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Betting Online Bonus 2021

Promotions Up to $1.000

Searching for the best sports betting bonuses? Just take a look at our bonus comparison below. This ranks and rates all of the best sports bonuses in the US. The perfect way to get a helping hand with your sports bets!

Here you’ll find everything from bonus bet deals to losing bet refunds. Take a look at the $100 bonus for Bet365 and you’ll get a good idea of what to expect.

We’ll show you how you can claim each sports welcome bonus at the best gambling websites - or even the best fantasy sports sites! You’ll learn the best ways to use these sports promotions. Everything you need to take advantage of the best sports betting bonuses in the US!

Online Betting Promotions: Is There a Single Best Bonus?

We'll help you find the best betting online bonus offers in the US. We strive to provide all members and chance visitors with accurate, up to date, and useful information about various sports online betting bonus codes and offers and make sure you’re always betting under the best possible conditions.

While there are many review sites around, we make every effort to stay ahead of the pack and really give you the kind of information you can benefit from. One of the best features of CaptainGambling is the ability to customize various bonus comparisons for your state, so you’ll have no problems finding legal and reliable online bookies available to you. Expect state specific offers, including Michigan Sports BettingIowa Sports Betting and New York bookmakers bonuses.

Punters are always on the lookout for the best betting bonus sign up offers, as well as the best online casino deals. It is perfectly normal to want that bit of extra money to get you started on the right foot. However, it is important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as the perfect online betting bonus code. Even more than with other forms of gambling, a lot of it boils down to your specific needs and expectations when it comes to betting sports.

Are you someone who bets often and isn’t afraid to put a lot of money on the line or are you a casual punter just looking to have some fun and back their team while having a beer and watching the game? Do you have preferred betting types? What do you hope to achieve when you place a bet?

All of these as well as many other questions come into play when considering various online betting offers. Some online betting bonuses are better for casual players as they are easy and don’t come with many restrictions. Other offers are harder to complete but also offer better monetary incentives, making them more geared towards serious, seasoned punters; such as the Borgata online bonus code offer or the latest PokerStars welcome bonus.

Our Top 5 Sports Betting Sites

There are quite a few good sites out there where you can place your bets. We’ve come up with the list of five operators that we believe are the best choice when all relevant aspects have been considered. Keep in mind that the winner of our bonus comparison doesn’t necessarily have to be the best option for you, though.

Having the best betting offer is just one piece of the puzzle but there are many other things you need to also keep in mind, such as the overall betting offer, ease of use, the live betting section, etc. So, it really boils down to what’s important to you and what it is that you expect from a bookie.

4.9 / 5
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$500 100% Risk-free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now 888Sport Review
4.8 / 5
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$300 100% Bet Match Welcome T&Cs Apply Play Now Caesars Sports Review
4.7 / 5
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$500 100% Bet insurance T&Cs Apply Play Now FanDuel Sports Review
4.5 / 5
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$100 100% Risk Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Golden Nugget Review
4.4 / 5
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$600 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Unibet Review
4.4 / 5
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$500 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now FOX Bet Review
4.4 / 5
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$100 100% Bet Credits T&Cs Apply Play Now Borgata Sportsbook Review
4.4 / 5
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$1000 20% Dep. Match T&Cs Apply Play Now DraftKings Sportsbook Review
4.4 / 5
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$500 100% Risk-Free First Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now BetMGM Sportsbook Review
4.3 / 5
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$500 100% Free Bet Dep. T&Cs Apply Play Now theScore Review

Betting Bonus Signup Criteria: What Makes a Good Bonus?

Although there is no such thing as the perfect bonus, there are certainly several criteria that you need to look at when trying to determine if a particular offer is worth taking or not. There are many online betting sites with online betting bonuses around these days so it is important to know which ones you should go for. The best way to do it is by using these criteria.

#1 Bonus Type:

The first thing you need to figure out is the exact structure of the online betting bonus. Is it an offer that’s only available to new players or is it a bonus that’s available to all customers from time to time. If it is a one-off, you’ll probably want to try and get the most value out of it since you won’t get a second chance at it.

Furthermore, you need to figure out if the online betting bonus is tied to the deposit amount or if it has to do with the amount you decide to bet. If you need to bet, check out what types of bets are accepted, and is it just the single bet or you can place more than one.

#2 Bonus Amount:

What is the minimum and maximum amount you can expect to receive from a particular betting bonus? Sometimes, you’ll need to deposit as little as USD 10 to get the bonus activated while at other times the minimum deposit might be substantially higher.

