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The Fubo Sportsbook is a new company that has done an amazing job at integrating sports betting into their already popular live TV streaming services. US bettors can enjoy a smooth viewing experience while watching their betting picks perform!

Fubo Sportsbook also delivers the luxury of being able to use the app to sync with your FuboTV live stream. This enables bettors to easily use a Fubo Sportsbook bonus code on offer. This article gives you full insight into this new vibrant sportsbook, the Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers to enjoy, and the pros and cons of the website.

Introduction to bonus offers - $150 bonus

Online bookmakers in the US have grown massively since before 2020/2021. To entice new custom, online bookmakers like to offer welcome offers and bonuses.

Below, we’ll be reviewing the intended Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers, due to launch in most states later in 2021. The bonus is up to $150, if you deposit $50.

How to use the bonus - Fubo bonus tips

Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers have not been made official as of yet. However, Fubo has been advertizing an intended welcome offer of up to $150, if you deposit $50. To activate this you would need to deposit any amount from between $10 and $50. Fubo will then grant you a bonus to the value of three times of your deposit. This will be added to your balance; You must then turnover this amount before withdrawing.

The Fubo Sportsbook bonus code has yet to formally publish their terms and conditions for their proposed Fubo Sportsbook deposit offer. However, a similar trend with most US sportsbooks, such as WynnBET bonus offers, is a minimum odds requirement of +100 for qualifying bets. Sometimes bookmakers may even offer minimum odds of +50, although this is rarer to find.

One thing for sure, you will find using the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code an enjoyable experience, combined with their TV streaming. The proposed welcome offer is appealing, and users will have little effort navigating around their website to bet on their favorite sports markets.

Fubo Sportsbook is a new exciting USA sportsbook due to launch in many US states soon. The Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers are already being advertized ahead of its launch in most states. New players will be looking to receive a $150 bonus when signing up to the welcome offer depositing $50.

Please refer to the terms and conditions before using your Fubo Sportsbook bonus code. Offers do change from time-to-time, even when a sportsbook is fully operational for long periods of time.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer - Failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Keeping a diary to track wagering requirements and when the turnover has to be completed by

Keeping a log on bets you have placed is a good idea. Bonus offers, regardless if they are Unibet US promo code or Fubo Sportsbook bonus code, will almost usually have a time period that they must be completed within.

We stress this because if you do not turnover the required amount within this time period, it is possible you could lose the bonus you have been working towards.

Additionally, you will also not want to be staking far more than your required turnover amount, unless of course you are aware you’re doing this! Whatever your reasons, logging your first few bets is a step in the right direction!

Consider the upcoming sports fixtures when planning your Fubo Sportsbook sign up offer bets

What are your favorite sports you like to bet on? You see, this is where planning is vital. For example, if you were a golf lover and you follow the US Masters annually, then April would be a wise time to search for these kinds of betting bonuses, including things like the MaximBet promotion.

Common sense would suggest it will be far easier, and more enjoyable for that matter, to use your Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers, and similar offers alike when these favorite betting events occur. We recommend pulling-up a sports calendar online and being aware of the forthcoming events that pique your interest, and planning your bonuses around them.

Don’t change your usual betting habits just because of the Fubo Sportsbook sign up offers

Too many times we experience bettors using bonuses for the sake of it. As mentioned above, it is possible to enjoy the events much more when you have a personal interest in the sports.

To add to that, you will more than likely extract more profits from a Fubo Sportsbook deposit offer that includes sports you are familiar with. Knowing how the scoring structures work, the form books, and other vital information all helps achieve greater profits from your betting bonuses.

Read the terms and conditions of the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code and clarify any points that are unclear with Fubo customer support

Similar to not knowing the minimum or maximum odds requirements, you must make sure you have checked other terms within the free bets or welcome offers. For example, some may state that all bets must be used on single bets only, some may even state that qualifying bets or free bets must be used on parlays only.

Usually, the sportsbook will try to make this as clear to follow as possible, however, we suggest quickly viewing the other terms below the ‘eye-catching’ offer, just to be sure.

Consider other Fubo offers with the same operator before making a selection

When selecting your Fubo Sportsbook Deposit Offer, make sure you have viewed any other possible alternatives, before committing to the first Fubo Sportsbook bonus code you see. We mention this because most sportsbooks will only permit you to claim the initial welcome offer once, from one product only.

For example, most sportsbooks will not permit a player to use their sportsbook casino welcome offer and then use their casino welcome offer. Check in advance, then commit to the one that takes your fancy.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus - Keep these in mind

Which payment methods are ineligible for the Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers?

