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Poker New Jersey Online 2020

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Legal since: 02-26-2013
Caesars Online Casino
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New Jersey Flag
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Legal since: 02-26-2013

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Gambling is a tradition in New Jersey. For decades people have been able to get on trains or buses and head down to Atlantic City to play the table and slots or place wagers on sports teams. New Jersey folks are used to it. This is why it should come as no surprise that when they introduced online gambling recently it quickly became very popular. Today there are multiple NJ pokers sites that people can log into and start placing their bets. This has moved gambling out of Atlantic City and made it accessible to people all around the state.

It's now very easy for nearly anyone to find a New Jersey poker site and relax and get in on the action. You have your pick of where to play poker in New Jersey online. Here at captaingambling, we'll take the time to show you where you can get your best deals and bonus offers and start having fun.

Best Poker Sites New Jersey

When it comes to ranking the best poker sites in New Jersey we decided to look at a lot of different factors. We tested to make sure the poker sites in New Jersey actually worked. The good news is that all of the licensed online sites we found were easy to load up. We also looked to see if there were any connection problems with any of the sites. There were none.

But then we took a closer look at New Jersey poker sites. First, we looked at the terms and conditions of their bonus offers. We not only checked out how much the poker sites in New Jersey offered you in bonus cash. We also took a close look at how many times you'd have to play through the money before you could withdraw it.

Then we tested out the customer service response at NJ poker sites. Any site can seem great when everything is working perfectly. The real test of an online casino is how well they perform when a problem arises. We studied the options available on how to contact them. We sent them various questions and took note of how long it took them to respond to our efforts. Then we checked to make sure their answers were correct.

Next, we examined the way you can make deposits at each online poker site in NJ. We gave a higher rating to those casinos that offered a wide range of options to put money into your account to make bets.

Our next step was to look at how the withdrawals worked out. When you win at online poker at a poker site in New Jersey you want to be able to access your money as quickly as possible. We gave higher grades to those sites that allowed you to claim your money as quickly as possible.

Finally we examined the number of different poker games offered by NJ poker sites. We all love basic Texas Hold “Em, but sometimes we prefer something a little bit different.

Overall these factors all came together and allowed us to create our rank of the best online poker sites in New Jersey.

Operator NameLandbased Partner
888 CasinoCaesars Interactive Entertainment
Caesars Online CasinoCaesars Atlantic City
Borgata OnlineBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa
Betfair CasinoGolden Nugget of Atlantic City
BetAmerica CasinoGolden Nugget of Atlantic City
Ocean Resort Online CasinoOcean Casino Resort AC
Pala CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino
Party CasinoBorgata Hotel Casino
PlayMGM CasinoBorgata Hotel and Casino
Mohegan Sun Online CasinoResorts Casino
Virgin CasinoTropicana Casino and Hotel
Tropicana Online CasinoTropicana Casino and Hotel
SugarHouse CasinoSugarHouse Casino
Scores CasinoBorgata
PokerStars CasinoResorts
Harrah’s Online CasinoCaesar’s Entertainment
FanDuel Casino
Hard Rock Online CasinoHard Rock Hotel & Casino
Golden Nugget OnlineGolden Nugget
DraftKings CasinoResorts Casino
Resorts Online CasinoResorts Hotel and Casino Atlantic City
Unibet CasinoHard Rock Atlantic City

Online Poker Legal Situation In New Jersey

Is betting on online poker in New Jersey legal? That's the biggest question we get. Many people in New Jersey think that to place a bet in the state they have to go down to Atlantic City. That was the case for years and years.

But that's not the case anymore. The law was changed by the governor's office to may gambling online legal in the state. That upended the industry. Instead of having to head down to the deep south in the state people could just go online and find a poker site in New Jersey.

This is true in each and every county in New Jersey. Just like in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia, all you need is an Internet connection and some free time to get in and start playing poker.

Of course, you have to play at a licensed online casino. Not every company can get that license. Instead, you have to register with the state, undergo constant monitoring and have a clean game. That means that everyone has an equal chance at winning at poker sites in New Jersey.

But that's a great change from before. If you couldn't get down to Atlantic City you used to be stuck playing illegal backroom games where you had no idea at all if the hands were fixed. That was a scary time to be playing poker in New Jersey.

Now you can not only play clean games at home or while killing time at Newark Airport. You can be satisfied that the game is completely legal and now have to worry about the cops kicking your door in and seizing all of your winnings.

Playing online poker in New Jersey is now fun and not a stressful situation. Just sit back, relax and enjoy yourself.

History Of Online Poker In New Jersey

Legal gambling came to New Jersey in 1976 when the first casino opened in Atlantic City. Since then many more casinos have been built in that city over the years. Gambling brought a lot of tax revenue into the state and people enjoyed it.

But the problem was that not everyone could get to Atlantic City when they wanted to place a bet. This left people either unable to gamble or subject to find a poker game that was run by organized crime and might not be the safest place to bet.

Other cities in the state, including Asbury Park, tried to make gambling legal but failed to do so. This created a problem.

In 2013 the governor's office acted. It decided to make online gambling legal throughout the state. The online casino operators would be subject to the same rules as the casinos in Atlantic City.

