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Claim your Deposit Offer now is a solid place to go if you want to bet on horse racing online. Just check out our reviews. It has all the races and streams many of them. They will give you your first offer as soon as you sign up and deposit money into your account. sign up offers are impressive. When you make your first bet you literally cannot lose. Place a bet up to $200. If you win, you’ll be able to collect all your winnings. If you lose your bet will be refunded to you.

That means you’ll want to take advantage of sign up offers and make your bet as large as possible – up to $200. Why not compare this with the PointsBet bonus code or Xpressbet sign up offers?

That way if you win, you’ll win much more than you would with a smaller bet. sign up offers make it very attractive for you to put as much money into your account as possible. But of course, you can withdraw your money at any time.

Put your money into your account. Find the bet you want to make and then place that bet for up to $200 and you cannot lose. This is a very good deal and one of the highest horse racing promo offers in the industry. We encourage people to take advantage of it and have fun. This might be the time to wager on that long shot you’ve always wanted to bet on but didn’t want to risk your own money on. Now with sign up offers you are risking the house’s money and that’s a really good deal.

Refer A Friend promo

In addition to their sign-up offer, also has a refer a friend promo. The way this offer works is relatively simple. Simply get someone you know to sign up for Have them enter your email address in the sign-up form. As soon as they place their first bet you will get credited with a $25 free bet. Here’s how free bets work. You can’t withdraw them. You can’t break them up into smaller bets. Instead, you have to bet the $25 free bet on one race. If you win, you’ll get your winnings minus the $25 in credit you bet with. If you lose you lose nothing. See how this ranks alongside the TwinSpires promo code deal.

That’s a very good deal and will allow you to try out betting on long shots to try to win as much as possible. You can refer more than one friend and continue to collect more refer a friend freebets. That’s offering you a great deal.

Super 5 Promotion

The Super 5 promotion is one of the many ways to try to earn even more money from if you are good at picking winners. First, sign up for the promotion. Then place bets on five different horse races. If all five are winners, you’ll get an extra $5,000 on top of your regular winnings. If you only get four out of five, then you’ll get an extra $1,000 on top of your normal winnings. This is a decent way to build up your bankroll and really put your skills to the test. We all have good days when we can pick the winners for four or five races so get to it and claim your promo money. Promo Code

The promo code system comes into play with your first bet and then comes back on a regular basis. When you first sign up for the system, you’ll have to enter the promo code SUPER5. That will give you access to the free bet up to $200. This promo code is pretty hard to miss. It tells you all over the site to use it. As we stated above it makes your first bet risk free on your end. If you win you collect money. If you lose your money will be refunded to you. It’s a great deal for placing your first bet at So just remember to use your promo code when you sign up and everything will go smoothly, and you’ll get that risk-free bet.

What is the TVG promo code?

There is never any shortage of TVG Offer Codes for you to take advantage of. promo codes come and go. Just look at the terms of a promotion they are running and see what code you need to enter. For example, in the first months of betting this year, the various promo codes were: WINTER, WINTER1, WINTER2, WINTER3, WINTER5, ODDSFIRE, LSRTVG, SUPER8, SPORTSBOOK or WINTER12 each unlocking a different type of promotion.

We are sure that over time more TVG Offer Codes will be offered that will trigger different things. Just keep looking at the site for the TVG bonus code or check your email to see if they have sent you any as part of a promotion. You can also simply experiment with promo codes. It seems likely, for example, that SPRING and SUMMER will work as promo codes in the future.

But if you want a promo code you can find one and it will provide you with free bets or entry into an exciting new game. promo codes are good, and they keep coming back with different promotions. This is a win/win for players and on par with the Watch and Wager sign up offers

The New V86 Wager

The V86 bet is popular with Swedish horse racing. And it’s new to Luckily you don’t need a promo code to take advantage of this offer. Simply opt-in on the promo page and you’ll be able to get it. A V86 bet allows you to bet on up to eight different Swedish horse races at one time. Win all eight and you’ll get a fairly large payout. Lesser payouts are available for people who only win seven out of eight races. will allow you to place your first bet on the V86 for free. Bet up to $5 on the V86. If you win you can collect your winnings. If you lose will refund the full amount of your bet. Obviously this is a hard one to win but if you are playing with’s money you don’t really care if you lose but if you win you’ll be a very happy gambler. Monthly Sweepstakes

This is another promotion that does not require a promo code. Instead, you just opt into the promotion on the promotions page on the site. Every day of the month that you bet at least $10 you’ll get an entry into their monthly sweepstakes. Bet more than $10 and you will receive more entries into the sweepstakes.

