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House Of Fun Free Coins 2021

House of Fun
  • Get 2000 free coins AND 100 free spins on sign up
  • Great way to enjoy casino games risk free
  • Connect to Facebook and play with others
N/A up to2,000

Latest House Of Fun Free Spins

House of Fun may seem like a pretty simple idea – and indeed, that’s one of the things we really love about it. They have a singular focus when it comes to slots and goodies like free House of Fun coins, and are determined to provide the best possible experience in that regard they possibly can. 

That said, things aren’t as straightforward as they look. That’s because as breezy as downloading the app, getting your free spins and coins and playing some of the best slot games in the world may be, an awful lot of work goes into making that experience as seamless as possible. They are like an athlete that makes the near-impossible look easy. 

So, we’re going to break down each and every vital element that creates this package and makes it such a success. This will include everything from the necessary, like security and quality payment methods, to the fun, like the free spins and other goodies. We’ve seen plenty of slot sites and social casinos, and few have impressed us like this. Find out how by reading our exclusive review. 

Table of Contents

  1. Latest House Of Fun Free Spins
  2. Security & Licensing: Is House of Fun legit?
  3. House of Fun Reviewed: An Experience Purely Focused on Fun
  4. House of Games Welcome Bonus: House of Fun Free Coins and Spins
  5. House of Fun VIP Program: Unlock Games the More You Play with Free House of Fun Coins
  6. House of Fun Website: A Bright and Colourful Interface
  7. House of Fun Games: Play a Wide Variety of Creative Slots
  8. House of Fun Customer Support: Clear Information and Social Media Support
  9. House of Fun Coins: Freebies, Affordable Coins and Reliable Payment Methods
  10. House of Fun FAQs

Pros of House of Fun

  • Beautifully designed app 
  • Available via a huge variety of sources
  • Amazing social media integration 
  • Every slot crafted to an extremely high standard
  • Intuitive and easy to use throughout

Cons of House of Fun

  • Not a jack-of-all-trades betting provider
  • Style won’t suit everybody 
  • No live chat

Security & Licensing: Is House of Fun legit?

To understand House of Fun and how security for social casinos works, we must first understand their differences between traditional online casinos. We recognise that security for any website is of the utmost priority. Everything else that makes this site great, from House of Fun free coins to House of Fun free spins, don’t really matter if the provider isn’t secure. 

Onto those differences: a social casino, as its name suggests, has social elements. You can send coin gifts to friends and get coins through social media. You simply follow them on Facebook, Instagram or both, and reap rewards. However, the key difference here is you’re not playing for real money. 

For that reason, there are several key security differences. Firstly, there’s no need for a gambling license. On top of that, there’s no need for the likes of an ECOGRA seal to ensure the games offer a fair and reasonable chance of winning money. The fact that these things are not part of House of Fun doesn’t make this site insecure as it would a traditional casino. Also, it’s entirely legal within the USA unlike gambling, which is legally complicated across many states. 

When we’re talking about security then, we must look in other places. House of Fun is operated by Playtika, an excellent company with many reputable apps and games. They also have great feedback from customers, and are a legitimate, trademarked company. Despite not playing for real money, this is still vital because you’re downloading and providing information. 

Also important is their use of SSL encryption, to prevent third-parties from accessing your data, alongside their privacy policy. Additionally, only people over 21 years can use the site, because payments can be made via in-app purchases. In other words, top marks across the board for security. 

House of Fun Reviewed: An Experience Purely Focused on Fun

House of Fun operates on a very simple premise – there’s no need for something similar to a DoubleDown casino code, for instance. You download and play games you like for fun and if you want, you can make in-app purchases to play them more. Everything from those House of Fun free spins and House of Fun free coins, to the design, software and social elements all come together to make House of Fun what it is. Here, we’re going to break down all those elements so you can see whether this app is right for you. 

House of Games Welcome Bonus: House of Fun Free Coins and Spins

House of Fun provides plenty of different ways to play, and we’ll get to many of those elements later in this review. However, the most important bonuses are the House of Fun free spins and House Of Fun free chips. These free house of fun coins hold a lot of value!

It's super simple to get your House of Fun free coins and spins. When we logged into the app via the Apple Store, we were immediately rewarded with 1,000 coins, alongside 100 free spins. They are how you play these games: without House of Fun free spins or House of Fun free coins, you can’t get started. Luckily, this is an ample amount to begin with: we were betting the maximum amount and it lasted for several hours for us. 

