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4NJBets Promo Code US 2021

  • First bet is risk free
  • Up to $100 returned on losing bet
  • 15 day period to claim the bonus
  • Use bonus funds to make a new bet
  • The bonus is not cashable
4NJBets Review
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  • Access to TVG Network
  • Great range of racetracks
  • Highly functional betting site
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Wealth of betting resources
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4NJBets is one of the leading sites for horse betting in New Jersey and all new punters who register here can take advantage of a generous 4NJBets promo code awarding up to USD 100 match on the first deposit. This is a nice 4NJBets sign up bonus that gives a solid second chance for the players who don’t do well with their initial bets, although money is issued for wagering only.

4NJBets has undergone a serious facelift back in 2013 when the TVG network took over the site and started running it. These days it is one of the top places for punters who enjoy betting on horse races. In this article, we’ll focus on the 4NJBets promotions, especially the 4NJBets sign up bonus, which will be analyzed in detail and we'll let you know if you need a 4NJBets promo code for this deal.

4NJBets Bonus Code Under Microscope

The 4NJBets sign up bonus is a very interesting and quite rewarding one. It gives new punters a chance to get up to USD 100 returned based on the amount of their very first bet. As far as welcome bonuses go, this one is definitely up there in terms of the amount and general terms attached to it. We’ll now look into important aspects of this 4NJBets sign up bonus, primarily its actual value for the player, but also other things, like wagering, restrictions, etc. Check here to see how this compares with a FanDuel welcome offer or BetStars bonus code, or the Betfair sign up bonus.

Type of the Bonus

As mentioned already, this is a welcome bonus for new players. Therefore, it is only available to first-time punters creating their account with 4NJBets. Players who already have an account with the bookie and have used 4NJBets promos can’t take advantage of this offer and trying to open a new account while already having one can lead to serious problems.

This is a wager-match bonus, which means that the bonus amount is determined based on the amount of the player’s first bet. So, whatever you decide to invest on your first bet here will be the amount you’ll get from the bookie. That said, the maximum return you can get is capped at USD 100. Even if your initial wager is larger than this amount, you’ll only qualify for the USD 100, as guaranteed by the bookie.

Claim your 4NJBets Bonus now! Visit now
Claim your 4NJBets Bonus now! Visit now

The Bonus Amount

Depositing players can claim up to USD 100 in bonus funds. The amount of the bonus will be determined by the amount of the first eligible bet placed on the site. There is currently no stipulation as to what would be the minimum required bet to participate in this promotion, so it is safe to assume that all bet amounts are valid as long as they fit other criteria explained further in this text.

In theory, you should place the maximum possible bet to claim the biggest return on this first deposit bonus at 4NJBets. From a player’s standpoint, this makes the most sense as you’re giving yourself a good shot at winning a decent amount with your initial bet and you’re also guaranteed to get the extra USD 100 you can use to place future wagers as you see fit. However, keep in mind that the money you get can only be used for wagering and can’t actually be withdrawn. See how this bonus amount compares to the current BetAmerica signup bonus in our latest review.

4NJBets Sign Up Bonus Conditions

Punters should take time to read and understand all the important conditions of this welcome offer to make sure they’re not missing any important details. First and foremost, to claim this offer, you’ll need to use the 4NJBets promo code SUMMER when signing up. This is an important step and you need to make sure not to miss it out.

To activate the bonus, you’ll need to place one and only one qualifying bet. For the purposes of this bonus, the qualifying bet is the one made on win, show, or place. Alternatively, you can also place an exotic wager and it will also qualify towards the bonus. It is important to keep in mind that the bet needs to be placed within 15 days from opening your 4NJBets account.

The bookie will issue the bonus in the amount of the first qualifying bet up to the maximum of USD 100. These funds can only be used to place wagers with and you can’t ever withdraw them. However, all winnings resulting from the wagers used with bonus funds can be withdrawn or used for future bets. The time limit for using your bonus funds is thirty days, after which any unused cash will be removed from your account.

Bonus & Requirements

Type Value
Bonus amount -
Bonus Type New Player Bonus
Cashable No

4NJBets Promo Code in Practice

To claim this first deposit offer, punters need to follow a specific set of steps to make sure they don’t miss out. The bonus isn’t all that different from the ones offered at other American betting sites, so more experienced players should have no problems understanding how things work.

First and foremost, we’ve already mentioned the 4NJBets promo code SUMMER which is required to activate this offer. Make sure to use this during the 4NJBets sign up bonus process, otherwise, you could miss out on the bonus and will have to get in touch with support to try and sort things out.

Once the registration part is done, you’ll need to deposit funds into your account. The amount of the deposit itself isn’t really important for the bonus as it is the first wager you make that counts. So, just make sure to deposit at least as much as you’re planning to place on your initial bet. When the money is ready in your account, take your pick according to the conditions explained in the previous section and place the bet.

That’s all there is to it. Once the bet comes in, win or lose, 4NJBets will add the bonus amount equal to your bet and you’ll be able to use these funds to place future bets.


As mentioned several times already, this bonus is issued as play only. What this means is that you can use it to place all sorts of wagers as you see fit but the bonus cashed used to place these wagers can never itself be redeemed. Once your bet comes in, the initial wager amount will be removed and only the winnings’ portion will be added to your account.

Al the winnings can be withdrawn with no obstacles. Accepted banking methods include debit and credit cards, wire transfers, checks, and money orders. Since all the wagering requirements have been met ahead of time, there are no further complications when trying to withdraw your winnings resulting from the 4NJBets welcome bonus. Certain methods like debit cards and wire transfers do include withdrawal fees, which is something to keep in mind.

