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US Gambling Sites / LuckyLand Slots Review / LuckyLand Slots Promo Code

Luckyland Sign Up Offer 2022

Claim your Luckyland Bonus Code now!

LuckyLand Slots Social Casino
LuckyLand Slots Social Casino Promo
7,000 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
T&Cs apply, 21+
Go to LuckyLand Slots Social Casino
Bonus Details:
Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR):
Players from Virginia accepted
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis
Last Updated on 06/12/2022
Fact checked by: Josh Schwartz

Greetings from our experts here at CaptainGambling. As usual, we want to introduce you to a special welcome offer from the team at LuckyLand. The LuckyLand sign-up offer comes in three phases and is guaranteed to make you smile.

Stay tuned for some great content if you are a social casino fan. We’ll take you through the workings of the LuckyLand sign-up offer and tell you how it all works. If you have some time, we’ll even answer some of your questions and provide some pointers. Lastly, we’ll tell you what we think about the bonus offer.

Why bother with welcome bonuses?

That’s a great question. Why give these free coins or tokens to new players? Why not just ask them to buy the game for a price? Social casinos don’t work that way. They would like first to show their potential customers what type of games are on offer before asking them to make purchases. That’s why you will receive free coins or tokens just for signing up most of the time with a social casino.

It’s also likely that you will receive a significant discount on your first purchase of coins or tokens. If you make the price too steep for the first purchase, most players will just move on to another platform.

Help me get the free bonus!

Never fear when the experts of CaptainGambling are here. See our other US social casinos reviews and how we care for everything. So, you need to create an account with LuckyLand using your email or Facebook account. It takes less than a minute. After doing this, you receive the first part of the LuckyLand sign-up offer, 7000 gold coins with 10 sweeps coins thrown in. Then, for more on the first-time offer, you can go to the “BUY” icon and see a first-time buy exclusive promotion. Here, you can get 50,000 gold coins and 10 free sweeps coins for a discounted price of $4.99. You can use the gold coins to play for fun. The sweeps coins can be used to win more sweeps coins, and winnings made with sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash or prizes. Make sure to check the site for details of the currently available bonus; the offer do change from time to time, so it’s important to stay up to date.

Let our experts guide you

Social casinos are a lot of fun if you want to kill some time. However, there are some tips that you can use to make your experience more worthwhile. Here are five.

Don’t let it consume you

Mobile games or social media games are great fun but they can become quite time-consuming. The LuckyLand sign-up offer will offer you many free gold coins, enough to play almost endlessly. Keep an eye on the clock, and don’t let it take up every moment of your free time. Take time out to do something else or spend time with family or friends. Keep the balance. This will ensure you are hungry when you play again and don’t become bored from overplaying the games.

Watch those small transactions

Social casinos are based on microtransactions. The amounts are mostly small when you buy coins or tokens. As the transactions are seen as small, as with the LuckyLand sign-up offer, which is only $4.99, players can become swept away and think that “it is only a few dollars.” If you make multiple transactions, it can add up to a considerable amount at the end of the month. So keep a record of what you have spent on the game, and never go over your budget for entertainment. Be sure to review your credit card statement and never exceed your limits.

Try out all the different games

Once you have received the free gold coins from the LuckyLand sign-up offer, you are free to go and try out the numerous games on the platform. Don’t just stick with the first enjoyable game that you find. Try out all the games on offer from LuckyLand. You could be missing out on numerous other games that you find more relaxing. Also, if you try multiple games, you will never get bored as you will be constantly challenged to do something new. Try something new today and see where you fare the best. Playing more games increases your chances of finding one you excel at.

Tournaments? Yes, please!

After you’ve logged on to the LuckyLand app and received your LuckyLand bonus code offer, you can start playing. Why not try your hand at competing against others? LuckyLand hosts events and tournaments with huge prizes up for grabs. Each contest has several games to choose from, and you can try your luck at any of these to qualify for the leaderboard. With prizes in the millions of gold coins, it could be worth it to enter a tournament after getting used to the games and trying your luck to see if you can outplay others. We think this will appeal to the more competitive users.

