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Bingo Blitz Review US 2024 Is Bingo Blitz Sportsbook legit?

US Bingo Blitz Sportsbook Review 🤑 Is Bingo Blitz Sportsbook Legit?

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Welcome to our Bingo Blitz free rewards review. We’re going to show you what kind of Bingo Blitz free gift credits are available and reveal the best way to enjoy the games at Bingo Blitz free.

Most social casinos give free coins or free spins to inspire long-term loyalty. Bingo Blitz has earned a great reputation among new US casinos for games that you can enjoy with Bingo Blitz credits coins as well as the quality of their freebie promotions. However, are these deals as good as offers like the House of Fun free coins?

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Elliott Tom
Very Good
"They give you enough credit to start playing, and let's face it, bingo is a lot of fun!!! In addition, it has good daily offers ..."
Poor loading speed
"Lots of games and customer support are great"
User Rating
11 User Reviews
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Last Updated on 23/07/2024
Fact checked by: Josh Schwartz

Bingo Blitz Coins: Do you need coins for your bingo games?

While many social casinos require you to buy coins that can even be converted back to cash, Bingo Blitz likes to keep things simple. This is because you can simply use your Bingo Blitz credit rewards to get straight into the gaming action.

This means that Bingo Blitz is the perfect site to come to for anybody who wants a simple and straightforward way to play online bingo. So be sure to get your Bingo Blitz free rewards and get started with your gaming.

Bingo Blitz Games: Experience a whole world of bingo

So what can you use your Bingo Blitz credits for? We found that this site excels at online bingo. This features all of the 75-ball games of bingo that you could wish for and then gives you plenty more just for good luck. We should note the fact that Bingo Blitz will also sometimes put on some engaging and friendly online slot games. Bingo Blitz free gifts will provide you with even more access to these exciting games.

However, this site is all about bingo gaming. But it’s important to note that free Bingo Blitz credits gives you an intriguing twist on this classic game of chance. This is because Bingo Blitz is a social gaming site which means that it’s great to play with friends.

Nowhere is this more evident than on the brand’s games that take place on FB. These regularly attract thousands of eager bingo fans. Bingo Blitz will add to the fun by including special collectables that gamers can trade with each other.

Don’t forget that Bingo Blitz will put on plenty of great bingo gaming tournaments. These usually go on for anywhere between one and three days at a time, and they are always packed with quality gaming entertainment. You’ll find Bingo Blitz tournaments taking place on a weekly and monthly basis. This means that you can easily arrange to meet up with some friends for some great bingo gaming action.

Some gamers might be disappointed to find that Bingo Blitz doesn’t appear to offer any traditional table games. While it might have been nice to find some games of roulette, blackjack or baccarat on the Bingo Blitz site, we have to admit that we were more than happy using our Bingo Blitz credit promotions solely on the brand’s bingo games.

After all, there was a never-ending supply of Bingo Blitz free games, and it’s hard to imagine ever getting bored of these gaming options. This is because you never know how many other people you will be playing against, plus it’s impossible to know which numbers are going to get called up yet, especially with your Bingo Blitz free gifts.

This is because bingo is purely a game of chance. As such, it’s a game that both newcomers to gaming and experienced pros alike can enjoy. There’s no need to have to learn lots of complicated rules, as everybody can get straight into the action. This is something that Bingo Blitz clearly understands, as the brand appears to be more than happy to keep serving up those Bingo Blitz free rewards to keep you gaming for longer.

Bingo Blitz Welcome Bonus: Get some Bingo Blitz freebies & Bingo Blitz free coins

So where can you get some Bingo Blitz gifts? After all, if you’ve read our review of the DoubleDown casino code, you’ll know that we’re always fairly hopeful that these brands will put on some kind of sign up offer for new customers, while offering extra bonuses to existing customers.

Thankfully we found that there are some awesome Bingo Blitz deals to be had, such as the impressive Bingo Blitz bonus. You can simply claim some Bingo Blitz credit offers and collect Bingo Blitz free coins simply by registering your first ever account with the brand. This means that you just have to go to the website and register your account either via email or by linking up your FB page where you can scan their latest Bingo Blitz offers and collect free coins right away.

