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  • Massive risk-free wagering deal
  • Great selection of slots and table games
  • Awesome live casino section

Welcome to our extensive Slotomania review. With the help of our team of casino experts, we have compiled this one-stop guide to everything you need to know about one of the most famous social casinos around. In this review, you will learn many things, including how to collect Slotomania free coins and how to get complimentary spins on the Slotomania free slots.

We will also help you decide whether it is the operator for you. For first-time social casino players, the extensive list of different options available can often seem overwhelming - particularly with so many tempting sign-up offers. For example, an advert for Billionaire Casino free chips flashing up on your screen minutes after you’ve seen another offer for Huuuge Casino free chips can raise many questions.

Never fear though. This Slotomania review will answer all your questions about which sign-up offer is best as well as discussing much more. Keep on reading to find out how you can get the most out of your social casino experience and collect slotomania free coins along the way. You might even pick up some tips on how to make the most of your Slotomania free coins in the process!

Pro and Con
  • Fun and engaging social casino
  • Extensive library of traditional and modern slots
  • Excellent rewards programme to keep you coming back for more
  • Excellent mobile apps for gaming on the go
  • Great for those who do not want to play with real money
  • Some may dislike not being able to access all games immediately
  • Lack of table games and live poker
  • No telephone support for customer service

Slotomania Welcome Bonus: Get 1,000,000 Slotomania Free Coins

Many social casinos like to tempt new players in with an enticing sign up offer. A great example is this DoubleDown casino code. We found during our Slotomania review that the operator also has a great welcome gift for new users of the platform. If you were hoping to receive a shed load of Slotomania free coins by signing up, you won’t be disappointed.

As soon as you create your account and start trialing the Slotomania slots, 1,000,000 free coins are immediately deposited into your account. This is a very generous offer and guarantees that players will be able to start enjoying themselves immediately.

This offer of 1,000,000 free coins stacks up very well against some of its social casino competitors. When we reviewed the offer of Big Fish Casino free chips, we found that the operator was just 100,000 chips, while Hard Rock Social casino offers 200,000. In fact, very few social casinos have as an enticing welcome bonus as this offer of coins for free.

Once you receive this generous sign-up offer make sure you keep checking the Slotomania Facebook page. The operator frequently posts new ways to receive even more coins. Recently, they hosted a “Find the Frog” challenge on one of their slot games and there were also themed challenges around Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving. It’s great to see Slotomania engaging with its users in this exciting way. They are a social casino after all! It’s also good that users can keep getting rewarded long after they’ve used all the coins from their welcome bonus.

Bonus Requirements:

  • Bonus Amount: 1,000,000 Coins
  • Bonus Types: Slotomania Free Coins
  • Example: You receive 1,000,000 coins to get started upon loading up the game.
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Max. Time: N/A
  • Cashable? No

Slotomania Coins: It’s Not Just Coins on Offer

For those who wish to invest their own money to improve their Slotomania experience, the operator boasts an online store with a range of options to suit any budget.

Prices start at just $1.99 for 60,000 coins and $2.99 for 92,000 coins. 160,000 and 344,000 coins will set you back $4.99 and $9.99 respectively. What we found good about the store during our Slotomania review is the fact that you always receive a swathe of other benefits with each coin purchase.

One such benefit is Sloto Cards. They give you unique bonuses which make your Slotomania experience much more exciting. Every purchase of these coins will also earn you SP and increase your jackpots for a set amount of time. Your coin purchases are also tracked with a loyalty card. Each purchase earns you a stamp on said card. Once your card is full you can cash it in for a reward of Slotomania coins. It’s not just coins that you can purchase as well. You can also splash the cash on a range of perks. For example, you can choose to top up your supply of gems. These can be used for several purposes such as grabbing your free coins reward early, re-spinning on Slotomania free slots or unlocking games that are above your current level.

A range of boosts are available as well. The Mega Bonanza doubles your jackpot on certain games for a set period of time, the Level Boom bonus helps you level up quicker and the Star Dice booster multiplies your winnings on certain games.

If you decide to make one of these purchases, you’ll be happy to discover that Slotomania makes checking out as painless as possible. Mobile purchases are handled by the iTunes or Google store and there is also the option to pay through Facebook or via Amazon. Having payments processed with such reputable brands is bound to put your mind at ease when enjoying the Slotomania slots.

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Slotomania Website: Get Playing Within Minutes

A social casino can have the best sign-up offer, industry-leading security and a wide selection of games, but if its website and app is a nightmare to navigate, it would have all been for nothing. Luckily, during our Slotomania review, we found that the operator got two big ticks in this department.

First, let’s talk about the website. When you load up Slotomania you will be impressed with how easy everything is to find. The website is well laid out with a number of tabs included to help first-time users find their favourite Slotomania slots quickly. The ‘How to Play’ section is displayed prominently which is another good addition for new users. This section concisely explains the differences between the various types of Slotomania slots.

