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Betanysports review: Scam or legal? [BLACKLISTED]

Is BetAnySports Legit? We think not! [BLACKLISTED]

This operator is blacklisted by due to unfair play.
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  • Illegal online betting site
  • Dodgy payment options
  • Unreliable customer support
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WARNING: BetAnySports is not a licensed US sportsbook and is completely illegal for US players. This review will tell you why to avoid this site and where to find the best US sportsbooks online instead. 

As well as being an illegal and blacklisted betting site in the US, there are several other reasons to avoid BetAnySports. Throughout this review we'll run you through the pitfalls and risks of using this operator - of which there are many!

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BetAnySports USA: Cons
  • Illegal in the USA
  • Unreliable customer service
  • No licensing
jim Black
"up until 6 months ago they were solid book. Under new ownership after Neil moved on"
jim black
Stay away from
"stay away"
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Scams found at many offshore casinos

Video: online casino scams and mistakes compilation | casinoscams | crypto casinos online | gambling fraud

online casino scams and mistakes compilation | casinoscams | crypto casinos online | gambling fraud

Last Updated on 12/05/2024
Fact checked by: Josh Schwartz

Bonuses: A lacklustre offer with little information

BetAnySports promotions should be completely avoided. Interestingly, the bonus is not available for customers already claiming it with 5Dimes, Island Casino, Sportbet, ChineseBookie, Vietbet, Bombaybets, or Nicabet. Yet another reason to give this illegal bonus a miss!

Unfortunately, the fact that you cannot claim the bonus if you have any association with 5Dimes, another blacklisted operator, already has our scam sensors on high alert!

The wagering requirement is implied even if you’re not fishing for bonuses, which has had many players complaining about the inability to withdraw funds, and the customer support aims to have players claim the bonuses rather than explaining this and helping with the issue. Simply put, avoid BetAnySports and its woeful bonuses.

If you are however looking for a bonus worth your while, we've got a great place for you to start. Our Casino and Sportsbook bonus page is a collection of the best bonuses available from the biggest and best legal operators. Check back often as bonuses are known to change regularly.

Usability - Vague online platform

The BetAnySports EU site features a bland and anonymous interface, with the most crucial controls hidden in the top menu. Users have criticized the operator for hiding odds and some features until after users set up accounts. This is especially frustrating for those accustomed to easily accessible odds from prominent regulated operators in the United States.

Payment Methods: Limited number of transactions -AVOID

To add more worry to the players' minds, deposit options include well-known but disreputable digital payment company: Money order, and Person-to-person transfers with minimum amounts ranging between USD 50 and USD 1,000. And don't forget that your US bank won't let you make deposits at an illegal gambling site like BetAnySports. Plus, withdrawing can get tricky as it’s often the case with offshore online casinos.

Withdrawal methods include the same untrustworthy digital payment methods, as well as Wire Transfers, and Checks which brings us to a major objection as there are no credit or debit cards in the offer. Not surprising given that this is an illegal gambling site. Furthermore, deposits made by cards or e-wallets require a 3x rollover as well as a seven-day hold before one can issue a withdrawal request. This is highly unusual to say the least and in our opinion unfair and unreasonable, but there's more bad news to come...

Some fees differ by payment method and multiple withdrawals within a week take a fat amount of USD 100 for processing. We certainly wouldn't risk our money at BetAnySport and we strongly recommend that you don't either! You can learn more about online casino and sportsbook deposit methods, as well as who makes it easy for you to deposit and withdraw your winnings.

Customer Support - Completely unreliable

Of course, it’s impossible to complete the review without taking a look at the customer care. The operator offers customer support via a phone line, e-mail as well as Live Chat on the site.

A quick survey of the channels gives a feeling of half-hearted response times and barely knowledgeable agents. Plus there are still many more reports of customer support failing to cope with unsuccessful requests for withdrawals and even extending the timeframes of a complicated process to get to an actual solution.

Is BetAnySports Legit? Why You Shouldn't Play Here

Going through players’ BetAnySports reviews gives a glimpse into the reality of why many experienced aficionados avoid this and any other offshore operator, where worries about one’s data protection and fund safety become very real despite the luring possibilities widely advertised.

Indeed, offshore betting operators tend to promise smooth sailing with great odds and overwhelming promotions but it’s obvious the regulators outside the US hold lenient standards which can often mean no guarantee of such traits, as players hardly have the means to pursue arbitration if denied any claims by the bookie.

State-licensed operators, on the other hand, offer services regulated by the US agencies and have to abide by laws as such. This means they are closely monitored and reports of misdemeanors get actual results, aside from spreading among the player base much quicker with free access to information. You're better off staying with the best US sportsbooks by a long shot.

While there are many features advertised in favor of the offshore bookies, this rather denies them as utter uncertainty. Furthermore, the changing laws largely affect the number of players with more reliable operators now on offer, which creates a generally safer environment when it comes to online gambling.