Loyalty Bonuses

The operator features a nice selection of other betting online bonus offers, some which require a special promo code for 4NJBets while others are available through opt-in and similar. These are some of the most popular promotions offered to all the punters at 4NJBets.

  • Canterbury Money Back Special – get your money back for 2nd and 3rd on all races
  • 3 Track Split – share on a million Wager Points if you cash USD 10+ wager on 3 tracks
  • Pick 4 Insurance – Get your bet up to USD 25 back if you guess 3 out of 4 on weekends
  • Super 8 – win up to USD 100,000 if you guess 8 winners in 8 different races

Make Your First Bet & Grab the 4NJBets Bonus Today

The only thing left to do now is head over to 4NJBets, register, make a deposit, and place your very first bet. Given the generous welcome bonus, you can afford to take some risks as even if things don’t go as planned, you’ll get your money back to try again. So, what are you waiting for? Go for it and test your luck!

About 4NJBets

As already mentioned in the introduction, 4NJBets is the leading betting site for horse races in New Jersey. The site is owned by the TVG horse racing network, which is owned by none other than Betfair. This setup clearly promises a high level of players’ satisfaction in all relevant areas of the operator.

Betting Offer

4NJBets offers punters a chance to place wagers on a wide range of horse races happening across the US. However, this isn’t your traditional betting site as it operates on a pari-mutual model. This means that all bets, both the ones made online and on the track, are placed in the common pool. Hence, punters aren’t actually betting against the house.

Odds and payouts are formed based on the popularity of the horse and the number of people betting on a particular horse. Favorites get more bets, which means the odds are also lower. Fewer punters back long-shots, hence these horses also offer better odds. Take a look at our Caesars sportsbook promo code and Borgata sports promo guides to see how it compares.

Security and License

In terms of licensing, 4NJBets is fully licensed by the New Jersey Racing Commission. Thus, punters can rest assured everything is on the up and up when placing wagers here as the site is subject to numerous controls and strict oversight, so there is no room for any shady business.

Since all bets are pooled together with physical bets and players aren’t betting against the bookie but rather against each other, this adds an additional layer of protection. The bookmaker makes money either way so they don’t have any kind of incentive to trick the punters in any way. So, this platform is truly fair and completely safe to play at.

Customer Service

4NJBets features a very strong and player-friendly support center. First of all, there are plenty of valuable resources here, explaining things such as wagering, promotions, various technical issues, deposits and withdrawals, and much more. Punters can use this section to get started with ease and get answers to some of the common questions.

In the event answers you seek aren’t contained in the knowledge library or you just can’t find them, support agents can be easily reached through the site. 4NJBets offers help via live chat and email and players can rest assured their questions will be answered in a timely manner by professional and friendly agents looking to make your experience on the site as enjoyable as possible.

4NJBets Bonus Review FAQ

❓Is there a 4NJBets deposit bonus?

 4NJBets is well known for putting on a variety of special offers and promotions. Some of these will require you to put down a qualifying deposit, while others may need you to make a qualifying bet. Our review will let you know exactly what you need to do to get each 4NJBets promo code deal. Don’t forget to check out our sports betting bonus comparison to see how the 4NJBets promos match up to the competition.

📱Can I get the bonus via a 4NJBets app?

 You will find that you should be able to get the 4NJBets promo code deal via a number of different devices. These could include anything from a laptop computer to most modern smartphones and tablets. Our review of the 4NJBets promos will explain how you can claim each of these special offers. This will let you know whether you can use any sports betting apps to activate deals like the 4NJBets sign up bonus.

🎁 Is there a 4NJBets referral bonus?

 We found that there are a wide range of 4NJBets promos. This includes things like the standard 4NJBets sign up bonus, and there might even be a 4NJBets promo code deal that covers the biggest sporting events. Take a look at our review of all sports betting bonuses where you’ll get to see whether there’s a referral bonus that can be claimed with a 4NJBets promo code.

✅ Will I need 4NJBets promo codes?

 You will normally have to carry out a range of different tasks to claim each one of the 4NJBets promos. Sometimes you will be able to activate the deal with a qualifying deposit, and at other times you may have to use a 4NJBets promo code. All of our sports bonus reviews will tell you exactly what you need to do to claim each one of the sportsbook’s deals. This includes the current 4NJBets sign up bonus.

☝What is the 4NJBets sign up bonus?

 4NJBets will be constantly changing both the size and type of its welcome bonuses. This means that the 4NJBets sign up bonus could look very different at the moment from what was on offer last year. Take a look at our sports betting bonus reviews where we will give you detailed information about all of the 4NJBet promos. You will also learn if you need to use a 4NJBets promo code to claim the sign up offer.

Conclusion and Rating

"Nice Parachute Bonus"

"Nice Parachute Bonus"

When all things are considered, 4NJBets features a nice and player-friendly welcome offer. The only downside is that the bonus amount is determined based on the amount wagered on the single bet and not the deposited amount, which means the offer is a bit riskier. However, even with that fact, it is still worth taking and going for it.

4NJBets is one of the leading operators offering horse betting in the US so players will find a great variety of races to bet on here. The bookie covers a great range of options so whatever your preferences may be, you’ll likely find something to bet on when playing on the site.

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  • Access to TVG Network
  • Great range of racetracks
  • Highly functional betting site
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Wealth of betting resources
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