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Michigan Sports Betting 2021

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Author: Stephen McAllen
Last update on: April 12th, 2021
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Experiences Sports Betting

For years sports betting in Michigan wasn't prohibited but wasn't considered to be completely legal either. While there was no law against it, there was no law for it either. That left people in Michigan who wanted to bet on a game having to go to sites without any regulation, which put those bettors at risk.

Now sports betting in Michigan is legal. But it will take some time for the state to grant licenses to companies to offer online sports betting in Michigan. Still, the state has made a great first step towards legalizing online gambling in Michigan.

Online Sports Betting In MI

Online sports betting in Michigan has been happening forever. While it was never legalized, no one was ever prosecuted in Michigan for placing a bet online. And no companies were ever hit with any legal action for offering bets. That let to a sort of wild west show for sports betting in Michigan. It became clear that the state was losing out on a lot of potential tax revenue that they could collect if they legalized Michigan sports betting. Beyond that, having legal licenses casinos would make sure the people placing their bets had as much legal protection as possible. After all, there were some scam websites out there that would either not payout or else would install random viruses on your machine.

The process of legalization of Michigan sports betting will allow people in the state to make wagers with the confidence that if they win they will be paid in a timely manner. It also makes sure that neither the people nor the companies themselves will always have to be looking over their shoulders.

Overall this is a good thing. Online sports betting in Michigan should be legal. After all, we all know people who place bets on sporting events. It's one of the major reasons to watch them. And making those bets in a less-than-legal fashion simply adds incentive for less savory people to enter the arena and perhaps take advantage.

We can't be certain yet what online sports betting in Michigan will really look like. But looking at states like Florida Sports Betting, California Sports Betting, Delaware Sports Betting, Mississippi Sports Betting, New Jersey Sports Betting, Nevada Sports Betting, New York Sports Betting, and Pennsylvania Sports Betting we have a good idea. All of these states have legalized online sports betting to one degree or another and all work the same way. We have no reason to believe that online sports betting in Michigan will work out any differently.

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What Type Of Online Betting In Michigan Will Be Allowed?

Michigan sports betting will have a wide variety of options once the casinos are licensed to operate. You will obviously be able to place bets on the winners or losers of a given match. When it comes to horse racing you will be allowed to bet on win, place, or show. Horse racing will also have exacta and trifecta bets. Parlay systems will also be in place. These allow you to bet on multiple matches at one time for higher odds but in addition, all of your bets will have to come in.

One interesting thing that will be allowed is to offer bets to people who want to wager after the match has already started. These bets will obviously go up or down depending on how the team they are betting on is actually doing. This brings an element of strategy to online betting that is very interesting.

What other types of bets will be allowed is still to be determined but they should be interesting. Many other states have allowed people to bet on stuff like the weather and other tangentially related to sports stuff. Michigan betting will certainly be interesting to watch. But in general, we are simply speculating on what will be allowed once sports betting in Michigan is fully legalized and licensed.

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Online Sports Betting In Michigan On Apps

One thing you can place a bet on is that mobile apps are going to be a huge part of Michigan sports betting. It just makes sense. Most people don't go online through their desktops or laptops. Those devices are reserved for work. Instead, people check in with the Internet through their phones or mobile devices. This allows them the freedom to be online no matter where they are - and are therefore looking for legit betting apps.

And one of the things that makes this possible and as easy as can be in having a mobile app. That means that you don't have to try to figure out your browser when you go online. You just tap a widget on your phone and you are launched exactly where you want to go.

Mobile betting apps USA for online sports gambling in Michigan should be no different. In every state where online gambling has been legalized apps have sprung up to support the casinos they serve. All of them are free to download and should mimic the desktop or laptop versions of the sites they serve.

You can expect when online sports gambling comes to Michigan that it will be fully app supported and getting to the sites to place your bets should be as simple as possible.

How Will I Be Able To Deposit Money To Bet With On Michigan Sports Betting?

When it comes to Michigan sports betting many people wonder how they will pay for it. The answer is “fairly easily.” The most common way to pay for online gambling in states where it is legalized is through your debit or credit card. Because all licensed sites use the highest encryption technology available you can be sure your purchase is as safe as going onto Amazon.

The second most popular way is to use PayPal. People tend to use PayPal because when they win their winnings can be deposited into PayPal in under 24 hours. When they win with a debit or credit card it can take up to five days for the money to get back into their account.

Direct wire transfer to the casino also works although this can take several days to get credited to your account. This method is only recommended if you want to make extremely large bets that would not go through your credit card or would get hit with a ton of fees from PayPal.

You may also be able to use your e-wallets or make a direct cash deposit at the brick and mortar version of the casino itself if they happen to have one.

What Bonuses May Be Offered For Online Sports Betting In Michigan?

If you've talked to someone who has placed a bet in a state with licensed online casinos you have probably heard about “bonus offers” that they have. Most of these bonus offers can be applied to slot machines and table games like blackjack. That said there is one that applies to sports booking.

These offers are relatively universal so you can expect them to come to online sports betting in Michigan as well. We won't get into the slot machine and blackjack bonuses here. We'll just start out with the sportsbook bonuses.

