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BetAmerica Review US 2024 : Is BetAmerica legit?

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Horse Betting
BetAmerica Horse Betting
Rating follows
  • Wager on events around the world
  • Live streaming available
  • Deposit match bonus up to $500
  • A reliable and licensed provider
  • An excellent casino offering
BetAmerica Horse Betting Promo
T&Cs apply, 21+
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BetAmerica is a well-run online gambling site and is perfect for horse racing fanatics - this is where BetAmerica's ratings shine. They have done everything they can to make their horse racing bets as strong as possible.

We are going to show you some great BetAmerica sign up offers. BetAmerica has some of the best horse racing action out there, even when compared to our reviews. Overall BetAmerica’s strong ratings are well earned and you will have fun at the site if you stick to horse racing and other sports.

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Rating follows
  • Bonus Offers & Free Bets
  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
Larry Gray
Don’t play with bet America don’t payouts
"Taking your deposits fast as they can"
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Last Updated on 14/07/2024
Fact checked by: Drew the DFS Guy

What Kind Of Offers Does BetAmerica Have?

There are many BetAmerica offers you can choose from. When you make your deposit into BetAmerica US you will receive your BetAmerica sign up bonus. This will be a 100% match up to $100. If you put in $25, you'll end up with $50 to play with. If you put in $100, you'll end up with $200 to play with. That's a decent deal. You should note that you will have to play through your money several times before you can withdraw it.

That bonus offer is only good for the BetAmerica US casino side of things. If you want to bet on sports betting or horse racing you'll have to set up a separate account. When you set up your BetAmerica US sports betting account you will get a chance to use your promo code.

The promo code is GET500. You need to enter this during the sign-up process, which is the normal process. Once you do so you will get matching funds up to $500 – five times more than you get for signing up for the casino. This is where you want to put in as much money as you can at first, so you get the most out of your sports betting bonus money.

You will have to play this money through at least six times before you can withdraw it. That's a decent deal and plays into why BetAmerica's reviews are as high as they are. With some online casinos asking you to play through money at least 20 times you can see what this is a boon to BetAmerica's ratings.

$20 Free Bet

When you make your first sports bet at BetAmerica if it is at least $20 on one game, BetAmerica will give you a $20 free bet. Free bets are not free money. Instead, they are vouchers. You can place that $20 free bet on anything you want to in the sportsbook. It has to be placed as one single bet. Then if you win you get to collect your money – minus the $20 value of the bet. If you lose you lose nothing.

BetAmerica also offers a “Slot Of The Week.” This is one slot machine recommended by BetAmerica. Generally, it is a new slot machine. Bet at least $10 on that video slot machine and BetAmerica will give you free spins. In BetAmerica's reviews, this is often listed as positive and certainly contributes to why BetAmerica's ratings are as high as they are.

Back at sports, BetAmerica also has a parlay boost system. A parlay is when you place a bet on two or more teams winning their matches in the same week. Obviously, the payouts for this are far higher than betting the two teams on your own. The downside is both teams have to win for you to collect your bet.

Make a parlay bet at BetAmerica US on two teams and you will receive a 3% bonus on your winnings. Make a parlay bet on at least three teams in a week and BetAmerica US will give you a 5% boost on your profits.

Once again this is a big factor in BetAmerica's reviews and BetAmerica's ratings being as positive as they are. Find the horse racing event you want to bet on and see if you can win.

Usability: What Can I Expect From My BetAmerica Experience?

Everyone goes to an online gambling site with a different set of expectations. And all of those expectations will fuel whether or not you like the site. Despite its great ratings and reviews, we cannot guarantee that you will have a great experience at BetAmerica. What we can tell you is that your odds of having a good time are very high. And since you are a gambler, you'll probably want to take those odds.

Here's what you can expect when you join BetAmerica US.