By doing so you’ll be able to get plenty of free Bingo Blitz credits to start your social gaming adventure. We noticed that this site will often vary the amount of Bingo Blitz free rewards that new customers receive.

Some people have said that by signing up to Bingo Blitz 100 free credits swiftly landed in their accounts, enabling them to instantly collect free credits. All of which means that you might be able to get more credit than if you tried to pick up any Billionaire Casino free chips by signing up for the first time to that site.

Getting Bingo Blitz free rewards gives you an excellent way to engage with the brand’s bingo games. You’ll be able to use the credits to see what the gaming options are all about, and obviously you won’t have to worry about using your own money. Such free gifts are an essential part of the social casino gaming phenomenon as this isn’t real money gambling. Therefore you’ll want to make sure that you collect ´Bingo Blitz credit deals in order to secure your freebies and start playing.

We have to admit that it would have been nice if the brand would have taken the time to clearly describe exactly how many Bingo Blitz complimentary credits you’ll receive upon signing up. But one thing’s for sure, and that’s that you’ll always be able to start your social gaming journey with a helping hand from Bingo Blitz and their wide range of bonuses.

Bonus Requirements:

  • Bonus Amount: Not specified
  • Bonus Types: Bingo Blitz credits
  • Example: 500 credit prize
  • Rollover: Not specified
  • Max. Time: Not specified
  • Cashable? Not specified

Bingo Blitz Website: Fun and friendly gaming site

When you load up the Bingo Blitz web store you’ll be struck by just how cheerful it is. While many gaming sites try to be as moody and serious as possible, Bingo Blitz goes completely in the opposite direction. This is because you’re greeted with lots of colourful cartoon characters that cheerfully welcome you to all of the bingo gaming options.

We liked how quickly the site’s pages loaded, and it was nice to see the use of bold text on a plain white background to make sure that everything was easy to read. It might not be the most stylish or innovative of gaming sites, but there is no denying the basic fact that the website makes it easy to find all of those Bingo Blitz free credits.

The Bingo Blitz website is designed with user-friendliness in mind. This means that you have easy ways to navigate around the site. You’ll see lots of buttons that give you simple ways to sign up to the brand’s gaming platform. Plus there’s a useful menu that allows you to browse the free bingo games, check out the bingo rooms and find those Bingo Blitz free credit promotions.

Don’t forget that you’ll also get the chance to visit the brand’s shop or even share your favourite family recipes on the Blitzy’s Family Feast page. This is definitely not the kind of thing we found when we carried out our review of the High 5 casino free coins.

We also appreciated the way in which Bingo Blitz put on simple links to the brand’s FB, Twitter and Instagram social media channels. All of which makes it very easy to start gaming.

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Free Bingo Blitz Credits App: Enjoy bingo gaming on the go

Bingo Blitz has some useful links that give you a chance to download the brand’s awesome mobile bingo apps from the iStore. The Bingo Blitz apps are available for all modern iOS and Android devices. These apps give you a very user-friendly way to play all of the bingo games from the convenience of a tablet or smartphone. Plus you’ll also be able to use the apps to receive any of the Bingo Blitz free rewards that are on offer. To find Bingo Blitz offer and more head over to our best casino promos page.

We downloaded the Bingo Blitz app and found that it offered an intuitive way to play the bingo games. While this meant having to play on the small screen, we were pleased to find that the games take account of this fact. This means that all of the games loaded quickly and didn’t look too cramped.

Such thoughtful design is clearly crucial as you’ll need to be able to see which numbers remain on your bingo card so that you can rack up that next big win. Plus the apps made it easy to see how many free Bingo Blitz credits you had remaining in your account. Be sure to claim those Bingo Blitz free coins.

Bingo Blitz free coins - No app?

But what happens if you don’t have an Android or iOS app? Don’t worry, as you should be able to enjoy everything that Bingo Blitz has to offer from the convenience of the browser of your mobile. This means that you can simply play directly from your social media page or just go straight to the brand’s mobile-friendly website. All of which should make for some great bingo gaming entertainment while out and about.

Payments - No need to make payments at Bingo Blitz

Bingo Blitz is purely a social gaming site which means that you don’t have to pay to play, and that you won’t make any real money winnings here. Instead, it’s just a matter of using the free credit you use to play the bingo games. Bear in mind that you can make a variety of in-app purchases, but you can do this just like you would any other purchase from within your mobile.

