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4NJBets Review & Rating US 2020

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  • Bookmaker backed by Betfair
  • Watch races live
  • Events from across the globe
  • Great amount of betting resources
  • 24/7 phone support available
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  • Access to TVG Network
  • Great range of racetracks
  • Highly functional betting site
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Wealth of betting resources
  • Only accepts New Jersey customers
  • Limited to Horse Racing
  • No standalone mobile apps
Conclusion and Rating

"Final Thoughts on 4NJBets"

As long as you take 4NJBets for what it is, i.e. a highly-focused horse betting site, there is very little that the operator could do better. We were quite impressed by the overall feel of the site as well all the betting resources and live streams on offer. While they could (and likely will) do some improvements in the mobile segment, this bookmaker is an easy choice for anyone who enjoys cheering on their favorites as they come close to the finish line.

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Read Our 4NJBets Rating Based On 10 Categories

If you are into betting on horse racing and you are a resident of New Jersey 4NJBets is definitely a site that you are going to want to check out. 4NJBets is a Betfair sub-brand that was created exclusively to provide horse racing enthusiasts with a gambling platform in the state of New Jersey. One of the unique features of this operator allows you to connect directly to live broadcasts of the races that you are placing your wagers on. In this 4NJBets review, we’re going to take a detailed look into various features and betting options available.

4NJBets Legal Situation: Fully Licensed Betfair Subsidiary

Since 4NJBets NJ is a subsidiary of Betfair, you can pretty much be sure that your money is going to be safe here as the operator adheres to all of the laws and regulations that are set in place by the state. To be able to register on 4NJBets New Jersey you need to be a resident of the state and have documentation that proves this. Obviously, being 18 years old and up is a must. You need to provide an email, an address, a mailing address if different than your normal address, and your social security number to even be able to register on the site. The 4NJBets review staff found that the company owns a license in the following states, so playing in these states is 100% legal:

Certificates Box BG New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) License Icon

4NJBets Review: Features & Services Under Review

4NJBets Betfair is a prominent betting operator focused on horse betting. The platform provides many great features but there are also certain restrictions, especially in terms of betting options beyond racing. What follows is a detailed look into these features to figure out where this operator stands in the market and what it offers to its customers.

Betting Offer & Live Betting: Horse Betting at its Best

There is an argument to be made among the 4NJBets review staff here about 4NJBets likely being of the best, if not the best, horse racing site on the market today. As we have mentioned before you are going to have the ability to place live bets on races that are taking place all over the world. Of course, the variety of 4NJBets US Betfair com races you can bet on is truly impressive.

However, the rest of the betting offer is going to fall short in comparison to other bookmakers. This is an exclusive horse racing site and that’s where it all begins and ends. On the flip side, the addition of a live channel that allows you to see the races that you are betting on live truly really puts the site over the edge. You are not just going to be able to watch the races. The channel has running programming all day and you can really use it as a learning platform. For those new to betting race, this is a great resource that will help them learn the ropes and understand what it is they should be looking for when picking their favorites in the races. Check out our FoxBet review for a good comparison.

4NJBets Odds Review: How Do They Stack Up?

With 4NJBets being such a “mainstream” site, punters are provided with the same odds that are available on the track or with other bookmakers. That may not be such a great deal for those players that looking to take advantage of really good deals. On the other hand, one thing you can always count on with 4NJBets Betfair and all of the other sites managed by the company is that you are going to be presented with fair numbers.

Again, the issue that the 4NJBets review staff focused on was that it may be that plenty of users are not going for the fair number. It has to be pointed out, though, that since this is a full network dedicated to horse racing and betting, they are not going to risk throwing crazy numbers out there. This may take a bit away from the whole experience for some veteran users but at the same time this is a great bookmaker to bet with if you love everything about horse racing.

All in all, bettors won’t be disappointed by the odds. While there may not be many great deals you just can’t pass on, the overall offering is very solid and in line with what’s to be expected from a respectable and sensible betting operator. Check out our BetStars review for a good odds comparison.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions: Claim the $100 Bonus

New customers can get up to USD 100 in bonus funds when they first join the bookie. The way it works is that you need to sign up and make your first deposit and then place your first wager. Once that wager is completed, the bookmaker will issue a bonus matching the full amount of your first bet, up to the maximum of USD 100. As far as betting online bonus offers go, this is a pretty good one.

On top of this welcome bonus, the operator features a really diverse selection of promotions available all the time. There are all sorts of deals that let punters get their money back if their bets fall just short of coming in and the bookie constantly updates these offers to go along with current races taking place around the globe. See how these deals compare to the BetStars welcome offer.

There are also various contests players can get involved with to win their share of free cash and wager rewards points that can be exchanged for valuable prizes. All in all, 4NJBets does things pretty well in the promotional department and punters are treated right here.

Bonus & Requirements
Bonus amountN/A
Bonus TypeNew Player Bonus

Customer Service: 24/7 Live Support

As one of the premier companies in the industry, the bookie understands the importance of having top-tier 4NJBets customer service. Punters have easy access to around-the-clock customer support available via email and phone, and the fact you can get in touch with a live support person in the event of any problems does speak volumes about the operator’s approach to the customer relations

The 4NJBets phone number is operational 24/7, so punters will never fall short of reaching an actual person on the other side to help them resolve whatever issues they may be having. Considering the fact betting on races can be very fast-paced at times, it is really important that the operator has such a dedicated support department that punters can always count on.

