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Keeneland Select Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

Claim your Keeneland Select Deposit Offer now

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. To claim the Keeneland Select sign up offer you simply have to wager the money. Once you do the Keeneland Select sign up offer will give you $100 in bet credits.

When you go to Keeneland Select you will see the details of the bonus offer in big letters right on the site. If you’ve read our Keeneland Select reviews you’ll know that this is a good thing. We’ve got all the details of the Keeneland bonuses and the pros and cons of using this bookmaker right here!

Keeneland Select Promo

There is no Keeneland Select promo code. It seems that the operator feels that having a Keeneland Select promo code would require more work on behalf of their customers. They prefer to have people simply put money into their account and bet an automatically receive the Keeneland Select sign up offer. That makes it easy for the average gambler. Of course it would be nice if there was something for people looking for a Keeneland Select promo code but that simply does not exist at this time. That may change in the future but for now just focus on the Keeneland Select sign up offer.

Keeneland Select Welcome Bonus in Detail

The Keeneland Select sign up offer is pretty straight forward. Make your deposit and then bet on it. If you bet a total of $300 in your first month they will give you $100. This is not complex as welcome offers go. That makes it easy for you to take advantage of. What’ makes it even better is the fact that you do not have have to worry about a Keeneland Select offer code.

Type Of Bonus

Keeneland Select offers a sort of matching cash bonus. They don’t exactly match your cash but that’s as close as the Keeneland Select sign up offer gets. You have to deposit at least $300 in your first month of play. Then you have to bet the money through at least once. At that point you’ll be given your extra $100 to bet with.

You can’t withdraw that money directly. Instead you have to bet it through. There is no Keeland Select bonus code for you to use. Instead the Keeneland Select sign up offer will automatically appear in your account. That makes it easy for the player to simply kick back, do what they are doing anyway and claim the Keeneland Select sign up offer. You don’t have to go searching around for a Keeneland Select promo code. The offer is simply there for you to claim. This makes Keeneland Select have one of the most accessible sign up offers around.

Bonus Amount

The Keeneland Select sign up offer is pretty straightforward. If you manage to bet $300 in your first month you will then get given $100 in money to play with. You can then bet that money and if you win collect our winnings minus the amount of money you bet with. And if you lose you don’t lose any money at all. You can find fairly similar offers with the Interbets sign up offers, the DRFbets sign up offers, and the OffTrack Betting sign up offers.

Keeneland Select Promo

This offer is fairly middle of the road. It works out to 33% in matching funds as long as you make a minimum amount of bets. There are some online sports bookies that just give you straight up matching funds. There are also bookies that give you much less in funds. Some just give you a free bet. The Keeneland Select sign up offer simply gives you money for making a minimum amount of bets. The good news is that you don’t have to go searching around for a Keeneland Select promo code, nor a Keeneland Select offer code.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

Keeneland Select Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions of the Keeneland Select sign up offer are pretty simple and straightforward. First of all you must of course sign up for a Keeneland Select account. Then you have to start depositing money.

You don’t have to put the entire $300 into your account at once. In theory you could start out by putting $20 in and then have a string of good luck and win a total of $300 and bet that and still claim the Keeneland Select sign up offer. Or else you can simply make a string of deposits that end up totaling $300 in the first month and end up betting them through. It doesn’t matter. The only thing that counts is that you bet a total of $300 in the first month. At that point you will get your $100 in matching funds.

These matching funds only have to be played through once. If you don’t play the money through you cannot withdraw it. We found that the best thing to do with the Keeneland Select sign up offer was to use it to bet on long shots that we wouldn’t usually have the courage to play. That way if we win we win big, but if we lose we don’t lose any money.

Bonus And Requirements

  • Deposit money
  • Bet at least $300 in the first month
  • You will then be credited with $100
  • You can bet that free money on anything you want
  • Collect your winnings minus the amount of your bet
100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

How to Use the Keeneland Select Welcome Bonus

To activate the Keeneland Select deposit offer is fairly simple. All you need to do is find a way to bet $300 in the first month that you play on the site. You don’t need to use a Keeneland Select bonus code. Instead simply make any deposit you want. Then start making bets.

If you win money on your original deposit you can bet that money and have it become part of the $300 you need to bet. If you lose your initial deposit you can always put in more money and play with that.

There is no Keeneland Select promo code. It’s all about you making the effort and fulfilling the requirements while betting. Once you have bet through $300 in the first month you will automatically be credited with $100 in bonus funds. You can bet those bonus funds on anything you would like to. It’s really that simple.

There is another non-welcome bonus you can also claim. Bet a total of $5,000 in your first year at the site and you will be given an extra $50 in free bonus money to bet with. Obviously this for the higher rollers but is still not a bad thing to be able to claim.

