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PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus Code US 2021

PlayMGM Sportsbook
PlayMGM Sportsbook
  • Single Risk Free Bet Offer
  • Minimum Wager of $25 Required
  • Losing Bets are Refunded
  • Receive Up to $100 in Refunds
  • Further Price Boosts and Bonuses Available
100% up to $100
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Sports Football Field
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Get your PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus

  • Wagering on 13 different sports
  • Mobile support
  • Diverse bonus offers to new and existing players
  • Wagering available
  • Many banking options
100% on$100 Risk Free Bet
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MGM is a well-known brand across many different gaming industries and the playMGM sportsbook is one of the premium offerings available to sportsbook bettors in the United States. There are many redeeming factors about this sportsbook that make it a good place to wager, but we’re going to focus in on the bonus offers specifically here. We’ll break down the different bonuses and what they have to offer new and existing bettors at the site below. If you are interested in a more broad look at the sportsbook we also have a complete operator review for the playMGM sportsbook here. Read through the full review to learn about all the different features offered by the sportsbook, not just the bonus offers available.

PlayMGM is now BetMGM
The former PlayMGM has changed its branding and is now active under the name BetMGM. We have summarized all the changes that go along with it in our BetMGM Sportsbook Review.

PlayMGM Sports Bonus Code Review: Looking at the Offers

The playMGM sportsbook bonus code offers include many different opportunities including insurance offers, boosted bets, enhanced odds on specific sports and more. It’s all these different offers that keep things interesting for gamblers looking to come away with the very best wins overall. Players can make use of a playMGM bonus code at the sportsbook and improve their chances of winning almost immediately. Whether new to the sportsbook or a seasoned veteran, there are advantages that come from understanding how the sportsbook operates and what special offers are available for use. Compare these deals with the FanDuel welcome offer, Betfair promo code, and BetStars joining offer.

PlayMGM Sportsbook Bet Insurance, Odds Boosts and Bet Matches

There are three different types of bonus opportunities at playMGM sportsbook for different types of players. New gamblers can make the most of the playMGM NJ sports bonus code for bet insurance that will reward them with up to $100 in cash back if their wager goes bad. There are more insurance offers for existing players to take advantage of as well after the initial offer has been used. Long-term players can always make use of the lucrative odds boost offers and improve their chances of winning more from specific wagers. There is also the bet match bonus offers that help double up specific smaller bets when made under the proper conditions.

Each of these different bonus offers are simple to claim, and most don’t even require a playMGM sportsbook promo code in order to claim. Instead, players simply need to make qualifying deposits, bets or wagers to unlock the bonus offers. The steps are as simple as that. Meet the minimum requirements for the offer to get it going, then start working toward unlocking the bonus payout to take advantage of some bonus money.

Gamblers that work to make the most of these playMGM bonus offers instantly improve their chances of profiting by playing at the sportsbook online. They’ll enjoy better odds and more long-term profit potential as well.

Claim your PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus now! Visit now
Claim your PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus now! Visit now

Get up to $100 in Bet Insurance

New gamblers at playMGM are eligible for up to $100 in bet insurance immediately after joining. In order to qualify for this special offer players must wager at least $25 and bet on a sports opportunity that doesn’t have boosted odds. If done properly and the bet is lost, the full value of the wager, or up to $100 is rewarded back to the player in full. It’s important to realize that this is a bonus credit, and it won’t play like standard cash does. The bonus money is given out within 7 days of qualifying for it by making the appropriate wager and meeting the conditions of the wager.

At the site there are other insurance playMGM sportsbook bonus offers to make use of as well. There are cash back offers for deposits on specific days of the week as well as wager insurance offers for specific sporting events and sports types. Players that suffer a loss while wagering on the NBA playoff matches, or the Soccer Finals can claim a portion of their wagers back again through special insurance offers. There are always new insurance offers to work with, and these protective bonuses make it more enjoyable to place wagers on different sports and to try to win big at playMGM.

playMGM Sportsbook Bonus Code Terms and Conditions

Each of the individual promotional offers at playMGM come with their own unique terms and conditions. Most of the offers pay out their bonus value within 7 days of a player qualifying for it, but the rest of the terms are specific to the bonus offer itself. Gamblers interested in making use of these different bonus offers should get familiar with each playMGM NJ sports bonus code and the associated terms and conditions that go with it. Knowing this information makes it easier to qualify for the bonus and to make the most of it after unlocking it.

Impressive Odds Boosted Bets

By visiting the Boosted Bets section of the sportsbook players can see all the enhanced wagering opportunities available. There are specific matchups available ach day with enhanced odds. Often the odds increase by as much as +100 or +200 depending on the original odds available. There are no special requirements to meet when making use of these bets, players just have to place a wager and win to trigger the higher than normal payouts. Gamblers are encouraged to look at the different boosted opportunities before placing any wagers. There are special new-player odds boosts for specific sports wagers as well. These are only available to brand-new gamblers and won’t last forever, so it’s best to make use of these offers soon after joining the sportsbook.

Cash Match Offers

There are a few different cash match offers available at the playMGM sportsbook as well. These offers are similar to bet insurance, but they don’t require a loss to unlock the bonus offer. There are specific wagering opportunities that will pay out a cash bonus for making them, even if they are already a win. As with many of the other offers at playMGM sportsbook there is no special bonus code required to unlock the offers.