Share with friends

What could be more fun than playing against your friends in some friendly competition? Our experts think this is the most fun one can have with a social casino: seeing who is the best player in the group of friends. Competing with friends immediately raises the level of excitement and increases the fun factor. Try and suggest the social casino to your friends or family members. You can do this very quickly by sharing it with them on Facebook. All can get the LuckyLand sign-up offer and receive the free gold coins and sweeps coins to play against each other.

What are these coins? Where can I play? Help!

By now, you should have some questions for our team. We thought so, so we put together five of our questions and answers to help you use the welcome bonus from LuckyLand.

What is the difference between the coins?

Understanding the difference between the coins at the LuckyLand casino is crucial. The LuckyLand sign-up offer will give you both. You will immediately see that you receive lots more gold coins than sweeps coins. Gold coins are used in the normal casino games on LuckyLand. They cannot be redeemed. However, the sweeps coins are a different kettle of fish. You will receive free sweeps coins that cannot be redeemed. However, you can use them to win other sweeps coins. The sweeps coins you win can be redeemed for cash and prizes, while you can use the gold coins if you just want to play for fun.

What is a social casino?

Social casinos such as LuckyLand differ from normal online casinos because they are mostly found on social media sites such as Facebook. They often have “free“ currency, such as the gold coins with LuckyLand. If you run out of free currency, you can always buy some more of them with real cash. This is done directly on the social media site or social casino apps, which most casinos have available for download. The LuckyLand sign-up offer provides gold coins that you can play on the social casino. The sweeps coins are also a lot of fun, but you should use them more cautiously as you can get something in return for winning with them.

How can I play the LuckyLand slots?

LuckyLand has made it easy for you to play with your newly acquired coins. You’ve just been handed some free gold coins and sweeps coins from your LuckyLand bonus code offer, and you want to jump in. LuckyLand is available to play on your browser, so you can just go to the website and log in directly from there. But they have also made it even more convenient – well, if you’re an Android user, that is. They have an Android-based app you can download from the Google Play Store. Our review  shows that we look at different platforms for operators, and we do sometimes find that apps are not available for all mobile platforms.. However, Apple users shouldn’t despair as they can log onto the website on Safari and play from there.

I need to buy some coins, how can I do this?

You’ve quickly exhausted your gold coins as the games on LuckyLand are really fun. If you want to buy the 50000 gold coins for $5, what options are available to you? We had a look at the terms and conditions to see how you can buy some more coins. LuckyLand refers to payment methods such as cards, online wallets, or bank accounts. We can assume that some payment methods will include eWallets and online bank transfers. However, using a VISA or Mastercard credit card is the easiest.

How do I redeem sweeps coins?

You’ve used your free sweeps coins you got from the Luckyland sign-up offer to win some more sweeps coins, your winnings are more than 50 sweeps coins, and you want to cash out. The first thing you can do is to click on the redeem button on the top left of the app or browser interface. If it is your first time redeeming cash, you must go through a KYC process, meaning that LuckyLand has to verify your identity. Our Fortune Coins review shows this KYC (Know your client) process is standard. Here, you will need to submit some documentation and phone verification. After this, you must accept the terms and conditions to redeem cash. The funds will show in your verified bank account in about three to five working days.

Awesome daily log-in bonus and tournaments

LuckyLand offers some outstanding daily bonuses for extra coins. You will receive 0.30 free sweeps coins every day you log into your account. You will get another chance after 24 hours to get another 0.30 sweeps coins.They also have other bonuses that you can get every four hours (you will receive 400 free gold coins every four hours that you play). Lastly, they have a brilliant tournament setup where you can challenge others for the chance of winning massive jackpot prizes. That’s right: the Luckyland sign-up offer isn’t the only excellent item on the menu at LuckyLand.

