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Interbets Review US 2024 Is Interbets Sportsbook legit?

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Welcome to our Interbet reviews! Is Interbets safe? Interbets US is the online front of the Catskills OffTrackBetting Corporation. This company has been offering bets on horse racing since 1976.

So it’s probably a safe bet. While Interbets US is low on Interbets sign up offers what they pitch to online gamblers is the trust they have earned by offering betting on horse racing for decades. They are the most well-known horse racing betting shop in the US and should flourish for years to come.

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Interbets USA: Pros & Cons
  • Operating since 1976
  • Very safe and secure
  • Simple and user-friendly site design
  • No welcome offers
Payment Methods
Bank Transfer
New York (US)
Catskill Off-Track Betting Corporation
Available Languages
Customer Support
Phone, Email Support
Overall Rating
Rating follows
  • Bonus Offers & Free Bets
  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
William Gallucci
Horse player
"Everything easy to use clear picture when watching a race live can buy a program"
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Last Updated on 12/07/2024
Fact checked by: Drew the DFS Guy

Interbets Does Not Do Bonus Offers

Is interbets legit for bonuses? Interbets is simply a sideline of the Catskills company. Their main business is their brick and mortar shops. And they know that most of the people who use their online service have already been to one of those shops.

For that reason, they do not put very much effort into their online bonus program. Online bonus offers are made by companies that want to attract your attention to get your business. Interbets is not one of those companies. They figure that their reputation speaks for itself. And they also assume that people who use them have already been to their betting shops so an introductory offer would not make any sense at all.

Our Interbet reviews found that they do have a bonus if you sign up via their app. That is designed to get people who are not used to using apps to do so. Eventually, everyone will be used to using apps and they won't have to promote it.

Lack of bonuses doesn't affect our Interbets reviews

Not having a lot of bonus offers isn't a bad thing. It simply means that Interbets is confident enough in the service they offer to know they don't need one. If you are looking for a bonus offer you can find a site that offers them. If you just want to bet on horse racing and don't care about bonus offers, then you can use Interbets and have a good time doing so. Take a look at our Watch and Wager review and DRF Bets reviews to see what other providers are offering in terms of bonuses and promotions.

Usability: How user-friendly is the site design?

Is Interbets safe? When you are looking at horse racing sites, you'll see a lot of different reviews.  From the layout of the site to how easy it is to get payouts, people have opinions on every aspect - any they're not always positive.

Yet that doesn't happen to Interbets US. When you look at their ratings online you will pretty much find nothing but positive reviews. People seem to like the way the Interbets US site is laid out. They like the easy ability to make bets on Interbets US. They just generally have positive reviews for the site.

This probably comes from their years of brick and mortar experience. They know what their customers want and know how to provide it. That sets them apart from online horse racing bookies who have only been around for a couple of years. So is interbets legit? Interbets US knows its customers, knows how to treat them, and has over four decades of experience. They simply know their stuff so that you don't have to worry about questions like 'Is Interbets legal?'.

That's why Interbets US gets such positive feedback in nearly all their user reviews.

Devices & Apps: Interbets US App

These days if you want to have a presence online you need to have an app. This isn't 2001. Today people spend most of their online time on their phones or other mobile devices. Laptops and desktops are for work. Your phone is for doing your fun stuff.

That's why every reliable online company has an app out. If the place you want to bet on horses doesn't have an app go elsewhere. And so Interbets has apps for iOS and Android enabled devices.

Both work exactly the same as the site itself. You can place bets. You can make withdrawals. You can follow all of the races. Their app simply works very well. And their app is one of the only places you can get a welcome bonus from Interbets US.

Our Interbet reviews found that you can simply download the app. Then register. Then make a deposit and place your bets. Once you have done so you will get matching funds up to $100. You can use those funds to place additional bets and increase your chances of winning. This is one of the only ways to get bonus money out of Interbets but it's one that rally puts cash in your pockets.

Deposit & Withdrawal: Is Interbets reliable?

You’ll be able to make deposits at InterBets from a minimum of $10 at a time. There are a range of different deposit methods available. These include cash, check, money order, ACH, OTBPay or via a credit card. There’s also the option to use PayNearMe via a 7Eleven or CVS store. Bear in mind that ACH deposits might take up to six banking days to be processed. Want to deposit or withdraw in person? You can do so via the Catskill OTB brand locations.

Interbets Customer Service - Positive results from our Interbet reviews

As you would expect from a company that has been out as long as Interbets has its customer service is considered among the best in the business. You can go into one of their shops and simply ask questions. Of you can call them up on the phone. Or you can send them an email. No matter how you get in touch with them they will be understanding and helpful.