The main point here is to have fun, relax and play some bingo from time to time. It's a great way to enjoy a fun game anywhere at anytime and with a low stakes environment. At the end of the day, everyone's a winner at Bingo if you're having a good time.

Bingo Blitz Customer Support: Get help with your gaming

It’s always nice to find gaming sites where the respective owners care about their customers. After all, you never know when you’ll need help in playing those Bingo Blitz free games. Thankfully we found that Bingo Blitz is more than happy to help you out.

This is because the brand has been shown to be ‘very responsive’ to all messages received on its main social media page. As a result, you should simply be able to message the brand and get your query resolved in a friendly and professional manner.

We should also note that Bingo Blitz is also very active on its Twitter and Instagram social media channels. These both offer you some great ways to get in touch with the Bingo Blitz brand.

Some gamers might have wanted to see some more customer support options on the Bingo Blitz site. We have to admit that it might have been nice to see more in the way of email, live chat or even telephone support on the brand’s website.

But when it comes down to it, most social casino sites simply won’t need such advanced customer support options. After all, you will largely be playing Bingo Blitz free games here, so you won’t need to have any assistance with things like making real money deposits or withdrawals.

Plus we have to say that we liked the vast amount of information that Bingo Blitz included on this site. This means that you can find some handy how-to guides that explain the basics of playing bingo. Plus you’ll also get lots of handy information about how the Bingo Blitz gaming platform works.

This is something that’s extended to the brand’s FB pages. Here you’ll get to read useful guides to all of the Bingo Blitz free rewards so that you know exactly how to use them. All of which shows that Bingo Blitz really do care about their customers.

Security & Licensing: Is Bingo Blitz legit?

Before we get too carried away in hunting down those Bingo Blitz credit rewards, it’s worth thinking about how safe this site is. Bingo Blitz is operated by Playtika Games who are based in Santa Monica, California.

While Bingo Blitz doesn’t offer any kind of real money gambling, you will be handing over some fairly sensitive personal information when you sign up to use the site’s services.

This is because you will only be able to get some Bingo Blitz credit coins by registering via email or through your FB page. All of which means that you could be providing the brand with personal details like your name, email address, mobile number and much more.

While we won’t want to be too skeptical about these social casino sites and the freebies they offer, it’s always good to be on the cautious side. The fact that these sites don’t offer real money gambling means that they aren’t subject to the same kinds of license and regulations as standard online casino sites.

This means that you probably won’t find any kind of terms and conditions that detail exactly how the social casino functions. Such terms can be vital as they could provide helpful information about how you can use your Bingo Blitz free rewards and other enticing freebies.

Plus these social casinos often won’t be compelled to include any kind of privacy policy on their websites. This means that you might not know exactly how your sensitive personal information will be handled.

Thankfully, we can see that the Bingo Blitz website is fully encrypted. This means that all communication between your browser and the site will stay in safe hands.

In addition to this, we just have to emphasize the fact that social casinos are largely legal in the US. This means that you should be able to pick up your Bingo Blitz free wagering funds in a way that is legal, safe and easy.

Bingo Blitz VIP Program: Get rewarded for your loyalty

It’s definitely worth sticking around at the Bingo Blitz gaming site. This is because the brand will keep rewarding you with free Bingo Blitz credit rewards for the longer you stay playing their games, enabling you to collect a range of rewards.

There might not be a traditional VIP program as such, but we did find lots of evidence of the brand being willing to put on some Bingo Blitz free rewards for existing customers, with their diverse range of Bingo Blitz bonuses proving particularly attractive to players.

For example, we found Bingo Blitz putting on a Wild adventure promotion. This gave you plenty of funds to play with. Then there was the awesome Blitzy bonus that gave you a great reason to play just one more round of the site’s bingo games and collect your rewards.

Who could forget the Elite challenge? This rewarded you for charging up your Rainbow Heroes with a range of awesome surprise gifts and Bingo Blitz bonuses. Plus there was a great Moxie challenge that saw you following the cute animated character as she wandered through the pretty woodland paths.

