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Hello and welcome to this review of Underdog Fantasy sign up offers, the best place to come to learn everything there is to know about this generous welcome bonus! If you want to learn more about it, then read on!

In this review of the Underdog Fantasy bonus code, we’re going to be explaining to you how you can make use of the bonus, providing you with some helpful tips on how best to take advantage of it, and answer some burning questions you may have about it! Once you’ve read this review, you’ll be an expert on it!

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get Underdog Fantasy Bonus

Introduction to Bonus Offers - What does Underdog Fantasy have up for grabs?

Bonuses are offered for two main reasons by gambling operators.

  • Reason number 1 - To keep existing customers interested in gambling with them.
  • Reason number 2 - To encourage new customers to sign up and gamble with them.

The bonus we’re going to be taking a look at in this review today is the 100% match on your first deposit of up to $100. This bonus will see your first deposit 100% matched by Underdog Fantasy.

For example, if you make a deposit of $10, Underdog Fantasy will match that and provide you with an additional $10 to play around with.

How to Use the Bonus - Using the Underdog Fantasy deposit offer in 4 simple steps

In this section, we’re going to walk you through the necessary steps you need to take to unlock this Underdog Fantasy bonus code. Don’t worry, there aren’t many steps you need to follow, and you’re not going to need a degree in rocket science or something else complicated to take advantage of this bonus!

In fact, you can do it in just four steps!

Step 1. Sign Up with Underdog Fantasy

The first thing you’re going to have to do is actually register an account with Underdog Fantasy. You can do this in one of two ways. You can either head on over to the website or download the app. Once you’ve made your choice, all you have to do is fill in a couple of personal details and create a username and a password.

Step 2. Input the bonus code

Before completing the sign-up process, you’ll need to include the bonus code. You will be given the opportunity to enter a bonus code when you’re making your account with Underdog Fantasy. The Underdog Fantasy bonus code for this particular sign up offer is GAMEDAY. If you don’t use the Underdog Fantasy bonus code, you won’t be able to make use of the bonus! Simple as that!

Step 3. Make your first deposit

Now it’s time to make your first deposit! You can make a deposit to the Underdog Fantasy website via one of two payment method options, which you can learn more about in our Underdog Fantasy review here. The minimum deposit is $10.

Step 4. Make use of your Underdog Fantasy Sign Up Offers!

Once you’ve made your first deposit with Underdog, you should receive your deposit match in your account straight away. So if you’ve made a deposit of $100, expect to see an additional $100 in your account! There is a wagering requirement that must be met, however thankfully it isn’t going to be much. You’ll just have to play through your deposit and bonus once. So if you’ve deposited $10, you’ll have to wager an additional $20 to be able to withdraw that initial $10 bonus as part of your winnings.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Take advantage of the Underdog Fantasy offer

In this segment of this article, we’re going to be providing you with 5 expert tips on how to best take advantage of the Underdog Fantasy sign up offers that we’re focussing on in this review.

Here are our 5 expert tips on how best to take advantage of the Underdog Fantasy bonus code!

Time claiming the bonus right

This is something that is super important to remember, as it could make or break your enjoyment of the bonus! Depending on what sort of sports you’re interested in, as well as what sort of DFS contests you want to be taking part in.

If you want to take part in a DFS contest that lasts all season, then there’s no point in you claiming this bonus mid-season, is there? If you’re not interested in playing a season-long contest, then joining mid-season isn’t going to be as much of an issue for you. Be aware of where in the season your favorite sports are before you commit to this bonus.

Read the small print

It’s not going to be an exciting read, we admit, but it’s going to be a very important one. Everything you could ever need to know about your Underdog Fantasy sign up offers is going to be found in the terms and conditions. The conditions of bonuses can also change quickly and without warning, so it’s always worth regularly popping into the T&Cs section of your bonus to keep on top of any potential changes or tweaks to the bonus that you’re making use of.

