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Watch and Wager Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

Claim your $150 Watch And Wager horse racing bonus

Read our Watch and Wager reviewsThe main Watch And Wager sign up offers are up to $150 in matching funds. You do not need a Watch And Wager promo code. Instead, once you have made your initial deposit you have to email the company and ask for your Watch And Wager sign up offers.

Usually, you would expect them to ask for a Watch And Wager promo code, or else give you the Watch And Wager sign up offers automatically. But that’s not how it works at Watch And Wager. They include the part about having to email them to claim the Watch And Wager promo codes in very small print on their website; so make sure to do this before placing your bets.

While a Watch And Wager promo code may be a quicker way to grab the bonus, the e-mail activate method isn’t really too much of a negative when it comes to claiming your Watch And Wager sign up offers. For a fair comparison, compare this with TVG Offer Codes or the Keeneland Select promo code deal. 

Watch And Wager Welcome Bonus in Detail

Now we are going to spend some time taking a look at the Watch And Wager sign up offers in great detail. We’ll show you how to claim it and exactly how it works.

Type of Bonus

The Watch And Wager sign up bonus is in the form of matching funds. And you don’t have to use a Watch And Wager promo code. That part we like.

We feel that matching funds are a much fairer way to give people bonus money. Lots of sites give bonus money only have a person makes a large deposit – usually about $300. That means that the people who just want to bet $50 a month are locked out.

So matching bonuses are much fairer than other types of bonuses. And we like that about the Watch And Wager sign up bonuses a lot. In fact, we’d like to see a lot of other sites offer something similar. Your matching funds are capped at $150 but that is more than fair. Yes you can get larger sign-up bonuses at other sites but they are reserved for the high rollers. Regular players get nothing.

Bonus Amount

The amount of the bonus you will get from the Watch And Wager sign up offers depends on how much money you put into them. It is not dependent on any Watch And Wager promo code. Instead you decide how much your first deposit will be and under the Watch And Wager sign up offers they will match the funds.

The most you can get is $150. That’s a fairly good deal. There are sites that give you a lot less in cash and ask a lot more out of you. Yes there are some sites that will give you a higher amount of money but they tend to ask you to bet much, much more. So the Watch And Wager sign up offers actually end up being a very good deal in comparison to a lot of other deals out there.

Of course, you have to put a bit of work into it, but that’s not so bad when compared to the amount of money you are getting and the fact that you control the amount of your bonus offer.

You can take a look at Keeneland sign up offers, Interbets sign up offers, and DRFbets sign up offers to compare.

Watch And Wager Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions of the Watch And Wager sign up offers are fairly complicated. But at least you don’t need a Watch And Wager promo code. Instead you need to first register for the site. Once you have done so you have to pick a way to pay and then make your deposit. Then you have to send an email to In this email you must ask for the Watch And Wager sign up offers. Then in 24 hours you should receive your matching funds. You will then have 60 days in order to bet the bonus money or it will go away.

You can’t simply withdraw the cash you get from your Watch And Wager sign up offers. Instead you have to bet a minimum of $300 and then you can withdraw it. This $300 can be in actual money you deposited, with bonus funds or a combination of both. What matters is that you have bet the equivalent of $300.

At that point, you can withdraw anything. What you do have to do in order to claim the Watch And Wager sign up offers is to remember to send them an email and ask for it.

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How to Use the Watch And Wager Welcome Bonus

Activating the Watch And Wager sign up bonus is somewhat complicated. That’s mostly because it works differently than at nearly any other online bookie we have seen.

You do not need to use a Watch And Wager promo code which is the hoop that most of them require you to jump through. Yet you can’t claim the Watch And Wager sign up offers automatically either which is the other way most sites do it. Instead you have to register. Then you have to make your deposit. And then you have to send them an email. And then roughly a day later you will be credited with funds under the Watch And Wager sign up offers.

You will get matching funds on your first deposit of up to $150. You can then use that money to bet on whatever you like. And of course, you can use your own money that you’ve deposited as well. Once you have bet a total of $300 either with your own money, with any bonus money you’ve gotten, or a combination of both you will be able to withdraw what’s left of your bonus money.

