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Keeneland Select Review US 2024 Is Keeneland Select Sportsbook legit?

Check out our US Keeneland Select Sportsbook Review

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Horse Betting
Keeneland Select Horse Betting
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  • Decent $100 bonus
  • Awesome racing odds
  • Top racing coverage
Keeneland Select Horse Betting Promo
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Keeneland Select US is the online betting company associated with the Keeneland racetrack. This track has provided live racing since 1936. In 2009 the Horseplayers Association Of North America began ranking racetracks in America.

Since then Keeneland has consistently ranked as one of the best in the nation. And Keeneland Select US aims to uphold this level of excellence. It has tens of thousands of players log in every day and place bets. They offer betting on nearly every racetrack in North American and multiple international races. Keep reading to see the Keeneland Select sign up offers.

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Keeneland USA: Pros & Cons
  • Handy welcome bonus
  • Good customer support
  • Quality horse racing bets
  • Doesn't cover all US states
Payment Methods
Oregon (US) Racing Commission
Keeneland Association, Inc
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(+)1 859-254-3412
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  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
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Last Updated on 12/07/2024
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Keeneland Select Welcome Bonus - Claim Your $100

Keeneland Select US has a fairly easy to use welcome bonus. We should note that there are no promo codes offered by Keeneland Select US. Instead, they are very straightforward.

When you register for the site, they will begin tracking you. You have to bet $300 in your first 30 days of wagering. Then you will receive $100 in racing credit. You cannot cash out this bonus right away; you have to bet it. When you bet it, if you win you will be able to withdraw the money minus the amount of your free bet.

So, for example, if you bet $10 on a three to one race you would win $30. You would actually be able to withdraw $20 because the $10 amount of your free bet would not be included. On the other hand, if you lost the bet you would lose nothing.

Keeneland Select US provides the welcome bonus you want with an easy to access feature. You can compare their welcome offer to those seen in our Interbets reviews, our DRFbets reviews, and our reviews.

We think that Keeneland Select US offers come out favorably. Other betters seem to agree as there is no indication of any complaints about their welcome offer in either the Keeneland Select reviews or Keeneland Select ratings.

Here's how to collect your Keeneland Select US rewards:

  • Step 1. Register for an account
  • Step 2. Bet $300 in 30 days
  • Step 3. Check your balance
  • Step 4. Your reward should be there

Usability - What is the Keeneland Select Site Like?

Overall, the website design is seamless and easy to use - even for more novice bettors. You'll find a whole host of betting tools and educational guides once you set up your account, without any annoying subscription fees.

Does Keeneland Select Have an App?

Keeneland Select offers apps for iOS and Android enabled devices. Both are free to use. You simply have to go to your favorite app store search for them to download and launch them.

You will find that they work exactly the same way the site for laptops and desktops work. The only difference is that the Keenland Select US apps use a smaller screen than your larger devices. They offer all of the same features you've come to expect from the Keeneland Select US website and even have simulcasts of all the races the site offers.

Given that this is 2020 that's to be expected. Most people these days go to the Internet through their mobile devices. Long gone are the days of having to be stuck to your laptop or desktop. Keeneland Select US understands this and has therefore developed apps that reflect this new reality.

The Keeneland Select US apps should run smoothly on all modern phones. If you have an older phone you may have problems installing them. But for most people, this will not be much of an issue. Their apps work fairly well and there are no serious problems reported with them. You can trust them.

Is Keeneland Select reliable when it comes to their apps?

We would have to say so. They are regularly updated and include new security features with each addition. Is Keeneland Select secure when it comes to their apps? Again, we have to agree. They seem to be up to date on all of the latest security software available. This is reflected in the Keeneland Select reviews and Keeneland Select ratings.

There have been some complaints that the apps don't work very well with iPads. Looking into the reviews, it looks like those problems are with older iPads. With newer devices, you will be able to load the app easily and make your bets quickly. Safety and security are the number one goal when it comes to gambling apps and Keeneland seems to understand this. They have clearly put a lot of time and effort into their app development.

That said like with any app it will probably work better if you are connected to Wi-Fi than if you are using a straight data transfer. That is an obstacle that nobody has found a way to overcome. But in general, the Keeneland Select US apps seem to work very well and get the job done. Other companies have done far worse, so we give them our full support for this. Have a read of our Watch and Wager legit guide sto see where another top competitor stands in their reliability ratings.