Remember the wagering requirements

It’s super important that you remember the wagering requirements for this bonus. If you deposit $100, you’ll receive a 100% match, which is $100. You won’t be able to withdraw this bonus amount until you’ve met the wagering requirements. Unlike some of the other gambling operators out there, the wagering requirement for the Underdog Fantasy bonus code really isn’t much. You’ll only have to play through your first deposit and your bonus once to be able to withdraw it.

Stick to your budget

It’s super important that you stick to your budget when playing DFS, and gambling online in general. As we make a point of in all of our online gambling reviews - you shouldn’t change your usual gaming habits just because you’re making use of a bonus. It’s important to remember that the more money you deposit, the more you’re going to have to spend to meet the wagering requirements and withdraw your deposit. Don’t deposit more money than you can afford just to get a bigger bonus as it very rarely ends well!

Do some research before committing to this bonus

Listen, we like this bonus and think it’s pretty great - hence why we’re recommending it to you. However, whilst we think it’s pretty great, it doesn’t mean that you’re going to, and that’s ok! Seriously, we’re not offended. We want you to be 100% sure that you want to commit to taking advantage of this bonus before you do so. Do some research beforehand, just so that you're 100% sure that this is going to be the best bonus for you and your DFS needs!

Frequently Asked Questions - All your burning questions about the Underdog Fantasy Bonus Code answered

You probably still have a few questions about the Underdog Fantasy sign-up offers, and that’s natural. In this section, we’re going to be trying to provide you with answers to some of them. Hopefully, by the end of this section, you’ll have all the answers you need regarding the Underdog Fantasy bonus code!

Q1. Do I actually need a bonus code to unlock this bonus?

Short answer - yes, you do. If you don’t use the bonus code - GAMEDAY, by the way - then you won’t be able to make use of the bonus. It’s really as simple as that. Don’t worry, Underdog Fantasy hasn't made finding somewhere to input the bonus code difficult. When you’re first making an account with the operator, you will be prompted to input the bonus code. If you fail to do it there, then there won’t be another opportunity afterwards.

Q2. Can I claim any other bonuses at the same time as I claim this bonus?

Some operators can be awkward in the fact that they will only let you claim one bonus at a time. This can be restrictive, but understandable, as having more than one bonus on the go can make things a little confusing. The other bonus you can claim in conjunction with this bonus is the ‘Refer a Friend’ bonus, which will see you receive $10 just for bringing a friend along with you to Underdog Fantasy. It’s not much, but it’s a nice little bonus all the same.

Q3. When can I withdraw my bonus as part of my winnings?

We’ve already answered this question further back in this article, but we’ll go through it again for you now! The only way you’re going to be able to withdraw your bonus funds as part of your winnings is by meeting the wagering requirements set out by Underdog Fantasy. Luckily, the wagering requirements aren’t much at all! All you have to do is wager your deposit and bonus amount once over to unlock your bonus as part of your winnings. So if you’ve deposited $100, you’ll have to wager another $200 to unlock that initial $100 bonus as part of your winnings. Make sense?

Q4. Are there any restrictions on what I can use the bonus on?

Short answer - no, there isn’t. From our extensive research of the Underdog Fantasy sign up offers, we couldn’t find any restrictions in place preventing you from using the bonus on any of the sports, fantasy, or contests that you fancy. There are plenty of contests to choose from, so you’re in for a treat when using this bonus!

Q5. What payment methods can I use to make the deposit?

There are only two payment methods that are accepted by Underdog Fantasy, so you won’t have much to choose from. However, thankfully, the accepted payment methods are reputable ones that most people will have access to. They are debit/credit cards and PayPal. Whilst it may be a little restrictive, on the bright side, at least you won’t make your first deposit with a payment method that has been excluded.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - What other bonuses are available at Underdog Fantasy?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a VIP or reward program available at Underdog Fantasy. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other bonuses. In fact, one of them we briefly mentioned earlier - the Refer a Friend bonus.

