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PokerStars US Bonus Code 2021

Latest PokerStars Sign-Up Promo Code

When you first sign up for PokerStars you are going to want to claim the PokerStars Deposit Bonus. To get this you are going to have to enter the PokerStars bonus code. The Pokerstars promo code is “FREE30”. You enter it when you are making your first deposit and trying to get the PokerStars deposit bonus.

Once you enter the PokerStars promo code you will get $20 as a cash bonus. The minimum amount you can deposit to take advantage of the PokerStars deposit bonus is $20.

With that deposit and the PokerStars bonus code, you will also get $10 in free tickets to play Spin N Go. We’ll explain what that is in a later section.

You’ll also get one million free chips to play with. Chips generally cost $9.99 for two million so that is approximately a five-dollar additional PokerStars Deposit bonus.

This all comes from using the PokerStars promo code to log in and make your first deposit. So be sure to use the PokerStars bonus code when you first sign up.

The way the PokerStars bonus code is set up makes it a different kind of experience than playing with a Global Poker bonus, Bovada bonus, Ignition Poker bonus, or BetOnline bonus.

Pokerstars Online Tournaments — Where to use your Pokerstars promo code

Spin & Go – No PokerStars bonus code required

Spin & Go is a form of online poker specific to PokerStars. You can get experience playing it by using your PokerStars deposit bonus simply by entering your PokerStars promo code. Here is what will happen. You will see a bunch of Spin N Go tables. Choose the one that matches how much you want to bet.

You will be brought to that room and when there are three people the spinner will activate. Wherever it lands that is how much money you are going to be playing for. Whoever the last person is with chips at the table wins the jackpot.

If you find that Spin & Go moves too slowly for your tastes you can select a Spin & Go flash tournament. In the flash tournaments the blind increases every single minute which ensures that the game will end and the winner be declared very quickly. No PokerStars promotion code is required to join in.

Either type of Spin & Go is great to use your PokerStars deposit bonus to play. So enter your Poker Stars bonus code today and see just how much you can win at Spin & Go.

PokerStars Leader Boards – Play without a PokerStars promo code

PokerStars has multiple leader Boards for people who like to play poker all the time. They are weighted by your skill level. You can choose to play for just one leader board or for as many as you like. The leader boards are run weekly.

The way they work is you earn one point for seeing the full flop. You receive another point if you win the hand. If you fold before seeing the full flop you don’t win any points at all. Whoever at the end of the week has the most points will get a prize determined by the difficulty level of the game that was being played. All can be done without needing a PokerStars promotion code.

We should note that playing in the leader board contest is for very experienced players. If you are new to poker you should probably use your PokerStars deposit bonus earned from your PokerStars promo code for more basic games of poker.

The Sunday Billion

The Sunday Billion from PokerStars is another tournament designed for serious poker players. You have to stake a minimum of one million chips (which you will have as part of the PokerStars deposit bonus with your Pokerstars bonus code). You then play against some of the best poker stars in the world without even needing a PokerStars online promo code.

Pokerstars invited to the event will have a bounty on them so that if you can knock them out, you will win a prize. The ultimate prize is to be one of the last people with chips. If that’s you, then you will get to split part of a one-billion chip prize. Obviously, the competition for this is going to be intense but if you have a good day with cards you can really win a bundle.

PokerStars Knockout Poker

You can always play Knockout Poker at PokerStars. Under this format, every player that enters the tournament has a bounty put on their head. Every time you take all the chips from any player you win a prize. Other players will also be trying to eliminate you.

These prizes are separate from what you will win as you play the game. This is by far the most competitive game offered by PokerStars and you should expect to be playing against very experienced players who are trying to win as much money as possible and knock you out of the event.

Things get really tense during Knockout Poker but for many players that increases the action and the fun of playing. All can be enjoyed without a PokerStars online promo code.

Ongoing Tournaments — play after activating your Pokerstars bonus code

In addition to the specialized tournaments discussed above, PokerStars constantly runs regular tournaments. In general, they have three running each and every hour. You just have to log in look for an open tournament and sign up to join. As soon as it has enough players it will launch.

These are the tournaments that are the most friendly to newer players. Sure you might get a shark in them once in a while but most of those people are going to be in the higher money tournaments. No PokerStars online promo code will be needed to join.

The three tournaments an hour are a good chance to practice your poker skills and maybe win a bit of money. If nothing else they are all a lot of fun and can lead you to become the best online poker player you can possibly be.

PokerStars App – Easy ways to use a PokerStars promo code

This is 2020. The world is mobile. Today more people connect to the Internet online than they do through laptops or desktops. This is why it is important that all online poker sites have apps. That lets them access the sites through their phones or other portable devices.

Luckily PokerStars understands this. That’s why they have released apps for both iOS and Android enabled devices. You simply have to go to the app store for your device and download it. It should cost you nothing.

