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Poker for Real Money in Iowa

There’s nothing better than a good game of online poker. It almost matches the experience of in-person playing. The excitement, the intensity, the high stakes. All of it is exhilarating, and it’s no different for online poker Iowa play.

There are some great Iowa poker sites you can take advantage of as an Iowa resident. Some that offer the thrill we mention, and even a few bonus features that you wouldn’t be able to access playing in person. At, we’ll cover where you can get your best online poker Iowa experience, and how you can get it easily.

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Who is this article suitable for? The poker lover

This is for any Iowa residents that just love the game of poker. We at know about the tough time that you have had gambling in Iowa. Iowa has never been a haven for gambling, but there are some great opportunities for online poker players.

All of you who love the art and the game of poker should give this article a thorough read-through. We go into detail about where you can find the most valuable and enjoyable online poker Iowa experience in the state.

Iowa is a Midwestern state. Right away, this causes a collective groan from most gambling sites.

Most Midwestern states are unkind to the idea of gambling, yet there seems to be an asterisk next to that when it comes to online poker real money Iowa platforms.

Iowa is one of the states that has been slightly more lenient to land-based gambling activities when compared to online gambling.

For the majority of the 20th century, most gambling activities were completely illegal, except for horse and greyhound racing. It wasn’t until 1991 where the initial step was taken: the first riverboat casino was opened up, the Dubuque Casino Belle.

Shortly after that, Iowa took another small step towards the legalization of gambling, with the first Hawkeye State tribal casino opening up in 1994. This would be the first step in a long time, as it would be more than two decades before Iowa made another move towards any more legalization.

The next step would come in August 2019, when online sports betting operations became legal. Since then, online sportsbooks have remained legal, but online casinos or casinos in most forms have remained illegal. So, where does that leave online poker Iowa play?

The Iowa state gaming constitution classifies illegal gambling as taking part “in a game for anything of value or making any bet.” Still, some noticeable exceptions do make the Iowa state laws slightly difficult to understand. Tribal-based casinos are legal, and riverboat casinos are also legal within the state. As a result, most land-based poker activities in these casinos are legal.

When it comes to online poker Iowa, the line seems to be a lot clearer. Poker has always seemed to be an exception to the rule. Iowa does not consider poker a form of gambling, so online poker Iowa platforms have always been essentially legal under Iowa gambling law.

Other states do specifically single out poker and mark it as illegal, but Iowa does not mention poker in any capacity in their state laws. As a result, we can safely assume that all online poker real money Iowa play is legal in the state.

Editors recommendation, the best poker operator in Iowa – Americas Cardroom steals all thunder

It’s difficult to find an online gambling platform that takes all of your poker needs into account. There are plenty of online poker experiences out there that are only available as an extension of an online casino, so sometimes it can be difficult to get the full experience.

But that won’t be an issue when it comes to 888poker.

888 doesn't do anything by halves, regardless of whether you're betting on sports, or playing casino games, the 888 sites all offer bettors a fantastic gambling experience. The 888poker site certainly doesn't disappoint either and it ranks highly on our best online poker sites list, because it ticks all of the right boxes.

For starters, 888poker has a fantastic no deposit sign-up offer, worth $88. Yes, that's right, no deposit needed, just by signing up you get $88 to play poker with. But that's not all, This comes along with many other bonus offers and promos offered regularly to loyal players, as well as a brilliant VIP reward program that's definitely worth checking out.

They’ve got a colorful and comprehensive collection of poker games on offer, which include standard as well as live dealer games. You'll also find games with some of the lesser-known poker variations, which are huge fun to try your hand at - literally!

If you're a fan of entering tournaments, you won't go short of entertainment value at 888poker. As well as numerous, free-to-enter daily Texas Hold'em tournaments, there are plenty more lucrative cash prizes for the high-rollers out there too.

You'll also find there's an awesome 888poker app suitable for most Android or iOS devices, or if you prefer browser-based gaming, then you'll have an equally great experience using the optimized version of the 888poker website instead.

888poker is licensed to operate in four US states, where it is held in reverence by the lucky residents who get to play there. If your state is not yet included, don't worry, 888 is constantly expanding its gambling empire across the US and it's sure to get to you sooner or later.

Five tips for a secure and fair gambling experience in Iowa - ensure your own safety

We’ve already learned that Iowa is very stringent when it comes to its gambling laws.

But, just because Iowa state is strict doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cautious. You need to be on your guard when it comes to playing with Iowa poker sites because you need to know which platforms are safe and which aren’t. Here are a few tips you should always follow before you sign up for any online poker Iowa platform.

Do your security checks

There are several different security checks you can easily do on your own, that will easily confirm if an online poker Iowa platform is safe or not.

First, you can check if they have been licensed by an appropriate regulatory board. Most online money real money Iowa websites will be regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), or the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission (IRGC).