Deposits: Keeneland Banking Methods

Keeneland Select US offers nearly every way possible to put money into your account. And it's just as easy to withdraw. You can use your Visa or MasterCard. Please note that some banks will not allow their cards to be used for gambling purposes. Please contact your bank to find out. You can also make a direct wire transfer to your account. You can mail them a check but be aware you will have to wait for the check to clear first. You can even go to the Keeneland track itself and put money in. They also let you buy a Green Dot card from your local Wal- Mart to deposit money. You can also use EZMoney to do an ATC transfer directly from your bank account.

Deposit Methods

  • Cash
  • Visa/Mastercard – limit $500 per transaction
  • Wire Transfer - no limit
  • Green Dot – up to $1,100
  • EZMoney – limit depends on your bank

Withdrawals are just as easy. Depending on the way you made your deposit and want your withdrawal it will take a different amount of time. However, you can always simply walk into the Keeneland track and present your winning ticket and get cash. If you are withdrawing to your credit card it can take up to five days to process. If you are getting a wire transfer, you may have to wait up to seven business days.

Withdrawal Methods

  • Cash at track - no limits
  • Visa/MasterCard – depends on your bank
  • Green Dot – not available
  • EZMoney – depends on your bank
  • Wire Transfer – no limit

Keeneland’s Customer Support

Keeneland Select US offers great customer support. You can contact them by email. You can use their live chat. You can call them up on the phone. You can go to the track itself and ask questions. You can even write them a letter. We tried out all of the Keeneland Select US customer service options and found them all to be excellent. We could not craft a complex enough problem that they could not respond to. The quickest way to get a response from Keeneland Select US is through their live chat. The phone is the second-fastest. We found email support to take an hour or so but that is a good route for your more complex questions. We did not check out how well they responded by mail.

  • Phone - 855-KEEBETS or 855-533-2387
  • Email -
  • Live chat is available
  • Snail mail –, PO Box 8510, Lexington, KY 40533

Licensing -Is Keeneland Select Reliable & Secure?

They approach the races at other tracks with the same level of excellence that they bring to the Keeneland track. The Keeneland Select Reviews and the Keeneland Select ratings reflect this dedication to excellence. What they lack for in welcome bonuses is easily made up for in the great horse racing betting they offer.

While their VIP program is targeted to people who can get to the Keeneland racetrack that is simply a part of a tradition. And the VIP awards are great if you can get to the track itself. Keeneland is one of the oldest racetracks in North America and is steeped in tradition. Queen Elizabeth herself once visited the track.

Overall Keeneland Select US offers the finest horse racing traditions in a modern model presented online. As betting on online horse racing becomes more and more popular, we expect to see Keeneland Select US offering more and more options for people to place bets. In that regard, we are happy they do not have a casino as that would simply distract from their excellent horse racing options. Keeneland Select US is a well-known and well-respected operator. Of course, that gets reflected in the Keeneland Select ratings and the Keeneland Select reviews.

Is Keeneland Select legal in the US?

That depends on what state you live in. Many states have legalized online horse betting. Here are the states where Keeneland Select US is currently legal:

Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin & Wyoming.

Keeneland Select Racetracks

Keeneland Select US covers nearly all horse racing in the United States. They even cover most international tracks. You can bet on Ajax Downs, Albuquerque, Belmont Stakes Advance Wagering, Belmont Stakes Daily Double Wager, Breeders’ Cup Classic Double, Breeders’ Cup Jockey Wager, Buffalo Raceway (H), Dubai World Cup, Dubai World Cup Advance Wagering, Dubai International, Kentucky Derby Advance Wagering, Kentucky Derby Exacta Future Wager, Kentucky Derby Jockey Wager, Preakness Stakes and more.

All racing tracks in Australia, Canada, France, Great Britain, Ireland, and South Africa are covered as well by Keeneland Select US. In fact, it would be hard to find some race somewhere that isn't covered by Keeneland Select US. Of course, their focus is on their main track, but they have diversified out to cover anything and everything you can think of.

Additional Offers from Keeneland Select US

Another bonus offered by Keeneland Select US is their refer-a-friend bonus. This also ranks highly in the Keeneland Select reviews and Keeneland Select ratings.