We tried out all of the possible ways to contact Interbets. And we asked the most complex questions we could come up with. Each and every time Interbets gave us the right answer very quickly. Our Interbets reviews found that their staff is clearly very well trained and knows what they are doing. More companies should try to be like Interbets when it comes to the kind of customer service they provide.

Licensing: Is Interbets Reliable & Secure?

Is Interbets safe? Interbets US is the online front of the Catskills OffTrackBetting Corporation. This company has been offering bets on horse racing since 1976. That said for much of their time they were only based in New York. Is interbets legit in your state? They had dozens of brick-and-mortar offices set up. People would go into one, hand them cash and then be able to bet on horse races. Then if they won, they'd be able to go back, hand them their slips, and collect their money. That is still their primary way of doing business. Turning to online gambling is simply a way for them to expand their revenue and make a case for themselves outside of New York.

That's probably a safe bet. For decades they used to have brick and mortar shops right on the borders with New Jersey and Connecticut. Interbets US has always known that there is a huge demand for betting on horse racing outside of New York. Now people can access them whenever they want to.

While Interbets US is low on Interbets sign up offers what they pitch to online gamblers is the trust they have earned by offering betting on horse racing for decades. They are the most well-known horse racing betting shop in the US and should flourish for years to come.

Interbets reviews and Interbets ratings demonstrate this. They have the highest ratings possible and Interbets reviews are nothing but glowing. They clearly understand what they are doing at Interbets US and we should expect them to keep doing it and stay profitable for years to come.

Interbets And Responsible Gambling

If you're going to be depositing funds onto an online betting site, it's essential you take care when choosing a site, as well as betting at one. Here are our top tips for staying safe while betting online.

Is Interbets safe? Always gamble with a budget

Figure out what you can afford to lose and only gamble that amount. It doesn't matter if your budget is daily, weekly, or monthly. What matters is that you set an amount and a timeline and stick to it.

Is Interbets legal? Only gamble only with licensed betting sites

So is Interbets legal in your state? You can check if a site is officially regulated by a top tier regulatory body by scrolling down to the bottom of their homepage. All of the top reviewed and recommended betting providers you'll find on expert sites should be regulated and trustworthy.

Is Interbets legit? Change your passwords on the regular basis

Changing your passwords regularly helps keep your account secure and safe from hackers. For extra security, you can check if the site you are using is SSL certified by looking for the padlock and key logo in the URL section of your browser.

Make sure that gambling is still fun for you

If you start to just do it because you are in the routine of doing it then that's not a good thing. Gambling should be exciting. If it’s not a joy, take a couple of weeks off from it. When you come back, you'll have more fun with it.

Rewards and loyalty - Join the Exclusive Cash Rewards program

InterBets has an awesome reward program that gives you a bonus by wagering on New York track races. These feature reward dollars that are granted in return for how much you wager. Simply put, you’ll get one reward point for each dollar you wager. When you’ve picked up 2,000 reward points, you’ll get cash rewards. An awesome way to get something back from your horse racing bets.

Betting markets: Massive number of racing bets

  • All top horse races covered
  • Very competitive racing odds
  • Decent reward program

InterBets gives you a great way to bet on all thoroughbred and harness racetracks in the New York area. But it doesn’t stop there, as the brand gives you odds for pretty much any major track across the whole of the US, Canada and the rest of the world too. This means that you’ll find it just as easy to bet on a race in Louisiana and Indiana as you would a race in the UK or Ireland.

Odds: Competitive odds at InterBets

We’d never send you to a racebook unless we’d checked its odds out beforehand. So we carried out an odds comparison test between InterBets and a big rival for a major race at the Finger Lakes racetrack in New York. Our odds comparison showed that InterBet could definitely hold its own in terms of odds for the race favorites and you could sometimes find real value in bets on the outsiders too.

Limits: How much can you win at InterBets?

There’s not too much information on the InterBets site about how much you can win with your racing bets here. Similarly, InterBets are fairly unforthcoming on their minimum and maximum bet limits. The only relevant information we found said that the minimum wager amounts are set by the host tracks.

Conclusion: A quality horse racing betting site

It’s clear that InterBets knows what it’s doing. The brand has put on a serious horse racing betting platform that offers great odds on pretty much any horse race you could think of. Don’t get put off by InterBets’ New York focus, as the brand is just as good for betting on anything from the Kentucky Derby to a race in Ireland. So make sure you give InterBets a try for your next horse racing bet.

Interbets Reviews FAQ

🏆 Is Interbets a good bookmaker?

At, we set out to uncover the best bookmakers on the internet. With our extensive bookmaker reviews, we analyze each component of the respective bookie. From usability to payment options; from licenses and security to the available verticals. Through this research, we have compiled the best bookies for you. All you need to do is take your pick and sign up. Find out more about Interbets by looking into our in-depth review.