There are no hidden requirements for either of these offers. In fact they are as straightforward as you can get when it comes to finding and claiming bonus offers. There is no Keeneland Select promo code to have to worry about. Just sign up and bet the way you would normally bet and you will see the money pop into your account.

Finding an offer this easy to use is a good thing that sets Keeneland Select apart from other gambling sites. You don’t have to jump through hoops to claim your Keeneland Select sign up offer.

Payouts: How to Cash the Welcome Bonus

Cashing out your Keeneland Select sign up offer is easy. Once you have bet your original $300 you will see the bonus money posted to your account. Now all you have to do is bet it. You cannot simply withdraw the Keeneland Select sign up offer. Instead, you have to bet it through.

You only have to bet it through one time. So think of it like a little gift to keep you playing Once again you do not have to use a Keeneland Select promo code. Once you have bet the money through once you can withdraw it. The only catch to the Keeneland Select sign up offer is that you can’t withdraw the amount of free money you bet with. Other than that, the Keeneland Select promo is pretty exciting.

So, say you bet $100 on a race that pays off at two to one. If you had made a bet with your own cash you’d be able to withdraw $200. If you are playing with the bonus cash you’ll only be able to withdraw $100. That’s still a pretty good offer when you consider that if you lose you don’t lose any money at all.

Cashing out is a simple as going to the withdrawal screen and indicating how much money you would like to withdraw. It will then hit your account in a few days. You can also go to the Keeneland Select track and simply withdraw the money as cash right away. Either way it’s a fairly simple process and you should get your money in less than a week. Or you can leave the money in your account to make future bets with.

This makes it as simple a process as can be provided by any horse racing company. Bet your money, claim your bonus, make your bet and then you can cash it out.

Loyalty Bonuses & Promotions

Keeneland Select has a fairly straightforward loyalty program. That said it won’t do most people all that much good. If on the other hand you live next to Keeneland Select or The Red Mile it can be of some use. For every dollar you bet, you will be given one point in their loyalty program. Collect as many points as possible in order to claim your rewards.

Nearly all of the rewards are for people who can get to Keeneland Select or The Red Mile. You trade in your rewards for free entry to the track. In exchange for food or beverages at the track. There will also be special events at the track that you can trade your points for invitations.

This is great if you happen to live neither Keeneland Select or The Red Mile. If on the other hand, you live in a different state they will not be that great as welcome offers. Still, they offer you the potential of getting to do something fun. And since you aren’t paying anything extra for the Keeneland Select points they are not a bad deal.

If you happen to live close to the Keeneland Select track pay attention to the points you are getting. If you don’t happen to live close to the track just let them build up. You may end up near the track someday and decide to turn them in. If not then they aren’t costing you money so no harm no foul.

This is not the greatest loyalty program out there but for people who live near Keeneland Select it’s pretty decent. If loyalty programs are what you are after you can probably find a better one. Overall though this one is OK. Use it if you can and just ignore it if you are unlikely to want to go to a special event at Keeneland Select.

Keeneland Select Sign Up Offers FAQ

❓ How old do I have to be to bet on Keeneland Select online?

You must be at least 18 years of age. In some states and counties you have to be at least 19 years of age. You do not want to try to bet underage because if you are found out you will be referred to the authorities. And you will lose whatever money you’ve put in.

🏇 Can I bet on standard horse racing bets with Keeneland Select?

Yes. All normal horse racing bets are accepted. You can bet win, place, or show. You can make exacta and trifecta bets too. At, we bring you all the top bookmakers that cover a range of horse betting markets.

🎉 Why are the loyalty points attached to Keeneland Select?

Keeneland Select wants to promote their track so they use their loyalty program for that purpose. That means that they do not give you free money to bet with. Instead they offer you free visits to the track, free access to special events, and other Keeneland Select based bonus offers. Yes you can find better VIP bonuses at other tracks. If on the other hand, you go to Keeneland regularly this can be a very good deal.

💯 Is there any promo code I can use?

No. At this time there is no Keeneland Select promo code. That could change in the future. That said they seem to feel that not having a promo code keeps things easier for their gamblers and they might not want to introduce one and make things more complex for the people who want to gamble there.

💵 Can I get money for referring a friend?

Yes. Keeneland Select has a program in place for referring a friend. If you follow the terms and conditions you can claim a bit of money for doing so. They will have to make an initial deposit. Then they will have to bet a total of $600 in their first two months playing at the track. If they do so you will get $50 in order to bet with.

Keeneland Select’s Welcome Bonus – Conclusion

Keeneland Select has an interesting sign-up offer. While not as great as some online gambling offers it’s certainly better than what Interbets is offering. It’s a middle-of-the-road bonus offer and that’s not bad. Simply wager $300 in the first month and you will get $100 in funds to play with. You only have to play this money through once and then you can withdraw whatever amount you want.

