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BetRivers Promo & Bonus Code 2022

BetRivers Deposit Bonus

Casino Sports
Rating Sports Promo
100% up to $500
T&Cs apply, 21+
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Bonus Details:
Risk-Free Bet
Requirements (WR):
- Casino
Rating Casino Promo
100% up to $1000
T&Cs apply, 21+
Bonus Details:
Welcome Bonus
Requirements (WR):
15x Promo
Players from Virginia accepted
Josh Schwartz
Josh Schwartz
Last Updated on 22/11/2022
Fact checked by: Mark Lewis

BetRivers offers an extremely generous welcome bonus, attracting a lot of attention to their betting site! Are you looking to find out more information about the appealing offer? Well, if so, then you’re in the right place!

Not only are we going to discuss everything you need to know, we’re also going to provide you with some expert betting tips for you to consider!

What Are Bonus Offers?

Before we get started, let’s sum up what a bonus offer entails. Bonus offers are something offered by bookmakers, acting as incentives to entice & attract new customers. With an appealing bonus offer – whether that’s free bets, a deposit match, or bonus spins in the casino – bookies will give generous bonuses to new customers.

How to Use the BetRivers Bonus Offer

In order to be considered a successful and effective bonus offer, any bookmaker sign up offer must be easy to use. Fortunately, the BetRivers bonus code is extremely accessible, and you’ll be able to get your hands on the bonus funds in next to no time.

The BetRivers deposit bonus is exactly that – a matched first deposit up to a value of $250! All that is required is a minimum deposit of $10, and BetRivers will match you 100%! The betting site will match your deposit all the way up to $250! In just a few simple steps, you can really reap the rewards from BetRivers straight away!

The process of getting the BetRivers deposit bonus is simple – create your betting account in minimal easy steps, place your deposit of the amount you wish, and by using the BetRivers promo code ‘250MATCH’, you will be greeted with the deposit bonus funds instantly, and you’ll be able to use this on any sports market BetRivers has to offer.

Once the bonus betting funds appear in your BetRivers account, then you’ll have the freedom to bet on anything you choose. When selecting odds to place on your betslip, you will have the option to use either your own deposited money, or you can opt to use the bonus funds given to you by the bookie!

Depositing and receiving the BetRivers deposit bonus is easy, and withdrawing any winnings is just as simple! Once a BetRivers customer has fulfilled the wager requirements for the bonus funds, then the withdrawal process is just as you would with your own funds, meaning you can get your hands on the winnings easily!

Top 5 Tips to Take Advantage Of For the BetRivers Promo Code

Keep Track of the Wager Requirements

When it comes to any bookmaker bonus offer – like the BetAmerica promo code – there will be wager requirements that customers must adhere to. Well, the BetRivers deposit bonus is no different. With that said, the US bookmaker’s deposit match bonus only has a wager requirement of 1x, meaning that you just need to bet successfully once, before the bonus returns into your BetRivers betting account. From here, you are able to do whatever you wish with the funds, either bet again, or withdraw using the same process.

Bet To Your Strengths!

With bonus offers, especially when receiving funds via a deposit bonus, it can be easy to get carried away with using the money recklessly. This also includes betting on sports that customers are not familiar with, but will bet on it regardless – “because it’s free money to bet with”. In order to make the most of the BetRivers deposit bonus, we highly recommend betting on what you know, increasing your chances of being successful. Therefore, there’s more chance you will use your bonus funds effectively, and maximize the returns!

Consider Upcoming Sporting Events

Following on from the last point, betting on the sports that you have a good understanding of will give you a much better chance of betting successfully with the BetRivers bonus code offer. With that in mind, we highly recommend taking into consideration any sports events, tournaments & competitions that you are keen to bet on. Many welcome bonus offers have a time frame that the bonus funds need to be used by, and BetRivers is no different. Therefore, creating your account and receiving the deposit bonus funds at the correct time will ensure you can use the money on the sports you want to.

