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Billionaire Social Casino Review US 2024 Is Billionaire Casino legit?

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User Reviews 9

Welcome to our guide to Billionaire Social Casino, where we’ll look at the Billionaire Casino codes and Billionaire Casino free chips that are on offer to ensure you get your initiation with the platform off to the best possible start.

Furthermore, we will look at all the different qualities they boast to assess whether Billionaire Casino and the Billionaire Casino Bonus is right for you. After all, anyone who is new to the social casino world could find it a daunting proposition. You will see links to DoubleDown casino codes and offers for Big Fish Casino free chips too.

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Pro and Con
  • An easy to use new social casino
  • Extensive range of casino slots that are open to players
  • Enticing rewards and bonuses programme with Billionaire Casino codes that will benefit regular players
  • Slick app means you can play slots on the move
  • Ideal for those who don’t want to play for real money
  • Cons of Billionaire Casino
  • Certain requirements need to be met to play certain games
  • Customer support can take time to respond
  • No live games for players
Huuuge Games sp. z o. o.
Available Languages
Customer Support
Email Support
Overall Rating
Rating follows
  • Bonus Offers & Free Bets
  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
Edward Michael
good but improve the support
"Overall it's a good site as it has good bonuses and rewards programs, has a nice amount of casino slots available."
Isabella Newman
"Playing at billionaire casino with my friends is a really nice experience."
User Rating
9 User Reviews
5 Stars
4 Stars
3 Stars
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1 Star
Last Updated on 10/07/2024
Fact checked by: Drew the DFS Guy

Billionaire Casino Bonus: Get 5,000,000 free coins

It’s certainly not unusual for a social casino to seek to entice you in with the offer of free coins once you sign up and Billionaire Casino are no different. They offer you 5,000,000 free coins to get your social casino journey started with them, which is one of the best bonuses around. You can benefit from Bingo Blitz freebies and Huuuge Casino free chips are also on offer from their other social casinos but few compare to the Billionaire Casino chips that will be ready to go as soon as you sign up. It’s a simple process that can be done through various different methods.

Fortunately, the fun doesn’t end there when you play with this social casino. Keeping tabs on their social channels, particularly Facebook, could see you collect more prizes as they often tell of ways that you can benefit, whether it’s from Billionaire Casino codes or further coins for playing specific games to help you ascend the rewards table. There’s lots to relish when you play with Billionaire social casino and the Billionaire Casino Bonus is undoubtedly one of the best around and it should appeal to a wide range of players who love trialing a different category of games each day with large bonuses on offer.

Bonus Requirements:

  • Bonus Amount: 5,000,000 coins
  • Bonus Types: Billionaire Casino free chips
  • Example: After registering for the activity, your account will be credited with 5,000,000 coins
  • Rollover: N/A
  • Max. Time: N/A
  • Cashable: As with all social casinos, the offer is not cashable.

Billionaire Social Casino Website: Many ways to experience the fun

We presume that after reading about the Billionaire Casino codes and Billionaire Casino free chips that can enhance your overall enjoyment, you will want to start playing. However, if the social casino can’t back that up with an easy to navigate, effective way of playing then ultimately it won’t matter much about the welcome offers as you won’t be interested in playing.

Thankfully, the Billionaire social casino doesn’t let you down on that front. Firstly, the website is straightforward to use, directing you to the different methods you can use to download and play. So, whether you want to download and install it on your desktop or simply find the app, with Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon and Facebook, there are many ways to play on a daily basis. There is even an official fan page for Billionaire Social Casino players to share their enthusiasm!

Once you have done that and are ready to play, it’s pretty straightforward. A well-off man in a three-piece suit surrounded by plenty of gold coins is the main image and it will be clear that the main aim for you is to follow his lead by getting rich quickly. The gold colours stand out and that continues the theme – it’s all about trying to become that billionaire.

Thankfully, it can be installed in a matter of minutes and you will be able to play, or you can go through the popular social media channel Facebook, which again is no real hassle for players. Either way, the setup will be swift and the graphics, layout and design all work well.

In terms of the app, again there should be no complaints. If you want to shop for the VIP levels, or find out how they work, they are easy to locate and the sections dedicated the range of games are also easy to understand thanks to toggle navigation. You can claim rewards and check your daily progress on the home page as well, which does cram a lot onto the first page but as you understand what they mean, it’s simple to follow and the toggle navigation makes it easy to find your way around.

Everything has clearly been optimized to suit the app which ensures it works well. The bright colors and range of information when you load up can be overwhelming initially but it’s easy to use.

Ultimately, you are guaranteed fun when you find those Billionaire Casino codes and start playing with your Billionaire Casino free chips.

Payments - Buy coins through the Billionaire Casino app

As a social casino, Billionaire Casino doesn’t actually feature any real money gambling. This means that you won’t have to worry about what kinds of payment methods the brand features. Just sign up to Billionaire Casino and you’ll find no shortage of coins to fund your gaming. We should note the fact that any wins that you make at Billionaire Casino can’t be traded in for real money prizes. However, we should mention that you can spend real money through the app to get extra coins. The choice of payment methods will be dependent upon the app’s operating software.

