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Global Poker Bonus Code 2020

The Global Poker bonus code does not exist. Nor is there a Global Poker promo code. We can only assume that the site's owners suspect that by having a Global Poker bonus code or Global Poker promo code, it would make them seem too much like an online gambling site.

It tries so hard to simply be a sweepstakes site even though you are paying to play poker and can win money. It's a really strange setup and seems designed to get you to keep playing Global Poker. But to be honest, if online poker is your thing, you'd be much better off going to Ignition Poker, Bovada, or BetOnline.

This is not the site to look for a Global Poker bonus code or a Global Poker promo code. This is a strange little site that some people clearly love to play. We can't say we are one of those people, but we suppose they must have their reasons to keep coming back to the site.

We are not sure exactly how having a Global Poker bonus code or a Global Poker promo code would cause them to violate the law, but that is certainly something they are very worried about.

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Latest Global Poker Sign Up Promo Code

As we said above, there is no latest Global Poker promo code or the latest Global Poker bonus code. They simply don't exist at this odd site. It's as though someone took everything people like about playing poker online and got rid of it and replaced it with something else.

It's surprising because we are poker experts and aren't really sure that this site would pass for legal if challenged. They must have lawyers, so we guess it fits the letter if not the intention of the law. They may be better off simply becoming a regular poker site and getting a license and just operating in states where online poker is legal.

How Global Poker Works

Usually, we don't have to explain how a poker site works. Usually, you simply give them money, they give you chips and then you sit down to play and make bets. Oh, how we wish that was the case with Global Poker. It would be so much easier.

Instead, you are asked to buy Gold Coins. You can't use the Gold Coins for anything. They just sit in your account. But when you buy Gold Coins you get Sweeps Coins for free.

You can then use that Sweeps Coins to bet on poker games. This allows you to win more Sweeps Cash. You can then cash out your Sweeps Coins for real cash using PayPal. The site seems to believe that because you get your Sweeps Coins for free (only when you buy Gold Coins) that you are somehow not gambling when you use them.

We have a real issue with that outlook. Then again, we are not lawyers nor are we members of law enforcement. We simply find the entire structure of the site to be odd and not as direct as most people would expect an online poker site to be.

It should be noted that while you can sign in and play at Global Poker from anywhere in the world, if you are not currently in the United States or Canada you can't redeem your Sweeps Coins for cash. They become play money as well anywhere else in the world. If you are not currently in the United States, you really don't want to pay to play on Global Poker.

Global Poker Deposit Bonus

The Global Poker deposit bonus is as discombobulated as anything else on their site. For one, just finding out about the Global Poker deposit bonus is hard. Most online poker places have huge banners touting their deposit bonus. Not Global Poker.

Instead, to find it you have to go the very bottom left-hand side of the homepage (well below what shows up on your screen when you simply boot up the home page. There you will see a link to “Sign Up Offer.” This is how you get the details on the Global Poker deposit bonus. And it is so strange.

First you have to register for an account. That's fair enough but it's the last normal thing that's going to happen when you try to get the Global Poker deposit bonus. Once you've done that wait for a green X to appear. That will mean you are ready to verify your account.

Then you need your driver's license or passport. Scan these in and send them off to Global Poker. Next, you'll need to use your phone to take a selfie picture of yourself. Electronically attach that to the Global Poker website. Then follow all of the other directions on the upload page.

Global Poker will then eventually look at the documents you've uploaded and verify your account. This generally takes about 24 hours.

When you are verified, another green checkmark will appear next to your account. That enables you to have the Golden Poker deposit bonus. That bonus is 20 Gold Coins plus 20 Sweeps Coins that you can actually bet with.

Does this seem like a complicated way to claim your Golden Poker deposit bonus? Yes, it does. And we don't really understand why you have to jump through so many hoops to be able to do so, but that's where you are when you are playing at Golden Poker. I guess we should be happy you don't have to search for a promo code but actually that might have been a lot easier.

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Global Poker Hipsters Everywhere!

Usually we don't go into that much detail about the design of an online poker site. We just say whether or not it is easy to use. Because for most poker sites that's all you need to know. But with Global Poker we just have to say something.

On nearly every page there is a picture of a roughly 35-year-old white hipster. It's a different hipster on every page. It's really jarring to see.