Bonus & Requirements

Bonus amount$100
Bonus TypeRisk Free Bet
ExampleBet $100 to get $100 Free Cash
Min. OddsFirst Bet has to bet $25 or more
Min. PaymentN/A
Max. Time7 Days

Unlocking a playMGM Sportsbook Bonus

For most of the special offers at the site, there is no need to use a playMGM sports bonus code at all to trigger the special bonus offer. Instead, players must meet the specific conditions that go along with the bonus offer. This means making a specific deposit amount, choosing a certain wagering opportunity, or betting a certain amount of money to trigger the bonus offer. By taking action it’s possible to unlock some exciting bonus offers that will enhance the wagering experience at playMGM sportsbook.

Trigger the Insurance Welcome Bonus

Use the following steps in order to unlock the insurance bonus for brand-new players.

  • Choose a non-boosted bet for the first wager after joining the playMGM sportsbook
  • Place a wager worth at least $5.00.
  • Lose the wager.
  • Get credited with the full value of the wager amount up to $100 within 7 days of losing

Boosted Bets

Win bigger wit these boosted bets using these easy steps.

  • Sign into the playMGM sportsbook dashboard.
  • Visit the Boosted Bets tab.
  • Choose one of the wagering opportunities available in the tab.
  • Place a wager on the boosted bet opportunity.
  • Win the wager and unlock a larger than normal payout.

Cash Match Offers

Use these simple steps to unlock additional cash from these offers.

  • Log into your account.
  • Make a sports bet at least as large as the minimum wagering requirements on the offer.
  • Choose any offer applicable sports bet.
  • Unlock cash back within a week of using the offer.

PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus Code Payouts: Making a Withdrawal

All the bonus offers available at the playMGM sportsbook are given out as bonus money rather than a cash equivalent. That means that the money comes with simple playthrough requirements before it can be treated like cash. After unlocking a bonus offer players must wager the bonus money several times before they are free to withdraw the money. There are several different withdrawal methods supported below for quick and easy withdrawals.

Payment Methods

  • Cash withdrawal
  • E-Check
  • Bank transfer
  • Neteller

There are No playMGM Sportsbook Loyalty Offers

Currently, members of the playMGM sportsbook can’t apply their sports wagers towards the VIP program. Instead gamblers must wager at the casino or the poker room to work toward the different VIP programs and special perks and offers. Gamblers that only want to participate at the sportsbook will have to make use of the boosted bets and other bonus offers instead. If this isn't the bonus for you, check out our guide to the latest BetAmerica offer code and Caesars sportsbook bonus.

PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus Code: FAQ

All eligible bonus offers will pay out within 7 days of unlocking them at the playMGM sportsbook. Interested gamblers will usually get a payout in less time than a week for added convenience.

No, most of the bonus offers can be claimed without any sort of bonus code at all. Instead, players must only meet the requirements of the bonus offer to trigger these special bonus payouts.

No, only one special bonus offer may be claimed at a time at the playMGM sportsbook. Gamblers looking to make the most of the boosted bets must place wagers without using a bonus offer at the same time.

Join playMGM and get up to $100 Insurance Protection

There are plenty of good reasons to become a member of the playMGM sportsbook. The site is easy to navigate and offers betting opportunities in more than a dozen different sporting events. The main reason gamblers start playing at the site though is to unlock one of the many different bonus offers. Sign up for an account at the sportsbook today and claim up to $100 in protective insurance on your very first wager with the sportsbook.

An Overview of the playMGM Sportsbook

PlayMGM the online sportsbook is a premier sports wagering platform for American players looking for a way to wager on major sporting events from around the world. The platform is simple to use and offers access to premier features like mobile apps, see our playMGM sportsbook app review for more details, live wagering and powerful bonus offers. There are special offers and features available to nearly every player that makes the sportsbook exciting to be a member of. Interested gamblers have a lot to look forward to when considering joining the sportsbook. Taking the time to get to know the site is a good idea for anyone looking to enjoy sports wagering in the United States.

Betting Offer: Choose from 13 Sports

There are a total of 13 different sports that can be wagered on at the playMGM sportsbook. These include popular options like hockey, soccer, football, basketball and others, as well as some lesser-known sporting events. The different sports are all readily available on the sportsbook platform online and can be accessed through a simple menu. Not only that, but many of the sports come with boosted bet opportunities for bigger wins.

Security and License: Carefully Monitored

playMGM is carefully designed for maximum security and is monitored to provide players with a safe wagering environment. The platform is simple to navigate and every gambler that visits the sportsbook will be protected by careful monitoring as well as regular audits to ensure that the platform is secure and reliable. The whole site is also protected by SSL encryption, helping to safeguard player information.

Customer Service: Phone and Email

Even though there are only two different contact methods available at the playMGM sportsbook, getting help is simple and fast for most players. There is a dedicated phone number that players can call to talk with the customer support team. There is also an email form that can be used to get help with the convenience of standard email. Most email help is made available in just a few hours after asking a question. There is also an in-depth FAQ section for asking quick questions for help with popular problems.

Conclusion and Rating
PlayMGM Sportsbook

"Rewarding for Cautious Gamblers"

"Rewarding for Cautious Gamblers"

Cautious gamblers will feel right at home while wagering at the playMGM sportsbook. That’s because many of the wagering opportunities available at the site come with some sort of protective insurance. That means that gamblers can place down wagers without worrying about losing their money. By choosing insured bets players can go place more wagers while losing less money in the process.

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Sports Football Field
NFL Football Player

Get your PlayMGM Sportsbook Bonus

  • Wagering on 13 different sports
  • Mobile support
  • Diverse bonus offers to new and existing players
  • Wagering available
  • Many banking options
100% on$100 Risk Free Bet
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