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PointsBet is a U.S. sportsbook originally founded in Australia. PointsBet is on the cutting edge of sports betting, offering the most markets in the world for all major US sports leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB). Players utilizing the PointsBet website will at one point need the PointsBet contact to resolve an issue or get some explanations. PointsBet contact is a readily available option with relatively no constraint. Players can make use of one of the available contact options ranging from the physical address which is located in New Jersey in the United States of America, email address, live chat and telephone call.

PointsBet Contact Explained

Punters sometimes run in to a snag when making use of their PointsBet account. This ranges from finding solutions to a challenge they face, sending queries, or even sometimes giving feedback concerning a particular service or product.  New customers many at times want to get clarifications about a service or promotion, get updates, clarify an issue and whole lot of other things, when it comes to this, the customer service can be extremely invaluable. PointsBet contact is a go-to option for customers who are new and want to get concrete spelt-out information. PointsBet contact is a necessary part of the customer and service provider interaction and satisfaction.  Some common reasons why account holders contact the PointsBet customer service team include;

  • Having a declined bet despite having enough funds
  • Account Suspension
  • To unsubscribe from PointsBet marketing email
  • To get updates on promotional offers such as PointsBet deposit [PointsBet deposit] bonus
  • Having problems with your ACH/E-Check
  • When bet is requoted

Available PointsBet Contact Options

Punters have easy access to the PointsBet customer since there are three different platforms for contacting them. Interestingly all these three platforms are available from six am till midnight, everyday.  Some punters may have some small queries that need to be answered quickly, then they might go to the website and speak to a customer service personnel through their live chat. If you have bigger questions or problems, you have the options of either calling them or sending an email. You have multiple choices, which mean you get to choose which you prefer and which suits your queries best. Majorly PointsBet contact options are;

Email services

PointsBet Email can be reached 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with feedback response guaranteed. It’s fast and is one of the most appreciated means of communication by its endless users. PointsBet contact incorporates email function through it “email us” tab. The PointsBet “email us” tab cab be found at the lower right corner on the PointsBet.com webpage. The response rate is fast and encouraging as a point of contact.

Telephone service

PointsBet goes further by creating a customer care hotline where punters can call in case, they have issues such as sign ups, deposits, promotion, account suspension, withdrawal issues and many more. In regards to responsible gaming policy, users and non-users are allowed to reach PointsBet in cases when someone needs help.

Quick tips

  1. For issue of account suspension, the customer has the option of giving customer service a call on 833-338-PBET.
  2. For responsible gambling request, customer care service hotline is 1-800 GAMBLER

Live Chat Option

It’s an interactive option which makes it quick and easy for solutions to be provided by customer support. Live chat allows for conscious interaction with the customer care service desk operator or team. Live chat option is also available on a 24/7 basis. With PointsBet live chats, there is an immediate connection with the PointsBet customer care agents and queries or complaints are attended to with quick response. Live chat option is located on the lower left corner of the PointsBet website. Live chat allows conversations to be saved and referred to for a future use.

Social Media

Popular social media platforms, of which PointsBet contact can be reached, among others, include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. These platforms allow players to meet themselves, share ideas, bet odds and predictions. Also, players can also proffer solutions to each other based on previous experience or knowledge. These social media accounts go beyond texts and messages to include visually enhanced methods of passing information such as graphics designs, pictorial representations, pictures, animations and videos. These make PointsBet contact very interactive and a valuable tool in the arsenal of both customers and service providers.

PointsBet website help section

There are many readymade FAQs on the help section of PointsBet website. These questions are common and have been asked by a lot of punters who subscribe to PointsBet. The help section on PointsBet website already has readymade FAQs with answers which customers can view to resolve similar issues they are facing as well, below are some questions and answers in the help section;

At what hours are PointsBet customer services available?

Points bet customer support are virtually available almost 24 hours in a day

What account balance do I have?

Two important account balances will be seen when punters log onto their Pointsbet website or app and sign in to their own account. These are balance and available balance

What could get my accounts suspended?

There are many reasons for which a betting account may be suspended, some of which are listed below;

  1. You didn't verify your account within the specified period
  2. Incorrect details during sign-up
  3. On suspecting fraudulent or irregular activities on your betting account, Pointsbet reserves the sole right to put your account on suspension. This is in order to protect you from any bad activities that may affect you

Can I Get access promotional offers?

From time to time, promotional offers are sent to customers through available contact mediums. Most especially through your mail. You are advised to subscribe for promotional offers to keep abreast of this.

Is bet cancellation allowed?

As long as a bet has been accepted, the best cannot be changed nor canceled, the only exception is if the punter can prove that the bet was a mistake, and the Pointsbet team is satisfied with his or her explanations, only then can the bet be approved for cancelation.

Is it possible to place bets every day?

It takes time for bets to be examined closely as regards security, risk, validity and safety and in an attempt to make sure all these things are checked, bets cannot be available everyday day.

Can I check the terms and conditions for each market?

Absolutely, you can see terms and conditions attached to each market before you wager on them. Look out for a ‘I’ icon beside each sports event.  click on the “I” to see the terms and rules peculiar to the event you want to wager on. Pointsbet also offers analytics accompanying each market so you can make an informed betting decision and not rely on just sheer luck. Do well to also check the general terms and conditions on offered sports in the terms and conditions section.

Visit the official Pointsbet website to see a full list of FAQs that you can go through to get a broader knowledge of common issues faced by fellow customers.

The point is you cannot always know the exact reasons yourself, that is why you can easily contact a customer service personnel who will then look into the cause for account suspension and let you know as soon as possible.

PointsBet Contact Feedback Rate

PointsBet customer care team is highly efficient in giving helpful response at flash speed rate. We have tested them to fitness and can authoritatively vouch on their response speed

Why PointsBet Contact is Important

PointsBet contact is a very powerful tool for customers as they can get answers to the questions they need more conveniently and from much reliable information source. Customers can access PointsBet contact via its social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube and Instagram. PointsBet customer care team and agents are fast responders to customer related issues. It’s very accurate to say that PointsBet contact is a safe haven for customers. You can find more information from our sports betting comparison [sports betting comparison] page.

Conclusion: 911 for your PointsBet Account

In conclusion, PointsBet contact is a means through which a secured and friendly relationship is established between PointsBet and the customers for problem resolution and information gathering, among many other reasons. PointsBet contact makes sure that customers are given satisfactory betting services through support and assistance. It’s your emergency contact when issues arise. Think of it as your 911 call to your sportsbook.[/content_box]

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