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Using the Betfair Exchange for cricket bets

While US sports like football and basketball are all on offer at Betfair, the company is one of the world leaders in sports betting, which is why international sports such as cricket are also well covered by their sportsbook and exchange. The Betfair exchange cricket markets are among the most lively at the site, with customers from all over the world betting millions against one another on cricket matches.

Betfair exchange offers a unique style of sports betting known as sports trading. In this model, punters place bets for or against an outcome, laying odds to each other and creating a market themselves. We take a look at the Betfair exchange cricket offer for US players and internationally and we dig deep into the ins and outs of cricket betting.

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The Legality of Betfair Cricket Betting in US

It is well known that sports betting is not yet fully legal in all of USA. As the legalization of sports betting started out in states like New Jersey, international companies such as Betfair have stepped in and started providing their service to US players in the parts of the country in which it is possible to acquire such licenses.

It should be noted that Betfair does all its US facing dealings 100% transparently and that their entire US operation is completely legal and regulated by state governments. This is the reason that many Americans can’t yet use the Betfair exchange, but those who can are doing so in complete safety.

The one major problem that US players have at Betfair Exchange is the fact they do not share the player pool with other, international players. As such, Americans have access to limited Betfair Exchange cricket market activity, because cricket is not the most popular sport in the USA.

Nevertheless, players who are looking for a safe, regulated and fair place to trade cricket bets can do so at Betfair Exchange without any legal or security concerns. Players who decide to play on offshore platforms, on the other hand, are exposing themselves to great risks which should be avoided at all cost.

Trading Cricket Bets at Betfair

The Betfair Exchange is one of the world’s leading sports betting exchanges. The exchange allows punters to place bets on thousands of markets by betting either side of them, known as backing and laying. At the international Betfair Exchange, cricket is probably one of the most popular sports one will find.

The Exchange covers all sorts of events, including major international events, smaller local leagues and hundreds of matches in total. Both test cricket and T20s are on offer, and there is hardly a decent cricket match out there that players can’t bet on.

The way a sports exchange works is that players can either offer odds to other players on a bet or take the bets that are already in play at current odds. All bets must be matched by the other side in order to play, with the operator not covering any bets.

For instance, if England and India are playing and a player wishes to bet against England winning, they will only be able to place a bet whose size matches the bets already made by the other side on England winning. This way, the market is balanced out and the operator only charges a small percentage as a wig, while the rest of the money is wagered among players, just like a friendly wager in a bar.

This is exactly one of the reasons that punters looking for the best price often end up taking Betfair cricket odds, which tend to be several points ahead of the regular sports betting market on many occasions. Before jumping into the action, players are advised to learn all about the Betfair Exchange cricket rules, which come into play when exchange bets are made.

In-Play Betfair Exchange Cricket

While most Betfair Exchange trades are made before the start of cricket matches, the operator also offers the opportunity for punters to trade bets during the games themselves. Just like pre-match trading, the in-play screen offers a number of betting options, including the outright match winner and various bets on the passage of play.

The exchange model again allows punters to back or lay all bets, placing money on the bet being a winner or a loser. The quick passage of play makes the Betfair exchange live markets potentially lucrative for those who understand the game on a higher level and also very fun for everyone.

Currently, the in-play cricket exchange markets are somewhat dead due to the lack of interest by American players, but this is likely to change as more and more players join the Betfair Exchange. In either case, if interested parties exist, Betfair Exchange facilitates in-play trading for all major matches.

Profitable Trading on Betfair Exchange

Unlike sports betting, sports exchanges are known as a place where many punters make a steady living. Instead of betting against the house, punters actually place bets against the current market and the bets placed by other players, which leaves room for manipulation as the odds are ever changing.

Without having any special Betfair Exchange cricket tips, careful punters can back a selection early on, only to lay against the same selection at a later point and gain a risk free win. This is done on a regular basis by professional sports exchange players who play the market instead of trying to guess the outcome of a match.

The beauty of this type of sports trading is that a player does not really have to be an expert on cricket or any other sport to make a profit from the trades. Instead, one must monitor the markets carefully and understand when to place bets based on the current odds, which is a different kind of skillset altogether. Players out there who are looking to manipulate the market will love Betfair Exchange as it is one of the liveliest out there.

Mobile Cricket Exchange at Betfair

Betfair Exchange is one of the most exciting ways to bet on sports, with odds constantly changing and new options always opening up. However, in order to be a successful sports trader, one must be online at all times and keep a good track of the current markets and opportunities.

For this purpose, the Betfair Exchange cricket app is available, allowing constant access to the markets while on the go. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS users and it allows access to the cricket exchange markets around the clock, making it possible to really manipulate the market and always be in the right place at the right time.

True exchange masters will love the Betfair Exchange app as it allows the level of control that was never available before. Simply sign up with the Betfair Exchange mobile and enjoy the full access to all cricket exchange markets around the clock at one of the leading sports exchanges in the world.

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Conclusion: The Top Cricket Exchange

Betfair Exchange is the world’s number one sports exchange, their cricket exchange markets give everyone a chance to bet against a pool of real players who are betting the other side. However, it's not yet available to US punters - but fear not, we've got plenty of awesome recommendations to share with you.

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