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BetAmerica Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

  • BetAmerica offers casino gambling, slot machines and betting on horse races
  • Deposits are credited immediately
  • Several bonus offers you can take advantage of
  • Good place to bet on sports online
  • Site offers tips and advice on what bets to make
100% up to $500
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  • Your money will be safe
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  • Games are not rigged
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BetAmerica sign up offers are fairly decent. It's not the best in the business but it's certainly not the worst. You can use a BetAmerica promo code to claim even more money. They have multiple offers beyond their BetAmerica deposit offer. That said it's always best to claim your deposit offer first and then start looking at other ways you can get rewards from the casino. The BetAmerica sign up offer gives you a reason to try out their sportsbook and casino action.

One downside is that if you want to both bet on sports and play video slot machines you will have to set up two separate accounts – one for the casino and one for the sportsbook. We would have liked it a lot better if you could simply have one account and use that to play both sports and the online casino. That said, BetAmerica sign up offers when used with the BetAmerica promo code can set you up with enough money to make it worth your while to try this casino out and see if it is right for you.

We should note that BetAmerica has a very old fashioned early 2000s web design. Despite how modern having a BetAmerica deposit offer is from a tech standpoint they seem to still be living in the dark ages. That goes along with them having a BetAmerica promo code. Promo codes are very 10 years ago. Most casinos these days automatically credit your account when you are eligible. With BetAmerica sign up offers they do this, but not with some of the other promotions.

It's a good idea to check out BetAmerica sign up offers now and then try them out and see if you like the casino or not. If it's not your thing you still have the bonus money and if you like it then you can stay on and keep playing.

BetAmerica Sign Up Bonus

Whencalim your BetAmerica sign up offers you will have to choose what you are signing up for. You can choose to sign up for the casino or for the sportsbook. The casino contains their slot machines, table games, and live poker. The sportsbook side of things covers all bets on sports including horse racing, football, baseball, hockey, and the like.

If you want to play both at the casino and on the sportsbook you will have to open up two separate accounts. Each account will have its own bank balance. You cannot transfer money from one account over to the other account. Therefore be careful to only put as much money as you need to place bets into each account.

When you make your deposit into a casino account you will receive your BetAmerica sign up offers. This will be a 100% match up to $100. Therefore if you put in $25 you'll end up with $50 to play with. If you put in $100 you'll end up with $200 to play with.

This is a fairly simple system and you should have no problem at all figuring it out. Just assume that you end up with double the amount of money you deposited to play with. Also, realize that the matching funds only go up to $100 so any money over that much that you put in will not be covered by the BetAmerica sign up bonus.

This BetAmerica sign up bonus is just OK. There are casinos out there that will give you a lot more matching funds on your first deposit. That said if you are just a casual casino gambler and aren't thinking of putting more than $100 in at a time then there is no reason to ignore this offer and you'll be fine. High rollers may want to find a different online casino to bet on when they are looking for sign-in bonuses.

Claim your BetAmerica Bonus now! Visit now
Claim your BetAmerica Bonus now! Visit now

BetAmerica Promo Code

It's on the sportsbooks side of things where you can take advantage of the BetAmerica promo code. When you go to sign up ignore the prompt asking you to create a casino account.

Instead, select that you want to make a sportsbook account. You will then be brought to the sportsbook sign up screen. Here you will have the chance to input your BetAmerica promo code.

When that prompt comes up simply enter the code GET500 where it asks you to. If you don't remember to do this you will not get any sign-in bonus from BetAmerica at all on the sportsbook side.

As soon as you type in that code you will be prompted to make your first deposit. When you make this deposit you will end up getting matching funds of 100% up to $500. That's five times better than what you get when you go to the BetAmerica casino and simply sign in without a BetAmerica sign-in code.

Promo code strategy

This means you want to make your first deposit at the BetAmerica sportsbook as high as possible. It's obviously far better to deposit $500 and get $500 in free money to bet with than it is to simply deposit $100 and get $100 in free bonus money.

When you use the BetAmerica promo code the money will be automatically put into your account as soon as you make your first deposit. Any money you win from bonus money will have to be played through six times on BetAmerica's sportsbook. Therefore it is better to place a wager with your real cash first and then use your bonus funds for later bets.

What we found worked for us was using our real cash to bet on relatively safe bets and then using our money from the BetAmerica promo code to make bets on things with much higher odds that we might be reluctant to bet our real money on.

