Betfair Football 2022

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Learn how Betfair football is actually FanDuel football and about all the powerful features and benefits that come with playing on the platform today. By joining the sportsbook you can unlock up to $500 in insurance for your first wager, and you could win really big while playing on one of the best platforms available to players today. Make sure to have a quick read of our "Is Betfair legal?" review before you get started.

Wagering on FanDuel Instead

Online sportsbetting is an exciting activity that gives players the chance to connect with the sport and to place wagers on important matchups without going to a location in person, and that’s exactly what Betfair football is all about. Players interested in football can place wagers online conveniently and root for their favorite teams while waiting to see the outcome of the wagers they placed. There are ample Betfair football tips and odds available to help with making the wagering decisions, and it’s very convenient to wager and to have a good time. Betfair sports betting is now available in the United States, but players must place their wagers using the FanDuel website for sports like football, basketball, hockey and countless others. BetFair and FanDuel have merged forces to offer their players a much wider variety of features so that everyone can enjoy sports betting, horse race betting and interactive casino games as well using the same account.

Betfair Football is Available at FanDuel

BetFair and FanDuel are now a part of the same organization. Betfair customers that are interested in placing Betfair football wagers can do so on the FanDuel sportsbetting website. Players can easily transfer funds over to FanDuel and start wagering immediately. New players can also unlock the exciting promotional offers at the site while also making use of all the modern features that FanDuel has to offer players. Betfair customers have access to leading horse racing features, but can also enjoy the best of the sports betting world at FanDuel.

Wager on Games from Three Different Leagues

Players interested in how to bet on Betfair football will be happy to hear that they can wager on three different football leagues using their Betfair account over at FanDuel. The site offers different wagering options for the CFL, the NFL and NCAA college football. That means that true enthusiasts have all the options that they could want with modern wagering features and tools.


Bettors can conveniently place wagers on matches held by the Canadian Football League. There are many different matches throughout the season and they are all covered and made available on the platform for easy wagering. Some of the games even enjoy Live Betting support so fans can place wagers while the match occurs.


Wager on one of the 32 professional teams within the NFL throughout the pre-season, standard season and the playoff season. During each of these phases there are countless wagering opportunities and chances for fans to show their love and appreciate for their favorite teams.


Get more involved with all those different college football games by wagering on the NCAA matchups. All the big name division one schools are represented and it’s possible to wager on your favorite team matchups throughout the year. There is even some live wagering support for these games, making it even more interesting to watch and to place wagers at the same time.

Enjoy the Thrill of Live Betting

When bettors wonder about things like how to win on Betfair football, one of the best answers is to place wagers on live games in the most favorable positions possible. Live betting is an exciting practice where gamblers place wagers as a game is playing out in front of them. As the game changes the different positions become more extreme and exciting in many instances. Savvy gamblers can use these changes to give themselves a shot at an even larger payout. There is no guaranteed way to win at wagering on football or any other sport, but using live betting can make sports wagering more exciting and can offer the chance at larger payouts as well.

Make a Risk-Free Bet Worth up to $500

FanDuel offers new members a single wager worth up to $500 that’s fully insured. What that means, is that you can get started at the site, fund your account and place a massive wager on a football match that goes bad. You won’t lose all that money you wagered. Instead, the wager amount is returned to you as credit that can be wagered once again. Sure, the credit isn’t as good as the original cash was, but it can be used to place additional wagers. Players just have to keep in mind that they will only receive the profit from a winning position placed with credit, and that they have to meet specific playthrough requirements in order to cash those winnings. Other than that, the credit gives gamblers a chance to place more wagers and to keep the fun going for longer.

Win Bigger

Betfair football enthusiasts can enjoy the powerful odds boosts available at the FanDuel sportsbook. The site offers major odds boosts all throughout the year for many different sports. These odds boosts are given randomly and they make some wagers more valuable than others. When wagering on an odds boosted position the winning payout gets increased for the player. That means you could get more money back for a wager than your initial bet would normally command. Odds boosts are a basic way to win bigger while wagering on sports events, just watch to see what boosted wagers are available before placing a bet.

Wager from Anywhere

Even though sportsbook wagering is currently limited to select states for Betfair customers, that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck on your computer to place wagers, or even in your house. Wager conveniently from anywhere with an internet connection within the supported states thanks to the site’s mobile wagering technology. FanDuel offers apps for Android and iOS devices that make it possible to place wagers on different football events anywhere where a stable internet connection is available.

These apps are simple to install and can be put on most modern smartphones without issue. They take only a moment to sign in on, and the apps offer all the standard features that the full platform of the site offers. It’s simple to deposit money, place wagers, make withdrawals and more while using a smartphone.

It’s even possible to place live wagers using a smartphone, which is the ultimate in dynamic and exciting betting opportunities. Players can place wagers on different sporting events while watching the match itself and using a smartphone. It’s possible to place wagers in sports bars or anywhere else with this technology. Learn even more about the app and mobile wagering at FanDuel by taking a look at our FanDuel sportsbook app review.

Even though Betfair doesn’t offer sportsbetting on its platform specifically, Betfair customers can still enjoy wagering on all the major sporting events thanks to the powerful FanDuel platform. With the two companies combined into one, it’s easier than ever to enjoy cutting edge features while placing important wagers. Most sporting events are featured on the site, and that includes all the major football matchups throughout the season. It’s an exciting time to be a football fan and sports bettors have never had it easier when looking to place wagers. As long as you live in New Jersey you can wager on football matches conveniently.

For more football betting providers, check out our recent Unibet rating or William Hill sportsbook review.

Conclusion: Betfair Offers Capable Football Wagering

Even though Betfair football wagering is actually FanDuel football wagering, the system is capable and simple to use and gives gamblers all the features they could ask for. It’s a good time to be a football fan and gamblers can enjoy live wagering, mobile wagering, coverage for all the different popular football leagues and more.

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