🔭 Can I access Interbets from all US states?

Interbets is only available in certain states across the US. This is due to strict gambling laws that preside over most states. To find out if you can access Interbets, take a look at our Interbets review. We outline which states will be able to gamble in general, and more specifically look into Interbets coverage.

🏧 What payment methods does Interbets accept?

Online bookmakers accept a number of different payment methods. These range from standard card payments to using e-wallets and prepaid cards. It must be noted that each bookmaker will include their own list of acceptable payment options. Our bookmaker reviews will outline these options that are available to you for each respective bookmaker. This makes it much easier when it comes to funding your betting account.

🎰 Does Interbets offer live casino games?

Interbets is a fantastic online operator that offers exciting online sports betting options. Today, the top bookmakers offer diverse betting platforms with sports and online casino games combined. However, there are bookmakers who specialize in only offering a sports betting platform. Our bookmaker reviews outline all the available verticals and the strengths that underlie each. To find out if Interbets offers a casino platform and riveting live casino games, check out our comprehensive review.

Don't Confuse Interbets With Interbet

So is Interbets safe? One of the downsides to Interbets US is that they are often confused with the company called Interbet. There is only one letter off between the two companies. Interbet is a company that offers online casino gambling for people in the UK. They are where you go when you are not in America and want to play slot machines and blackjack. Interbets US is where you go if you are situated in the US and want to bet on horse racing. While both sites offer online gambling, they are in different markets and offer different products.

What this confusion does cause is problems for Interbets US. So is interbets legit? People Google them looking for online promo codes and instead find the Interbets ones. Many sites don't seem to realize there is a difference between the two sites. There is a huge difference and people should be made aware of it.

When looking at Interbets reviews and Interbets ratings you see nothing but positive feedback. When you look at Interbets you see a very different situation indeed. So please keep in mind that Interbets US is not the same company as Interbets. They are both under different management and one has nothing to do with the other.

Q&A Over Interbets Legitimacy

Is Interbets Reliable?

So is Interbets legal? Interbets US is one of the most reliable companies in the world. People all across New York state are very familiar with their advertising on radio and television. And they have earned that trust by working very hard for it. If you say the words OTB in New York, people think of a high-quality company. This is why Interbets reviews and Interbets ratings are so high. People have trust in this company. The level of customer service at Interbets US is one of the best of any company in the United States. They are very well known for delivering exactly what they promise to give you. You walk into one of their shops and the odds are clearly visible. You then hand them cash and they take your bet. If you win you collect. They are not different online. They offer an easy to use, very accessible service that people love.

Is Interbets reliable? Yes, they are. That's one of the reasons that people love Interbets US. Interbets reviews and Interbets ratings reflect that commitment to their customers.

Interbets US is the gold standard for online horse racing betting in America. Many companies would love this honour as was seen in our BetAmerica reviews,  our reviews, our Xpressbet ratings, and our reviews.

Is Interbets Secure?

Yes, Interbets US is one of the most secure sites in the country. They use the most up-to-date encryption technology to make sure that your connections with them stay private. This encryption does everything in its power to make sure your connections with the site are as secure as possible. When you go to Interbets you might as well be going to Amazon or PayPal. That's how secure they are.

But is Interbets safe? Of course, any site is only as secure as the measures taken by both parties. They can make their site as secure as possible but if there are issues on your end then you could be vulnerable. That's why we suggest you regularly run anti-virus software to make sure that your connection is reliable. If you don't run anti-virus software, then you risk becoming the weak link in the chain. Make sure you make your computer as secure as the servers at Interbets US.

Interbets Ratings - Is Interbets safe?

Interbets ratings are the highest of any horse racing gambling site we've ever seen. The ratings are all four or five stars. People literally have almost no complaints about the site. When you do see a negative review of Interbets US when you look at it the person was clearly trying to write a review of Interbets. That's an understandable mistake for someone to make. But Interbets US is one of the most well respected and decent online gambling sites in America. They simply know exactly what they are offering and do so in a clear and straightforward way.

Interbets Conclusion: A trusted betting provider

So is Interbets legal? Interbets is a rock-solid online horse racing company. They've been in business for decades and understand exactly what needs to be done. Yes, they don't have the bonus offers that other companies do. But that is more than made up for by their years of experience and the fact that you know you are dealing with a company you can trust.

User Reviews for Interbets

4/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Horse player
    William Gallucci

    Everything easy to use clear picture when watching a race live can buy a program

    Slow at times

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Horse Betting
Interbets Horse Betting
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  • A trusted provider since 1976
  • An excellent betting app
  • Well-renowned for its quality betting service
Interbets Horse Betting Promo
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