  • A functional site design. This should make BetAmerica US as easy to use as possible and not distract you with bells and whistles.
  • An emphasis on sports betting over casino wagering. BetAmerica's reviews all stress this and it's true. If you are mostly into sports betting you should love BetAmerica. If you are mostly into casino betting you might want to try another site to have a better time.
  • The video slot machines you will find should be excellent. They are all newer games like Guns N Roses. So while you may miss out on the older video slot machines the ones you find on BetAmerica US should be cutting edge and what you want to play.
  • Interesting bonus offers. You get matching funds up to $100 on the casino side and with your promo code get matching funds up to $500 on the sportsbook side of things. Those are good offers and contribute to BetAmerica's ratings in a positive way.
  • A safe and secure connection. BetAmerica uses the highest-level encryption technology to handle all of your banking transactions. As long as your computer is clean and virus free you should have no problems at all sending and receiving money through BetAmerica US.
  • A reliable gambling experience. BetAmerica is very reliable. You should be well aware of what they are offering, what you can expect, and you'll find that is exactly what it delivers. While it may be a fairly simple site is one that works and works very well. BetAmerica's reviews reflect this.
  • Live streaming of horse racing events. The vast majority of horse racing on BetAmerica US is live-streamed. This is true for both American and foreign races. If you want to play the ponies and watch them then BetAmerica is the place to go. This makes your gambling experience much more fun than it would be at a site that does not offer live streaming services.

Devices & App: Where Can You Play at BetAmerica?

You can use BetAmerica on your desktop and mobile, with their excellent betting app. With plenty of great features including live in-game betting and exclusive bonuses, you'll definitely want to download the dedicated betting app.


Deposit & Withdrawal: Different Methods Available

You can use a variety of payment methods when making deposits at BetAmerica, including Visa, Neteller, prepaid cards, check, and wire transfer.

Customer Service: Phone & Email Options

Should you need to contact BetAmerica, you'll have a choice of phone or email. The phone line is available from 09.00 - 02.00 ET, while email support is 24/7.

A good way of gauging an operation is by testing out the customer support service. We are pleased to say that our reviewers found the BetAmerica support team friendly and knowledgeable, as well as responding in a very reasonable timescale.

Is BetAmerica Reliable & Secure?

The first and most important part of our reviews is to check the security of each site; just as we did in our "is Unibet safe?" guide. BetAmerica US features a simple, easy-to-use website. It might not be as flashy as some of the others we've reviewed, but it certainly does the job. BetAmerica US is an extremely reliable gambling provider. And BetAmerica's ratings prove this. They don't promise what they can't deliver. What you see on the site is what you get. This makes BetAmerica considerably better than other online casinos because there is no bluffing.

Pro and Con
  • Most events are live streamed online
  • A choice of welcome offers
  • BetAmerica is a feature-rich racebook
  • Watch live video feeds of races on more than 425 different tracks
  • A simple and user-friendly betting site
  • Not many educational tools for first time bettors

BetAmerica does not claim to bet a great provider of video slot machines or table games. Instead, they are focused on providing high-quality sports betting. And the BetAmerica reviews support this. BetAmerica is a serviceable online betting site. So yes, for what it claims to be BetAmerica is a very reliable site.

It promises what it can deliver and provides you with no more and no less than what it has led you to expect. That is why BetAmerica's reviews are as high as they are. Check out our DRF Bets review and Xpressbet ratings to compare the sites.

But, Is BetAmerica Secure?

Yes. BetAmerica is a very secure site. It has end to end encryption that assures that your transactions with the site and their transactions with you will not be seen by prying eyes. You can watch and wager and be sure that nobody else is looking in. Take a look at our Watch and Wager ratings to see how the sites compare.

Of course, encryption is only as good as it is on both ends. You should make sure that your computer is secure as well. Run anti-virus software on your machine. Make sure you have it scan for viruses all the time. That will ensure that you are doing everything you can to make your computer secure – while BetAmerica US is doing everything they can to keep your secrets and your banking information safe and secure.

When you combine BetAmerica's high encryption standards with good encryption on your end you will be as safe placing a bet on BetAmerica as you are ordering a package off of Amazon. This level of safety and security is part of the reason BetAmerica's reviews and Bet America's ratings are as high as they are.

You can feel safe placing a bet at BetAmerica.

Additional Offers

Race enthusiasts can get up to $100 in bonus credits just by joining and placing wagers at Bet America. The horse racing platform offers a nice blend of features that we compare to other options in the chart below. Look at our comparison yourself or test the racebook out to see what is so special about it. Join today and start working toward up to $100 in credits today.

BetAmerica Horse Racing: Helpful Stats for Each Horse

After becoming a member of BetAmerica a variety of useful horse racing features become available, making it possible to view helpful information, place wagers on different events, and enjoy those events even more. Learn more about the many different features down below and exactly what you can expect with a membership to this online racebook. We've also got some TwinSpires reviews to show you some alternative options.

