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Huuuge Casino Review & Bonus info

The following Huuuge Casino review has been put together by our experts to give you all the information you need on this exciting dynamic platform. We’ll take a closer look at what’s on offer such as free huuuge casino chips, how secure the platform is and, perhaps most importantly of all, how you can claim your free coins when you sign up!

By reading the following review, you should not only gain a solid overview of the platform but also decide whether it sounds like a good fit for you personally. It should also help casino newbies to get a better idea of the different features to look out for, the free coin deals on offer and how social casinos differ from more traditional offerings.

So, if you are looking for a immersive online platform to enjoy some slot action and plenty of free coin deals then read on and decide for yourself whether this platform sounds like a good fit for you!

Huuuge Casino Pro and Con
  • Quirky design and theme
  • Great selection of slots titles
  • Easy to get started
  • Support for several operating systems and mobile devices
  • Great for those who do not want to play with real money
  • App needs to be downloaded to your mobile
  • Lack of live casino
  • Customer service not well regarded

Huuuge Casino Reviewed: A quirky platform with plenty of options

Now we are confident that the free slots are legit, we can take a deeper look at the platform and its key features.

The platform has almost 700,000 reviews on Google Play alone, earning a respectable four stars on aggregate. Once again, its notoriety is testament to its reliability and trustworthiness and the overwhelmingly positive reviews should clue you in to how the platform has been received since its inception and why it has become so popular.

However, consumer reviews are all well and good but they lack any in-depth assessment - and that’s where we come in. We look at every aspect of an operator to present you with a balanced and unbiased impression. We look at everything from the sign-up process to the range of spin and slot games available and why certain activities, such as slot game play, proves so popular. Of course, we also look at any promotions on offer and any free chip or coin deals you need to know about. After reading our review, you’ll be able to decide whether or not you wish to claim your share of free chips or recommend it to your friends.

CompanyHuuuge Games sp. z o. o.
HeadquarterBrunnenstrasse 128 Berlin, 13355 Germany
Year of Founding2014
CEOAnton Gauffin
Available LanguagesFrench, English, Dutch, Japanese
Customer Support
Verified by-
Payment Methods
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Huuuge Casino Welcome Bonus: 5,000,000 Free Chips

Offering some kind of freebie is a tried and tested way of enticing new customers to a platform. If you’ve already searched around, you’re likely to have seen ads for Slotomania free coinsHouse of Fun free coins and numerous other tempting deals. So how does the free huuuge casino chips deal measure up? Well, our review team found the offering of 5 million free tokens to be more than generous - and certainly enough for new users to become well acquainted with the platform before needing to purchase further currency on the platform.

All you need to do to claim the free chips - again, that’s five million free tokens - is download the application to your preferred device. You don’t even have to sign in to begin! It will be obvious to most casino fans that this is a pretty generous offer when compared to rival platforms - the big fish casino free chips, for example, provides just 1000,000 chips, the same with Slotomania. Five million big casino chips should last you a while too - plenty enough to try out some of the top spin and slot options available on the platform.

The sign-up offer is definitely the flagship deal, but it doesn’t stop there. The operator often has new competitions and slot promotions which are proving just as popular as the Billionaire Casino Bonus among users, helping them get their hands on additional free coins. Promotions for these free coins usually appear on the platform’s Facebook page, such as the recent ‘spot the difference’ offer or ‘find the missing fruit’. These flash deals are not only a great way to earn more chips, but they are also a great way to interact with other slots fans- this is a collaborative casino experience after all!

Bonus Requirements:

  • Amount: 5,000,000 Coins
  • Promotion Types: Huuuge Casino Free Chips
  • Example: You receive 5,000,000 Huuuge chips after downloading the app
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Max. Time: N/A
  • Cashable? No

Huuuge Casino App: Download and start playing instantly

If you want to start enjoying some gaming and claim your rewards, then you’ll need to download the app to your preferred device. Whilst it would be nice to have the option of accessing the platform in a web browser too, realistically the appeal of these casinos is often for a little excitement on the go. It’s also easy to set up your profile with a mobile app, as chances are your Facebook account is already up and running and can easily be linked to the Huuuge Casino app, should you wish.

Our review team found the app very appealing. It is easy to use and looks fantastic. Of course, it stands to reason that an app-only platform is going to put plenty of effort into its mobile gaming features, but it really has gone the extra mile in creating a colorful, engaging and easy to use app.

The app is available on Amazon, Google Play and the App Store. It can also be played directly from your Facebook account (using either an iOS or Android mobile device) so you can really play up the collaborative aspect of this particular type of casino.

Huuuge Casino Website: A Landing Page for the App

As we’ve already mentioned, one thing to be aware of is that the platform is only available as an app. The company does have a website, however, you won’t be able to access any slots or games here - it’s for information purposes only! On the webpage, you’ll find links to download the apps for various devices, as well as the full terms and conditions for using the platform. Similarly, the website presents information only - detailing some of the top choices available and some background info on the platform.