In theory if you made a deposit of $150 and then got the $150 in bonus money that would represent a one-time playthrough of your money, which is good. That said if you only made a $50 first deposit and then got $50 in free bonus money you’d end up having to play through your money at least six times, which is quite a bit.

So just how good “free money” is to some degree depends on how much you deposit at the start. Obviously the more money the better. This results in a Watch And Wager sign up offers that can be very good or can be lacking. Just make sure you follow our directions and you should be able to take full advantage of the Watch And Wager sign up offers. See how this ranks with the Interbets promo code deal. 

Payouts: How to Cash the Welcome Bonus

When you first get your bonus money from the Watch And Wager sign up offers you will not be able to cash it out. It will sit in your balance as bonus money. Most online bookies require you to bet their bonus money through at least once before you can withdraw it.

At Watch And Wager their sign up offer is a little bit different. You can withdraw any of your bonus money as soon as you have bet $300 on the site. This can be totally in the form of your own money that you’ve put in the site.

For example if your first deposit is $300 you will get $150 in bonus funds. Then you can bet the $300 in cash that you’ve put in and at that point withdraw the $150 in bonus funds you have put in. That’s great if you have a lot of money to play with.

On the other hand if your first deposit was only $50 and you got $50 in bonus money it becomes a little trickier. You’d have to bet the $50 of your own money. Then you’d have to bet the bonus money. And you’d have to be very lucky because you’d have to end up winning $200 in funds off of that bonus money and then bet that $200 and win again. At that point you’d be able to withdraw whatever bonus money was left.

This obviously encourages big first time deposits. Of course it does give at least some money to the lowball players. That’s one good thing about the Watch And Wager sign up offers. We just wish that they had a one time play through requirement like most of the online bookies we have seen.

Still for some people the Watch And Wager sign up offers will be a good thing when compared to the DRF Bets sign up offers. At least you don’t have to memorize a Watch And Wager promo code.

Loyalty Bonuses & Promotions

Watch And Wager does have a loyalty program. But they make it very mysterious. On the site they say that if you have bet at least $5,000 in one month at the site to contact them and they will tell you all about their “Advantage” loyalty program. Obviously we were not about to bet $5,000 just to learn the details of their loyalty program.

We Googled around and found that nobody has ever talked about their loyalty program. We assume this is because other sites reviewing Watch And Wager also don’t want to bet $5,000 of their own money just to discover the details. Whatever they are they better be someone incredible to justify the minimum amount you have to bet and all the secrecy involved. We cannot imagine. But if anyone else finds out just drop us a line because we are curious.

They also have a refer a friend program. When you sign up for Watch And Wager you will be given a code. Use this code whenever you talk about Watch And Wager on Facebook, Twitter or on your blog. If someone clicks to Watch And Wager through your link it will start tracking them. When they have bet a total of $500 you will receive $50 in cash that you can bet with.

An unlimited number of people can sign up through your link so you can earn as much money as you want under this offer. That said $500 is a lot for someone else to bet so unless you know a lot of high rollers this refer a friend bonus offer might not be right for you. At least however it is a lot more transparent then they loyalty program which remains a mystery to us.

Overall we are glad they have a loyalty program – a lot of online bookies don’t – but we do wish they would be more transparent about how exactly it works and what you will get.

Watch and Wagers Sign Up Offers FAQs

🔞 How old do I have to be to bet at Watch And Wager?

In most states you have to be at least 18 years of age. Some states and some counties will require you to be at least 19 years of age. Do not try to place bets at Watch And Wager if you are not of age. They will seize your money and may report you to local authorities.

❓ Do I really not need to use a Watch And Wager promo code?

Yes. Really. All you have to do is make your first deposit. Then send them an email. Within 24 hours they will credit matching funds to your account. It’s that simple. It only seems complex because it’s different from how other sites work.

🏇 Can I make exacta and trifecta bets at Watch And Wager?

Yes. You can make any and all bets that you can make at any other race track or online bookie at Watch And Wager.

Watch And Wagers’s Welcome Bonus – Conclusion

Watch And Wager‘s sign up offers are slightly different to the ones you’d usually find at online bookies.