Once you’ve done that you can simply access PokerStars with one click on your phone and start playing. The PokerStars apps have exactly the same features as the PokerStars website and you’ll easily be able to enter in a PokerStars online promo code. You can make deposits and withdrawals. You can claim your PokerStars deposit bonus with your PokerStars promo code. You can participate in all tournaments offered by PokerStars.

In short, you have exactly the same accessibility from PokerStars whether you are playing at home or sitting at the airport. PokerStars has really put a lot of effort into their apps and it shows with the way they work very well for most players. For a good app comparison, read our Tropicana casino online review.

PokerStars Customer Support – Get help with your PokerStars bonus code

PokerStars has two main methods of contacting them if you have a problem while using their site. The first method is to simply send a tweet to @StarsSupport. This is manned all the time and will be seen at someone at PokerStars. They should get back to you in a reasonable amount of time which is great if you want to know how to use a PokerStars online promo code.

The second way is to send them an email. Simply go to their help page and click on “Contact Us.” You will then be brought to a form you have to fill out with your name and the nature of your problem. Send them the information and you should also get a response in a couple of hours of your time.

PokerStars does not have a phone number for customer support on their site. What they do have though are extensive FAQs. These are broken down into nine categories. Each category then has multiple questions and answers.

In most cases, you probably want to start off with their FAQ because it covers nearly all the questions you might have. Save contacting Twitter for when there is a problem with your account.

We found the customer support at PokerStars to be very good. We really liked the fact that they will respond to you on Twitter – because face it social media is the future and this shows that PokerStars is committed to embracing new technologies.

Play PokerStars With Play Money At First

PokerStars seems aware that their poker tournaments can be hard for newer players. That’s why they have instituted the play money system. This system will give you a certain amount of play money each and every day. The play money has no monetary value but can be used to simply try out different poker strategies.

Simply collect your play money and go to a play money table. You’ll be playing against other people with play money. These games will just be for fun and you can’t win anything.

But you can learn how the game is played and have a good time. You won’t lose any money and you’ll get a very good sense of what works and what doesn’t work when you are playing poker. Then once you have more experience you can buy yourself some real chips and hit the tables and try to make some money in the various tournaments being offered on any given day.

PokerStars: Transition From Poker Newbie To Poker Expert

When you play poker at PokerStars you are going to be playing against some very experienced players. That can be intimidating. But it’s also one of the best ways to improve your poker skills over time.

Play the play money system for a couple of days until you have a good understanding of the mechanics of poker and how the system works. Then make your first deposit and claim your welcome bonus.

Use your welcome bonus to try out the various games and tournaments. Learn even more skills when there is actual money on the line. Once you are comfortable with that find the level of play that makes the most sense to you, but some chips and start playing.

Over time you will get better and better at poker and be able to play harder tournaments for even more money.

This is a great way to improve your skills – not only to play at PokerStars but to play poker on other sites and in real life. In this way, while PokerStars may seem more difficult at first than other sites, it’s actually teaching you the game of poker and helping you out. We think you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it. For more great poker providers, take a look at our SugarHouse casino review and Tropicana casino online review.

PokerStars Bonus Code FAQ

⭐ How do you enter a bonus code on PokerStars?

In order to claim any form of bonus or promotion offer with PokerStars, you’ll require a bonus code before making your deposit and/or claiming the offers. You can find out how to enter your bonus code and claim your offer inside our Poker Stars Bonus Code Guide here at

💵 How do you get free money on PokerStars?

The holy grail of any poker, gambling or online casino bonus is a genuine real money, no deposit bonus. However, unfortunately you’ll find that very few operators actually have such a thing. You can find out if PokerStars do right here in our bonus guide at

🎰 What is Spin and Go on PokerStars?

PokerStars is an poker playing site and app with several bonus offers and promotions available to customers old and new. Once such bonus is Spin and Go. Find out all of the details about this promotion and more here at

PokerStars – Our Overall Summary Of The Site

There are a lot of places where you can play poker online. You have to know what you are looking for and what you expect from the experience. There is no one best online poker site for everyone. That said we think that PokerStars should be included as one of the best and the site gives you a big reason to hunt down a PokerStars promotion code, to get your hands on the Pokerstars bonus code.

It starts off with the great PokerStars deposit bonus available with the PokerStars promo code. That gives you everything you need to start playing online poker and sample a few of their tournaments. You can also play for free while you are figuring out how to play poker and working out how to use your PokerStars promotion code. And there is an extensive guide to the rules of poker available for you to consult between games.

There are also a lot of different poker tournaments happening at any one time on PokerStars. You can choose the difficulty level you want to play and will be paid proportionately depending on how hard the game is.

At the top of this are tournaments where there is a bounty on everyone’s head and you win prizes just for knocking someone out – while people are also trying to get rid of you.

All of this adds up to a top-notch online poker experience. Where it falls short however is in the design of the site. It’s very complicated and takes a while to get used to. We would have preferred a more simple site that was much easier to navigate. That said, once you get used to the quirks of PokerStars you can eventually navigate it and use your PokerStars promotion codes without a problem.

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