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Ignition Poker Bonus Code US 2021

Ignition poker has multiple bonus codes you can use. Simply choose the Ignition poker bonus code you want to use and then claim your free money from the site. Each Ignition poker promo code you use will come with different wagering requirements. It’s important to know what the wagering requirements are when selecting your Ignition poker bonus code. That will let you know when you can withdraw money based on what Ignition poker promo code you used.

Latest Ignition Poker Sign Up Promo Code

The first Ignition poker promo code assumes that you are making your deposit with a credit card. If you are not you will have to use a different Ignition poker bonus code. If you are using a credit card simply enter IGNITION CASINO WELCOME BONUS when you make your first deposit. You will then get 100% matching funds up to $1,000. This bonus will have to be played through a total of 25 times before you can withdraw it. That’s a decent Ignition poker sign up bonus. You can only use this code once.

The second Ignition poker promo code you can use assumes you are using Bitcoin to make your deposit. If you are not using Bitcoin you cannot use this Ignition poker bonus code. While making your deposit simply enter IGBITCOIN2000. You’ll then get a 200% matching bonus on up to $1,000 you deposit. So if you put in $1,000 you’ll end up getting a matching bonus of $2,000 leaving you a total of $3,000 to play with. This money must be played through 25 times. And you can only use this bonus code one time.

If you continue to use Bitcoin to make your deposits you can use another Ignition poker promo code each and every time you put new money into your account. Simply enter BITCOIN BONUS as your promo code. You’ll end up getting 25% in matching funds up to $1,000. Best of all this money only has to be played through 10 times before you can withdraw it which is boon to people who love to play poker at online casinos. You can claim this bonus money each and every time you use Bitcoin to make a deposit at Ignition Poker.

Finally there is an Ignition poker promo code you can use even if you don’t deposit any money at all. For this bonus simply enter REVFREE5 when you register for your account. You’ll get $5 in bonus money. This bonus money must be played through 100 times before you can withdraw it. You can only use this Ignition poker bonus code one time.

Lots of choices

These Ignition poker bonus codes offer you a fair amount of choice when it comes to what you want to claim. For most people the credit card Ignition poker deposit bonus and the no deposit Ignition poker bonus are going to be what they will use.

But for those of you who are into Bitcoin, the Bitcoin deposit bonus and the ability to keep receiving matching funds with the ever repeatable Bitcoin bonus code are the holy grail of free casino bonuses.

Which one you choose will obviously be entirely up to you. If you’d like to compare it to another active casino offer, be sure to take a look at the Mohegan Sun casino bonus code or Ocean Resorts online casino promo code.

Ignition No Deposit Promo Code

The Ignition poker promo code that most people will want to use right away is the no deposit bonus code. When you are registering for the site simply enter REVFREE5 and you will get $5 instantly added to your account. For the other Ignition poker bonus codes it depends on how you are making your deposit. If you are making your deposit via credit card you’ll want to enter IGNITION CASINO WELCOME BONUS and get your 100% matching funds up to $1,000.

If you are making your first deposit with Bitcoin you’ll want to enter IGBITCOIN200 to claim 200% in matching funds up to $2,000. Both are an excellent Ignition poker deposit bonus and the one you choose will simply depend on how you want to make your deposit.

You can compare the Ignition poker deposit bonus against the deposit bonuses offered by Bovada, BetOnline, and Party Poker. Then you can pick the online poker site that is right for you. Or else take advantage of all of them and claim the most amount of money in online poker possible!

Ignition Poker Tell A Friend Bonus

This Ignition poker bonus does not require you to enter a bonus code in order to claim. Instead once you’ve signed up for Ignition poker you will be given a special code. This code has your own unique number attached to it.

Use this code when you are talking about Ignition poker on social media. You can even use it if you are emailing about Ignition poker or writing a blog about Ignition poker. Just remember to always use your special code.

Then if anyone clicks on the code and signs up for Ignition poker you’ll receive cash based on whatever their first deposit is. You’ll get 200% in matching funds up to $100. That’s quite a lot. And there is no limit on the number of people who can sign up through your code so you could literally end up with thousands and thousands of dollars in free money just for telling people about Ignition poker. That’s a very good deal. Particularly since many online casinos put limits on how many friends you can sign up and still claim their refer a friend bonus.

To see how this unique bonus compares to offers by other popular providers, read our 888casino promo code and Fox Bet bonus code guides.

Ignition Poker Rewards Program

Ignition poker also has a multi-step rewards program that can help you get even more in bonus money. It is based on a points system. You will get one point for every dollar you bet on poker. You will get four points for every dollar you bet on video slot machines. As you build up points you move up the ladder.

The progression starts at Steel when you get the bonus money we’ve already talked about. Then as you go up you get even more bonus money when you make deposits. The levels are Chrome, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium and Diamond. To become a Diamond level you have to have met all the requirements for Titanium and get an invitation from the casino itself. At Diamond level you will get 75% in matching funds on each deposit up to $1,000 and a cashback of 25% each week on any losses you may have incurred.

This is a great reason to keep playing at Ignition poker as the more you play the higher your rewards become and the more free money you end up playing with.