The same goes for the other end of the spectrum, of course. If you’re used to placing larger wagers, you’ll want to find a bonus with a fairly big maximum. Some American betting sites will let you have as much as USD 500 in bonus cash, which is definitely a nice way to kick things off. Take a look at our horse racing betting promotions guide for bonus examples.

#3 Bonus Conditions:

Pretty much all online betting bonus offers come with certain terms and conditions attached to them. That’s just how things are done and there is nothing wrong with it per se. However, it is important to understand that these terms define just how valuable the bonus is.

  • Wagering requirements
  • Bonus type (free bet, free cash)
  • Is the bonus cashable?

Looking at these things, you can figure out if the bonus is right for you when you consider your betting preferences, how often you place wagers, how much you’re willing to risk, etc.

#4 The Bonus in Practice:

It is also important to consider what’s the bonus like in practice. This means checking out just how easy it is to claim the bonus offer and if the process of getting the bonus is simple and straightforward. Some bookies will make punters go through loops and hoops to get their bonus bets, which is not something you want. The best bonuses are the ones that can be claimed easily and don’t have too many restrictions attached to them, meaning you can enjoy your time on the site. For a good example of current bonuses, take a look at our Pala Casino deposit bonus code and Scores Casino promo code guides!

#5 Payouts:

The value of the bonus is primarily defined by how much extra cash in your bank you can get when it is all said and done. So, figuring out if the bonus itself is cashable and how much flexibility you have with your bets is of great importance for defining its overall value.

Of course, it is also important for the bookie to provide a solid range of banking options so that you can rest assured that you’ll have no problems getting your money once you do meet all the requirements and are ready to cash out.

Loyalty Bonuses:

While online betting with welcome bonus is a nice way to start, it is also important to understand what else a bookmaker has in store for its loyal players. Once you’re done with the welcome offer, you’ll want to play on a site where you’ll get regular betting offers online such as deposit bonuses, free bets, odds’ boosters, and more.

These things add a lot of value and will also make your experience much more enjoyable. Therefore, you’ll always want to play with a bookie that appreciates its existing customers as well and don’t just focus on bringing new players.

8 Criteria for a Good Sports Betting Site

Bonuses are just one side of a multi-side coin that is online sports betting. There are many other criteria you’ll want to look at when deciding about what betting site you want to make your home. Here’s a brief overview of the eight of the most important ones that we always consider in our sports betting operator reviews.

  1. Betting Offer & Live Betting: What kind of betting markets are offered? Does the bookie focus on just one sport, like horse racing, or do they have a bigger selection of choices for your wagers? Is there a live betting section and what types of events are offered there?
  2. Odds: Not all bookmakers offer all odds for the same events. In fact, some bookmakers are traditionally better choices for particular sports and markets. It is important to always check out offered odds for the sports you’re interested in and compare them to the competition.
  3. Welcome Bonus & Promotions: A solid online betting welcome bonus is always a nice way to start with a bookie. Beyond that, it is also important to check out what other promotions are available. Is there something that existing players can look forward to as well or is everything focused on newcomers?
  4. Customer Service: Does the bookie offer around the clock customer service and what contact methods are available? Furthermore, are support agents friendly in their interactions and how long do they take to respond? These things can have a great influence on your overall experience.
  5. Deposits & Withdrawals: Having as many banking options as possible is always convenient. A bookie that truly wants to make its players happy will make sure to provide a solid range of deposit and withdrawal options as this is one of the most important aspects of a site.
  6. Limits & Payouts: What is the minimum and the maximum you can cash out in one go? It is important for a bookie to keep both ends of the spectrum fairly reasonable, ensuring all punters are happy: casual players and big bettors alike.
  7. Usability: What’s the betting platform like? Can customers find their way around easily and can they place their bets with no complications? Good bookmakers make sure their platforms are player-friendly so that even those new to betting online can use them.
  8. Devices & Apps: Finally, it is important for a bookmaker in this day and age to offer a software solution that works well across a range of desktop and mobile devices. Many players enjoy placing their bets on the go so a bookie needs to provide a quality solution for this need with top rated betting apps.

Top 5 Picks for Betting Apps

If you prefer to place your bets on the go or are someone who loves to cheer on their favorite team and have the ability to put on some wagers in real time, it is important to go with a bookie that offers a good betting app.

We’ve come up with our top picks for the bookies that have the best and most reliable mobile solutions. With these, you’ll be able to place your bets with ease, find everything you need, and also deposit funds into your account as well as withdraw any winnings. To see what apps are available in your state, make sure to read our top Florida sportsbooks and West Virginia bookies guides.

Why Trust captaingambling?