Payments - No need to use any real money payment methods

Huuuge Casino is a social casino site which means that it doesn’t require you to make any real money deposits to start playing. Even though you can win prizes from your gameplay, these have no cash value. While Huuuge Casino doesn’t have any real money gambling games, you can still purchase coins via an in-app purchase. Doing this is pretty simple and you can do so from directly within the casino app itself.

Huuuge Casino Customer Support: a Basic Offering

Whilst most slot games are pretty straightforward with a gentle learning curve, it’s always nice to have support on hand if you need it or options to leave a comment.

Our Huuuge Casino review found that the platform has a pretty basic, customer support offering which doesn’t quite meet the standard met by some other platforms. If you want to actually make contact with the customer service team, then the only option is to express your issue or comment via email. However, whilst it’s disappointing that there is no 24/7 support available, Huuuge Casino does provide tutorials and how-tos which should be enough for most players. There is also a helpful FAQ section that deals with pretty much any query you’re likely to have regarding the platform, Huuuge Casino promotions, or the terms and conditions for use. This is a handy addition and can easily be accessed within the app by tapping the menu button in the top-right of the screen and selecting ‘Support’ in the options list where you can leave your query or comment.

It’s also worth remembering that Huuuge Casino is a social casino - therefore you can always appeal to the community via the platform’s official Facebook page if you have a specific question or comment about gaming or want to follow them for the latest updates. For more in-depth support, however - especially any issues with Huge Casino chips - email is probably the best option.

All in all, the Huuuge Casino customer support offering is adequate, but it’s certainly an area that could use a little improvement with the addition of web chat or telephone support to ensure each comment is adequately addressed.

Security & Licensing: Is Huuuge Casino legit?

Security is always a concern when it comes to online casinos - or any platform that involves inputting personal data for that matter. However, users can rest assured that the platform has taken steps to ensure that private information is kept just that - private. The platform’s website does not list any particular security besides the SSL bit encryption. It should be noted that the platform is delivered via a mobile application, so security protocols are likely to differ from one mobile device to another. The platform states that it also complies with European data protection regulations. Whilst this may seem a little light as far as security goes, the platform actually asks for very little by way of information, as it does not need to carry out any verification checks. Card payments will be processed via your Google Play or App Store account, should you wish to purchase additional currency once your free chips have run out.

You need to have no fears over whether or not the platform is legit for online slots play. The slots and pastimes on the platform use genuine random number generators to ensure they are completely fair and it delivers on all its promotions and deals.

Huuuge Casino is actually an offshoot of Huuuge Games, which has been around a little longer and has established a reputation over in Europe as a trusted and reliable brand, with offices in Berlin, Szczecin, Bydgoszcz, Wroclaw, and Krakow. However, despite its European roots, the platform is legal across the US as it is a unique type of casino - which means no money is actually paid out and the platform is not subject to US gambling restrictions. It also means the platform does not require the large amount of regulatory affiliations that you might expect to see if you’ve used a big gaming or trading platform in the past.

That being said, just because it is not subject to stringent regulation, it does not mean that standards have been allowed to slip - the company has presented an elegant and professional-looking platform with plenty of positive reviews that speak for themselves. Another benefit of this platform is that you can enjoy a great selection of titles as a guest user - without needing to input any information!

Huuuge Casino Rewards Program: play to unlock new games

Huuuge Casino, as we’ve already noted, is a subsidiary of Huuuge games, which itself is an igaming platform started in 2015 by industry figure Anton Gauffin. This means the casino has a wealth of experience when it comes to presenting activities and slots that users are likely to enjoy, with the chance to win countless prizes.

The platform is app-only, which means you can’t view it in your browser but instead need to download the relevant software to your phone or tablet. This is actually a great way of enjoying each activity, as there is no need to keep logging into the platform to progress - your gaming achievements will automatically be stored by your device.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and claimed the coins, you’ll notice that the game has a tier system wherein the more you play the more bonuses you can unlock, giving you the chance to win numerous prizes. For each game you enjoy, you’ll be awarded XP points which you need to collect to level up. Each time you reach a new level, you will unlock a new slots title and receive a Level Up Reward - which is usually chips and an XP boost. In addition to this, every time you reach a level that ends in zero you will get a Milestone reward - a generous amount of free coins and one of the platform’s Lottery Tickets, which give you the chance to win cool prizes as well as the chance to win additional perks for you and your friends.

Aside from earning XP, some levels require you to complete additional tasks and challenges. These are usually enjoyable and easy to complete, such as adding an avatar image or completing in-game challenges.

The leveling up system is a great incentive to play and also explore new titles that you may not have noticed otherwise. However, those looking for even more prizes also have the option of joining a club in the Billionaire’s League - which allows you to team up with other gamers to further prizes and deals, while gaining all the additional benefits that come with club membership, such as making new contacts and friends.

Overall, our review team found the promotions pretty impressive. The welcome offer is a great way to get started with the platform and the Facebook challenges, and the leveling up scheme and league format will keep casino fans interested once they’ve spent their free Casino chips.