Ignition Poker Deposit Fees

One thing we are disappointed about Ignition poker is the deposit fees they demand when you are putting money into your account. Most online casinos do not charge you fees when you put money in. Unless you are using Bitcoin, Ignition poker does. We are not sure why they do when they should simply be making money off of gambling, but it is what it is.

If you make a deposit using your Visa credit or debit card you will end up paying 5.9% in fees on each and every deposit. If you use your MasterCard credit or debit card you will end up being charged 7.9% in fees on every deposit. And if you use your American Express card you will be charged a whopping 9.9% in fees on each and every deposit.

Of course if you make a deposit using Bitcoin you won’t be charged any fees at all. We feel this is a way for Ignition poker to present itself as a Bitcoin casino. There are several casinos that are doing this and it may be the wave of the future.

The flip side of that coin is that Bitcoin may end up just being a fad, in which case they are making the wrong bet. Only time will tell whether or not they are right or wrong.

What Is Bitcoin?

Whether or not to use Bitcoin is still an open question. Bitcoin is a virtual currency. It is made by people using powerful computers for weeks at a time to create a long series of letters and numbers. The person who “mines’ the Bitcoin then gets a small percentage of the Bitcoin and the rest of the Bitcoin is put on the general market.

The value of a Bitcoin varies widely from day to day. One month it could be worth $6,000. Another month it could be worth $14,000 and yet another month it could be $2,000.

That’s because nobody has really priced out what a Bitcoin should be worth yet. Other currencies such as the dollar, the pound, and the euro have had years for people to agree on their true value. This is not the case with Bitcoin.

For this reason, buying Bitcoins is a bit of risk. If you put $100 into Bitcoin today it could be worth $400 in a month or it could be worth $20. We simply don’t know.

You have to buy Bitcoins from registered Bitcoin brokers. Then you have to put them in a password protected wallet. Be sure that someone has access to the password for your wallet. A couple of years ago there was a guy who had converted all of his money into Bitcoin – well over $1 million. Then he died and nobody had his password. That money has sat in his wallet ever since with nobody at all able to use it.

Should I Use It To Make My Deposits At Ignition Poker?

Whether or not you want to use Bitcoin depends on your tolerance for risk. And it also to some extent depends on how willing you are to trust new things.

Yes Bitcoin will get you increased deposit bonuses at Ignition poker. Yes it will allow you to make deposits without paying any fees. But on the other side of that coin it is so volatile that you may end up losing money just by having Bitcoin. Or you may end up gaining a ton of money just by holding Bitcoin. It’s all a gamble and it’s up to you to decide what level of risk you are willing to tolerate.

Does Ignition Poker Have Apps?

Yes. Ignition poker is very concerned with being cutting edge technology. That’s probably why they have such a strong preference for you using Bitcoin to make your deposits. And any company that is centered around new technology is going to have apps.

That’s because apps are the way most people interact with the Internet. This isn’t 2002 anymore where most people went online through their desktops and laptops. Now the vast majority of online communication is done through cell phones or other portable devices. For these devices you need apps.

Apps are small widgets that allow you to access web services with just a couple of clicks. They allow you not to use your phone’s web browser (who really wants to do that?).

Ignition poker has created apps for iOS and Android enabled devices. They work exactly the same way that the laptop and desktop versions of the site work. You can claim all bonuses, use any Ignition poker promo code, and make deposits and withdrawals.

It’s completely seamless and many people who play Ignition poker have never played it on a desktop or laptop. If you are traveling or stuck in an airport simply fire up Ignition poker and start playing right away. You’ll connect instantly and be playing Texas Hold Em before you know it.

We wish all online casinos would develop apps. It would certainly make life easier for everyone.

Ignition Casino Customer Service

Ignition casino earns high marks from us for its customer service. And that’s a very good compliment. There are a lot of online casinos out there that look like they have great offers but then fail completely when customer service gets involved. And a casino is only as good as their customer service. Think about it. Any online casino can be awesome when everything is going well. But when a mistake happens that’s when you’ll really judge a casino. Do they take the time to fix it properly? Of do they make contacting them difficult and give bad answers when they do respond.

We can report that Ignition poker passed every one of our tests. There are three ways to contact them – by phone, by email, and through the contact form. Each of these methods is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s a huge improvement over sites that have limited hours of contact – putting it in line with the very best internet casinos.

Each method we tried responded to us in a timely manner. And each one gave us the right answers to the questions we asked – no matter how complex or difficult they were. All in all we have nothing bad to say about Ignition poker and its customer service department at all. But how does it compare to other top poker providers? Check out our Is Global Poker secure? review to find out.

Ignition Poker Bonus Code: The Final Verdict

We take a look at a lot of online casinos. Some are better than others. For what it is we found Ignition poker to be one of the better casinos in terms of bonus offers. Of course a lot of that is based on the assumption that you will use Bitcoin. If you don’t use Bitcoin you can probably find a casino with more attractive offers. But if Bitcoin is your thing you could do a lot worse than try out Ignition casino.

Their app works very well whether you are connecting through an Apple or Android enabled device. It has all the features you expect – including access to bonus offers – all right built-in.

And their customer services are all aces. All in all, it’s hard to find a reason to criticize Ignition poker. It simply gets the job done right.

Looking for more great casino guides? Check out our Twinspires offer code or Borgata casino bonus code review!

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