The Fubo Sportsbook bonus code supplies several easy ways of depositing and withdrawing. This is one the first things we look for when performing Fubo Sportsbook reviews. There is nothing worse than joining a sportsbook, only to find the deposit and withdrawal methods are minimal.

You will not have to experience this when enrolling for your Fubo Sportsbook Deposit Offer. We have made a list of the current withdrawal and deposit options below:

  • Visa
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Neteller

Can I play on my Fubo Sportsbook bonus code If I Am In a non-active state?

Fubo Sportsbook Promo Code players that are physically located in non-live Fubo Sportsbook states are still able to deposit, withdraw, and navigate around the Fubo Sportsbook accounts.

However, these players will not be able to place cash wagers if they are physically located outside of the Fubo Sportsbook USA states that are active and have been permitted to allow gambling within those states.

Am I eligible for the bonus if someone in my household already has an account / has used the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code?

Unfortunately, like most other best betting online bonus websites, the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code is only permitted to be used once per:

  • Person
  • Household
  • Shared IP address
  • Residential address

Why has my Fubo Sportsbook bonus code credit not appeared in my account?

Credits for Fubo Sportsbook bonus code promotions may not appear in accounts for up to 24 hours after placing the first qualifying bet. If your account has not been credited after 24 hours, we recommend contacting the Fubo customer support team.

Will the stake be returned on my Fubo Sportsbook bonus code bets?

If you have entered into a Fubo Sportsbook bonus code that provides a bonus balance within the Fubo Sportsbook, please be mindful you will not be entitled to the bonus amount.

Upon withdrawal you will only be given the winnings. For example, $50 at odds +400 would usually return $250, including the stake. When playing using the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code you would only be entitled to withdraw the bonus winnings of $200.

What happens if I do not complete any wagering requirement attached to my Fubo Sportsbook bonus code?

In order to successfully turn any Fubo Sportsbook bonus code into withdrawable cash, you will need to satisfy the rollover requirements.

For example, if the Fubo Sportsbook Promo Code requires you to deposit $50 and play through $200, this will need to be completed before it turns into withdrawable cash.

Additional rewards & loyalty pograms - Watch this space

Fubo is currently in the process of launching its product across numerous US states. Fubo aer indeed in their infancy stages, but we have no doubt they will build up on this.

Fubo are in fact in the process of developing the Fubo Sportsbook VIP loyalty program. Once we have further updates we will keep you updated. We recommend checking the Fubo website or when next looking for a Fubo Sportsbook Bonus Code.

Fubo Sports Bonus

Bonus intro - What will the bonus look like?

We will be focussing on the advertized and intended Fubo Sportsbook bonus code. Fubo has proposed to offer a welcome offer that consists of a bonus that is based on three times the amount of the initial deposit, up to $50.

For example, bettors can deposit anything between $10 and $50 and receive bonus funds of three times their initial deposit. A $50 deposit will grant a $150 bonus added to your balance. This will then require the bettor to play through this entire amount, before it turns into withdrawable cash.

We recommend keeping a log of the bets you place during this process.

Reality test - Requirements yet to be confirmed

The wagering details have yet to be fully confirmed. However, like most bonuses, we suspect the Fubo bonus will have certain limitations applied to the turnover bet requirements.

Similar to most bonus offers, there will most likely be a minimum odds requirement that a player will have to turn their bets over with, in order for them to qualify towards the turnover amount. Currently, the most common industry-standard odds is +100.

Turning over a bonus balance using minimum odds requirement of +100 is a fairly easy feat to achieve. One thing that the Fubo Sportsbook has in its favor is the wealth of sports you can bet on within their website and app. To add to that, you will have no problem viewing your bets too, as they will provide slick live streaming too.

Bonus withdrawal - It should be simple process

No reports have yet been made on the withdrawal process of Fubo Sportsbook. However, Fubo does offer a  wealth of depositing and withdrawing options.

It is always a positive sign to see a wide choice of depositing and withdrawal options within a chosen sportsbook. Fubo are likely to have a minimum odds requirement of +100 for bets that are counted as contributions towards a turnover requirement, however, we suggest you check this in your state beforehand.

Moreover, the Fubo customer service is easily accessible on their website, should you ever have any queries regarding bonus withdrawals or terms and conditions of offers.

Pitfalls - General things to be aware of

We are excited to see how Fubo Sportsbook performs in the relatively new online US sportsbook market. If Fubo is anything like their live TV service, they will not disappoint.