Huuuge Casino Social Casino

Huuuge Casino Games: An Extensive Selection of Unique Slots

  • 130+ slot games
  • Awesome casino bonuses
  • Join the Billionaire League

The free chips sign up offer is pretty generous and five million tokens will last a long time, however, gamers do have other options for getting more.

Alongside extra coins, gamers can also choose to purchase the latest VIP packages in the shop. There are several levels of VIP deals, all with different terms and conditions concerning days, prices and number of chips. At the lower end is Green Jade, priced at just $1.99, which delivers 500,000 Huuuge Casino chips each day for 30 days, for a combined total of 15 million. At the other end of the spectrum is the impressive Black Diamond package, which for $99.99 gives you 30,000,000 Huuuge Casino chips each day for 90 days - that’s 2.7 billion in total! Each VIP package also comes with a daily allowance of diamonds, which you collect in your account over the days to use as a sort of currency on the platform, alongside the Huuuge Casino chips. Diamonds can be used for free things: you can use them to unlock titles before you reach the required level, to collect the chips, or to give awards to other friends in your network.

When you first start, you can only purchase these jewels as part of the VIP packages. However, after you reach level ten you can buy them directly in the shop. Finally, if you look in the bottom right-hand corner of the shop screen, you’ll notice that the shop also gives a generous daily allocation of Huuuge Casino chips, with no purchase necessary!

In the app home screen is the option to purchase coins in the Huuuge Casino shop. There are several packages available, with prices starting at just $1.99 for 12,000,000. You can also buy 18,900,000 for $2.99, or if you really want to push the boat out the platform provides a billion chips for $99.99! Each time you buy additional Huuuge Casino chips, you’ll also receive some special goodies, usually in the form of XP boosters or other in-game promotions.

All purchases are made through the payment method linked to your phone, such as your Apple Pay account.

More info about their range of games...

With an established igaming pedigree, it will come as little surprise that the platform provides a pretty impressive selection of slot and table game options. Powered by the impressive software developers at Huuuge Games, the casino features over 100 titles which are broadly separated into categories including retro classics, jackpot slots, and the modern slot machine.

Our review team found a good deal of variation between the titles and all of them have a great aesthetic. All the usual themes are represented - Norse mythology, ancient Egypt, jungle, adventure, fruit, and more. Top titles on the platform include Huuuge Diamond WinsGod of SkyPhoenix GardenCash Madness and Ancient Forest. 

Huuuge Casino has an impressive collection of games, but they aren’t all available right off the bat. Instead, users have to start working their way up through the levels to unlock additional titles. For example, you need to reach level 3 to play Samba Spins and level 4 to unlock the ever-popular Baker Street Mystery. The level system is an interesting way of engaging with the platform and users will find they can quickly work their way up through the ranks - especially with the free chips.

Aside from the weird and wonderful slots titles on offer, Huuuge Casino also has several table games. You can use your Huuuge Casino chips to play video poker, baccarat, roulette and blackjack. The offering may not be as diverse as some casinos out there, but it still adds a nice level of diversity the Huuuge’s game portfolio.

Coins - Easy ways to get more coins

Coins are what power your casino gaming at Huuuge Casino. So it’s good to see that Huuuge Casino gives you a massive number of ways in which you can pick up these coins. All you need to do is to pay a visit to the lobby where you’ll find a Betty Bonus. Plus you can simply head over to the shop every day and get another handy coin bonus. However, playing the lottery offers you the best way of getting the largest amount of coins.

Conclusion - Simply an awesome social casino

Huuuge Casino has done a great job with its social casino platform. With well over 100 slots and table games to pick and choose from, you’ll have no shortage of gaming entertainment. We also loved how many different ways to get coins there were, and the addition of cool features like the Billionaires’ League was a real treat. Highly recommended.

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Can you win real cash with Huuuge Casino?

No - Huuuge Casino’s appeal is that it is a social casino, allowing users to experience the thrill of slots and table games using Huuuge Casino chips. Whilst these can be purchased for cash if desired, winnings are always paid out in chips and are not convertible to cash in any way.

How do I create an account with Huuuge Casino?

You don’t actually need to create an account at all - you can just download the app and start playing! However, there is the option to link to your Facebook account 

How do I contact Huuuge Casino support?

The only way to contact Huuuge Casino at the time of writing is via email. The address is

How can I get free Huuuge Casino chips?

You’ll receive 5,000,000 free Huuuge Casino free chips when you download the app. Further Huuuge Casino chips can be earned in various ways as you progress through the levels.

Can I get another Huuuge Casino bonus?

There are several bonuses that come up - mostly on the platform’s Facebook page. Make sure you follow this and keep an eye out for the next Huuuge Casino bonus. 

Conclusion: One of the Best Around

Our review team found Huuuge Casino to be a fun platform that can be enjoyed by gamers of all levels. The free chips offer for new customers is very generous - but don’t take our word for it, check out the Bingo Blitz free coins offer or the High 5 Casino free coins offer to see the latest lowdown on how they compare. You’ll find the Huuuge Casino deal gives you plenty of opportunities to get acquainted with the platform and try out several of its industry-leading slots titles and table games, choose the right ones for you and recommend your favorites to friends.

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