Each and every day they will randomly select from the sweepstakes entrants. One person will win $500. Five other people will win $100 each. It’s a legit passive way to potentially win a nice chunk of change you can slip directly into your pocket.

TVG Offer Codes Over The Course Of The Year

It seems fairly obvious that will put out more promo codes as the year goes on. We don’t know what they will be for, but we are willing to bet that they will be beneficial offers for gamblers to latch onto. In general, if there is a way to get you to play more will have a promo code for it at some time. Overall their promotions tend to be excellent. Most are focused on free bets.

Others are simply based on random chance and you can expect to make a random win. The promo codes we feel sure will run the same way. They are not all that hard to find or take advantage of. In fact, you’ll get most of your promo codes sent to you in your email. Keep checking your inbox for the latest TVG bonus code at any given time. All of which could be as good as the Keeneland Select promo code deals. Customer Service

Players would be led to believe that the customer service offered by would be amazing as well. Unfortunately, we have to say that the customer service is not up to the level that we would have liked.

First of all, it’s hard to find out how to resolve a problem if one comes up. You have to find that very small link at the top of the page called Support Center. This brings you to a FAQ page. The FAQ page has a ton of links. You have to figure out which link is best suited to your problem and then click on it. If that link isn’t helping you have to go back to that page and find another question that seems more likely to give you help. You can waste a ton of time trying to look through all of the questions and find one that actually helps you.

The other thing you can do is look at the top right-hand corner of this page where there are two links – “Message Us” and “Submit An Email.” If you click on “Message Us” you will launch a version of Live Chat. This Live Chat option seems to only be available at certain hours of the day. It doesn’t say what hours exactly but based on our testing it seems like normal American business hours are the only time you’ll be able to access Live Chat.

If you choose to submit an email you will be taken to a form to fill out. Once you’ve done that it will be sent off to We found that like the Live Chat you are probably going to get a response during normal business hours. That’s fine if you are stuck at Noon on a Tuesday. But if you are placing bets at night that’s going to really stymie you while you wait for a response.

From what we can tell there is no way at all to contact TVG customer service on the phone. So you are stuck with Live Chat or sending an email. We found this to be very off-putting.

We understand that the assumes their FAQ page will respond to any question someone might have. But there are always going to be nuances that are missed when you rely on Live Chat or email-based customer service. Add to that the limited hours available and you have a problem. We’d love to see fix this issue in the near future. Deposit Methods has a wide variety of methods for you to deposit money to bet with. Some of these deposit methods ask for fees. Others do not. Here’s an outline of how you can make your deposit at

The easiest way is probably to sign up for BetCash. This is a system that will take money directly from your checking account each and every time you place a bet. Simply go to the BetCash link on the site. Fill out the form. Scan in one of your checks and send it off to them. By the next day, you should be able to bet with BetCash and not pay any fees at all.

You can also possibly use your debit or credit card to make your deposit. But you should be aware that will charge you a $5 fee to do so. In addition, if you use your credit card your bank will treat it as a cash advance and charge you additional fees on top of that. If you use a debit card this will not happen to you. Beyond that, the following banks will not allow you to make a deposit with their debit or credit cards.

  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Wells Fargo
  • Union Bank
  • Huntington Bank

You can also sign up for a card. If you sign up for this, you can then load it up and use it to bet. Like a debit card, however, there will be a $5 fee for every time you load up the card.

If you happen to live near a 7-11 or CVS pharmacy, you can purchase PayNearMe bar codes. The store will charge you a fee of $3.99 for making the purchase. Then once you’ve purchased the bar code you can input the numbers from it into and use that money to bet with.