Due to the fact Fubo is still in the process of launching their product in most US states, we are yet to have the minimum odds requirements and other terms fully confirmed. But please check this page for updates.

The most common pitfall we would like bettors using the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code to be aware of is the minimum odds requirements of the offer and the turnover amount. It is vital to double check this before entering into an offer.

Verdict on bonus - We're looking forward to this one!

Fubo is indeed an exciting sportsbook that not only provides a wealth of sports and markets to bet on, but an integrated live stream too. No longer will bettors need two platforms to see how their betting picks perform. To add to this, there will be a minimal lag within the live streams, as Fubo will rely on their own direct live integrated TV streaming service.

Fubo has proposed a generous welcome offer, three-times the initial deposit stake, which looks appealing. The presentation of their website and app will make betting at Fubo Sportsbook a pleasure to enjoy.

Overall conclusion - Slick website to enjoy

We’re really excited to see what Fubo Sportsbook can deliver to the US online betting industry. We feel their niche website will have certain advantages over their fellow US online sportsbook competitors. Such as their integrated live streaming, which will have minimal lag delays for users watching their betting picks perform.

We feel the slick website and app’s unique selling point will be the ease of use when it comes to betting and viewing the live stream.

The proposed Fubo Sportsbook bonus code is worthwhile entering into, the website and app looks very smooth and will most likely operate as good as it looks.


Fubo Sportsbook is currently in the process of launching its sportsbook very late in 2021 for most states. Fubo is currently setting-up operations in Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, Alaska, Alabama and California.

However, if Fubo is not yet fully operational in your state, it is possible to receive an offer when Fubo Sportsbook launches in your state.

Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up offers - Iowa

Iowa bettingThe proposed Fubo Sportsbook bonus code Iowa has to offer is a $150 bonus. Fubo is also working fast to make the following states: CO, AR, AZ, AK, AL, CA, active very soon.

Fubo Sportsbook bonus code Iowa is yet to confirm the full terms and conditions for their welcome offer. However, we recommend using the Iowa Fubo Sportsbook bonus code when it is fully operational.

Fubo is offering a generous bonus, and more importantly, they have a handsome website and app to use this bonus on. Additionally, Fubo provides a large amount of sports and markets to use this nice welcome offer on, together with their integrated live streaming service.

Fubo Sportsbook sign up offers FAQ

❓ Can I use my Fubo TV details to log into the Fubo Sportsbook?

Our full Fubo Sportsbook bonus code article at CaptainGambling.com will provide you all you need to know when it comes to playing on this revolutionary streaming website and sportsbook. Fubo TV has done a magnificent job in integrating their already popular sports TV streaming service with their new sportsbook. No longer does a bettor have to experience large lag times when trying to enjoy watching their favorite sports picks perform. Fubo TV sportsbook has the solution!

📱 Does Fubo Sportsbook have an app?

Fubo TV has provided the option to be able to place your wagers while enjoying viewing your favorite sports to bet on, using their live TV stream. Our article at CaptainGambling.com provides all you need to know about how this new style of sportsbook works and if and when their app is due to be launched. FuboTV recognised the gap in the market between live streaming services and a sportsbook and have managed to stitch the two together providing one smooth platform to operate on. 

🚀 When is Fubo Sportsbook due to launch?

Fubo Sportsbook will be launched in several states soon. We wrote a Fubo Sportsbook guide at CaptainGambling.com, providing all you need to know when it comes to enjoying any Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers. It will not be long before Fubo Sportsbook is available in your state, so keep an eye on the developments of this revolutionary TV-based sportsbook and app. 

🏈 Where is Fubo Sportsbook currently available?

Due to the popularity of the Fubo TV live sports streaming, everyone seems to be asking, when is Fubo Sportsbook due in my state? At CaptainGambling.com we wrote an article to help bettors looking to enjoy any Fubo Sportsbook bonus code on offer. We cover all you need to know about this new style of sportsbook and app, together with its pros and cons and usability.  

🤷‍♂️ How old do I have to be to use Fubo Sportsbook?

Sports bettors looking to take advantage of any Fubo Sportsbook Sign Up Offers will have to register an account successfully first. Our article at Captaingambling.com has pieced-together all the information you will need to help enjoy the Fubo Sportsbook bonus code. Fubo Sportsbook needs to make sure everyone is above age and also that they reside in the correct state that permits the Fubo Sportsbook Promo Code currently being offered.

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