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DraftKings Sportsbook Review & Rating US 2020

DraftKings Sportsbook
DraftKings Sportsbook
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  • Enhanced odds bonus
  • Offers betting pools
  • Funds usable for all features
  • Reliable mobile apps
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Payment Methods:
MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA AMEX Icon AMEX PayPal Icon PayPal Cash at Cage Icon Cash at Cage Discover Icon Discover eCheck Icon eCheck
Bonus Type Show Info Deposit Match Requirements Show Info 12x Up To Show Info $500 Bonus Time Show Info 30 Days Cashable Show Info No Bonus Code Show Info N/A
50% up to $500
Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License IconIndiana Gaming Commission (IGC) License IconSports Wagering and Paid Fantasy Sports Division License Icon
  • Reliable mobile app
  • Excellent feature diversity
  • Many bonus opportunities
  • Enhanced odds on select wagers
  • Includes live betting
  • Includes unnecessary steps for navigation
  • Bonus wager not cashable
Conclusion and Rating
DraftKings Sportsbook

"Conclusion: DraftKings Sportsbook is Diverse"

DraftKings sportsbook in Atlantic City is an impressive online website with solid customer support, a quality blend of features and enough bonuses to keep most players happy. The site is simple to navigate and offers enhanced odds and regular boosts that make it worthwhile to play at. We were impressed by the sportsbooks offerings and its mobile support, and we would highly recommend the sportsbook, despite the minor navigation issues we experienced while playing there.


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The Draftkings sportsbook is a popular online destination for sports bettors from around the country. This website was founded in 2012 and is designed to allow gamblers to place sports wagers quickly and easily. It also offers fantasy sports drafting and betting, for a more compelling experience for NFL and NBA fans. In order to determine this sportsbook is worth playing at, we’ve put together a complete DraftKings sportsbook review here at captaingambling to give players an easy way to compare to other sports betting sites available for play today. During the comparison we’ll look at arguably the most important features of the sportsbook, making it easy to form an opinion about the betting service provider.

Read Our DraftKings Sportsbook Rating Based On 10 Categories

In order to offer the best possible sports betting experience DraftKings is licensed and regulated with care. That means that gamblers that sign into the DraftKings sportsbook website are protected by careful audits and regulations. The website is monitored carefully and must follow a specific set of rules determining that wagers are fair and reliable. The entire site is protected by SSL encryption and DraftKings is licensed for operation in the United States.

Thanks to the U.S. license, it’s 100% legal to wager at DraftKings sportsbook online as long as you’re within the borders of the approved states. Sites like DraftKings sportsbook PA and DraftKings sportsbook California aren’t available just yet, though the company is working on getting approval and licensing in other states as well. The DraftKings sportsbook owns a license in the following states, so playing in these states is 100% legal:

Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License IconIndiana Gaming Commission (IGC) License IconSports Wagering and Paid Fantasy Sports Division License Icon

Careful Test Categories: DraftKings Sportsbook is Legit

In order to give gamblers a fair look at the DraftKings sportsbook website and all that’s offered on it, the site is evaluated using a fixed set of criteria that’s used for all other sportsbooks on captaingambling. Below is an DraftKings review that looks at betting options, odds, bonuses, usability, device support and more features to determine what the sportsbook has to offer interested gamblers.

Betting Offer & Live Betting: Live Betting Support at DraftKings

Both live betting and betting offers are available at DraftKings sportsbook in Atlantic City. Gamblers can easily view a live betting options for sports events that are currently running. Each of the betting options updates with live odds that change depending on the current wagering opportunities. Players must join a wager with care to get the best lines for the largest return on a bet. A DraftKings sportsbook promo code can match up to $500 for gamblers interested in making their first wager. The bonus is credited immediately after making the initial wager and can be used on a subsequent wager.

Odds: Simple American Odds

Every potential sports wager on the DraftKings sportsbook website is accompanied by odds, making it simple determining whether the wagers are worth making or not. These odds are displayed in the American standard format, making it clear what returns are available for different wager amounts. Getting DraftKings sportsbook odds is as simple as searching for wagers to make. All the accompanying odds are displayed right there for everyone to make use of. They’re listed clearly, whether players want to place a money line wager, a parlay, a spread or some other type of sports bet.

Welcome Bonuses & Promotions: Get up to $500 from the Bet Match

New and existing players at the DraftKings sportsbook site have a range of bonuses and welcome offers to make use of. New gamblers can get up to $20 in bonus money to use for a free wager. There is also a bet match bonus for new players that will give them up to $500 in a bet match bonus on their initial wager into the sportsbook. DraftKings is now offering a referral bonus that gives gamblers $50 in bonus credits for referring other players to the sportsbook. There are also certain days when odds are boosted on sports bets, making it possible for players to win even more on their wagers. The boosted odds are added during the time of placing the wager. When selecting a boosted wager, it looks normal until it’s added to the bet slip. Then the boost becomes obvious.