Build Your Sports Betting Knowledge

Some can look at deposit bonus offers as a huge reduction in risk, as it isn’t your own personal money that you are betting with. However, with these bonus funds, you have the opportunity to explore the sports betting markets BetRivers has to offer. Here, if you already have a good understanding of certain sports, but are unfamiliar with some betting markets available, then you could use the deposit bonus as part of a betting strategy to learn and introduce yourself to new markets. Here, you’ll have the chance to select a bet on a particular market, and improve your knowledge about the market you’ve chosen.

Read The Ts & Cs!

Some think that reading the terms & conditions of anything can be tedious and boring. We’ve all been there, and haven’t read the whole terms and have been quick to click “accept everything”. However, when it comes to a bookmakers bonus offer, we think it will be extremely beneficial to your knowledge and understanding of what the offer entails. They’re also not as long as other Ts & Cs, but have all the information you need for each and every bonus. On top of that, taking two minutes out of one day to read through what is required increases your understanding, which will benefit your overall experience. Then, when using your bonus, you will experience minimal to no issues.

BetRivers Deposit Bonus FAQs

As well as the expert tips for you to make the most of (you’re welcome), we’re also going to look at some of the common questions that are asked when it comes to the BetRivers bonus code. Here are all the answers you should need!

Do I need a BetRivers promo code?

As we mentioned earlier, in order to get hold of the BetRivers welcome bonus there is a specific code required to be entered. So, using the code ‘250MATCH’, and by using this BetRivers promo code, you’ll be able to receive the bonus offer straight away!

What payment methods are available for the BetRivers deposit bonus?

There’s an increasing number of payment methods available to customers to use on a range of betting sites, and BetRivers is no different. As well as all of the most common & popular methods of payment used (debit/credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay etc.), there’s a wide range of deposit options. For the full list of payment methods you can use as a new customer, we highly recommend double checking the bonus t’s & c’s – there will be everything you need to know.

What sports can I bet on with the BetRivers deposit bonus?

The BetRivers sportsbook hosts plenty of sports markets, all of which are eligible to be selected when using the BetRivers bonus offer! If you’re looking to bet on one of the major US sports with your deposit bonus, then BetRivers will allow you to do this for any NFL, NHL, NBA & MLB betting market! On top of that, the bonus funds can be used on any soccer, rugby, combat sports, gold & tennis selections! As you add any selection to your betslip, you will have the opportunity to opt to use the bonus.

Is the BetRivers bonus offer worth it?

Here at, we recommend taking advantage of the sign up bonus offered by BetRivers, as you have the chance to get your hands on a high-value of betting funds! If you’re looking to compare the BetRivers deposit bonus yourself, then we recommend checking out the 4njbets promo code & TwinSpires promo code – see how BetRivers compares!

How long does this bonus last?

You will only get thirty days in which to use your bonus credit. If you take any longer than this, then the bonus credit will be removed from your account, along with any wins that you had made with it. Such time limits are nicely easy-going, and while it might not make up for the lack of a BetRivers no deposit bonus code, should at least give you a stress-free time when using this deal!

BetRivers’ Additional Rewards

As well as the high-quality BetRivers welcome bonus, there are plenty of other opportunities offered to you by the betting site, which is great news for BetRivers customers! So, on top of the BetRivers deposit code, there’s a great chance to receive regular bonus offers from the bookmaker.

We could go on to tell you about every single BetRivers promotion for their sportsbook and then their casino service, but that would be a bit tedious for both parties. Instead, you can find the answer to the question ‘is BetRivers legit?’ in our very own BetRivers review, where we also discuss more about the additional rewards & bonus offers available on the site!

Are you reading this from New York State? Good news as BetRivers is almost ready to take your bets. Read this news report to see what kind of welcome bonus you can get! Sports Bonus

BetRivers Sports Bonus

Now we’ve looked at the BetRivers deposit bonus as a whole, we’re going to share with you how the sign up offer works in terms of the BetRivers sportsbook. Our betting experts registered and created a BetRivers account to see just how easy and simple it is to get involved with the deposit bonus. There’s a wide range of sports betting markets on offer on the BetRivers site, and fortunately, the majority are eligible for the deposit bonus funds.