With the bonus code, you'll also get a plus 10% bonus. That means when you place a bet on a horse racing offer, BetAmerica will add1 0% of the cost of your bet to your wager.

In other words, place $100 bet on a given horse race, and you will be credited with making a $110 bet. That's a pretty good deal no matter how you look at it and is reason enough to use the BetAmerica promo code if you are into sports betting.

The minimum bet you can make to claim any BetAmerica promo code offer is $25. That's obviously much higher than your minimum bet at a casino but for people who are into making wagers on sporting events should not be all that much of a challenge.

Once again this is a decent though not great BetAmerican sign up offer. Sure you can do better on other sites but you probably don't want to make a deposit of more than $500 anyway in which case you should have no problem with the BetAmerica promo code and offer on hand.

Bonus & Requirements
Type Value
Bonus amount $500
Bonus Type Deposit Bonus
Example Deposit $150, get $150 Bonus
Rollover 6x Bonus & Deposit
Min. Odds -150
Max. Time 365 Days
Cashable Yes

BetAmerica Sign Up Offers And BetAmerica Promo Codes Can Only Be Used In New Jersey

Before we talk more about BetAmerica we should note that they are only licensed to be used in New Jersey. That means that when you sign up for BetAmerica your desktop, laptop, phone, or mobile device should be located within the state of New Jersey.

BetAmerica will track your IP address to make sure that you are actually in the state. Therefore if you are using a VPN to claim to be somewhere else or to completely hide where you are you need to turn it off. Otherwise, you will not be able to get BetAmerica sign up offers, use the BetAmerica promo code, or even log into the site at all.

They have to be very strict about this because keeping their license depends on it. Should they allow you to place a bet from another state they could lose their license and their business.

Therefore make very sure that you are actually in New Jersey and that your computer or device is able to transmit that you are in New Jersey before you sign up or make any bets through BetAmerica. Otherwise, you will be shut out.

We should note that if you are not in New Jersey and use your VPN to indicate that you are in the state you could get into a lot of trouble if you are caught. The BetAmerica casino reserves the right to take all of the money in your account. In some cases, they may also call relevant law enforcement authorities.

So make sure you are in New Jersey, make sure your IP address is in New Jersey, and don't place bets from outside the state. You'll get busted and it won't be worth it. Play an honest clean game within the state itself.

Additional Bonus On Your First Sports Bet

In addition to getting your sports betting matching funds when you use your BetAmerica promo code the company will give you an additional offer on your first bet on a sporting event.

Place a bet on a single match of $20 or more. This match has to happen within seven days after you make your bet. You will then be credited with a $20 free bet. Free bets are different from bonus money.

They are a single unit of betting. In other words, you have to place the entire free bet on one sporting match. The good news is that with a free bet you don't have to play through your winnings at all. If you win the bet you get to keep all of the money. If you lose you don't care because you were betting with the house money anyway.

We have to stress that your first bet has to be at least $20 on a single match. You can't spread out a ton of $5 bets. But once you do you'll have your free bet that you can place on anything you want.

Our advice is to place your cash bet on a relatively certain to-win bet. Then use your free bet on something you think is going to win but where the odds are much higher. That gives you the security of probably making back your initial bet with the chance of winning big with your free bet. That's about the best place we can imagine a gambler being in.

BetAmerica Slot Of The Week

On the casino side of things they also have an offer for when you are done with the BetAmerica sign in bonus. This is the “Slot Of The Week.” Each and every week BetAmerica will pick one of their slot machines. This will be the slot of the week.

Look at the site to figure out which slot machine they are showcasing. It will probably be one of their newer slots. Click to start the game. Then bet a total of at least $10 on that video slot machine.

BetAmerica will then grant you a number of free spins. The number of free spins will vary somewhat from week to week and depends on the machine you have been using.

Still, free spins are a fun way to pass the time. And they will give you experience at the game so you can have a good sense of whether you like it or not. In general, when it comes to bonus offers you want to take advantage of each one that you can so you get the most out of BetAmerica or any casino you are playing at.

BetAmerica Parlay Boost

There is another interesting bonus in addition to the BetAmerica sign up offers. It's the Parlay Boost. A parlay is when you bet on more than one match at a time. For example, you can bet that both the Giants and the Cowboys will win in the same week. If either team loses you lose your bet. But if both teams win you win much more than if you bet on either team without a parlay in place. People like these kinds of bets because they increase the odds of getting a better payout down the line.

