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Creating a new Betfair account is one of the simplest ways to start playing at an online casino or wagering on races from around the world. Making an account is easy on the platform and for most people is a trouble-free experience. There are some players that run into issues with account suspension though. If you are one of the few that has your Betfair account suspended, there are specific reasons for the problem and there are ways to resolve it. Find out about your options below and how customer support can help you.

Working with Betfair

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to place a wager only to realize that your Betfair Account is suspended. An account suspension is very uncommon, but it does happen to some players. If this happens to you don’t worry, there are ways to resolve your Betfair account and get the services back once and for all. Below is an overview of why account suspensions occur, how you can resolve those issues and how to get help from the customer service at Betfair.

Creating a Betfair Account

Betfair is a leading casino and racebook exchange for players in supported states looking to gamble. With those two powerful features available it’s easy to see why it’s a desirable online platform. Fortunately, gamblers that want to place wagers using the platform can do so easily after signing up for an account. The registration process takes only a few minutes and gives gamblers access to all those powerful features and more to choose from. New users that want to create an account must follow the steps below to get their Betfair account made.

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Forming the Account

  • Visit one of the Betfair New Jersey websites
  • Select “Sign Up”
  • Fill out the form that loads on the screen with personal details
  • Accept the form changes to complete the process

New players can sign up for an account in mere moments, but they will still have to go through the deposit process in order to place real money wagers. That process is fast as well and many gamblers can place their initial wagers the same day that they sign up.

Signing into your Betfair Account

After creating a new account it’s time to sign in and start placing wagers. Players that want to sign into their Betfair accounts need only visit the website and click on the “Log in” button. This button opens up a simple form with input boxes for username and password. Enter information into both of those boxes to complete the sign in process. As you log into your account you can begin placing wagers and using all the other features offered with a Betfair casino or exchange account. The best part is that once you have an account it can be used for all the different Betfair features.

Why is My Betfair Account Suspended?

While most players never run into an issue while wagering on Betfair platforms, there are some users that end up with a suspended account. There is always a good reason for these suspensions and the Betfair customer service team is happy to explain these reasons to you if you run into an issue. Below are the two most common reasons for account suspension and quick overviews of how you can avoid these issues.

No Location Verification

Before placing any wagers or using the casino games a Betfair user must verify they are from a supported state. Players that repeatedly try to use the services without ever verifying location could face suspension. There is a simple verification tool, and the most effective way to avoid getting your Betfair account suspended is to go through the steps to help that tool work properly. Do that and your location can be verified properly.

When trying to withdraw winnings from a Betfair account, or even sometimes when creating an account, users are asked to provide licenses and other personal information to verify their identities. If this identify verification fails, the account is suspended. One of the best ways to avoid this issue is to just provide accurate account data and licenses and documentation. Do that and it’s unlikely to happen. If the account is still suspended after doing so contact customer support so that you may workout the issue. Find out how location verification works on the smartphone looking at our Betfair casino app review here.

How to Avoid Account Suspension

It’s simple to avoid getting your Betfair account suspended and most players never have an issue with account suspension at all. The trick to avoiding this issue is to follow all the rules and regulations of the casino or exchange as you play on it. That means learning about the conditions of the bonuses, as well as location and age restrictions. As long as you understand all of those rules and you follow along with those conditions, there is very little risk of having your Betfair account suspended at all.

More information about the different rules and regulations can be found in the Betfair terms and conditions. Players should take the time to review the terms and conditions before wagering on the site in order to avoid problems while playing.

The two most common reasons for an account suspension, identity verification problems, and location verification issues, can both be avoided by playing within New Jersey, taking the time out make sure the verification software is configured properly and verifying your identity properly. Do those things and it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever have account issues to resolve.

Working with Betfair Customer Support

Players that run into issues with their accounts they aren’t sure how to resolve themselves, can talk with customer support to get the help that they need. There are several different customer support tools available for players to make use of. Below is an overview of those tools and a description of how to make the most of each of the different services available as well.

Customer Support Tools

  • Email support – Contact customer support using the supported email address and get answers to questions within 24 hours.
  • Phone support – contact customer support with the toll-free phone number and get help with issues immediately. This support method is immediate and simple to use.
  • FAQ – Look through the FAQ section for answers to common account-related questions. The different answers are split into categories for simple and convenient searching.

Each of the above customer support tools is a possible solution to account-related issues, but players should test out the different options to decide which is the most comfortable for them. To do this, players should take the time and give each of the methods a try. After only a short testing period most customers will know what they prefer about the support systems.

Email support is the slowest help method, while the FAQ is the fastest, but different methods work best for different players. Gamblers should look through the FAQ sections for answers first, and then move on to one of the other two methods to ask for help. Between these different tools it should be easy to figure out why your Betfair account has been suspended, how to cancel my Betfair account and anything else you want to know about the account specifically. Learn more about customer service and more with our full Betfair casino review.

There are very few players that ever encounter a Betfair account suspension issue. If you are one of the unfortunate players just take steps to correct the issue to get your account back. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, there is comprehensive customer service available to get the help that you need. Talk with customer service and find out what the issue is. It should be easy to create an account and use the service on Betfair as an interested gambler and as long as you follow the rules you should have no trouble keeping access to those services.

Conclusion: Getting Help with Account Issues at Betfair is Simple

Betfair is designed to work well for most users without issue. There are some account suspension problems occasionally, but those issues are simple to resolve and most players will never face those problems if they follow the simple guidelines put together by the web property. Gamblers looking for a simple user experience and smooth gambling features should look at the Betfair casino or Exchange for all the available features.

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