This created a great chance for people looking for NJ poker sites. They soon found out that the payoffs from online sites were much greater than those for the casinos in Atlantic City.

The reason was obvious. A casino in Atlantic City had to build their buildings which cost a fortune. Then they had to pay rent. They had to hire thousands of people. Free drinks were an obligation.

All of this caused them to make the house edge as high as possible to cover their operating expenses. But online casinos are different. It's much cheaper to build a website than it is to construct a casino. They had no real estate costs at all. And they certainly didn't have to hire anywhere near as many people.

Beyond that, people gambling online provide their own drinks. With this low amount of overhead poker sites in New Jersey were able to cut their edge by a lot, allowing players to take home a larger amount of their profits.

Gamblers in the state quickly realized this and started betting heavily on online poker games in order to cash out with as much money as possible. Online poker in New Jersey was born and people were profiting from the experience.

Online Poker Bonuses In New Jersey

When you go to poker sites in New Jersey you will find out that they have a lot of different bonus offers waiting for you. These bonus offers for online poker in New Jersey come under three different classifications. captaingambling will explain so you know what you're getting into.

  • The no deposit offer. This is used by online casino sites in New Jersey to get you to try them out. All you have to do is register for the site and bonus money will instantly appear in your account. You can then use this money to place bets and try out poker and other games. This money will generally come with playthrough requirements. That means that you have to be the money a certain number of times before you can withdraw it.
  • Welcome bonus. This bonus kicks in as soon as you make your first deposit at a NJ poker site. This will be in the form of matching cash. You put $100 bucks into your account, and they put $100 in and you end up with $200 bucks to play with. Once again when betting with your bonus money you will have to play it through a number of times before you can take it out.
  • Poker tournaments. Playing poker tournaments can be a great way for a player to take home a bunch of extra money. People buy into the tournament. Then they are given a set number of chips. Players keep playing against each other until only one is left. That person wins a special bonus prize in cold hard cash. People who place in the second and third position in the tournament often also go away with cash prizes. This bonus is only good for experienced players but if that's you it can put a lot of money into your account.

All three of these bonus offers from playing online poker in New Jersey have the ability to put real money into your pocket. They are a strong incentive to go to an online poker site in New Jersey and try to get in on the action.

Gambling Responsibly Online In New Jersey

With the expanded scope of online poker in New Jersey comes increased responsibilities. It's somewhat easier to be a responsible gambler in a casino. First, you have to get to the brick and mortar casino. Then you have to take out cash in order to buy chips. Going to Atlantic City is like being on vacation. And when you go home you have to stop gambling.

Online gambling is different You can go online anytime from anywhere in the state. As a result, you might come across rogue sites that lack proper security measures.

This is why you have to be very careful when playing online poker in NJ. Here are some tips to help you keep your online gambling experience safe and secure.

  • Set a budget for yourself. Tell yourself that during a given day or a given week you are only allowed to spend so much on gambling online. And stick to it. When you go into a bad streak and lose the money you had to bet with stop and take a break.
  • Only use licensed websites in the State of New Jersey. Always make sure the online poker site you're using is properly licensed and regulated here in the State of New Jersey. Betting with an officially licensed and regulated sites means that you're data and money is with a safely and regularly monitored platform.
  • Check the site has an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate enables encrypted connection, providing extra security for gambling sites. Ultimately, what this means is that your personal information and data is protected and secure when playing on the site. You can easily see if a site has an SSL certificate as a lock and key icon will appear in the URL bar of your browser when you sign in.
  • Change your password regularly. Changing your passwords regularly should help ensure that hackers and scammers won't find their way into your account. Update your passwords regularly and make sure they're as strong as they can possibly be. Do this as often as once per month if you're a regular player.

Playing poker online in New Jersey can be a fun, exciting experience. By following our guidelines and not getting carried away, you can help ensure that your online poker playing within the state remains a fun hobby that you can enjoy for plenty of years to come.

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FAQ: Online Poker In New Jersey

In New Jersey, you must be at least 18 years of age to place any kind of bet. That goes for lotteries, brick and mortar casinos and online poker places. If you are under 18 years of age you risk having the online casino block you and keep all of your winnings. They may also report you to the police. Trying to claim you are 18 when you are actually younger just isn't worth it. Wait until you are 18 before you place your first bet online.

The most popular online poker game is Texas Hold 'Em. In this game, each player is dealt two cards down. Then they get to place their first bet. Then one card is turned over in the river or the flood. People then place another round of bets. The cards in the river can be combined with your two down cards. This goes on until all five cards in the river have been turned over. You can fold at any time when you are asked to bet. After all five cards in the river are turned over people compare their hands and see who has won.

That depends on your level of skill. Online poker is much more about how you understand the game then it is about luck. You can get bad cards, of course. But any experienced poker player will tell you a dozen ways to make bad cards work for you. You can also get a great hand and then mess it up. When it comes to online poker honestly you create your own odds as you play.

Absolutely. Most of the licensed casinos for poker online in New Jersey have apps. This allows you not to be confined to your computer at home when you are making bets. You can do so on the go from your phone. You just open the app, find a game and start playing. This makes online gambling accessible anywhere you go in the state. Download an app and start having fun!

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