When you sign up you will be given a code with your own number in the link. Then when you talk about Keeneland Select US online you should post the code. You can do this on Facebook. You can do it on Twitter. If you blog about horse racing, you can insert it into your blog. Then when your friends read about your experience with Keeneland Select US they may click on your link. It will automatically track you at that point.

If they register for the site Keeneland Select US will start monitoring them. When they have bet a total of $600 over a two-month period you will then get $50 in free money to bet with.

This money from Keeneland Select US will have the same restrictions as your welcome bonus. You can't withdraw it. Instead, place a bet with it and if you win, you get your money back minus the amount of the bet. If you lose you lose nothing. Overall this is a good way for Keeneland Select US to promote themselves to other gamblers and it ends up rewarding you as well.

Betting markets - Plenty of choice here

Keeneland Select’s Racing Markets

Keeneland Select US covers every horse racing market you can think of, That's why Keeneland Select reviews and Keeneland Select ratings are so high. If there is a market you are looking for them to cover, they cover it.

Obviously, you can place bets to win, bets to place, and bets to show. You can also bet on exactas and trifectas. You can even box your exactas and trifectas. They also have betting where you can bet on more than one race at a time for increased odds. If you want to select the winner in two or more races, you can do so. If you win them, you will get a lot more money from Keeneland Select US.

Of course, if any of your horses lose during this challenge you will forfeit your entire bet. You can even place these bets across different racetracks. Keeneland Select US is completely focused on horse racing. If there is a bet, you can make at any other track you can make it at Keeneland Select US. The Keeneland Select ratings and Keeneland Select reviews reflect this. Overall Keeneland Select US does a great job of covering all of the markets you can think of or want to bet on.

Odds - Awesome betting odds here

Keeneland Select has built much of its reputation on providing punters with consistently competitive racing odds. So we thought that we’d put Keeneland Select to the test by carrying out an odds comparison test between the brand and one the biggest racebooks in the US. We picked a big race at Saratoga and found both betting sites to be neck and neck in the racing odds. Plenty of proof that Keeneland Select can put on market-beating odds.

Limits - How much can you win at Keeneland Select?

Most racebooks will have some kind of small print that tells you how much you can win with your horse racing bets. However, we couldn’t find any such information in the Keeneland Select terms and conditions. It looks like the bet limits vary according to the race and bet type. All of this is a familiar picture in many other racebooks.

Conclusion - Simply an excellent online racebook

Keeneland Select has knocked it out of the park with its horse betting platform. The brand somehow manages to put on routinely excellent odds on pretty much any horse race that you can think of. This means that you could get incredible odds anywhere from the Kentucky Derby to the Grand National. Truly an excellent horse betting site.

Keeneland Select Reviews FAQ

👋 Is Keeneland Select reliable?

Keeneland Select is a know horse betting site based in the USA. By checking out our fair and extensive Keeneland Select Reviews at, you can find out everything you need to know. We've carefully tested and assessed the safety, security and legitimacy of the site among other things. Find out everything there is to discover about Keeneland Select right here!

🏇 Does Keeneland select offer best odds?

Keeneland Select is a horse betting website that constantly updates its odds and offers to remain one of the most competitive on the market. With the odds and offers being constantly updated, it can be hard to keep track of. You can keep up to date and be the first to find out about offers from Keeneland Select by subscribing to Additionally, you can also find out Keeneland Select Review right here.

🇺🇸 Does Keeneland select work in my state?

Gambling and sports betting laws strictly differ from state to state and are constantly changing. Keep up to date and be the first to find out if sports betting becomes legal in your state with You can also find out where Keeneland Select currently operate by reading our in-depth operator guide.

Conclusion: An excellent horse betting provider

To summarize, Keeneland Select looks good overall. Firstly, they have an excellent selection of horse betting markets and a seamless betting slip system. Secondly, the sign-up bonus is among the best out there on the market. And lastly, the app mirrors the desktop site extremely well, meaning you can get all of your betting done on the move.

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Horse Betting
Keeneland Select Horse Betting
Rating follows
  • Decent $100 bonus
  • Awesome racing odds
  • Top racing coverage
Keeneland Select Horse Betting Promo
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