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US Gambling Sites / Online Poker Real Money USA 2022

Online Poker Real Money USA 2022

Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis
Last Updated on 02/12/2022
Fact checked by: Drew the DFS Guy

Here at captaingambling, we are all about showing you how and where you can play online poker for money. We know that playing poker for fun is ok, but the real action comes when you have money on the line. That's when the pressure is on and it is so much fun. That's why we want to show you where the real money poker sites are. Then you can get in, try out your strategies and see if you can walk away with cash in your pocket after you play online poker for real money in the USA.

Playing poker online is now legal in several states. More states are considering it. That's why now is the time to get organized and find the real money poker sites that you can profit from. We are going to tell you where you can go and help teach you the poker strategies you need to use if you want to up your chances at winning. Our poker tips will have you winning more hands and losing less often.

So, come take a trip with us and learn all about where you can play online poker in the USA for real money.

Online Poker Real Money Sites

When it comes to playing online poker for real money you have to be in one of the select number of states like New Jersey where it is legal. You can check our site to find out if playing online poker for real money is legal in your jurisdiction.

Make sure the site you are playing at is for real and not a scam site. Real online poker sites are licensed by the state they are providing gambling services too. That means the government will pay close attention to what they are doing and make sure all of their games are fair.

At captaingambling we only review licensed sites. If you find a site on our page, you'll know that they are on the up and up and you can safely wager your money on poker there.

These sites will generally run two different types of online poker for real money. You can choose between a variation of five card draw where you are playing against the casino or opt for Texas Hold 'Em where you are going against other players.

It doesn't matter which one you choose. Both are fun and are a mix of luck and skill. That said when you play Texas Hold 'Em skill is a much bigger factor than when you are playing video poker.

These real money poker sites offer a fun distraction from your day and will help you blow off steam while on any of our US real money poker sites.

Facts About Playing Online Poker For Real Money In The USA

  • There are multiple variations of five card draw and few variations of Texas Hold 'Em.
  • Five card draw is where new players should start out. Only try Texas Hold 'Em if you are a more experienced player.
  • The fastest way to play is to join a table game. That way you can jump right into the action.
  • While live casino online poker games take a bit longer to play they can give you the feeling of being in a real casino while at home or traveling around.
  • In several states, it is now fully legal to play online poker for money.
  • On the other hand, you have to take steps to make sure you do not become a problem gambler.
  • We have overviews of casinos where you can play online poker for real money in the USA. Then you can click to see more detailed reviews.
    We'll also tell you about the welcome offers each casino will provide you with and explain how they can benefit you.
  • Poker in Michigan with real money isn't yet available

What Are The Best Real Money Poker Sites?

This question is very subjective. What may be perfect for you when playing online poker for real money will not be the best choice for someone else. A lot of it comes down to your own personal preferences.

That said there are a few things that all truly great online poker casinos have in common. They are part of what we look at when selecting the best places to play online poker for real money in the USA. Here are some of the top things we look for.

  • They have acceptable bonus offers. Some will just offer a welcome bonus. Some will also offer a no deposit bonus. Either way bonus offers are what online casinos are all about. If a site doesn't have a bonus offer, then we will not rate it a top site.
  • It has to be licensed. This should go without saying. Any online poker place that doesn't have a license to operate is a criminal scam. Don't bet your money there. Instead, go to one of the many sites that are licensed and checked by the government for fair play. Take a look at our Pala online casino reviews and PokerStars casino review for good examples of licensed providers.
  • Customer service is reasonable. Sometimes you need to talk to customer service to understand a question or concern you have. This happens at even the best online casinos in America. A good place to play online poker for money will have intelligent supportive people who are willing to listen to you and help resolve the problem in a wat that is fair to both you and the casino.
  • They will have a decent casino app up and running. Gone are the days when we got our internet from a desktop or laptop at home. These days people mostly go online through their phones or portable devices. The same is true for real money poker sites. Therefore, a site should have an app for your phone you can just click on and log in.
  • A wide variety of deposit methods. You should be able to put money in with your credit card. You should also have the ability to use PayPal and e-wallets. Most online poker places will also allow you to do a direct wire transfer. All of these methods should be available to you.
  • Easy withdrawals. When you win playing online poker for real money in the USA you want to be able to get your money out as quickly as possible. Because this is the virtual world it will never be as quick as cashing out your chips in a brick and mortar casino. But it should move fairly quickly.
    • Most casinos will process your withdrawal request in a day or less. Then it comes down to the way you are withdrawing your money. Sending your cash to your credit cards can take up to five business days. Using PayPal or an e-wallet should come over the next day. Wire transfers can take up to seven days. Any longer amounts of time to process your withdrawal will end up with a casino getting a negative mark from us.