This sweet little promo will see you receive $10 for just bringing a friend over to the Underdog Fantasy website! How awesome is that?

There are also boosters that you can take advantage of when playing with Underdog Fantasy, which will enhance your gambling experience and give you an opportunity to win even more money.

Underdog Fantasy Daily Fantasy Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

Underdog Fantasy is currently offering a 100% match of up to $100 on your first deposit.

When you make your first deposit with Underdog Fantasy, they will match it by 100%. So if you deposit $50, Underdog Fantasy will match it by 100%, providing you with an additional $50 to play around with.

Reality Test

One thing about the bonus that we liked was that it gave us some flexibility. We didn’t want to deposit $100, even if we would get a bonus of $100. Luckily, the minimum deposit is just $10, so we didn’t have to break the bank to give the bonus a go.

Unlocking the bonus was super easy, and once it was in our account, we had as much time as we wanted to meet the 1x wagering requirement. The lack of time limit and overbearing wagering requirements really took so much pressure off our shoulders.

The whole process, from unlocking the bonus, using it, and meeting the wagering       requirements was super smooth from start to finish.

Bonus Withdrawal

As we’ve just mentioned, there is a 1x wagering requirement that must be met when making use of this bonus. Once this has been done, you can withdraw the bonus as part of your winnings. There are a couple of payment methods that are accepted by Underdog Fantasy, and thankfully, the whole process of withdrawing is super easy and smooth to do.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

We didn’t detect any red flags when making use of this bonus, which is always a good sign. The only thing you need to be aware of is that there are wagering requirements that must be met. Other than that, this is a pretty easy bonus to make use of!

Verdict on Bonus

Overall, we were super impressed with this bonus, and found it a joy to use from start to finish. It’s the perfect bonus to make use of if you’re new to DFS, so we’d definitely recommend it to newcomers to this type of gambling. As long as you remember the fact that there is a bonus code you need to use to unlock it, and that there’s a wagering requirement, then you’ll have no issues whatsoever making use of this bonus!

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get Underdog Fantasy Bonus

Overall Conclusion - An impressive bonus

Overall, we were pretty impressed with the Underdog Fantasy bonus code, and would most definitely recommend it to you, especially if you’re new to the world of Daily Fantasy Sports!

It’s a pretty generous welcome bonus, and the wagering requirements aren’t much either, which means you won’t be spending lots of time and money trying to meet them, which takes a lot of pressure off.

Now we’ve told you everything there is to know about the bonus, you should feel confident enough to go out and try it out for yourselves! Good luck and enjoy!

Underdog Fantasy Bonus Code FAQ

🏆 Is the Underdogs Fantasy sign up offers the best DFS bonus in America?

That’s up to you to decide! What might be the best bonus for you might not be the best for someone else. However, we can try and help you come to a decision as to whether or not you want to give this bonus a shot! Check out our review to learn more! And if it doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about checking out our BetMGM bonus review instead? Maybe that will interest you more?

💭 What are the wagering requirements for the Underdog Fantasy Bonus Code?

Not every bonus out there will have wagering requirements, however some will. In this review, we’ve taken a look at whether this Underdog Fantasy bonus code has any wagering requirements in place, and if so, how much they are. We do this for every bonus review we write. So if you read our 888 bonus review here at CaptainGambling.com, for example, you’ll find out what the wagering requirements of that bonus are, amongst much, much more.

🔓 How do I unlock the Underdog Fantasy sign up offers?

Unlocking a bonus can be confusing and difficult sometimes, and that’s why we’re here to help. In this review, you’ll find simple, easy, step-by-step instructions on how to unlock this particular bonus, as well as what you need to remember when doing so. This is something we do in every single bonus review that we write here at CaptainGambling.com. So if you want to know how to unlock the Sugarhouse bonus, for example, check out our Sugarhouse bonus review to find out how! 

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get Underdog Fantasy Bonus

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