Organized Race Options: Make Use of Powerful Filtering Tools

Easily search through different horse races split up by time throughout the day with the Today’s Races tool under the “Racing” tab. All of the day’s races are listed on that page. It’s also possible to view races for specific times of the day and to organize them by the track type and the day of the week for quickly finding specific races for a track you’re interested in. This powerful filtering tool is available at the Race Schedule page on the Bet America horse racing platform. The tool is simple to use and makes placing bets on the different BetAmerica horse racing offerings fast.

Helpful Horse Stats

Before placing a wager on any of the different horses in a given race, it’s a good idea to look back on the past performances of that horse. It’s possible to get a quick snapshot of past success on Bet America using the Wins/Starts stat for each horse as well as the Power Rating and Odds. These three stats are available for every horse in each race. With these three bits of information, it’s simple to see just how likely it is a certain horse will win the race before you place your wager. It’s also possible to see the BetAmerica horse racing results from past races easily, and this information can be used to help with placing wagers as well.

View Live Racing Video

As a member of BetAmerica players will enjoy access to live race video feeds as well as wagering opportunities for the different races. Gamblers that can’t get access to all the different race videos they want to watch will thoroughly enjoy access to all these video feeds from around the world. See the races as they happen and find out whether or not your wagers were successful. There are video feeds available for each of the different races featured on the site, but only members have access to them. That’s another reason for racing enthusiasts to consider joining the racebook today. There are video feeds for more than 425 different tracks around the world and it’s possible to go back and look at previous race video footage as well for players that want to watch historical races.

Wagering on Carryovers

For more difficult race wagers that include multiple-winner picks there’s often no winner at all. When this happens the total prize pool is carried over to another race instead. This creates a larger winning pool for players to try and make use of. Carryovers are an exciting betting opportunity with higher potential payouts, and these wagers are available on the BetAmerica horse racing app as well as on the standard online platform.

All these different features help players make the most of their time on the horse racing platform. Gamblers interested in wagering on different horse races should take some time to visit the BetAmerica horse racing site and start making use of the different features available.

BetAmerica's Ratings And Reviews FAQs

Can I make my own review of BetAmerica?

You certainly can. Simply Google “BetAmerica Reviews.” You'll find a ton of sites offering reviews of BetAmerica US. Simply click on that site, register if you have to, and leave your own review describing your experience with the site. It should be reviewed and posted shortly afterwards.

How can I know the reviews and ratings are honest and not being manipulated?

There are literally hundreds of reviews of BetAmerica online. It would be virtually impossible for BetAmerica US to find the time to make so many reviews. Plus, most reviews are attached to a username. You can click on the username and see all of their reviews. This will show you the wide range of sites they have reviewed and their total reactions. From this you can tell that nearly all of the BetAmerica reviews and BetAmerica ratings are honest and truthful. You can also take a look at our "Is Interbets safe?" and "Is Bet365 legit?" for more honest bookmaker reviews.

Do I have to be a certain age to post a review of BetAmerica?

You have to be at least 18 years of age to bet on sports in the United States. To be able to leave an honest review you must also be at least 18 years of age. After all, if you were younger than that then you shouldn't be betting on BetAmerica in the first place and should not have any idea what the site is actually like.

What if my experience is not what I expected at BetAmerica?

As we said before everyone's expectations of a given gambling site are different. You can't simply look at what other people have rated a site and be guaranteed that you will have the same experience. We all bring our own prejudices into every experience we have. We can tell you in general what our experience was like. We can tell you what other people's experiences were like. We cannot predict what your experiences will be like.

Conclusion: BetAmerica Racebook is Powerful

The BetAmerica horse racing platform is a powerful tool for racing enthusiasts that want to wager on events from around the world. It’s designed specifically for New Jersey gamblers and gives them access to features like live wagering and in-depth odds and statistics. These tools are even available on mobile. With all the different features wagering at Bet America is an enjoyable experience for many.

User Reviews for BetAmerica Horse Betting

1/5 – 1 User Review
  1. Don’t play with bet America don’t payouts
    Larry Gray

    Taking your deposits fast as they can

    Won a pick 4 for 2000 at 11am and it’s been over 24 hours still haven’t got paid ,I’m warning horse players don play at this site is a scam,go to xpressbet or tvg they loyal and legitimate I want to collect my winnings as soon race is official not some agents telling me it takes over24 hours to collect my winning ticket larry Gray 3234906783

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Horse Betting
BetAmerica Horse Betting
Rating follows
  • Wager on events around the world
  • Live streaming available
  • Deposit match bonus up to $500
  • A reliable and licensed provider
  • An excellent casino offering
BetAmerica Horse Betting Promo
T&Cs apply, 21+
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