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FanDuel Sportsbook Debit Card 2021

Exploring the Supported Payment Methods
FanDuel Sports
FanDuel Sports
  • FanDuel offers many banking tools
  • FanDuel is simple to join and use
  • Different banking methods have different waiting periods
  • FanDuel customer support is helpful and simple to use
100% up to$500
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There are few sportsbooks available today for New Jersey gamblers with a name as big as FanDuel. For that reason, it’s a well-used platform and it offers a good mix of features and functions that gamblers really seem to enjoy. New players that want to get familiar with this sportsbook have lots of options to make use of when getting started. Gamblers can conveniently choose between the many different deposit methods and payment solutions when wanting to move money in and out of their accounts. With all the different payment options available it’s simple to fund an account and start playing on the same day, which is exactly what many gamblers do.

Try FanDuel now! Visit now
Try FanDuel now! Visit now

Joining the FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel is a well-known sports betting platform and simple to join, especially when you fund your account using a FanDuel sportsbook debit card or credit card as a payment method. There are many different supported payment methods to choose from, some slow, and others rapid. Choosing the right method makes all the difference when trying to decide on the right payment option. Below is an overview of the different tools available for moving money around, including the FanDuel sportsbook credit card, eWallet services and many others. Get familiar with the different options and then choose a payment solution that’s going to work well for your needs.

Choose from the Different FanDuel Deposit Methods

New players at FanDuel have many different deposit methods to select from to get started with. They can use any of the methods outlined below, including credit and debit cards, PayPal, eCheck, bank transfer and others. All these different tools work flawlessly and many work very quickly as well.

The Methods

FanDuel Sportsbook Credit Card deposit – Gamblers familiar with credit and debit cards can complete their initial deposit using either of these methods. A FanDuel sportsbook debit card deposit takes only moments and is as easy as entering in the numbers.

PayPal – PayPal is a rapid and reliable deposit and withdrawal method available to customers that make use of FanDuel. Gamblers on the platform rely on PayPal to move money around rapidly any time they need to.

Electronic Bank Transfer – Using the online bill pay tool makes it easy to fund a FanDuel account with most bank accounts. This method is a bit slower, but works well and is simple for users familiar to making these payments already.

eCheck – Use your bank account to send money electronically with an eCheck transfer at FanDuel. This method works nearly instantly for depositing money.

In-person cage – Head to the local FanDuel location and deposit or withdraw money using the cage in the casino. This method is instant and good for most amounts even lower than minimums accepted online.

PayNearMe – Deposit with cash right into your account by heading to a local store location.

Wire Transfer - Transfer funds from a bank account to the FanDuel bank account using a wire transfer. Transfers over $100 in value will come with a reimbursement in site credit when used for depositing money.

There are many different ways to deposit money and withdraw money from a FanDuel account. Above are the most popular tools and different ways that a player can move money around reliably at the sportsbook. Get familiar with some of these options yourself, or just choose something you already know how to use to begin using the sportsbook.

The FanDuel Sportsbook Card Deposit is Rapid

There are many different deposit options available to players at FanDuel, but the FanDuel sportsbook credit card or debit card options are one of the fastest and simplest ways to fund your account. It’s important to note that the cards can’t be used for withdrawals and you will have to have a different method available for taking money out of your account. If you are searching for a tool that you can use to fund your account with real money, using one of the card options from up above is a good option. When you make a deposit using a card you only have to enter a card and some other basic card information for the product to be verified and to work as a deposit method to add money to an account. The simplicity of a FanDuel sportsbook card makes it an ideal option to use.  Cards don’t come with fees when used as a deposit method, and they can often be used to complete a deposit within minutes as well.

Enjoying Bet Protection After the Initial Deposit

Making the first deposit into your FanDuel account is simple to do and something that players can get through within minutes if they are interested in getting started at the site. It’s what comes after that initial deposit that’s really the exciting part, and sometimes the challenging part as well. There are countless wagering options available to you as a member of FanDuel and it’s up to you to choose what you want to wager your money on. As a new player on the platform there is a powerful bet insurance offer available that makes it possible to protect any wagers made on the site against failure up to $500.

The offer is only available on the very first wager after becoming a member, but essentially it pays out a portion of the wagered money up to 100% of the money up to $500. That means a player can place a wager worth $500 right after signing up, lose the wager and get back $500 in credit from the sportsbook. This is an exciting idea and makes it possible to wager far more than possible with a standard account. This credit payout isn’t the same as actual cash, which is an important consideration, but it’s possible to place wagers using the credit and even more money can be won using this offer.

Getting Information About Banking Problems at FanDuel

Most players have no issues using the different FanDuel banking tools on the platform and find it easy depositing and withdrawing money from the sportsbook. There are some issues that players face though, and it’s more common than you might think to run into an issue you aren’t familiar with. When that happens, there are several different ways to ask for help from the customer support team. Below is an overview of the contact methods and the process to ask for help. It works for nearly every problem that you might encounter on the sportsbook.

Contacting Customer Support

Talking with FanDuel sportsbook contact is as simple as going to the home page for the FanDuel sportsbook and selecting the “Contact” link. After doing that a list of the following contact methods is presented.

  • Phone support – dial the included phone number to ask about why the FanDuel sportsbook debit card deposit method isn’t working properly and get an answer immediately.
  • Email Support – Send over a quick email and get an answer back within hours usually. This method is quick and easy for most to make use of.
  • Live Chat – Open the chat box up and ask for help in a messenger environment. The associate will give answers to common questions right in the chat box that pops open.
  • Mail Help – Send an actual letter through post to the headquarters of the customer support team. This works well for a range of help questions but is the slowest method by far.

Between the different contact tools up above and the in-depth FAQ tool on the FAQ page it’s easy to get help for most problems that you might encounter. Spend some time getting familiar with these options and you’ll know which one to use for your different problems. Take a look at our "is Unibet safe?" and "is DraftKings legit?" guides to see how their support and security stand up.

Try FanDuel now! Visit now
Try FanDuel now! Visit now

Make a Deposit and Play Today

FanDuel offers so many different deposit options to serious gamblers to make it as simple as possible for them to join and begin playing. Test out some of the different options yourself and choose the one that you like the best before joining. We compare the different deposit methods and more key details in our complete FanDuel review here. Join the sportsbook today and unlock up to $500 in wager insurance on your first wager.

Conclusion: The Debit Card is a Simple Payment Tool
FanDuel is designed to make it as easy as possible for new gamblers to begin playing. There are many different enjoyable options to make use of, and serious gamblers should consider all of them before choosing their primary banking method. Once you know what you’ll use you can input a deposit into the account and start playing from there. Players that run into issues can contact customer support through one of the many different contact methods for help. Get started today and enjoy all the different features offered.

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