos have been growing and spreading since then, and there are over 30 casinos throughout the state today. The wagering industry evolved over time in Mississippi to the flourishing wagering opportunity that it is today. It’s a good place to live for fans of wagering, though online gambling still isn’t allowed just yet and neither are the best Mississippi betting sites.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Gambling Online in Mississippi?

No, not currently. Online wagering is only available for gamblers that are physically located at the casino they are wagering at. Online gambling isn’t yet legalized in Mississippi just yet.

How many legal Mississippi Sports Betting Sites are available?

There are [count post_type=”sports-betting” state=”MS”] sites available to play at for players in Mississippi. It’s possible that this number will increase or decrease over time, but it’s nearly impossible to predict how the gambling industry will change in the future.

What is the best sports betting site in Mississippi?

There aren’t any sites for sports betting in Mississippi, just like there aren’t any Mississippi sports betting app options to choose from. That means that there is no one best option.

When did legal sports betting in Mississippi open?

Sports betting was made legal almost immediately after PASPA was repealed by the Supreme Court in the United States, making the state the third to allow it overall.

When did online gambling become Legal in Mississippi?

It hasn’t become legal yet, but politicians and residents are hopeful that that will change in the near future. With such a strong wagering industry in Mississippi it’s likely that online gambling will become available eventually.

Where can I play using my mobile device?

There are some casinos that allow mobile wagering in person, but other than that mobile devices can’t be used for online wagering in Mississippi.

Who is responsible for regulating Mississippi online gambling?

Nobody just yet, the industry doesn’t exist yet.

Responsible Online Gambling

A great deal of care is given to compulsive gambling and other gambling-addiction issues that players suffer from. Gamblers with this problem can get help from the Mississippi Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling or MCPCG. The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) and Gamblers Anonymous are available to help gamblers with addition issues as well. Along with all of these different helpful organizations, there are limitations that gamblers can put on their wagering in Mississippi. Players can have themselves voluntarily barred from wagering at the different casinos throughout the state. There are also ways to limit how much is deposited and used at the different casinos to help keep gamblers from going too far with their wagering. Problem gambling is a serious issue and there are more than enough services to help with the issue to keep different gamblers from having too many long-term problems.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Outside of standard sports betting in Mississippi and the best Mississippi betting sites, there is also an industry of Daily Fantasy Sports betting. Daily fantasy sports is a special form of sports betting where players assemble teams made up of players from many different sports teams. This fantasy team will perform well or poorly, based on how well each of the players does in their actual games. Players build these teams after joining pools of many other players, and whoever performs the best in the large pool of players walks away with all the prize money and a very nice payout in most instances. It’s possible to win tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars form these pools of players. Gamblers interested in trying out this unique form of wagering should take the time to test it and see if it appeals to them. Take a look at our graphic below and try out fantasy sports today.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

When Mississippi sports betting online for real money seems too intense, but wagering for pretend money sounds enjoyable, social casinos are an excellent option for the best Mississippi betting sites. These special casinos are available online and they give all the players a play money balance to wager with. The players place wagers and bet just like they would at a real casino, but they do it all with a pretend balance. This helps give them a wagering experience without the real money risk. It’s a good way to get used to online sports betting ,and right now it’s the only way for gamblers in Mississippi to wager online legally. Players should take the time to try out the different features of these unique wagering platforms to find out which options are the best overall. There are some very impressive online social casinos to play with. They’re good tools for making online friends and a fun way to pass the time when there’s no time to travel to a local casino and do some real wagering.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based CasinosYesmore than 30 to choose from
Online GamblingNonot currently supported in the state.
Sports BettingYesthere is a strong sports betting industry throughout the state
LotteryYeslottery wagering is legal in the state.
Daily Fantasy SportsYesDFS is legal and possible within the state of Mississippi
House GamblingYesit’s a gray area in the state, which means it’s legal to do.
Minimum Gambling Age18 or 2121, all gamblers must be 21 for standard wagering, though players need only be 18 for charity gambling
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