The brilliant Playtika rewards scheme is also simple to locate, meaning you can immediately find out what it takes to reach that illustrious Black Diamond level. In terms of games, they are split conveniently into three subsections: Free Video Slots, Free Slots Games and Classic Slots. This is another brilliant feature which encourages players to get started spending their free coins as soon as possible.

We also enjoyed the brand’s strong colour scheme. Mainly using white typeface of a black and purple background, all the text is very easy to read - which is not always the case with other social casinos. The icons for the Slotomania free slots are also very eye-catching and well laid out on the website. They feature some often amusing caricatures which capture the theme of the different games perfectly. All this makes it much more fun to spend those free coins!

Slotomania App: Spin No Matter Where You Are

The website got a big thumbs up during our Slotomania review - but what about those users who prefer to do their gaming on the go. We all lead busy lives and it’s far more likely that you are looking for social casinos that you can enjoy during your rare moments of downtime when you’re on the move - such as when you’re waiting for a train, sitting on the bus or relaxing in the bath after a long day.

It is a relief then, that Slotomania’s mobile app is also very easy to use, with simple toggle navigation to explore different sections. Available on both iOS and Google Play, the same attractive graphics on the website are also present here, as is that clear and crisp color scheme.

It’s clear that the app has been optimized for mobiles and tablets as there is a slightly different layout to the Slotomania website but it is no less intuitive and easy to navigate. Overall, both the Apple and Android apps work smoothly, with fast load times though a large screen may be required to get the most out of the eye-catching graphics and animations on offer.

Payments - Many ways to get coins

Slotomania isn’t a real money gambling site, and instead it uses coins as the way in which you fund your wagering. However, there's always the chance that you might want to make an in-app purchase during your time with Slotomania. Thankfully this is pretty easy to do and you can do it by using anything from iTunes and Google Play or even Facebook as your payment platform.

Slotomania Customer Support: Good - But Could Be Even Better

Time is money and you want to be sure that the operator will be understanding and responsive to your concerns as a customer.

Over the course of our Slotomania review, we attempted to contact the operator via various methods and were impressed with their quick response. Although 24/7 support is not available - as it often is with actual online casinos - they often replied within a few hours, even at peak times and even for a minor query requesting more information about certain games.

On the Playtika website, there is an extensive FAQ section which has lots of information about various topics including tech troubleshooting, odds enquiries as well as terms and conditions of use and payments. This handy addition means that your enquiry may already be answered before you have to go through the trouble of contacting them directly.

If you do have to contact Slotomania however, you should not worry as the process is slick and easy. There is a digital contact form on their website where you can easily get in touch via email, while sourcing the latest updates. Facebook messenger is also an option, though replies were slightly slower via this method.

One downside we found during our Slotomania review was the lack of a telephone number to contact. This means that people who prefer the human touch of customer service will be out of luck.

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Security & Licensing: Is Slotomania legit?

In the simplest possible terms - yes! Slotomania is 100% legit. You have nothing to fear when playing. Before we explain why, let’s first explain a few of the main differences between a social casino and a regular casino.

The clue is in the name with social casinos. They are operators that encourage users to compete with friends without having to stake any actual money. These make them an ideal choice for those players who like the excitement of the casino experience but are not quite ready to start playing with their own money yet.

Social casinos are legal across the United States. Because no actual money is paid out by Slotomania and other social casinos, they do not require a gambling licence to operate. Therefore you should not be worried when you do not see the COGRA seal on its website, nor when you cannot locate which body has given Slotomania a licence. Unlike in regular online casinos, these things are not required.

Despite this, that doesn’t mean users still do not want social casinos to be subject to scrupulous security standards.

Luckily, during our Slotomania review, we found the operator conformed to these high standards. The casino’s parent company Playtika owns several trustworthy titles, including House of Fun, Pirate Kings and Bingo Blitz where you could get yourself some free bingo blitz credits and much more. All of its operators keep your personal data ultra-secure using SSL data encryption. This is the industry standard for consumer security, meaning you can rest assured that your information is safe when playing Slotamania free slots.

In terms of who can enjoy Slotomania, almost every single citizen of the United States is eligible to participate. The only state in which Slotomania free slots cannot be enjoyed is Washington.

Slotomania Rewards Program: Try and Reach Black Diamond Level

As we mentioned earlier, Slotomania is operated by Playtika - the undisputed kingpin of the social casino world. One of the advantages of playing on the Slotomania slots is that you will be eligible for one of the most versatile and engaging reward programs around.

The best thing is, no signup is required. As soon as you make that first spin on the Slotomania slots you are automatically enrolled on the brilliant rewards scheme. The rewards program has seven different levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Royal Diamond and lastly, Black Diamond. In order to progress up the ladder, you need to earn Status Points (SP).