As already mentioned, there are many betting bonus sites offering reviews and comparisons of various betting offers available to the US players. It isn’t uncommon for some of these sites to feature deals that aren’t all that favorable for the players and try to push through the bonuses that don’t offer much value at all.

captaingambling is different in that regard. We’ve been licensed by the state of New Jersey to provide these comparisons, which means our reviews always contain honest and up-to-date information about the bookies and their deals. Our goal isn’t to get players to sign up and play just anywhere. Instead, we truly want you to find the best operators out there and get most value possible for your money. Thus, you can trust that the information and suggestions on our site are real and honest and we try to keep up with any changes that may be relevant for the punters.

Online Betting & Legal Situation in the US

Up until very recently, sports betting was a taboo in the most of the United States. There were only four states where people were able to legally place sports wagers, namely Nevada, Montana, Delaware, and Oregon. In all other states, players had no access to legal betting options, neither online nor live. This, of course, led to a huge growth of the illegal betting market.

Things started to change in 2018, when the state of New Jersey challenged the law that only allowed select states to be exempt from anti-betting laws as unconstitutional. The Supreme Court supported the state’s opinion, opening the doors for individual states to regulate sports betting however they see fit within their own borders.

From that point onwards, there’s been a real boom in the internet betting sector, with a number of states starting to prepare for the introduction of online betting sites and some major global players looking to enter the market. Although there are only few states that offer regulated online betting at this point in time, that number is highly likely to significantly increase in the upcoming period, allowing a big portion of the US population to place their wagers in a safe and regulated environment. Recently, Sports Betting New Hampshire was introduced.

Of course, there are still certain legal obstacles and there is a possibility that things could be stopped on a federal level. Some recent developments do suggest that the DOJ could put their foot down and hinder the development of iBetting market but it is unlikely states will stand for such actions and will at least put out a good fight. Is legit? Find out here.

Preview of the Sports Betting Market

As of right now, the future of online betting in the States looks bright. Sports betting has always been huge in the US and illegal bookies have earned billions of USD over the years. American people love to bet and there is nothing that can stop them from doing so if those numbers from earlier years are any indicator.

Thus, there is no reason to believe that the regulated betting market will have any problems taking off and making a significant mark. In the states that have already regulated these activities, there is a huge number of punters getting involved and enjoying their time betting in a safe environment without having to deal with any of the side effects that come from placing bets with illegal operators.

In the years to come, more and more states are likely to follow suit and establish their own betting sites, which will help the betting market in the country continue to grow and develop. At some point, it is possible there will be some sort of a federal regulation as well although it isn’t as important as for other types of gambling. As long as players have access to big sporting events, it really doesn’t matter where their bookie is regulated – provided they’re regulated by a proper and trustworthy authority in the US.

10 Important Betting Bonus FAQs

Seeing how an online betting registration bonus is a very important factor when choosing your bookie, we will wrap up this article with ten of the most important questions commonly asked by the punters. If there are still some things you’re uncertain about, you should be able to find your answers here.

The value of the bonus depends on several factors explained in detail in this article. Some bonuses are better than the others as they offer more value for your money.

All winnings derived from sports betting in the US are subject to taxation and this also includes any winnings resulting from a bonus. Of course, particular laws and rules regarding this matter will depend on the state you live in.

There are different types of bonuses out there. In general, the betting best offers are the ones you get when you make an actual deposit but there are some no deposit offers you can take advantage of as well.

This will depend on the bookie. All bonuses have some sort of restrictions attached to them dealing with the minimum odds, the number of selections, etc. You’ll need to check out terms and conditions of the particular bonus to know for sure.

Welcome bonuses for new players are generally available only once. So, if you’re looking at the bonus for new customers, you probably can’t get it again. There are some exceptions to this rule but the bookie will make it clear if that’s the case.

With most bookies, you’ll be able to decline the betting bonus and play just with your own money. Sometimes it is as simple as not using the bonus code when signing up and sometimes you’ll need to get in touch with customer support.

There are various staking strategies [Staking Strategies] you can use when placing your bets. Which ones are best fitted for your particular bonus will highly depend on the type of the bonus, wagering requirements, and other restrictions.

In most instances, you’ll only be able to withdraw whatever money you deposited. The bonus cash as well as any wins connected to it remain locked until you meet wagering requirements and will be removed if you try to cash out early.

All the bookmakers presented on this site are fully regulated, state-licensed operators. If you stick to our suggested bookmakers for your state, you can rest assured you’ll be playing with a completely legal operator fully compliant with the law.

While this is a topic for an entire article of its own, bookies usually make money by setting up lines and odds in such a way that they keep a small margin regardless of what you choose to bet on.

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