Bonus & Requirements
Bonus amount$500
Bonus TypeDeposit Match
ExampleDeposit $1.000 and get $500 in Free Bets
Min. Odds-300
Min. PaymentN/A
Max. Time30 Days

Customer Service: How Simple is it to Get Help?

An excellent way to measure a sportsbook is through its customer support. DraftKings makes it easy to get help for most standard problems. There’s a large FAQ section that organizes different questions into categories for easy research. As well as an in-depth FAQ section, the site offers dedicated e-mail and mailing addresses for customer support, and a live-chat service to ask for help immediately. When talking with customer support answers are provided swiftly, but appropriately for the chosen method of communication. Live chat answers are available within minutes, but email answers usually come within 24 hours. Mail answers take much longer and getting help through mail can take weeks in some instances. Between each of these different methods available, players using the DraftKings sportsbook in New Jersey shouldn’t have any trouble getting help when it’s needed.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Credit Cards & PayPal Support

DraftKings keeps things simple when it comes to available deposit and withdrawal methods. When looking to deposit into the sportsbook account, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards are all available options that can be used. PayPal is the only non-card option available to players interested in making a deposit. Each of these methods can be used to complete the process in just minutes and most players can get started playing at the sportsbook on the same day without an issue.

Here is an overview of all available payment methods:

MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA AMEX Icon AMEX PayPal Icon PayPal Cash at Cage Icon Cash at Cage Discover Icon Discover eCheck Icon eCheck

After a major win, players can go on to withdraw money from their sportsbook account at the DraftKings sportsbook. PayPal is still a viable withdrawal method, but electronic check and cage pick-up are the two other available options. PayPal is the quickest remote withdrawal method and can pay out within a day. Electronic check normally takes a few days, and cage pick up at the DraftKings sportsbook in Atlantic City is one of the quickest methods available today if you are nearby.  Gamblers looking for a simple banking process will enjoy the ease-of-use of moving money around at DraftKings sportsbook New Jersey.

Limits & Payout: Flexible Limits

There are deposit and betting limits present at DraftKings website, but they are lenient. At this time most players should be able to deposit $1,800 or more into their DraftKings sportsbook accounts to get started. When wagering there are varying maximum wager limits depending on the sport and the event. Usually major events like the Superbowl come with larger wagering opportunities than standard games do, but most players can wager thousands without an issue for most bet types. All payout information is presented at the time of placing a wager at DraftKings. The platform explains exactly how much money can be acquired from the wager, and also allows players to withdraw funds at any time after placing a wager. The simple platform makes it simple to make effective wagers at any time.

Usability: More Menus than Necessary

The DraftKings sportsbook website is straightforward to use, but hides options behind more menus than necessary. Accessing most sporting events requires using drop-down menus, while other sportsbook sites offers buttons that aren’t behind a drop-down. Other than that slight complaint, navigating the website is simple to do. Each of the different sports is separated into a category of its own and all the features are clearly labelled and offered by the top navigation menus. Most players can figure out how to make use of the features at DraftKings sportsbook within minutes of visiting the website for the first time. If there is an issue with the account there’s a comprehensive customer service support system available as well for getting answers to most questions.

Devices & App: Android and iOS Support

DraftKings offers apps for both Android and iOS devices. That means gamblers can bring the sportsbook with them on the go. Both devices come with a streamlined app designed to deliver a smooth gambling experience. The apps can be used for wagering and are simple to install and to make use of. The apps are similar to the sportsbook website in design, but are even simpler to navigate, making them ideal for the smaller screen size of a mobile device.

Modern Android and iOS devices are supported by DraftKings. Both of the apps include a geolocation feature, so it isn’t possible to play at the DraftKings sportsbook in Georgia, or the DraftKings sportsbook in Connecticut because the app verifies the phone or tablet is located in New Jersey. The apps are simple to use and rarely freeze, a common issue with other sportsbook apps currently.

  • Get the DraftKings mobile app on your phone
  • Install and sign up for a player account
  • Start making real money bets and get a generous bonus
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DraftKings Review: Additional Offers

Along with a wide selection of sports betting opportunities, DraftKings also offers a good mix of fantasy sports opportunities and an online casino with a total of five games. Players from around the country can fund fantasy sports leagues and try and play to win large pools of cash using DraftKings. The company offers a simple online casino with high-quality blackjack and roulette table games. There is also a simple video poker game and Cleopatra and Wheel of Fortune online slot games. These additional slot offers are basic, but they are high-quality and offer a positive play experience for gamblers looking to do something other than wager on sporting events.