That’s not all, as we also got a 1x multiplier to help our bonus go even further. This was in our inbox, which is where you’ll find most promotions. In addition, you can also get another 1,000 coins through logging into Facebook using the app. When you consider one of the key selling points of House of Fun are those social elements, this is a pretty nifty way to make that connection clear and a no-brainer for many, as it bumps the bonus up to a very generous 2,000 coins.

Not only that but it really makes clear that this app isn’t just there for people who want to pay for extra content, but there’s also plenty to enjoy if you’re looking to play for free with House Of Fun free chips. It strikes that perfect balance we always look for in social casinos, and this welcome bonus is a big part of that. It’s an introduction any social casino would be proud of, even in light of excellent competition like the Slotomania free coins or Huuuge casino free chips

Bonus Requirements - House of Fun free spins and coins

  • Bonus Amount: 2,000 Free Coins, 100 Free Spins and 1X Multiplier
  • Bonus Types: Free Coins, Free Spins and Multiplier 
  • Example: 1,000 Free Coins upon downloading the app, and 1,000 more once you connect to Facebook. 
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Max. Time: N/A 
  • Cashable? No

House of Fun VIP Program: Unlock Games the More You Play with Free House of Fun Coins

While there’s no traditional VIP program at House of Fun, there are a couple of features focused on rewarding the loyalty of users. Firstly, there are levels which you can climb by playing games and winning. As you level up, this opens up new game content. This is one of the key initial draws of the site. People may feel frustrated at first by not getting everything House of Fun offers, but this system keeps you consistently interested and gives you something to aim for. We think all these great games feel even more special when you unlock them. 

There are also Playtika rewards. This is a reward system tied directly to the widely respected digital entertainment company. It works pretty much the same way: the more you play and win, the higher up in levels you go. There’s only three tiers here, but each one offers some pretty huge rewards, including coin packages, a level up bonus, Deal of Fun, Wheel of Fun, status points, friends gifts, house gifts and many more. 

On top of that, House of Fun is constantly rewarding you with bonuses here, there and everywhere. You get them in your inbox, through social media, they can pop up on your screen at any point, and you even get a bonus every few hours. That last one is especially important because it means no one has to buy coins if they don’t want to. You'll be swimming in free House of Fun coins. This is all without mentioning all the bonuses you can give to and receive from friends. It’s an almost overwhelming level of goodies for your loyalty: one any social casino would be proud of. 

House of Fun Website: A Bright and Colourful Interface

Of course, none of what we’ve discussed, not the House of Fun free coins nor the House of Fun free spins, really matter much if they don’t have a solid foundation. That foundation is both the website and the app. Naturally though, we can’t tell you what you think looks good. What we can do though is tell you the kind of look that House of Fun is after and how well we think they’ve achieved that goal. 

House of Fun is bright and in your face. Offers explode in paintbrush dashes of colour. The focus on the games and how much space they take up on screen not only makes it clear they’re very much centre stage, but it allows their artwork and style to shine through. 

Don’t let this make you think the site is overburdened though – far from it. From a structural point of view, everything is laid out simply and logically. There was no area where we struggled to find what we were looking for and they managed to achieve this while having as many elements as possible. You can change how many coins you’re betting, utilise auto spin, check on your prizes and more. They even tie in the social elements while you’re playing, showing you other users who have recently won big jackpots. 

All this is tied together by a flawless technical performance. House of Fun responded, both on the app and on the site, instantly to our commands and clicks, which is especially important for the touch screen interface. On the games too, there were no jitters, no lag, and loading times were fast. We think a lot of people will enjoy House of Fun from an aesthetic standpoint, and we know the structural and technical integrity of the site is outstanding. 

House of Fun Games: Play a Wide Variety of Creative Slots

Those House of Fun free coins unlock an incredible world of gaming goodness. Your House of Fun free spins may only be able to be used on a couple of games when you start out, but they’re truly excellent. We got heaps of enjoyment out of the likes of City of Queens and Gummy King 2, for instance. But that really is only the tip of the iceberg. 

There’s a huge amount to unlock and enjoy and what’s really important is how the levelling up system works with this. Your ability to unlock games really highlights each and every one. Let’s be honest, were it the case that you could simply access every game the moment you logged in, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun and there’d be no thrill of the chase. 

Much of this content comes from Playtika, who didn’t get their world-class reputation by accident. Them being behind the wheel here means you know you’re in a safe pair of hands.  They’re expertly crafted: both technically and creatively. There’s amazing graphics and themes and they provide tons of interesting ways to win. On top of that, there’s also slots directly from the Vegas strip, meaning you’re getting the kind of experience you would usually have to travel many miles for in the comfort of your own home. Truly, these are games you’ll be proud to invite your friends to play. 