Ultimately, BetAnySports sportsbook could be taken down at any given point. More specifically, the company could be forced to stop offering services to US players with more strict laws and it’s fair to say that pursuing the BetAnySports payouts would be a huge pain in the neck in such circumstances, with many reports of problems getting one’s money out after winning already available across the web.

Betting Offer: Limited Focus on Popular Sports

It’s surely already clear we don’t and cannot recommend taking your money to BetAnySports or any new gambling websites that are licensed off-shore. However, let's take a look at the poor range of betting markets since we're here.

BetAnySports wagering can hardly cope with the industry big guns in the variety of markets. The main focus on major sports such as football, basketball, baseball, ice hockey, but also tennis and soccer but this is still less than what you get elsewhere. Plus the spreads don’t really instill the feeling of value and sets it back even in offshore standards. To compare these markets with other top providers, then be sure to read our guide to "Is Interbets safe?" and our latest Bet365 review USA.

Betting Odds: No real edge at BetAnySports

BetAnySports simply can't compete with its odds when compared to legit and licensed US bookies. In reality, 1x2 markets have a margin of 101.7% while spreads, as well as the Over/Under betting, vary and stand around 104.5%. The few vague markets available hardly offer an edge over the state-regulated bookmakers despite being one of the offshore companies’ boasting points. Simply avoid BetAnySports.

Is BetAnySports Legal: Top 5 FAQ Asked By Players

Is BetAnySports legal and am I liable?

Offshore bookies have been using loopholes to offer US players services and while this is a shady business, it’s just a matter of time before more strict regulation is imposed by the government. Some states have laws allowing player prosecution. So best to give BetAnySports a miss.

What are the depositing and withdrawing options?

BetAnySports allows a number of banking methods but these have been a matter of controversy. You will see one famously shady digital payment method is available for both deposits and withdrawals, while debit cards and e-wallets can only be used to deposit – which also imposes a turnover to withdraw and takes ridiculous fees for the process as well. Just another reason to avoid BetAnySports.

Do I have to pay tax in case of winnings?

Players in the United States are obligated by law to pay taxes on gamble winnings and this comes as a must even with offshore providers, regardless of their location and/or tax obligations. Just remember that BetAnySports is an illegal gambling site and there are legit operators in the US.

Where can I see the BetAnySports odds?

BetAnySports does not allow new players to check out the odds before setting up an account. After registering, you can access the odds by marking events, clicking to continue, and listing them on the new window you’re taken to. Don't sign up with a site like BetAnySports that won't even show you its products - this is wrong and highly suspicious!

Does the minimum age of 21 apply to offshore betting operators?

No, BetAnySports’ minimum age is 18 and while this is not yet legal in some states, it also points towards the differences and the company’s failure to align with US laws and regulations. So avoid BetAnySports.

Verdict: Better to Stay Safe Rather Than Play at BetAnySports

Like many offshore companies, BetAnySports promises an 'enhanced service' but all we see are attempts to hide information and charge exorbitant fees to access your own money when you win.

There are many other downsides as well, which largely focus on the players’ inability to solve issues with customer support or get any real insight into the company’s dealings without regulation. With so many other great online casinos out there, there's really no need head to BetAnySports.

This brings us to the fact that many players enjoy taking their bankroll to regulated bookies and casinos, where an industry-standard with top-quality service and a user-oriented approach is the norm.

We've already blacklisted 5Dimes, which is closely associated with BetAnySport. We've given both a chance and they've failed to come even close to passing muster and now BetAnySport is also on the CaptainGambling blacklist. Do yourself a favor - keep well away.

What Are Other Users Saying About BetAnySports?

Based on the user reviews of BetAnySports, it appears that opinions are mixed regarding the platform's services. Users express frustrations and concerns about delayed or problematic payouts, especially for checks and foreign transactions. Users advise against using specific withdrawal methods due to potential issues and stress the site's limitations in terms of resolving payout problems.

Several users have reported difficulties receiving their winnings, encountering issues with various payment methods, especially checks, foreign transactions, and bank transfers. Instances of delayed, incomplete, or canceled payouts have left users dissatisfied and led to financial losses. Some users have labeled the platform as a scam due to these experiences.

Moreover, there are recurring complaints about customer service, including challenges in communication and resolving payout-related issues. The platform's rebate bonus system is criticised for its limitations, specifically the 30-day rule and how it impacts the bonus cycle, causing discontent among users.

There are virtually no users who still vouch for the legitimacy of BetAnySports, advising others to opt for alternative sportsbooks, others strongly warn against playing on the site and suggest staying away from specific games or payment methods due to concerns about scams, problematic payouts, and difficulties in resolving issues.