The bonuses offered to patrons of sportsbook operations are fairly simple. You place your first bet and then you get a bet credit – often known as a “free bet.” This free bet is not free money into your account.

Instead, it is an online voucher that you can use to make a bet for free in the future. In general, it works like this – you deposit and bet $25 on various bets. Then after you've done that you get a $25 free bet voucher.

This $25 must be bet entirely on one match. Then if you win you collect your winnings minus the value of the $25 free bet. So if you bet a two to one match you would get to withdraw $25.

It's simply a way to get you to want to try out a given casino. It's a fun bet. If you win you get to collect some cash. If you don't win you aren't out of pocket any money at all. We like to use our free bets to wager on long shots that we would generally find a little bit too risky. That way if we win we get to collect a bundle of money but we don't care very much if we happen to lose our free bet.

Interested in horse racing? Check out our horse racing promotions guide to see which offers are currently available!

Responsible Online Gambling In Michigan

Now that online gambling is legal again, it's important to do it safely and responsibly, which is why here at Captain Gambling we've provided you with some of our top tips to a secure gambling experience below:

  • Set a budget and stick to it. Figure out how much you can afford to lose on a given day, week, or month. Assuming that all your bets are going to lose is the best attitude to have. Then make a budget on how much you can gamble during those periods. When you've lost that amount of money stop until your new budget comes into effect. This means you can never lose more than you can afford and keeps you from chasing losses until you can no longer handle them.
  • Gamble with regulated sites. Firstly, it's important to use safe and regulated websites when gambling online in Michigan. You can check if a site is properly licensed by a top regulatory body by checking the bottom of the homepage for logos etc.
  • Change your passwords regularly. Updating your password regularly will help protect your website from being entered by unruly parties. Changing your passwords regularly means your money and personal data should be completely secure. If you're a frequent gambler online, we recommend changing your password as often as once per calendar month.

You Won't Be Able To Make Bets On Elections On Michigan Sports Betting Sites

In Europe one of the hottest things that sports betting sites offer is the chance to bet on elections around the world. It's a fun thing to do and many people in Europe won a ton of money betting that Donald J. Trump would become president.

Unfortunately, that won't be happening in the United States. US law makes it illegal to place a bet on any election inside America. While you may be able to bet on election results in other countries you won't be able to bet on any election inside the United States. This law is not likely to change any time soon. It's a shame because we'd all like to bet on November's results but that is not an option for people in Michigan or any other of the United States.

Will There Be Fantasy Leagues For Me To Set Up And Bet On?

This is the big question. Many states allow online sports gambling companies to set up fantasy leagues. These leagues allow you to pick several players for your team. Then as the league goes on you use the actual stats from your player to see how well your team has done overall. The people who win tend to win big.

It's hard to say whether this will come to sports betting in Michigan. There is no law against it. However, there is no law that says it's legal either. What will probably happen is that when a company is asking for a license to offer online gambling in Michigan they will negotiate this one out.

The odds are you probably will be able to set up fantasy leagues, but this is by no means certain. We will update this page when we know more about what is actually going to happen with the fantasy leagues in question.

Becoming A Licensed Online Sportsbook In Michigan

To get a license to let people bet on sports in Michigan will be a long process. The company that wants a license will have to be able to demonstrate that at all times they have enough money on hand to cover all of their bets.

They will have to prove that their site is using up to date technology. They will have to pay for the license and pay taxes on all of the money they earn. Their odds must be deemed fair by the regulators of the online casino. They will have to jump through a ton of hoops in order to get licenses and in order to keep their license.

This will not be an easy process. Nor will it be a fast one. You will probably have to wait before you can legally make an online bet on a sporting event in the state of Michigan. In the meantime, check out our top West Virginia online betting sites guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Sports Betting In Michigan

That depends on where you live. In some counties, the minimum age to bet in Michigan will be 18 years of age. In other counties, the minimum age to bet will be 19 years of age. The site you bet on should automatically figure out where you are and tell you if you are old enough yet. If you are not old enough do not place a bet. The online casino could hold onto your winnings and refer the authorities to you. It's not a bet you want to make.

No. This is the one way in which online sports betting is different than betting on sports in a casino. At a minimum, it will take roughly 24 hours to get your money back. If you use a debit or credit card it could take up to five business days to collect your money. If you use a wire transfer it could take even longer. This time factor is one you should always keep in mind when you are betting on sports online.

No. And this is not due to the casinos themselves. Some debit and credit card companies have rules in place on what you can use their cards for. And quite a few of them make it against the rules to use them to bet on sports. In those cases you'll have to use your card to load up your PayPal account and then use PayPal as the way you make your bet. You can contact your financial institution to find out if you will be able to use your card to bet on sports.

No. Once sports betting in Michigan is being run by licensed online casinos you should be able to bet on any sport in the world. And that includes soccer and rugby matches. That is the great gift that online betting gives us. The online world has no borders. If a sport is happening somewhere you should be able to find an online bookie that will accept a bet on it. That's what makes it super fun.

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