While there is no live chat functionality, this is not something one should hold too much against the bookie as live chat isn’t all that common for betting operators. It seems that customers prefer the phone option as it is and with this being a local operator, there are no additional concerns such as high charges for international calls.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Different Methods Available

Potentially the best way to play at 4NJBets is using Betcash. The reason for this is that you can deposit and withdraw funds from your checking account directly through Betcash. Of course, the bookie still supports a variety of other options such as different debit and credit cards, PayNearMe, prepaid cards, etc. Here is an overview of all available payment methods:

MasterCard Icon MasterCard VISA Icon VISA Online Banking Icon Online Banking PayNearMe Icon PayNearMe BetCash Icon BetCash

When considering their deposit and withdrawal options, players should keep in mind that certain methods come with higher fees than the others and some are even completely fee-free. For example, depositing using cash at the track will cost you nothing in fees, PayPal deposits come with a USD 5 fee, while wire transfers have a USD 15 fee attached to them plus anything that your bank might charge on top.

The same goes for withdrawals. Getting money in hand or having it sent to your PayPal account is free while wire transfers and checks come with fees. While these fees aren’t excessive, they’re definitely something to think about when choosing between options available to you.

Limits & Payout: From $0.10 to $1,000 per Race

One of the best things that 4NJBets reviewers saw about this bookmaker is that they make their limits very, very clear. That is sometimes not the case with every bookie featured on this site. That being said, it is good to know that limits are actually pretty decent. The betting limit per race is usually set at USD 1,000 for Place and Show wagers although it can be as high as USD 9,999 for other types of bets. On the other side of the spectrum, punters can place wagers as low as USD 0.10, so the bookie is really quite friendly to casual players as well.

All winning bets are paid immediately after being verified by the track and money is added to the player’s account, made available for withdrawal or future bets. For wins exceeding USD 600, the bookie will file the report with the IRS and it will be the player’s responsibility to pay appropriate taxes. In the event you win an amount that is over USD 5,000, 4NJBets will automatically withhold any taxes according to current rates in place.

Usability: Access to the Entire Network

The usability aspect is definitely one of the best things about this operator. Punters have access to a great range of betting tips and other resources such as results from the past races. All of these are very easy to find thanks to the intuitive interface that even the novice players will have no problems understanding.

The full racing schedule is listed on the left-hand side and it is easy to scroll through all the different betting options. Once you click on a particular track, there will be the list of all upcoming races for that particular track shown in the central area of the screen. From there, you can click on the race you’re interested in to get further information and access all betting markets.

As always, the betting slip is generated automatically by the site so players can simply add new picks or remove the previous one to come up with exactly what they want. The only slight downside is that you’ll need to create an account and use your 4NJBets login to access the full scope of information and be able to freely browse the site.

Devices & App: Where Can You Play?

One of the main questions that 4NJBets gets is about how well their app can stack up to what is offered on the 4NJBets website. The feature that the company has been highlighting over the past few of months has been their partnership with the TVG channel. The fact that you can stream the races live on the site and have your whole dashboard of operations right there is a great asset.

Translating that to the 4NJBets app in a miniature form has not gone so well, though. The bookie only offers a web-based mobile solution so there are no standalone apps for either Android or iPhone users. The site itself looks pretty good and features a nice navigation system but the loading times are somewhat slower and the distribution of elements isn’t as good as on the desktop site.

The overall impression is that the mobile segment of the bookmaker could definitely do with some improvements. That said, the platform still provides an opportunity to place bets on all events featured on the desktop site and perform other actions such as deposits and withdrawals. The main difference is that the user experience isn’t as smooth. Our BetMGM review will give you and example of a well run mobile betting app should you need more of a background to be sure.

  • Download the 4NJBets app to your phone
  • Create your mobile player account
  • Claim your bonus and make your first mobile bet
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4NJBet Rating: What Else Is Offered?

The bookie is easily one of the best options for the fans of horse racing and given the 4NJBet history, this is likely to continue moving forward. Their expertise and knowledge in this particular area are hard to surpass by anyone and the operator heavily focuses on what they do best.

Players won’t find any additional options here like an online casino or a poker room. While the company behind the site certainly has the means to expand, they’ve opted to leave this particular site devoted exclusively to race betting and since Betfair already has other platforms in the US covering other segments of the iGaming market, this is unlikely to change.

Punters do have access to some neat features connected to horse racing in particular, though. For example, you can get an overview of past results for particular tracks, which is a great resource for serious bettors who tend to make their bets based on the actual information and expectations and not just feeling lucky.

Frequently Asked Questions about 4NJBets

4NJBets is a completely safe and fully regulated online bookmaker operating under the license issued by the state of New Jersey. If you play here, you’re not doing anything illegal and you can expect full protection from the law if there are any problems or issues.

Although they are sister companies, you’ll need to open separate accounts for both sites. The bookmaker operates as a separate entity with its own user-base and license so players wanting to place their wagers here will need to open a separate account.

At the moment, the site is only licensed in the state of New Jersey. That means that it has to abide by the laws provided by the state government. In the future, it is possible things will change and players from other states will also be able to join but that would require some serious legal movements.

With this particular bookmaker, you can only bet on horse races. There are other US-licensed operators, Betfair [Betfair] being one of them where you can bet on a much wider variety of spots. 4NJBets US focuses on races and that’s not likely to change any time soon.

The bookmaker does offer a mobile solution but there is no standalone app for either Android or iPhone users. You can only use the web-based app that works pretty well overall, although it doesn’t run as smoothly as the desktop site, especially in certain segments.

Conclusion: Leading Horse Betting Site
4NJBets is a highly specific bookmaker, which certainly influences its appeal with the punters. This isn’t an operator that was designed to meet everyone’s expectations but if you’re into horse races, you’ll feel at home here. From a great variety of options, over solid odds, to numerous resources, you’ll find everything you need to enjoy every moment spent at 4NJBets. Open your account today and take advantage of the generous welcome bonus to get started in style!

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  • Access to TVG Network
  • Great range of racetracks
  • Highly functional betting site
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Wealth of betting resources
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