How do you earn SP we hear you ask? Simple. All you have to do is utilize the Slotomania slots. Every time you level up by playing you gain SP and you also earn even faster by purchasing these coins on their online store.

Rewards at the entry level, Bronze, include a FREE daily gift of 250 coins as well as the ability to receive gifts of 50 coins from friends. The gift you receive each day steadily increases as you progress up the reward stages, as does the maximum amount of coins that you can win on Slotomania slots. When you finally reach Royal Diamond you are eligible for 1,000,000 free coins for free per day as well as access to several VIP games. As for the Black Diamond level, the rewards you receive here remain a closely guarded secret - adding some welcome mystery to your Slotomania experience.

Overall, during our Slotomania review, we found their reward system brilliant. With all the different stages you are constantly working towards a goal and the rewards you receive at each level are weighted nicely. We particularly liked the secrecy surrounding the Black Diamond club, which gives a level of well-deserved exclusivity for only the most loyal of Slotomania players.

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Slotomania Social Casino

Slotomania Games: An Extensive Selection of Unique Slots

  • Massive coin bonus
  • Top slot collection
  • 200+ slot games

Slotomania Reviewed: An Industry-Leading Online Slot Bonanza

Now that we know that Slotomania free slots can be trusted, we can finally get into our Slotomania review. With 13 million likes on Facebook, Slotomania is certainly an industry leader. Every single aspect of the operator will be examined with a fine tooth comb in order to figure out whether you should be tempted by the offer of Slotomania coin promotions. Among the things we will be assessing is the operator’s welcome offer, the usability of its website, as well as the number of different games available to players. By the end of this review, you’ll know whether Slotomania slots are for you.

During our Slotomania review, we discovered that the operator had one of the most extensive selections of games on the market. As their name suggests, the operator focusses on slot, slots and more slots. Any players who are looking for casino table games or video poker will be left disappointed.

For the traditionalists out there who prefer their social casino experience to be comparable to an evening in 1960s Las Vegas, all the classics are here. Whether you are partial to a spin on the fruit machine, penny-slot or 3-reel, Slotomania has you covered. As much as these classic games will suit a lot of players' needs, there are tons of more modern Slotomania free slots to choose from.

All of Slotomania’s free slots are uniquely created by Playtika’s award-winning team of software developers. This makes them unique to Playtika’s platforms - meaning you will not be able to trial any of these games on their competitors’ websites or apps.

Overall, Slotomania offers around 120 different slots in total. However, where the operator differs from some of its competitors is that you will not be able to access all of these games right from the start. You start off at Level One with the ability explore a good amount of titles, including Crazy Train, Xin-Fun!, Panda Chi, Despicable Wolf, Rapid Chili and Vegas Cash. As you level up you gain access to more games.

It’s an interesting system. On the plus side, by not having access to all of the Slotomania free slots right away, it gives you the motivation to keep on going so you can level up and earn more coins and rewards. Levelling up is fairly easy at first, though after about Level 10 it certainly requires a little more patience - which is not necessarily a bad thing.

While some players may be frustrated that they cannot enjoy Rapid Cats and many others until they reach Level 300, by the end of our Slotomania review we were really enjoying the levelling up aspect of the games.

Coins - Get some SlotoBucks

Like most social casinos, Slotomania features a coin system that lets you play slot games without having to use real money. But we should also mention the SlotoBucks in-game currency that offers you some great ways to make purchases from the Slotomania shop. These SlotoBucks can be redeemed from the Gift section and they have no expiration date.

Conclusion - A quality social casino site

While there are plenty of cool social casinos out there, Slotomania has just enough to it to stand out from the pack. Much of this is down to quality selection of online slot games, but we also appreciated the variety of different promos and the SlotoBucks credit system was a cool touch. So sign up to Slotomania for some fun online gaming.


Can you win real cash with Slotomania?

You cannot. Slotomania is a social casino and Slotomania free coins cannot be cashed out for real cash.

How can I access the Slotomania login?

You can make an account via Facebook, email or phone number. The process can take seconds if you use Facebook. 

How do I contact Slotomania support?

You can contact them through their Facebook page or fill out the query form on the Playtika website.

How can I get free Slotomania coins?

Every new player gets 1,000,000 free Slotomania coins when they create an account. More complimentary coins can be earned by logging on every day.

Conclusion: One of the Best Around

So is Slotomania really all it’s cracked up to be? The short answer is yes. You will not find an easier social casino to use and if you like playing slots and are not fussed about the absence of popular table games and live poker - this is the ideal operator for you. Creating your account couldn’t be simpler and neither could receiving your first share of coins. State of the art security and a wide selection of games are also big plus points for one of the best operators we have reviewed so far.[/content_box]

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