It does not require a Watch And Wager promo code to claim the Watch And Wager deposit offer. Instead you have to sign up for the site, make your first deposit, then send an email to Watch And Wager. Within 24 hours you will receive it without having to use a Watch And Wager bonus code. Then once you have gotten your matching funds you will have to bet at least $300. At that point only will you be able to withdraw your bonus money. You get a total of 60 days to make your $300 in bets. Overall, it’s a fair offer from Watch and Wager.

Join in the Fun! Start Betting with Watch And Wager

Watch And Wager is an interesting site. The bonus offer can be quite good if you have the money to participate in it fully. If you have $150 on hand that you are going to bet with anyway then it’s a great deal. Simply make your deposit, send then an email and collect your money. At that rate you’ll only have to play it through once which is a very good deal. Then you can start referring friends and really rake in the cash – assuming your friends also have money. This can leave you with “free money” to place bets.

Those are the reasons to check out Watch And Wager. You can place bets. You can have a lot of fun. And you might just win something really great. And Watch And Wager does all of these things really well.

If you’ve got a lot of extra cash around you could bet $5,000 in a month and tell us about their VIP program. At the end of the day Watch And Wager’s offer is good. It just takes the guts to play with a bit of cash.

About Watch And Wager

Watch And Wager is one of the smaller online bookies operating in America. That said they are very professional about what they offer. While their bonus offers are high end and a bit complex they do deliver to wagerers that have some money to through around.

The odds they offer are good and comparable with other online bookies. They have recently started to expand slightly beyond horse racing and we will see how that goes for them. As it is they operate a fine site to bet on horse racing.

The site layout is great and very modern. They provide action and they know that at the end of the day that is what you are looking for. We are interested to see if they continue to grow and how that will affect the Watch And Wager sign up offers. They could become much better and even more enticing over time.

Overall this is a site to watch and see what they come up with next. If they make the right decisions they could truly become one of the best online bookies in America – competing with the likes of those in our DRF Bets legal guide. As it is we will have to wait and see what their next moves are. Only then will we be able to make an honest judgment of Watch And Wager.

Betting Markets Available

The primary market for Watch And Wager is horse racing. That said they just started an expansion effort. They are now offering bets on Jai Alai a sport involving humans instead of horses.

This may reflect a desire on their part to expand to offering other sports in addition to horse racing. That would be a good move on their part as it would give people more options.

In general you can go to a site to bet on sports or you can go to a site to bet on horse racing. Having both on one site would be an interesting mix. Of course it could be an experiment that fails. We will have to see what portends in the future.

As for horse racing, they cover every track in the country. They also cover tracks in other countries, particularly in Ireland and the UK. They also have a bunch of Asian tracks. From time to time they offer promotions to get people to try out these other tracks and expand their knowledge of horse racing.

Overall their coverage is as great as you would expect from a bookie site in 2020. They have all their bases covered and their potential expansion into other sports is a great sign for their future.

Security and License

Watch And Wager is licensed by the North Dakota Gaming Commission. They have put all of the security measures into place that you would expect. They have the highest levels of encryption technology commercially available. That means that on their end your money going to them and coming from them is secure.

Of course any system is only as good as the security on both ends. This means that you should make sure that you run anti-virus software on your computer at all times. Otherwise your own security issues could cause your financial data to be leaked to people who want to take advantage of you. But assuming your computer is secure betting through Watch And Wager should be as safe as shopping at Amazon.

They do everything in their power to make sure all your transactions with them are secure. This has become the industry standard for online bookie sites. As long as you choose one like Watch And Wager which is licensed your money should remain secure. This should give peace of mind to people who want to bet online. Long gone are the days of dodgy sites without any level of encryption to help you out.

Customer Support

Watch And Wager gives you two different customer support options. One is by phone at 1-888-204-9150. The other is through email at They do not have a live chat option. They do not seem to have any way to contact them through snail mail.

We tested out both the telephone and email services. Our phone call was answered right away. The person listened to our problem. They were friendly even though we made the issue as complex as we could. They then found us the right answer each and every time we called the.

Next we tested out their email customer service – mostly because there are some questions that require an email so you can attach documents. It took an hour or two before our email got responded to. That said when we got the response it was as complete and understanding as our email questions.

For this we give Watch And Wager high marks for customer support. That’s important because a site is only as good as its customer support team. Any site can be great if things are going right. When things are going wrong is when you major how professional a site is. Watch And Wager proved themselves to be professional each and every time.

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