You'd think they'd want some images of younger of older people. Or some photos of women or minorities. But no, they just have these white male hipster pictures. And the hipsters look like they are insane.

It's a very off-putting look and we don't know what to make of it. Perhaps they think 35-year-old white guys who are hipsters are the only poker players dumb enough to use their site to play poker online rather than a legitimate poker site. Maybe they are right.

Global Poker Customer Service

Global Poker seems to be going the next generation in their handling of customer service. When you look on the site at first it appears that if you have a problem you have to go through their FAQ page.

This FAQ page is generally not that helpful. You have to pick a category and then hope your question is responded to there. And the responses are seriously confusing. There is a “Submit A Request” button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. You can hit that to be taken to a form where you can send them an email explaining what their problem is.

But the real way to talk to customer service at Global Poker is to contact them on Twitter. Add @official_glp to your Twitter feed. Then you can either post a tweet to them or direct message them.

They tend to respond really quickly to tweets, which is why we say they are going to the next generation of customer service. Their main point seems to be to funnel you through social media and then help you. We suppose this plays into the images of white male hipsters they have all over the site.

While we are in favor of sites moving towards social media in customer service, we feel like more needs to be done to transition people to that and in the meantime, the old school ways of contacting them should still be available.

Social Media And Global Poker

Global Poker does take social media very seriously. You can sign up for them on Twitter at @official_glp. You can follow them on Facebook by friending GlobalPokerOfficial, and they even have an Instagram account.

All of their social media is updated regularly. And the Instagram account even has a couple of pictures of women (though keeping on brand, 99% of their pictures are white hipsters in their mid-30s.)

They seem responsive on all of their social media, which we have to say is one in the plus column for Global Poker. It seems like most of their investment and effort are put into the social media side of things. We are in favor of that but we also wish they would make the site a little bit more straightforward.

Global Poker Promotions

Global Poker frequently has seasonal promotions. These are what people come to the site for. They are in the form of poker tournaments. You play with Sweeps Coins against other players and can win more Sweeps Coins. They have far more regular promotions than other poker sites. If you are a newbie who just loves to play poker you will love these promotions. They are all clearly designed with fun in mind. And you never know you could actually win some money from them.

This puts Global Poker in the category of “recreational poker.” A real poker professional just wants a good game to play. They don't need all the bells and whistles. But someone who is just kicking back to have fun will like the way they tie the promotions to other sporting events, lifestyle events, and even global events. It takes a lot of the seriousness away from playing poker and puts you in a party mood.

There is certainly a market for this as Global Poker does have quite a few members and dedicated followers on social media. While it's not to our taste it might be to yours and you may want to check it out. But don't expect a traditional poker experience. Global Poker just isn't that site. And to be fair they don't claim to be.

Claim your Global Poker bonus code now! Model-Class not Found! Learn More
Claim your Global Poker bonus code now! Model-Class not Found! Learn More

Global Poker And Responsible Gambling

We do have to say that Global Poker seems to take responsible gambling very seriously. They have links to responsible gambling resources everywhere. They go into detail on how to make sure you are not developing a gambling problem. They are accessible and helpful.

Not all poker sites do this and it's nice to see one that takes the issue seriously. That said if you were gung-ho enough about online poker to actually have a problem you'd probably be playing at a different online poker site. Still, it's nice to see that the information is there.

Our Rating Of Global Poker

Global Poker, quite honestly, is not the best place to play online poker. They have no Global Poker bonus code. No Global poker promo code. The Global Poker deposit bonus is hard to collect. It isn't even technically an online poker site. Instead, it promotes itself as a sweepstakes site. You don't really buy money to bet with directly. Instead, you buy one form of currency and given another form of currency for free. Then if you win with the free currency you can redeem it for actual cash. That seems like a lot of steps to go through when there are sites where you can just have the money credited to your account.

When it comes to customer service, they have made great strides to embrace social media. That's great and we've honestly never seen a social media presence done better. That said this seems to come at the expense of regular customer service tools.

This is a site for poker amateurs. For those people, it can be a fun way to pass the time and not get too invested in straight-up poker strategies. And the ongoing tournaments are fun. But this isn't what serious poker players are looking for.