BetRivers Sign Up Bonus - Reality Test

In reality, making the most of the BetRivers welcome bonus is as simple as it sounds. All that is needed is for new BetRivers customers to create a new betting account, and when depositing your first amount of betting funds, you can select to opt in for the deposit match scheme. Then, once the process has been completed, the bonus funds will appear almost immediately in your account, and using the funds is just as easy. When placing a bet, you can select to use all or part of your bonus, and it’s as simple as the rest of the process!

Bonus Withdrawal

Once you have used your BetRivers deposit bonus on a wager, then you’ll be waiting to see if that bet is successful or not. If so, then any winnings will be eligible for withdrawal – if you wish to do so. The options are either withdrawal, or continue to use as your own betting funds. However, if the bet using any bonus funds is unsuccessful, then the value will be lost, and you won’t be able to use it again. The withdrawal process follows the industry standard, and also depends on the method of payment used to withdraw the money.

What to Avoid With the BetRivers Sign Up Bonus

Admittedly, there’s not much that a new customer needs to consider and be cautious of when registering with BetRivers and using the bonus funds. As long as the wager requirements are covered, and everything is done with a good understanding and knowledge of what is required, then BetRivers customers are good to go! If there’s anything new customers are unfamiliar with, then we highly recommend double checking the terms & conditions – all of the answers are located right there!

BetRivers Sports Bonus Conclusion

Overall, we highly recommend heading over to BetRivers sportsbook and introducing yourself to sports betting with their generous BetRivers sign up bonus! There’s a lot to discover on the betting site, including a wide range of sports and markets to bet on. This is a good sportsbook to explore, and we do think making the most of the new customer deposit bonus is a great way to enhance your overall sports betting experience with BetRivers! If you’re looking for horse betting odds, check out the NYRA bets promotion! Casino Bonus

BetRivers Casino Bonus

As well as the extensive selection of sports markets, BetRivers is host to a high-quality online casino service filled with plenty of casino games for customers to enjoy. What makes the BetRivers sign up bonus even better for new customers is the fact that the BetRivers deposit bonus can be used on a wide range of casino games. Here’s how to do just that!

Reality Test

Similar to the BetRivers sportsbook, using the casino feature online is very easy to do, thanks to the user-friendly site and simple site navigation. The sign up process is exactly the same in terms of steps & structure, and once you’ve opted for the deposit match bonus, you’re good to go! Then, you can use the bonus funds on a range of casino games, whether that’s slots, poker, or blackjack! All that is needed is to ensure that new customers understand that they are required to select to use the bonus funds for any bet.

BetRivers Casino Bonus Withdrawal

The BetRivers process of withdrawing any funds is super simple, and any new customer will have a good understanding of what to do when they go to withdraw money from their betting account. When it comes to the bonus funds, the wager requirements will have to be fulfilled – as always – before any winnings from the bonus offer can be withdrawn. All the wager requirements can be located easily on the BetRivers site, so you’ll have minimal issues when catering to them. From here, any winnings from successful bets using the deposit bonus can either be withdrawn or used again as your own betting funds.

Pitfalls & What To Avoid - Casino

The only factor we consider to be an important influence on using the BetRivers casino bonus is the wager requirements, which do vary slightly depending on the casino game that the new customer is playing. However, this can easily be reduced in risk with anyone looking at the terms & conditions as they use the BetRivers deposit bonus. Reading these can be an extremely useful tool, and could be the difference between winning & losing the bonus!

BetRivers Casino Bonus Conclusion

To summarize, we think that the casino platform available on the BetRivers site & mobile app is to a top-standard, and when combined with the generous welcome bonus offer, it makes for a high-quality casino betting experience. There’s a variety of casino classics available, and using the bonus funds is a great way to take advantage of an appealing offer!