Billionaire Customer Support: Your queries get solved in different ways

Obviously, with a social casino you aren’t playing for real money so that means customer service doesn’t become as much of an issue. However, you still want to have an enjoyable time and you may have queries that relate to your Billionaire Casino free chips and diamonds or your Billionaire Casino codes. So, it’s always good to have reliable customer support you can reach out to on the days you choose to play.

And, with Billionaire Casino there are plenty of ways to get in touch. The clearest way to rectify an issue you may have is through the extensive FAQs that cover a wide range of problems that may come up. Impressively, this is split into iOS, Android and Web so you can narrow your issue down depending on the platform you’re playing on.

If that’s not enough, there is a section to get in touch with those involved and a relatively simple form needs to be filled out detailing your issue. Unlike regular casinos, there’s no 24/7 response team on hand, which is understandable, and we should point out that customer reviews about the support are mixed, with some complaining it took too long for their query to be dealt with.

Nevertheless, there is an option there for you and you can always try and contact the casino via Facebook as well. So, there’s plenty of methods for you to try and sort a problem, although in an ideal world you won’t need to get involved with any support team members.

Security & Licensing: Is Billionaire Casino legit?

The short answer is yes! Billionaire Casino is a perfectly safe and legal place for you to play and you should have no fear when claiming your Billionaire Casino codes or Billionaire Casino free chips.

Of course, before you play it’s important to note the difference between a social casino and a regular one. Simply put, in a social casino you are not playing for real money, so you cannot walk away with a major jackpot. It also means you cannot transfer any wins from Billionaire Casino coins to real, hard cash. Clearly, that’s going to appeal to many players as you get to relish the fun, thrill and excitement that classic casino games provide without the risk of losing your own money. Plus, the social aspect of these games will ensure you are able to play with friends, which adds another dimension to these games.

Whilst you can still buy coins to help you on your way, the fact no money has to change hands means social casinos aren’t regulated to the same strict standards that traditional casinos are. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean that anything goes, all social casinos will still have to pass stringent security checks to be allowed to operate.

Plus, the fact that Billionaire Casino are owned by Huuuge Play should be very reassuring to players. That’s because Huuuge Play are a renowned gaming company in the industry, with their products going out to over 150 million players in 190 countries. Needless to say, you don’t manage that if the service you are offering is sub-par, so you can get your Billionaire Casino free chips and Billionaire Casino codes knowing you’re playing in a reliable place that embraces the latest trends in gaming.

As for the official word on the latest legislation, Billionaire Casino operates from the State of California and is legal to play across the United States, as are most social casinos. However, certain states can have different rules, so it’s definitely worth checking the official legislation before you decide to play.

Billionaire Casino VIP Program: Get Billionaire Casino Free Chips

Nobody said it would be easy to become a billionaire, so it’s vital that you take all the help you can get in your quest to reach the top. Thankfully, there will be a lot of it forthcoming if you play regularly, with Billionaire Casino codes and Billionaire Casino free chips and diamonds all there to help you climb the VIP tables.

Firstly, it should be said that every slot you play on or every poker table you sit at will reward you in one way or another. Then, it’s about climbing the levels as your star increases or going big on the VIP scheme that starts at Green Jade, to Yellow Topaz, Violet Sapphire, Red Ruby before the ultimate Black Diamond level. You need to be playing every day consecutively and hitting specific targets, which will be outlined, before you’re considered for that bracket. Whilst they are difficult to achieve, with the Black Diamond requiring 30,000,000 chips and 15 diamonds every day for 90 days, if you build your pot successfully and play frequently it may be something you can do most days.

Yet, the best aspect of the Billionaire social casino in terms of the offers is that you don’t need to be jumping through hoops to land Billionaire Casino codes or benefit from Billionaire Casino free chips. Instead, every spin or hand you play will just be added to your tally and the more that gets collected, the more rewards that will come your way over the days.

If the idea of waiting to collect a pot through continuous days of play doesn’t really appeal, then you can take a few shortcuts by purchasing the VIP rewards. The prices for each particular section are clear, so you can pick whichever one suits your needs.

Billionaire Casino Games: Enjoy an extensive choice of games to play

This is the vital aspect for any social casino, as you need to have a wide range of games for your players to use their Billionaire Casino chips on. Again, you won’t be too disappointed with what these have to offer as they cover all of the casino classics.

As we touched upon earlier, a social casino is about providing the fun of the casino without the risk of losing money. So, as you would expect, there’s plenty to choose from, including slots, blackjack, video poker, poker, roulette, baccarat and more.

Arguably the standout feature is the casino slots as you can use your Billionaire Casino free chips on a selection of casino slots that vary in style. If you want to trial the classic 3-reel games or go for the more modern big jackpot slot, everything is covered and you will be spoilt for choice when you are ready to go.