You can parlay as many teams as you'd like in a single bet and the more teams you add the higher your odds go up. BetAmerica will now increase those odds on parlays of two or three teams.

Make a parlay bet on two teams winnings in the same week and BetAmerica will add a 3% boost to your odds. Make a parlay bet on three teams winning and BetAmerica will add a 5% boost to your odds. That means you end up making more money off of your parlay bets than you normally would have. We consider that a good thing and this is a nice way for BetAmerica to supplement their sign in offer.

The BetAmerica App

BetAmerica has apps developed for both iOS and Android enabled devices. This allows you to make bets when you are on the go. An app is a small program that is used by your mobile device. Instead of having to go to a site through their browser you simply click on the app and you are launched right into it.

You get the apps from the app store on your phone. The BetAmerica app on either system will be free. Once you have the app up and running you will be able to do anything you could with the browser on the BetAmerica site.

That means you'll have the ability to play the casino, try out video slots, and make your sports bets. What's great is that the app doesn't require you to register at your desktop or laptop at all. Instead, you can log in for the first time just from the app itself.

The bottom line is that if you want to be able to take advantage of the BetAmerica sign-in bonus you can do so directly from the app itself. The same is true if you want to log in from sports betting and claim the BetAmerica promo code. Both can be done from the app itself just as easily as if you were logging in from your desktop or laptop at home.

That gives you the ability to bet when you are on the go. If you are stuck waiting in an airport fire up your BetAmerica app. If you are at the pub and get a good tip on a game just boot it up. Either way, the experience is very similar to using the desktop and laptop versions.

This makes sense because these days more people log into the Internet from their phones than they do from their home computers. Also keeping it on your phone gives you a level of privacy you can't find on your work or personal computer.

The app can also be used for any watch and wager offers.

BetAmerica's Video Slot Machines

When you go to BetAmerica and claim your sign-in bonus you are going to want to find out what the slots are like. That's normal. What you will find at BetAmerica is that they have roughly 100 games you can play.

That's not a ton. There are online casinos that boast over 800 video slot machines out there. The good news is that the slots are all of the most modern and popular ones out there. If you want to play the Guns N Roses video slot machine you will find it at BetAmerica. We've also noticed that they seem to be adding more and more slot machines lately. That could mean that in the future they will have a much more comprehensive list of video slot machines for you to play on.

So our verdict is that the video slot machine collection at BetAmerica isn't great but what it does have is very fun to play. We hope they add more games in the future as that would make it much more fun with play with the BetAmerica sign up offer.

Live Streaming At BetAmerica

One of the main reasons to go to BetAmerica to place your bets is their live streaming service. This allows you to not only place your bet and check later when you've won but also to watch it live and be able to cheer before you collect your bet.

The live streaming on BetAmerica is mostly for horse racing. They have a wide selection of both domestic and international horse races you can stream. You can even watch the races at Monmouth Park when it is in season.

You don't have to leave the site in order to take advantage of their live streaming option. Just click on the race and it will load up and you can watch it happen – from the starting gate to the photo finish. This adds a measure of excitement to betting on BetAmerica that you won't find on all online gambling sites. It makes placing your bets much more interesting and adds a ton of fun to your experience.

BetAmerica Summary

BetAmerica is a fine casino. The BetAmerica sign up bonus is good but not great. But it will probably be enough for most of the people placing bets online. After all most of us don't have an extra $1,000 lying around to simply try out a casino. On the sportsbook side, the BetAmerica promo code is a great tool that can get you even more bonus money.

Overall the BetAmerica bonus code and the BetAmerica deposit offer work about as well as can be expected. They are solid and on par or better than those at, Xpressbet, and Twin Spires.

The selection of video slot machines is somewhat limited. That said they do offer the most popular games and people will have fun with them. We look forward to seeing what they will offer in the future.

Customer service times are limited. That gives us a bit of pause. We would like to see them open them up and make customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We think that for a more mature gambler BetAmerica would be a good choice. It's graphics style while limited won't confuse anyone and is easy to follow. If you are a younger gambler you might want to try out a different site. But overall BetAmerica is a solid online gambling experience.

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  • Online encryption is secure
  • Withdrawals work well
  • Games are not rigged
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