There were similar deals with the Mitzy freebie and the very generous Rascal deal. Don’t forget that the brand’s Blitzy bonuses are just another way that you could collect some Bingo Blitz free rewards.

What was remarkable was the frequency with which these special offers kept turning up. All that you had to do was to keep your eye on the Bingo Blitz Facebook news feed and you could get a daily dose of Bingo Blitz free credits.

We’re not sure whether we saw so many freebies in our review of the Slotomania free coins, but it shows that Bingo Blitz is definitely not afraid to reward its loyal customers. Plus don’t forget that the brand’s website also features a special wheel that sometimes pops up and can give you plenty of discounts on your gaming.

Hopefully, Bingo Blitz might work on including some kind of standard loyalty scheme in the future. But until then, it looks like you can get regular doses of Bingo Blitz credit rewards to keep you gaming for much longer.

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Games - All of the bingo games you’ll ever need

  • Awesome bingo games
  • Top bingo promotion
  • Fun social bingo app

Bingo Blitz has a truly enormous number of online bingo games for you to play. The majority of these feature a standard 75-ball bingo format, but there’s plenty of choice for everyone. We loved  the multiple card play option that let you play many games all at once. Plus you’ll even get chance to play some mini bingo games while you’re waiting for that next big game to take place. Don’t forget that you might find the occasional slot machine game at Bingo Blitz.

Coins - Get coins to power your gaming

Bingo Blitz is never afraid to give you lots of free coins to fund your gaming. The brand dishes our daily free coins deals and there are plenty more ways that you can pick up credit. Don’t miss out on some of the cool quests where you travel the world and get awesome prizes that give you plenty more coins to play with.

Conclusion - Download the Bingo Blitz app and start gaming

We loved the Bingo Blitz app. It gave us a quick and fun way to play a quality selection of online bingo games, and the social aspect of Bingo Blitz is truly awesome. You’ll find an endless number of promotions and prizes here that each give you many ways to get more coins for your gaming. While bingo might not be for everyone, it’s hard not to be impressed with what Bingo Blitz has done here.

Bingo Blitz FAQs

Where can you get Bingo Blitz credits?

You can get credits just by signing up to the brand via email or on its Facebook page.

🔍What do you get with Bingo Blitz free rewards?

You’ll get to play the Bingo Blitz free games of bingo. 

💣Are there any Bingo Blitz cheats?

No, all of the Bingo Blitz games are completely cheat-proof. 

🔐 How can I get Bingo Blitz problems resolved?

Conclusion: A top social bingo site

Bingo Blitz has managed to put on a great social gaming service for players. We loved how enjoyable it was to get started on this site, and it was great to see how Bingo Blitz would give you lots of credits to begin playing. Some gamers might be disappointed that this brand focuses mostly on bingo. But we found that Bingo Blitz can easily give you many hours of free online gaming entertainment and enticing daily deals that quickly reward your gameplay.

User Reviews for Bingo Blitz

4/5 – 11 User Reviews
  1. Very Good
    Elliott Tom

    They give you enough credit to start playing, and let's face it, bingo is a lot of fun!!! In addition, it has good daily offers and attractive rewards from other online and free games!

  2. Poor loading speed

    Lots of games and customer support are great

    The site's loading speed is frustratingly slow.
  3. Nice games

    While the website design is unappealing to me and needs improvement, the games at Bingo Blitz are pretty good, and I enjoy playing them.

  4. website a little childish
    James Jensen

    Great fun. What I liked is the possibility to play a lot without spending money. However, make no mistake, there comes a time when you need to put your hand in your wallet.

    a tip: the colors on the website are not very pleasant
  5. it's fine

    good selcetion of games and customer suport are ok

    not a great layout
  6. Hard to navigate

    good games

    really hard to navigate, a really poorly designed site
  7. Great for bingo

    Fantastic site and games. I love it

  8. Poor site design
    Amy Glass


    This site is one of the worst I have seen in terms of design and navigation. Horrible colours, horrible layout and is really confusing
  9. Customer support could be better
    Delia Pitts

    Customer support are helpful but pretty slow to reply which isn't good if you need help urgently

  10. Love them
    marsha elsom

    The games and the prizes

  11. I love it
    Shelly Laws

    Love it

    Not enough credits to play free

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