Interestingly, certain slot games will be off-limits to new players, so that is a negative if you wanted to play a specific activity. Although, it will give you the incentive to raise your level, which comes from playing other games, in order to unlock them.

A quick glance at Billionaire Casino will show that you have plenty of options and there certainly won’t be many complaints about the lack of casino slots on offer.

Elsewhere, the likes of roulette, poker and blackjack are huge hits with players in the casino. You get the same thrill with Billionaire as you would at a normal casino whether you think you can bluff your way to victory at the poker table, have the strategic thinking to succeed in blackjack or just have lady luck on your side as the roulette wheel spins.

Having said that, there’s no denying the range and depth when it comes to these games doesn’t stand up well, particularly to a normal casino where you get many variations of each one including live games. With Billionaire, you’re guaranteed the fun that each game brings but it’s more basic.

Coins - Get coins and start gaming

You’ll get to play a massive number of games at Billionaire Casino by using the coin currency system. Simply by downloading the app and signing up, you’ll find that you have plenty of these coins to play with. Plus you’ll be showered with coins for your gameplay - particularly if you hit one of those jackpots. Just don’t forget to visit the Lobby and Shop where you can pick up plenty more coins.

Billionaire Casino Coins: Get a step ahead by purchasing Billionaire Casino chips

As we have previously touched upon, there’s also the chance to get a step ahead by buying your own coins instead of building up via continuous play. The obvious attraction of this is that you can get an increased pot and immediately start playing at a higher level, increasing your chances of becoming a billionaire in the platform. Of course, the more you spend each day means the more you are rewarded. So, some may see this as an intelligent way to get a head start in a sense, even if the thrill remains the same whether you have purchased Billionaire Casino chips or not.

We should stress that even when you purchase coins, the same rule applies to social casinos in that you cannot convert them back to cash. So, it’s an individual purchase, just as you would buy an item shopping and it can be done in regular banking methods, which can be linked up to the account you play from – such as Amazon or Google.

It’s a nice option for players to have though and if you think it will enhance your overall love of gaming then it’s something worth considering.

Billionaire Casino FAQ

Can you win real cash at Billionaire Casino?

No, you cannot. Social casinos are there to give you the chance to experience the fun of the casino games without the possibility of losing money. In-game purchases can be made but no cash can be won. 

Is it easy to play Billionaire Casino?

In a word, yes. You can download the app, play through Facebook and it’s available on desktop and mobile. 

How do I contact Billionaire support?

You can raise any issues by contacting them on Facebook or by filling in a form – although that may not be needed if the extensive FAQs answer your problem. 

Can I take advantage of a Billionaire Casino codes before signing up?

You will be entitled to 5,000,000 Billionaire free casino chips when you join up and that’s the ideal way to get going. After that, a generous rewards system is applied to benefit regular players.  

Conclusion: Experience the guaranteed fun with Billionaire Casino

Social casinos are all about entertainment and playing for fun, making them a fairly unique take on the standard casino setup - but one that appeals to a broad range of people. If you are looking for a social casino provider to try, then our review concludes that you can’t go wrong with Billionaire Casino on that front. From the almost unrivalled free Billionaire casino chips that will get you going to the array of games that are available, there’s so much to enjoy, and the backing of a reputable parent company helps to provide extra reassurance. Of course, no casino is perfect; we found that their customer service could be improved, but overall, this is a small quibble in what is otherwise a very strong performance from one of the Casino Billionaire leaders in the industry.

We can therefore conclude that Billionaire Casino could be a great choice for your playing needs; it is safe, secure, and has enough to offer that you should be able to be confident of a fun-filled opportunity from the moment of registration.

User Reviews for Billionaire Casino

4.22/5 – 9 User Reviews
  1. good but improve the support
    Edward Michael

    Overall it's a good site as it has good bonuses and rewards programs, has a nice amount of casino slots available.

    Until you get used to it, the site is a little confusing, and I hope you don't have any problems because even more confusing is the form of support they provide. Frequently asked questions most of the time do not solve the problem, much less contact on social networks.
  2. Mid
    Isabella Newman

    Playing at billionaire casino with my friends is a really nice experience.

    i wish payment method was not dependent on apps operating software.
  3. a chance at buying my own coins
    Rebekah Hudson

    i enjoy getting a step ahead and getting the chance to play at a higher level simply by buying my owns coins rather than playing continously to build up

    customer service response to complaint is too slow
  4. Huge jackpots!!!!

    This site offers enormous jackpots. My winnings were mind-blowing.

  5. great fun
    Tim Holmes

    Very fun. At first I had difficulties playing on my desktop, but I found that it is possible to play on facebook. when I got there, I had a great surprise: several of my friends played various games there. the result is that now I can't stop playing here lol

    Nothing, I'm just loving it
  6. Awesome
    Robert Modrall

    Graphics are awesome

    It's a slot game
  7. Good


  8. 635
    Bartłomiej Karpowicz

    good is all

  9. Hmmm

    Iventy typu charms czy skay hunter

    Nic nie da się wygrać

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