Overall, the user reviews present a negative picture of BetAnySports, highlighting mostly nightmarish experiences. The platform's inefficiency with issues related to checks, foreign transactions, and the bonus system are significant bad points for users, leading to distrust and warnings.

User Reviews for Betanysports

1.75/5 – 8 User Reviews
    jim Black

    up until 6 months ago they were solid book. Under new ownership after Neil moved on

    I am an affiliate and have been with them for past 5 years. Back when Tony oversaw them I had moved a couple of my guys there and agreed upon a 30% rev share. My players have lost over 180k and this past week they decide to lock me out and keep previous 2 weeks of commissions. No coincidence that my players just happened to lose several thousand last week. I have no issue with a book changing changing terms and policy on a previous deal. I can either reject it, get paid, and move on, or stay with new terms. However, what BAS did was freeze my account and claim that unless I sent 2 more depositing players, that I could not withdraw my funds or get paid the commissions owed on previous weeks losses? Thats just Shady business. SCAM BOOK, stay away. Not what they once were!!!
  2. Stay away from
    jim black

    stay away

    I am an affiliate and have been with them for past 5 years. Back when Tony oversaw them I had moved a couple of my guys there and agreed upon a 30% rev share. My players have lost over 180k and this past week they decide to lock me out and seize my balance. After speaking with Arnold and Dave they state "if I dont send new players, they wont allow me to pull out my balance or continue to pay me on my current players". No coincedence that my players just happened to lose several thousand last week. SCAM BOOK, stay away. Not what they once were!!!

    not a thing

    these people will steal your money, I hit a 15k pick 4 and had a balance of 4900 not only did they not pay the 15k, they kept the 4900 and do not answer there phones. Jason Webb and especially Payle Zderic are crooks that are one the feds radar
  4. casino is a scam
    J S M

    Do not play here

    a while back they had cash out option thru money gram after 3 withdrawals they tell me moneygram says I'm blacklisted. I called money gram fraud department they says no such thing nothing wrong with my account . .Turns out even though I was paying the money gram fee for my winnings they will lie trying to.get you to do the biticoin option which I didnt want

    nothing is positive

    Do not Play here, BETANYSPORTS.EU is rigged, they cheat on Blackjack, they cheat on Baccarat. The slots, pay out nothing. Do not upload your money, they cheat. They only let you withdraw once a day. What type of shit is that. Fuck BETANYSPorts.Eu, they running illegally in Colombia. And they are cheating everyone out of money. Cards are rigged! Do not play!
  6. no issues yet

    lotto pays 900 for pick 3s, 9000 for pick4s, you can bet anywhere from .25cent. and up. was quick

    no poker, there sportsbook layout is bad, they give you 4-5 different lines for each team takes you forever to scroll down to check lines, but again if you like to bet lotto once in awhile its great. ive hit 50 cent play 4 = 4500. and 2 play 3s 1.00 = 900 and a couple box play 4s = 750. watch the pro lotto players LOL at the supermarket bet 50-60 on play 3s and 4s and LMAO there getting just over half what BAS pays out, and you can play any state lotto you want w 10% takeout. also hard to switch from straight plays to parlays or teasers
  7. Horrible horrible odds
    John Stanton

    There lotto pays better then most state payouts for pick 3 and pick 4 and that's if you win and they don't drag your payout/withdraw out...

    I've so far spent over $1500 and honestly must say this is the worst site for odds I have ever seen in my entire life... I will honestly never play this site again. I've already just handed them over enough money and in my eyes that's alright as long as I can confirm it and pass on the word!!! Don't ever, ever, play betanysports they will take you for every penny, nickel, dime quarter, dollar you put on there! It will never come back!!!
  8. BETANYSPORTS is actually an EXCELLENT sportsbook/casino
    Jackson Banks

    I'm not sure where the author of this review is getting the information. It proves that the proper homework was not done. 5Dimes is blacklisted, because the US government found out about them and they in turn agreed to be blacklisted and pay a fine. BETANYSPORTS, who is basically 5Dimes... has always paid me and paid me within 24 hours. They don't offer those bogus bonuses because they are actually a legit site. You can criticize the website look and feel, but you can't criticize their payout history, their customer service, their odds and their fairness. BETANYSPORTS (5Dimes), I've played with for 20 years. I have recommended them to everyone I know and I think that this review is disingenuous in untrue.

    No online sportsbook or casino is perfect. Although I like it, I can see where the website itself visually could improve. They have four or five casinos right now, but they did lose one that had popular games and that is unfortunate. My biggest problem with them is they removed poker from their website and have no plans of returning it. Your poker was never great and it never had a lot of players so I would hope they would reconsider bringing it back and just try to improve it. But I give it a plus 10 out of 10 and I'd recommend my own mom to play there.

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  • Illegal online betting site
  • Dodgy payment options
  • Unreliable customer support
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