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Interbets Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

Latest Interbest Deposit Offers for 2021

Interbets is a straight-up OTB company and simply takes bets on horse races. They don’t seem to see the need to offer an Interbets promo code or Interbets sign up offers for their general services.

Other online horse racing sites in America such as the Bet America sign up offers, the sign up offers , the Xpressbet promo code,  and the sign up offers are better suited, but there’s more to a bookmaker than promo codes. Read on to find the real value in Interbets.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

Claim your Interbets Deposit Offer Now

To claim your Interbets sign up offer you need to register for their site using your phone or portable device. Do not do so through the browser on your device. Instead go to the app store for your device. Then download the Interbets app. Make sure you type in “Interbets” because there are sites with very similar names. Then download the app to your device and open it. Now you can register for the site.

Once you do so, make your first deposit. Then bet that deposit on horse races. Once you have made your deposit and bet it you will get matching funds up to $100. That’s as good as the Interbets sign up offers get.

We want to remind you that there is no Interbets promo code. Should you see someone promoting an Interbets promo code they are wrong. They have simply mixed up Interbets with another online gambling site.


Remember, you can’t claim the Interbets sign up offers if you sign up through your laptop or desktop. To get the Interbets sign up offers you must not only use your phone or other mobile devices, but you must also do it through their app. That’s the way the Interbets sign up offers are designed and there is no way around it.

And also remember that there is no Interbets promo code at all. If it’s a promo code you are after you may want to take a look at the Sugarhouse Sportsbook Bonus Code as an alternative. So, don’t be fooled by sites that promise you an Interbets promo code. They are simply confused because of the name.

Interbets Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Do I Have To Bet To Bet At Interbets?

In all states that allow Interbets to operate you have to be at least 18 years old. Some states or counties may insist that you be at least 19 or 21 years old. You don’t want to mess around with this. If you are found to be betting underage Interbets will freeze your account. In some areas they might also notify authorities about your actions.

What Is An Exacta And A Trifecta?

An exacta is when you bet on one horse to win and another to place in the same race. Both have to come in for you to win. You can place an exacta box so that either can win or place for you to win. A trifecta is when you place a bet on three horses to win, place, and show in the same race. Like with the exacta you can get a box so that the three horses can come in in any order.

What Does Win, Place, And Show Mean?

Winning is easy. You pick the horse that will win the race. Place means you are betting that the horse will either win or come in second. Either way you win. Placing a show bet means that you are betting the horse will come in first, second, or third. In all three cases you win. A win pays more than a place bet and a place bet pays more than a show bet.

Why Does Interbets Not Have Shops Where I Live?

Interbets or the Catskills Off-Track Betting Corporation can only place brick and mortar shops in the State Of New York. If you are not in New York they lack the legal ability to be able to open up such shops.

Will Interbets Offer Promo Codes In The Future?

Probably not. They are a very old school company and like doing business the way they do business.

Interbets May Have Promotions From Time To Time

Interbets does partner with many of the race tracks they take bets for. That’s just good business for both Interbets and the tracks themselves. That means that from time to time a given race track may want to run a promotion through Interbets. When they do so, they will set the terms.

Some of these promotions will be made available online for a limited amount of time. Some are only made available at their in-person brick and mortar locations. Some are available at both. It’s really up to the track that is offering the promotion on Interbets.

In general if you look at the site online they will post schedules of their promotions. They will have names like $10 Yonkers Bet. Each one will have its own terms and conditions that you should read carefully. These bets are meant to promote the track itself and not Interbets. That Interbets makes some money off of it really isn’t the point.

That said, if you can get a little bit of free money to bet with, why not go for it? Though to be honest you really aren’t coming to Interbets for promotions. You are coming to them because you want to place your bets at somewhere with 40 years of experience in horse racing that is a large company that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

Should You Use Interbets Or A Newer Online Horse Racing Site?

The question of whether or not to use Interbets or another online horse racing site can go either way. It all depends on what type of gambler you are. If you are a more conservative gambler you’ll probably want to use Interbets. Its history of offering fair bets in New York dating back to the 70s speaks for itself. Its odds are good and they pay very quickly.

Yes, when you first sign up you can only bet so much during the first 60 days but that shouldn’t be a problem for most people. And yes, even as an established gambler you will have limits placed on how much you can bet. But those limits are reasonable for most people. And of course, if you live in New York, being able to walk into one of their shops and collect your winnings instantly is a big plus.

If on the other hand you are into bonus offers then you might want to try a different online horse racing site. They can give you a lot of free money and free bets. They will work hard to get you as a customer. They will also have loyalty programs to keep you coming back to bet more. And most other online horse racing bookies don’t put limits on how much you can bet. That won’t affect most people but if you are a high roller could become an issue. And if that’s you, try a different online horse racing site.

So whether to use Interbets or another site is really one of personal preference. Many people are drawn to the experience and old school charm of Interbets. Other people like the flashy new features of other online horse racing bookies. It’s really up to you. You can read our other horse betting reviews, such as the DRF Bets legit guide or Watch and Wager legal review to help make up your mind.

100% up to $200
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem TVG Bonus

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