LuckyLand Slots Social Casino Bonus

Bonus intro

Now, our team of experts at CaptainGambling will take you through the entire LuckyLand sign-up offer, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Is this offer from Luckyland worth your time? Let’s give you a quick rundown of the welcome bonus on offer from the operator. There are three phases (if we can call it that) to the LuckyLand offer. First, you receive 7000 gold coins just by making an account; then, you receive a bonus of 10 sweep coins; and finally, you get a discount on your first purchase of gold coins. You can purchase 50,000 gold coins for $4.99 instead of the regular price of $9.98.

Reality test

How does it work in reality? It’s effortless. To test the LuckyLand sign-up offer, we first had to create an account, and you can do this through Facebook or just use your email. We used an email, and it was swift. Once we landed on the main page, we were greeted with graphics showing that we already had the amount of 7000 gold coins and 10 sweeps coins in our account. A second pop-up showed up, informing us of the daily bonus of 0.30 sweep coins. Even if this is a daily bonus, we include it as we received it on sign-up. After this, we tried to purchase some gold coins. Sure enough, there was an exclusive first purchase offer where 50000 gold coins only cost $4.99 instead of the regular amount of $9.98. We even received a bonus of 10 sweeps coins with the 50,000 gold coins.

Bonus withdrawal

As with other social casinos, you cannot directly withdraw the bonus coins you received at LuckyLand. How it works is that you can use the gold coins you received to play games on the social casino. However, you can play with sweeps coins to win more sweeps coins. Remember that only sweeps coins you win through playing games will count, not those you receive for free. These prizes can either be cash (in USD) or other awards in vouchers they will send to your email. To convert sweeps coins into money, you must have a minimum of 50 sweeps coins (the value of sweeps coins is one sweeps coin for $1). To withdraw cash from the LuckyLand sign-up offer, you must first play and win sweeps coins until you have 50.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus

We didn’t find any real red flags regarding the LuckyLand bonus code offer. However, users should understand one small thing before they play. When you sign up, the gold coins you receive are just for social play. Even when you buy 50,000 coins for the discounted welcome offer for $4.99, you cannot use the gold coins to win sweep coins. The free sweep coins you get with sign-up or when you buy the 50,000 gold coins cannot be redeemed. These have to be played first to win other sweeps coins – and those are the ones you can redeem when you have won at least 50. Understanding the difference between the gold coins and the sweeps coins is essential.

Conclusion/verdict on bonus

We found this to be an excellent welcome offer from Luckyland. The LuckyLand sign-up offer gives the players lots of coins to get them started on their journey at the social casino. After you sign-up and make that first discounted purchase, you have a whopping 57,000 gold coins to enjoy the games at LuckyLand. Not only this, but you also have a bundle of sweeps coins that you can use to win other sweeps coins for cash and prizes. All for under $5. That is an outstanding deal, and we think it is worth a try.

Social Casino Promo
LuckyLand Slots
Social Casino Promo
7,000 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Claim Promo

LuckyLand is tons of fun!

Phew! We’re done with our review of the Luckyland sign-up offer, and boy, did we have fun. The LuckyLand bonus code offer is perfect for getting you started on the platform. You can use your Facebook or email to create an account. You will automatically get the free coins. If you want to make that first purchase, you can get it at a reduced price as part of the first purchase deal. Many games to choose from that work nicely on your Android app or browser. Good job by the team at LuckyLand!

LuckyLand sign-up offer FAQ 

📄How do I create a LuckyLand account?

Creating an account with the LuckyLand casino is quick and easy. There are two main options. We look at both in our LuckyLand review, which you can refer to for more information. 

💁How do I get the LuckyLand sign-up offer?

Operators require all sorts of different processes to activate welcome bonuses and offers. Our reviews discuss what process you must follow to activate an offer. Look at our reviews for an in-depth, step-by-step discussion on the sign-up process.

🌎Where can I play on LuckyLand casino?

Depending on where you are physically located, the site may block you from playing. If you want to find out more about where the social casinos are available to play, catch our reviews on the topic.

Social Casino Promo
LuckyLand Slots
Social Casino Promo
7,000 Gold Coins + 10 Sweeps Coins
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Claim Promo

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