How Bonuses Work When You Are Playing For Real Money At An Online Casino

If you've only played poker at brick and mortar casinos understanding how bonuses work at online casinos can be a bit of a learning curve. When you are playing online poker for real money bonuses give you the chance to access more money and be able to keep playing. There are several types of bonuses that tend to be offered by real money poker sites. Here they are:

  • No deposit bonus. This type of casino no deposit bonus code offer is designed to get you to try out an online poker site and see how much you like it. It costs you nothing. You just have to register and set up an account. Then the money will appear in it. Be warned though – you will have to play through this money a certain number of times. That means you have to bet it and win and then bet it again. Ten or 20 play throughs are pretty much standard when it comes to playing online poker for real money in the USA.
  • Welcome bonus. This type of bonus comes up when you make your first deposit. It is in the form of matching funds. You put a certain amount of money in and the casino puts the same money in to match you. There are limits to how much money you can get. Some casinos limit the matching funds to $100. Some offer as much as $1,000 in matching funds. Like the no deposit money bonuses offer this money will have to be played through a number of times before you can withdraw it.
  • Online Poker Tournaments. This is when a bunch of players kick money in to play Texas Hold 'Em. Then they are all given a set number of chips. They play until there is only one person left standing. That person gets a one-time jackpot payout. The people who come in second or third place also win some amount of money. This bonus is based on targeting the experienced players to come to their casino and bet real money.

Nearly all real money poker sites have at least one and sometimes all three of these bonus offers. They are a great way for you to have extra money to play with and if you win a tournament walk away with a big score.
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Our Top Five Online Casinos To Play Poker For Real Money

We've said that what will be the best poker site for each player is subjective. We each have our own criteria for what makes the best place to play online poker for real money.

But we've also said there are some things that all of the great poker sites have in common. We were able to make our ranking of the top five poker sites when you can play for real money. All of these sites are well organized, have decent bonus offers, run apps and are generally fun to play at.

Which one you will like the best is totally a matter of personal preference. We suggest you try all five, take advantage of their welcome offers and see which one feels right to you. When playing online poker for real money in the USA you want to find a place you are comfortable betting your money at. That way you can have the most fun possible. Read our Sugar House casino review or PokerStars reviews for some of our top recommended providers.

Some Tips For Playing Online Poker For Real Money Safely and Securely

Playing poker online is, generally speaking, a fun hobby to do that can in some cases win you a bit of money. However, it's important to make sure that your online gambling experiences are safe and secure. This refers to both your account funds and your personal information. Additionally, it's important not get into any bad gambling habits. With that in mind, we've provided you with our top 5 tips for a safe and secure online poker experience.

  1. Set a budget and stick to it. If you find yourself tempted to go over your daily, weekly or monthly budget take a few days off from real money poker sites.
  2. Change your passwords frequently. Doing this will help ensure your account is protected and safe from fraudsters, scammers and anyone else who might be likely to hack into your account
  3. Use reputable poker sites. Look for good affiliates and, more importantly, top tier regulatory bodies from the state the site is operating out of.
  4. Use a site with an SSL certificate. This protects your data and personal information. Additionally, it stops bots from being able to operate on websites
  5. Stick within your means and remember playing poker online is supposed to be fun, so don't get carried away!

This advice is fairly basic but when playing poker at real money sites it's a good idea to keep them on your mind so that you can ensure your gambling experience is safe and secure.

Read our BetMGM online casino guide or Betfair poker review to see which casinos offer the best online poker suites.

Online Poker For Real Money USA FAQs

🃏 Is It Really Possible To Play Online Poker For Real Money?

Yes, it is – if you are living in a state where it is legal. And it's becoming legal in more and more states. You just have to make sure you are playing at a casino that is licensed by your state. Here at captaingambling, we only review sites that are licensed to operate so if you pick one from our list you should be OK on the legal side.

🏆 What Are The Odds Of Winning Online Poker?

That's really up to you. Poker is a mix of skill and chance. That's why we could say what the odds of getting a given hand out of five cards is we can't tell you in real life what your chances of winning are. You have to develop poker playing skills that will increase your odds of winning. That way you will win more and lose less.

🎰 How Does The Live Casino Work?

At a live casino, they set up an online poker table and aim a camera on it. A dealer comes out and shuffles the cards. Then you and other players come in and log on. You can talk to the other players. You can talk to the dealer. It's really just like being in a real casino except that you are playing from your home or on the go.

🔞 How Old Do I Have To Be To Play Poker Online?

You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are younger and get caught the casino will seize all of your money. They may even contact local authorities. It's simply not worth it to play if you are not 18 years of age. You can wait until you are a bit older and use your time now to practice your skills. In the meantime, you could always read up on our Unibet casino review or FanDuel casino review.

♣️ Which Is Better – Five Card Draw Or Texas Hold 'Em?

That depends on you as a player. If you are a new player, we suggest trying a five card draw game – like “Jacks Or Better” first and playing that until you are comfortable with how online poker works. Then once you have your bearings you can move onto Texas Hold 'Em which requires more skills to play well. Both games are very fun to play and will provide you with hours of entertainment. They are just different animals and should be approached differently.

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