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Delaware Betting Sites 2021

Flag & Profile Delaware
Delaware Flag
Delaware Silhouette
Legal since: 06-05-2018
Online Operator earliest 2020
  • Delaware legalized Online Sports Betting in 2018
  • Currently no Online Sports Betting Operators active
  • First online betting operators earliest in 2020
  • Authority: Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE)
Delaware Flag
Delaware Silhouette
Legal since: 06-05-2018

Legal Sports Betting Online in Delaware - The Best Delaware Sportsbooks

Looking for the top Delaware betting sites? Even though online gambling has been offered in Delaware for many years, sports betting still isn’t a thing over the internet. Gamblers that are interested in placing wagers at one of the three different sportsbooks throughout the state have to visit them in person instead. There are no best Delaware betting sites currently. This is something that is likely to change in the near future with the arrival of some top Delaware betting sites, but at the moment gamblers are still left without an online wagering option for anything other than racebooks. After taking some time to learn about the best Delaware sports book options and the laws governing them it should be simpler for gamblers to find the best places to play, and that and more will be covered down below so that you can start to bet online at the best Delaware sportsbooks.

Getting to Know Delaware’s Gambling Industry

Delaware is one of the more progressive states when it comes to gambling in all forms, but there are no best Delaware betting sites right now. The state has allowed online casino-style wagering for many years now, and it’s one of the few states that allowed sports betting in person during PASPA. Delaware had made it legal for residents to place wagers with 3-wager parlay bets before PASPA was ever released. By having that law in place at the time Delaware became one of the few states with legal sports betting, but only with this parlay-style bet. Even before the law passed in 1992 and from then until recent times parlay wagers have been legal in Delaware. It wasn’t until 2018 that single-game bets were made legal within the state through careful court cases. Even so, sports betting Delaware online is not fully legal today.

Best Delaware Betting Sites - Delaware Legal Betting

Sports betting Delaware online: The governor of the state placed the very first single-game bet to celebrate the opening of the new system with the best Delaware betting sites. Online casino-style wagering has been allowed since 2012 in the state for the three brick-and-mortar casinos in operation, but online sports betting still isn’t allowed in Delaware. Thus, Delaware legal betting online for sports is a no go. There are currently multiple bills being passed around and considered that would make online sports betting legal for the residents of Delaware at the top Delaware betting sites. It’s likely that the state will make sports betting in Delaware online legal soon enough, but it could take a year or longer for those new laws to go into place and allow interested gamblers to take part. When they do, we'll be updating our guides so that you can compare online sportsbooks! Or, you can hop on over and take a look at the best online sports betting IllinoisIndiana betting sites, or best online sports betting Nevada. Sports betting Delaware online is not yet legal and you might need to consider your options.

Land-based Sports Betting Legal Situation - Delaware Legal Betting

Land-based sports betting is legal throughout Delaware, unlike sports betting Delaware online, at each of the three casinos. The betting has been legal since 2018, giving players the ability to place wagers on single games for different sports teams using one of the three sportsbook facilities within the casinos. Gamblers that want to place wagers will have to visit Dover Downs, Harrington Raceway or Delaware Park in order to do so. Each of these different locations offer Delaware betting on major sports events. For gamblers wondering when did sports betting become legal in Delaware, it has been legal for only a short period if you don’t count the parlay-style wagers that were allowed for a few decades. There aren’t any additional locations to place these sports bets at, so players far away from the casinos will have to travel.

Online Sports Betting Legal Situation for the Top Delaware Betting Sites

Sports betting Delaware online: There is online casino betting available in Delaware and there has been since 2012, but that’s not the case for online sports betting. Sports betting in Delaware online still isn’t allowed because laws haven’t been passed to allow the Best Delaware Betting Sites to do it yet. That doesn’t mean that interested gamblers will have to go without online wagering forever, it just means that everyone is waiting for the laws to pass. Delaware is likely to be one of the earlier adopters for online sports betting, but until all the necessary legal forms are put through gamblers will have to travel to a sportsbook in order to place their wagers. This is simple to do, though less convenient than placing a wager at home. Bet online in Iowa and skip this time-consuming requirement.

Mobile Sports Betting Gambling Situation at Top Delaware Online Sportsbooks

Mobile sports betting Delaware online isn’t available just yet, but mobile gambling on casino games and racebooks is. There are several different Best Delaware Betting Sites for casinos and Delaware racebooks, and some of these sites support mobile wagering as well. Interested gamblers that want to place bets on horse races can do so using the bookmaker apps on their mobile devices conveniently to get the wager in position. Delaware residents don’t yet have access to mobile sports betting because it’s not legal to use a sportsbook outside of the state to place wagers. That’s because of the Wire Act. The Wire Act does not allow people to wager across state lines or country lines. This law affects sports betting Delaware lottery as well because often lottery contests are managed across state lines. The Wire Act makes this a no-no for the residents of Delaware.

Online Sports Betting Operator Licensing Process - What this means for the best Delaware sports betting site

There is no sports betting Delaware online operator license process just yet because there are no online sportsbook sites just yet. It’s easy to see that the state will likely follow the same process that it followed for its online casinos for online sportsbooks when setting up an official process for auditing and managing the sites. Right now there is no legal sports betting online allowed so there is no special requirements or process to think about. Interested gamblers will have to visit a different state to place wagers online, or they will have to play at one of the casinos that offers in-person wagering to Delaware residents. Sports betting Delaware online is sure to surface soon enough.