Of course, the focus here is solely on slot games: they make no bones about that. Some people may want more, but we don’t view that as a flaw, rather a demographic choice. Plus, if you’re after the best slots you can find, the House of Fun free coins and the House of Fun free spins may have exactly what you’re after. 

House of Fun Customer Support: Clear Information and Social Media Support

Once again, just like the inclusion of House of Fun free coins, we have to point out that what you can expect here is naturally different to a traditional casino site. There’s no live chat or direct customer support. However, considering you’re not dealing with things like withdrawals, there’s much less of a demand so that’s quite understandable. There’s email support available on the Playtika site, as far as traditional options go, if you want to get a very detailed response on any kind of issue you may be having. This is also available on the app. 

It’s also worth pointing out at this point, that we view all the information on the site – whether it’s about the House of Fun free spins – to be part and parcel of customer service. There is no Help section specifically but there are questions answered extensively elsewhere. In this regard, we think that House of Fun does a terrific job. At no point were we confused by what things like House of Fun free coins meant or how to move forward. It’s an especially excellent job when you consider the relative simplicity of both the app and site. 

Other direct means of contact include through social media. You can contact House of Fun through their Facebook and Instagram pages, for instance, which seems rather fitting considering the philosophy of the site. And it’s a very active social media presence too, as you might expect. This means they’re not leaving your queries to the abyss of the forgotten internet comments. 

We think that considering the kind of app and site this is, and how generally easy everything is made anyway, they go above and beyond what is expected of them. And you'll have access to House of Fun freebies. 

House of Fun Coins: Freebies, Affordable Coins and Reliable Payment Methods

Coins are the lifeblood of House of Fun. It’s what we’d want from the likes of Billionaire Casino free chips, so the standard is absolutely up to the competition.  You can, of course, get House of Fun free coins. One way of getting coins includes being gifted them from friends on social media. On top of that, there are daily giveaways, which includes both House of Fun free spins and coins. In addition, we were also offered a set amount of coins after a few hour time limit.  The House of Fun freebies are super exciting!

There’s also the option to buy coins if you want. The benefits of this are obvious: you get more play time to enjoy the games that House of Fun offers. Plus, in terms of value for money, we were very impressed. We were offered, as part of the Beginner Spinner Spins bonus, a wide variety of payment options, including 26,000 coins for $1.99 and 18 status points, all the way up to 1,200,000 coins and 750 status points for $49.99. In other words, they’re giving you an astonishing amount of content for your money. 

The value here is clear in the games too. Even without any additional House of Fun promo codes or House of Fun redeem codes, it’s about the excitement, the daily challenges, creative quests and virtual prizes. 

House of Fun freebies - Alternatives

There are several payment options available when purchasing in-app content too, and it all depends on how you are accessing House of Fun. Amazon users can use credit/debit card, Amazon Coins and PayPal. Android users can use credit/debit cards. Google Play account users can choose between Google Wallet and PayPal. Apple app can choose between credit/debit cards, iTunes gift cards and even store credit. Microsoft users have to pick between credit/debit card and PayPal. 

Most interesting and fitting of all is the ability to pay through Facebook. You can do this through credit card, PayPal and other methods specified by Facebook, including a ‘Buy coins’ tab. You can even purchase from inbox offers and pop-ups.

The specifics of how you pay obviously depends on the option you choose but as it’s often tied to your phone’s payment methods, it can take just a few clicks. Varied, trustworthy, even innovative, the House of Fun payment methods couldn’t be much better. 

Conclusion: House of Fun Truly Live up to Their Name
House of Fun keeps things simple. Their aim is to provide the best social casino around, with the finest slots, great design, social elements, tons of rewards and an experience that’s as fun as it is easy to use. For those who want to pay for more content, they offer excellent value for money compared to a lot of competition: $50, for instance, gets you an astounding amount of playtime. Plus, they balance this with plenty of generous freebies like House of Fun free coins and House of Fun free spins. They deliver exactly what they promise, and then some.

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House of Fun FAQs

💡Is House of Fun a gambling site?

No. Although slot games are associated with gambling, you cannot win real money in the House of Fun app. There are virtual prizes available, but that is all. For this reason, it is entirely legal in the United States. The fun though, is very real.

💯Can I play for free with House of Fun?

You absolutely can! In fact, you’ll get a whole bunch of House of Fun free spins and coins to get you started when you download the app.

🔎How do I get additional House of Fun coins and spins?

You can contact them through their Facebook page or fill out the query form on the Playtika website.

💰How much does it cost to play with House of Fun?

If you want more coins and spins then prices can range from a couple of dollars upwards to $50 dollars. For the sake of reference, we were offered 1.2 million coins for the letter amount.

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