Unless you live in New Jersey you can use PayPal to make your deposit online. You will be charged a $5 fee for using PayPal. Unfortunately, New Jersey state law makes it illegal to use PayPal to gamble with so if you are in the Garden State you’ll have to use one of the other deposit methods offered.

Finally, you can simply initiate your own wire transfer from your bank. That said will charge you a $15 fee for accepting the wire transfer. Your own bank will also charge you fees for initiating the wire transfer.

Credit Card
Wirecard Apps

This is the 21st century. People aren’t stuck at home betting on their laptops or desktops anymore. Instead, most people want to be able to make bets on the go. That means they are using their phones to contact betting sites. And we all know that trying to input a betting site into your browse can be a pain. That’s why apps were invented. They are little short cut keys on your screen that take you right to the site itself.

You can download apps for iOS and Android enabled devices. Both versions work exactly like their desktop and laptop versions. And both of them have excellent ratings at their various app stores. There is also no charge to download either the Apple or Android versions of their apps.

This positions quite well ahead of some other gambling sites that don’t have apps that are running at all. We applaud for releasing two top-notch apps that are fully functional.

Staying Safe While Betting Online

Whether you are using’s deposit offer or’s promo code you have to be aware of what you are doing and make sure you don’t fall down the rabbit hole of compulsive gambling. Most people who bet on horses won’t develop a gambling problem. But some will. And some will realize when they have problems and be able to pull back before it becomes an issue.

It’s important to help ensure you’re gambling experience is as safe and secure as possible. From account and financial security to avoiding scams, it’s easy to keep yourself safe and secure so long as you know how. Below, we’ve provided you with some of our top tips to having a safe and secure gambling experience.

  • Set a budget and stick to it. It doesn’t matter if your budget is daily, weekly, or monthly. You just have to set aside a certain amount of money you are willing to lose in a given amount of time. And when you’ve lost that money stop playing until your time limit is up. You may be tempted to put more money in and keep betting but don’t do it. Keep yourself disciplined and you shouldn’t have any problems.
  • Change your passwords regularly. This is a general bit of sound advice for all of your online accounts, but is especially important for your online casino or sports betting accounts. Changing your passwords regularly makes your account much harder for hackers to get into and therefore makes it more secure.
  • Make sure you bet with a licensed provider. Always look for a betting provider that is licensed and regulated by a top tier regulatory body from either here in the states or elsewhere. Such websites are regularly monitored and are therefore less likely to suffer big hacks or have scam bots using them. You can find a site’s licenses stamped at the bottom of the page.
  • Check for SSL certificates. SSL encryption codes are put in place by gambling and banking website to protect all of your data and sensitive information is protected from scammers and fraudsters. You can see if a site has an SSL certificate as they’ll display a lockbox system next to the URL in your browser when you’re on the site.

TVG.Com Promo Codes and Sign Up Offers Conclusion sign up offers are excellent. It allows you a risk-free bet up to $200 that you can win real money on. That gives you the excitement of making a bet without the risk that you will lose your own actual money. You do need to use a promo code to sign up for it but they make that very clear on the site itself. promo codes vary throughout the year. You can generally get a promo code through your email. This will allow you to watch and wager from anywhere.

Where the site suffers a bit is in the customer service it offers. While the customer service is good when you can get a hold of them their hours seem strange. And they are not posted so it’s hard to know when a good time to contact them is. There is also no way to get on the phone and talk with them. They seem to rely on their FAQ page. We think that they should make it a lot easier to contact them when you have a question or concern. Perhaps this will be addressed in the future.

When it comes time to make a deposit you have to follow all of their rules. And in general, they will charge you a fee for taking your money. We are not really a fan of sites charging fees for customers to simply put money into them.

Again, this is something we’d like to see address in the future. They are clearly not at fault for the banks that will not allow people to use their credit cards. Nor are they responsible for the fees that banks charge to use their services. But they should not be imposing their own fees on top of that. It just comes off as unfair to the average person who is just trying to make a bet.

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