You can also check if the website itself is secure. This is easily done by looking at the website URL. If there’s an https:// beside the URL, that means the website is secure. You can check the certificate yourself by clicking on the little lock beside the URL, and taking a look at the website certifications.

Payment methods

We mentioned this in our online poker Arizona article, but it’s easy to see if a platform is legitimate just by the payment methods. Variety is the key here. An online poker Iowa website that offers a nice variety of payment methods to the player is secure because it has had to set up and register many different types of deposit and withdrawal methods for their website.

On the other hand, if the online money real money Iowa platform only offers cryptocurrency methods, chances are the website is a scam.

User reviews

We know this may not sound like the most reliable security check. But, it can be helpful. You just need to pay attention to the majority. For example, if most of the customer reviews say the online poker Iowa platform you are visiting is fun and reliable, chances are you’ll have a good experience too.

Terms and conditions

We can’t emphasize this enough, but you must read through the terms and conditions of any online poker Iowa platform you visit. Like we say in our legal online poker Indiana article, you can tell plenty about a platform just by what’s in their terms and conditions.

If the online poker Iowa website has some unnecessarily long withdrawal times, or unfair betting limits, you already know the platform isn’t worth signing up for.

Customer service

Every great online poker Iowa platform you come across will have efficient customer service. Customer service with a variety of contact methods, and a helpful customer rep is essential for any worthwhile online poker real money Iowa website. For example, most platforms will have customer support available with live chat, a phone line, and an email.

What do we look for when evaluating operators for Iowa residents? Variety is everything

At, we’ve been in the reviewing business for years. There are a few tried and tested means that you can always rely on to deliver, so we always look out for these tell-tale signs when we’re reviewing any poker platform.

For one, variety is everything. A great online poker Iowa platform must offer a great variety of different options for every player. We mean that in every sense of the word: the variety of poker games, tournaments, payment options, bonus offers, rewards.

As long as there’s the variety to go along with your poker experience, you as the player won’t get bored easily. Boredom is the killer for many subpar online poker Iowa platforms.

Another huge factor we will always consider is the quality and effort put into the overall package. Again, this is a broader factor, but it gives you a good idea of what we look at regularly. The presentation of the website has to be of a certain quality, the performance of the poker play should be high quality.

The payment options especially should be high quality, and reliable. These few factors can make or break any online poker Iowa players' experience, so it’s important the platform puts in the time and effort to make them worthwhile.

Most reputable online sites

Finding the right operator for you – Discovering what suits your tastes

We’ve talked about variety plenty in this article. So, it’s important for you as the player to search through the variety to find an online poker Iowa platform that works for you.

Every bettor has different playing habits, so some platforms will suit some better than others. Here’s our condensed list of the best online poker Iowa websites for different types of players.

High-stakes player

The player that loves high-stakes poker games has a lot of options. Especially, if they’re playing online poker real money Iowa regularly. However, we think Americas Cardroom is your best choice here.

Americas Cardroom is famous for having the best high-stakes poker tournaments in the entire country, including the record-breaking $8 million Venom tournament. If you want to take risks and play for the most you can, Americas Cardroom is your platform. But that’s not for everybody! So always go with your comfort level.

The rewards seeker

Some players can make the most of their online poker Iowa play with the bonus offers they get. Whether it’s on signup or just in a rewards program, some of you out there revel in the bonus offers you can activate.

Conclusion – Some enjoyable and valuable experiences available

It’s a common preconception that Iowa is a very strict state when it comes to gambling in any form. While that’s true of many forms of gambling, it’s not a problem when it comes to online poker Iowa play. Online poker real money Iowa platforms have been legal for some time now, and there are some great websites you can get started on.

Americas Cardroom is our pick, but that’s just our opinion. There’s plenty more available. Now that you know how to check if a platform is secure, and what to look for in terms of features, you have nothing but opportunity available for you in Iowa.

The best bonuses currently available

Iowa poker sites FAQ

🏧Is online poker legal in Colorado?

That’s a good question because gambling laws vary from state to state. One state may not be as strict as another state is when it comes to poker. For a better idea about how Colorado deals with online poker, check out our article on Colorado poker sites.

🃏Can you play online poker in Iowa?

Some states allow online poker while many others haven’t yet come around to the idea of making it legal. If you love to play online poker and live in Iowa or are planning to visit, you’ll want to check out our handy guides so you know exactly what options you have in the state. 

❓What are the best payment methods to use for online poker?

To answer that, you need to know which state you are betting in, and if online poker is legal in that state. We already know that online poker Iowa is completely legal, but we can’t be too sure about many other states, like Illinois for example. Check out our article that answers, "Is online poker legal in Illinois?", to make sure you can bet on poker in Indiana.

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