Delaware Online Sportsbook List 2021 - Top Delaware Betting Sites

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling in Delaware

How Sports Betting in Delaware Started Before the Best Delaware Betting Sites

Delaware has a long history of horse racing that dates all the way back to Colonial times. The first horse track was opened up in 1760 in the town of Newark and unlicensed horse betting was very common here for decades. Most wagering remained not legal until 1933 when a struggle for revenue during the Great Depression led to the creation of the Delaware Racing Commission. In 1935 more advanced pool-based wagering became legal at race tracks throughout Delaware. From then bigger and better tracks were built over time, and it wasn’t until 1957 that Bingo became the next legal form of wagering in the state.

Best Delaware Betting Sites - Delaware Legal Betting

The lottery became legal in 1992 and it was around that time that parlay-style sports betting was legalized as well. Online casino gambling was legalized in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2018 that single-game sports wagering at a Delaware sports book was legalized. Delaware is one of the first states to work with another state to offer casino wagering in the form of a poker room. Delaware and Nevada are currently working together to offer a merged poker room to give gamblers more people to wager against for better betting conditions. Wagering in the state evolved slowly over time, but there are now three sports betting Delaware locations at each of the state’s major casinos, and the state is expected to allow online sports betting soon enough as well. This might give you chance to use the best Delaware sports betting site.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

❓Can I Enjoy Gambling Online in Delaware?

Yes and no. Delaware legal betting for sports isn’t yet in force, but there are online casinos available to players that want to wager online. Thus, you won't be able to access the best online sports betting Delaware sites just yet, unlike bookmakers in New York.

👀How many legal (state) Sports Betting Sites are available?

There are 0 available to wager on for residents living within Delaware. This number is expected to change in the future as the state enacts new legislation related to sports betting, but that’s the amount of available sites at the moment.

✅What is the best sports betting site in Delaware?

There aren’t any sports betting sites available in Delaware to choose from yet, so there is no best site to pick. That will likely change in the future and Delaware legal betting will emerge.

⭐When did sports betting become legal in Delaware?

Sports betting became legal in Delaware around 1992, but only for 3-game parlay-style wagers. It wasn’t until 2018 that single game sports bets became legal within the state.

⏰When did online gambling become Legal in Delaware?

Online casino gambling became legal in Delaware in 2012. Sports betting isn’t yet legal within the state but it’s expected to become legal in the near future. Be sure to keep an eye out for Delaware legal betting options.

❓Where can I play using my mobile device?

You can play all throughout Delaware with a mobile device if wagering on a racebook or a casino. It’s not currently possible to use a mobile phone for sports betting throughout the state yet and gamblers will have to wager from a different nearby state instead. Unfortunately, Delaware legal betting is yet to materialize.

👀Who is responsible for regulating Delaware online gambling?

Online gambling is monitored and protected by the Delaware Division of Gaming Enforcement. This government agency is responsible for ensuring that the different casinos meet all the necessary regulations and licensing requirements to offer their services to gamblers online. Online sports betting isn’t yet legal within the state, so there is no regulatory body responsible for that just yet. When it does become legal the same group of officials will likely manage that as well to keep the gambling experience safe and reliable for players.

Responsible Online Gambling: Help with Problem Delaware Betting

There are several different resources available for players that suffer from problem Delaware betting. These players can work with the Delaware Gambling Helpline, Gambler’s Anonymous, Gam-Anon or the National Council on Problem Gambling. If that’s not enough, there are special tools available to the players that don’t want to be able to use the sports betting Delaware locations. These players can have themselves voluntarily banned or locked out from using one of the locations for a set period of time. It’s also possible to limit the amount of money that can be spent at the best Delaware sports betting site as a failsafe. Players that have trouble stopping can benefit from these tools and features to help them avoid those serious wagering problems over time.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with expertise at top Delaware online sportsbooks

Along with sports betting in Delaware and the lottery, there is Daily Fantasy Sports. This is fully legal in Delaware and allows gamblers to create fantasy sports teams at the best Delaware sports betting site and to win or lose money based on the performance of all the different players on those diverse teams. For many states DFS is considered to be something different than sports betting, but it’s not legal everywhere. Interested gamblers can walk away with big wins from Daily Fantasy Sports by building the perfect team of players and coming away with the most points at the end of the day. There are huge prize payouts on the line with DFS setups at different sites in Delaware. Serious gamblers that want to test out this type of wagering should spend some time getting familiar with Daily Fantasy Sports and what features they offer. Look at the graphical element below and test out daily fantasy sports to learn all about it and why so many players find it enjoyable to take part in.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

For players that aren’t interested in risking any money at top Delaware online sportsbooks, but that still want to gain experience with casinos or enjoy the same social interaction that many online casinos offer, social casinos are an exceptional option worth considering. These special casinos are simple to use and operate much the same as a standard online casino or any of the top Delaware online sportsbooks. The major difference is that all the players on these sites use play money in order to fund their wagers and to bet online. Whether they win or lose their wager they won’t lose any real money in the process. Long-term gamblers can amass a large supply of the play money that’s specific to the casino or the online sportsbook, but there usually isn’t much to use the play currency for other than to place more wagers and play at higher levels. Interested players should take the time to really try out social casinos and all they have to offer rather than looking for the best Delaware betting sites or the top Delaware online sportsbooks.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered? Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based Casinos Yes there are three of them.
Online Gambling Yes online casino gambling is legal.
Sports Betting Yes sports betting is available at the three major casinos in Delaware.
Lottery Yes there is an active lottery.
Daily Fantasy Sports Yes there is a legal Daily Fantasy Sports industry.
House Gambling Maybe Delaware doesn’t have any laws regarding home gambling.
Minimum Gambling Age  21