BetRivers Deposit Bonus Conclusion

When it comes to our summary of the BetRivers promo code, we think it gives sports bettors a great opportunity to get involved with betting with some increased betting funds. New BetRivers customers have the chance to choose how much they can make the most of the offer, as the deposit will be matched anywhere between $10 & $250!

There’s also no pressure on new customers to place a huge deposit, but the bookie will still match your first deposit, essentially doubling your betting funds. The process of getting your hands on the bonus offer is simple, and you’ll be good to go in next to no time. The other benefit is the wide range of available betting markets punters can use the bonus funds on – there’s something for everyone!

BetRivers Sign Up Bonus FAQs

❓ Does BetRivers offer a sign up offer?

Nowadays, the majority of bookmakers will offer some form of bonus offer to new customers. This acts as an incentive to attract new customers to sign up and bet on their betting site. Read our BetRivers promo code page to find out more!

🎰 What is a BetRivers casino bonus code?

A BetRivers casino bonus code is a code that players need to enter into a text box in order to claim a bonus offer.

🔐 Do I need a BetRivers casino bonus code?

Not currently, but please check our reviews before signing up to BetRivers casino as this situation could change in the future.!

✅ What is the latest BetRivers welcome offer?

Whilst there is not currently a BetRivers casino bonus, new players at BetRivers can claim a $250 free sports bet when they join the site. All you need to do to get your free bet is open a new BetRivers account and make a deposit of up to $250. BetRivers will then give your deposit a 100% match in the form of free bets.

👀Is there a BetRivers no deposit bonus code?

All sports betting fans love a good no deposit bonus because these are those deals that simply give you wagering credit without you having to put your own money down. While these kinds of promos are highly sought-after, they aren’t always easy to find. So read our guide to see if you can get a BetRivers no deposit bonus code!

Pennsylvania PA: Full-on Bonus vibes at BetRivers PA

If you’re still looking for the ultimate welcome bonus in the Keystone State, allow Betrivers Pennsylvania sportsbook to spoil you with a fantastic offer. All you need to do is sign up, make a qualifying deposit and get a 100% deposit match up to $250! Go for it!

Indiana bettingAn excellent BetRivers Indiana bonus

There’s a brilliant BetRivers Indiana sportsbook bonus for you today. If you’re new there, you can claim your 100% bonus offer on the first deposit you make. With up to $250 available, your bonus code awaits on their website. You only need to deposit $10 to qualify.

LousianaClaim your BetRivers Louisiana bonus today

The amazing 100% BetRivers Louisiana sportsbook bonus match deal is available to all new bettors. Find the code on their website and read the terms, so you’re sure of receiving your deposit match deal. The maximum to claim is $250, so this is the perfect introduction to the site. NY: BetRivers puts the “B” in Bonus

If you’re looking for a fantastic bonus offer in the Empire State, there’s no need to look any further. BetRivers has a deposit match welcome bonus that will blow you away. By signing up as a new customer, you get a 100% deposit match up to $250 to have some serious at BetRivers sportsbook New York!

Michigan MI Bonus Opportunity:

If you’re looking for a lucrative bonus opportunity in the Wolverine State, look no further than the Betrivers Michigan welcome bonus offer. The BetRivers MI offer gives new customers the ideal opportunity to try out some sports betting on the house with its 100% deposit match bonus of up to $250. Get it now.

West Virginia WV: A welcome bonus you can’t refuse

If you have your eye on a new sportsbook bonus, you need to take a look at the BetRivers Virginia new customer bonus. This welcome bonus is the ideal opportunity to get to know the superstar operator by claiming the 100% deposit match up to $250.

Virginia VI: BetRivers offer a fantastic bonus deal

If you’re a resident of The Old Dominion and you haven’t heard of the BetRivers Virginia welcome offer for sports betting yet, then you better take a look! With a 100% deposit match offer of up to $250, you’re off to a fantastic start at a top online gambling operator in Virginia.

Sports Promo
Sports Promo
100% up to $500
Risk-Free Bet
T&Cs apply, 21+
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