DraftKings In Michigan - Ready to launch?

DraftKings started out as a fantasy sports league betting site where bettors could pick players to “compete” against each other to see whose teams would win based on their real-life stats. Recently it has entered the sports betting market in some states, and we're expecting Michigan to join that list soon.

They do not offer any casino options so you can't play blackjack or video slots in most states. They are starting to offer casino stuff but that is only in a couple of states and is very limited.

DraftKings sportsbook in Michigan looks to be very promising. DraftKings betting in Michigan offers a nice mix of fantasy sports betting and bets on real games. There is a reason this site is so popular.

DraftKings Michigan Bonus Offers

While this site isn't available in Michigan yet, here are the bonuses they offer in New Jersey. When it does launch in Michigan they should be similar if not exactly the same.

DraftKings has several bonus offers for new players. Just for signing up, you can claim a $20 free bet, although it’s not “free” exactly. This is in the form of a voucher you can use for one bet. If you win you get the value of your win minus the $20 free bet. If you lose, well, you lose nothing.

On your first bet with your own money, DraftKings will match the amount of your bet up to $100. So, if your first bet is $100, you'll actually be betting $200.

As with the free bet, if you win, you will get the total value of your win minus the amount of free money you bet with. They also promote a refer-a-friend offer that puts bonus money into your account when you get someone else to sign up.

DraftKings Michigan Customer Service

As we said before, this site isn't available yet in Michigan. We tested the New Jersey version of the site and this is what we found.

DraftKings offers an acceptable level of customer service. You can contact them on live chat and get a response within a few minutes.

You can also contact them through email. This can take up to a day to get a response but is worth it if you have to attach a document to explain your question. You can also contact them through the mail, but that will take days to get a response.

All of their responses to even our most complex questions were responded to correctly so we can't fault their customer service staff. They are simply a bit slow to get a hold of.

DraftKings Michigan VIP Program

This site has yet to launch in Michigan. Here is what the VIP section is like in New Jersey. There does not appear to be a VIP program at DraftKings. This may be a holdover from when they simply offered fantasy play. DraftKings is fairly new at offering sports betting so we can't really judge them on their lack of a VIP program.

The DraftKings Sportsbook FAQ

Yes, DraftKings makes it possible to use account funds for any aspect of the online website. Players can freely use their account balances for several different sections of DraftKings interchangeably.  This is ideal for gamblers that want to try everything DraftKings has to offer. Test out the sports betting features, and then easily switch over to fantasy leagues and other types of wagers to keep things interesting. This is the perfect mix for most fans that enjoy fantasy leagues and sports betting both.

It’s impossible to determine when the best time to wager is to get the best odds when using the live bet service. Watch the game closely, and place a wager when the odds have become more favorable for you. Try to place a wager just before a time when you believe the odds are going to get worse.

No, the bonuses come with strict terms that must be met in order to use them. Also, if a bonus match is used to place a winner wager, the bonus amount must be given back to the casino before collecting the profits from that wager. With that said, it’s possible to win more money by making use of bonus credits, just not as much money as you might think initially.

During an odds boost the payout odds look like normal until the bet is finally added to the best slip. Once that wager is placed the enhanced winnings are displayed, showing players exactly how much extra they should expect to win from the wager. Odds boosts are very simple to make use of and slightly improve the wagering experience for players across the site over and over again. Different boosts are offered each day, so select your wagers with care.

No, even if you live in New Jersey full-time, you are not permitted to play on the DraftKings website during times when you are outside of the state. That means while on vacation, or taking any sort of trip outside the state, the DraftKings website will not work properly. This same thing is true for any other supported states that DraftKings can be played in as well. As online sportsbetting support expands throughout the United States DraftKings will become available to more and more people. Just make sure you can verify your location to be within one of the supported states for success.

Conclusion: Final Look at DraftKings
DraftKings is a compelling sportsbook with more sports coverage than many other popular sportsbook establishments. The betting site offers a good range of betting limits, but excels in its additional fantasy sports, betting pools and casino games offerings. It’s a comprehensive website that makes gambling simple and allows players to get started with ease. Try the free bet or bet match offer at DraftKings for yourself and see exactly what’s so appealing about the sportsbook for yourself. There are so many special boost offers that it’s easy to walk away with bigger wins on most wagers at the sportsbook compared to other sites, so test out the platform for yourself and you could end up with huge bonus wins as a result.

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  • Reliable mobile app
  • Excellent feature diversity
  • Many bonus opportunities
  • Enhanced odds on select wagers
  • Includes live betting
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