You can also get an extra $50 in free bonus money if you bet $5,000 over the course of a year. What we like is the fact that you don’t have to use a promo code at all. Searching the web for promo codes takes a lot of time and effort. And that’s time you are not spending gambling. It’s better to simply have the money automatically put into your pocket.

We also like the refer a friend program. Under this program you are given a special code when you first sign up. Use this code when you are talking online about Keeneland Select. Insert it into your Facebook posts. Use it in blog posts about how much you have won. When someone clicks on that link they will be linked to you. They must then deposit $50 within a month of signing up. Then when they have bet at least $600 in their first two months of betting at the site you will receive $50 in free money to play with. You can sign up as many friends as you want under this system and collect unlimited free cash.

The VIP program is not as good. It is great if you happen to live near one of the tracks. If you don’t you won’t be able to claim much from it. It is great if you can get to the Keeneland Select track on a regular basis. Then you’ll be able to grab all sorts of free stuff. If you can’t get to the track though there isn’t much for you to be able to take advantage of. We would like to see a more expansive VIP program for people who bet at Keeneland Select on a regular basis.

Overall Keeneland Select offers a decent if not great sign up bonus program. Are there areas where they can improve? Yes there are. But are there also places where they are doing the right thing. There is that too. For horse racing they have some very good offers you’ll want to take advantage of. If you’d like to compare Keeneland Select to some of the other top horse betting providers out there, be sure to visit our DRF Bets legit and Watch and Wager legal guides.

About Keeneland Select

Keeneland Select started off as the online version of the Keeneland Select track betting site. The Keeneland betting track is consistently ranked as #1 in the nation. For a company that is directly tied to that track you can expect a level of excellence not found anywhere else. Since then it has expanded and now offers to take bets on every other track in the world.

Still, though, it is entirely based around the Keeneland Select track. That is not a bad thing. This is reflected in how it’s VIP program works. Still for an online betting site that has such humble roots it is as good as you can expect. It has an easy to use interface. It provides fair odds. And it does have a decent welcome bonus.

Overall you could do a lot worse than trying out Keeneland Select. They will get the job done right the first time around. Yes you can find places with slightly better welcome bonuses but if you are looking for a place to bet on a regular basis then this is the place you can count on for the long term. They have a long track record and are very good at what they do. There’s nothing wrong with the site at all and you can count on it for the long term. They know what they want to accomplish and they accomplish that very well. Other online bookies could learn from them.

Betting Markets Available

Keeneland Select is a simple horse racing site. That’s where its focus is. They don’t offer any casino type games. They don’t have any scratch cards or slot machines. They focus all their efforts on horse racing. As a horse racing provider they have everything you would expect. You can bet on win, place, or show. You can bet on exactas or trifectas. You can bet on one horse winning in multiple races to increase your odds. In fact just about everything you’d expect from a horse racing site is here for you to bet on. It’s simply put together that well.

They seem to have made a smart bet in not expanding to other forms of betting. Yes it can be nice to be able to switch off for a bit and just play the slots. But adding that to a horse racing site can just muddy the waters. When you are a horse racing fanatic you just want to bet on horses. You can sign up for another site if you want to bet on blackjack. Overall Keeneland Select has its markets. And they serve their markets very well. You could do a lot worse than betting your money at Keeneland Select.

Security And License

Keeneland Select is licensed to offer online sports racing in the state of Kentucky. It is also allowed to operate in other states that permit online horse racing to be played. It takes security very seriously. Keeneland Select uses the highest end to end encryption code possible. This allows you to be sure that your financial transactions both to and from the site to be as safe as can be.

Of course whenever you surf online your security is only as safe as both ends of the spectrum. That’s why you should run virus software on your computer on a regular basis. Otherwise malicious programs could steal your data on its way to or from Keeneland Select. But assuming your compute is safe you should consider your bets at Keeneland Select to be as secure as if you were using Amazon or some other major label site.

They put a lot of effort into their security and are constantly updating it. The result is one of the most secure sites you could possibly want to bet on. Of course hackers will always keep trying to get in but it should be pretty difficult for them to do so with Keeneland Select.

Keeneland Select Customer Support

Keeneland offers customer service via phone at 855-KEEBETS or 855-533-2387, via email at via live chat (click on the link on the home page) or through the mail at; PO Box 8510; Lexington, KY 40533.

In general we found their level of customer service to be excellent. We asked them a series of questions via email and live chat. We also called them up and questioned them on the phone. Some of our questions were very complex. Others were simple. In each and every case they provided the right answer.

Going through email seemed to take the longest. There would sometimes be a couple of hours of lag time in between getting responses. We did not try the post office but can only assume that it would be much longer.

Overall the response rate was very good through live chat and through the phone. They seem to have the experience to know what they are doing and do it well. We had no problems at all and that speaks well of the company. Any online betting company can seem great when the system is working. It’s when there are problems that you see how well the system actually works with the Keeneland Select promo.

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