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Author: Bart Calendar
Last update on: November 15th, 2020
Topic: Page
Experiences Sports Betting & Casino

With hundreds of sports betting books currently operating on the international market, the sports betting world has never been more alive. The newly regulated American online betting market has finally made it possible for US punters to legally bet online, which has created much confusion among the players as to which sites are actually licensed in which states and which continue to operate without a license altogether.

Our mission at captaingambling is to help the US betting community by providing full lists of regulated online sportsbook sites for each state, as well as countless other pieces of material to help punters make better bets and perform better in their online betting endeavors. Keep reading, check out our sports betting sites comparison and find out how we rated the top betting sites in the industry.

Is There One Best Sportsbook Online?

As we already mentioned, there is a nearly unlimited number of online sportsbook sites out there, each offering its own products and advertising them as the best in the world. However, the reality is that there isn’t a single site that we could call the absolute best. Even after thoroughly reviewing each of the top betting sites out there, we could still not find a site that stands out so much in all aspects that we would rate it the absolute best.

Instead, we were able to find many sites which perform very well in different important aspects of the online betting experience. We rated each site in eight different important categories and found that different sites offer the best experience in each of the categories.

We were able to rate the sites as a whole based on the average ratings of the different categories, which included the markets offer, promotions, mobile betting, usability of the site and many other important factors. If you are looking for the best betting sites out there, we strongly suggest checking out the detailed reviews of all betting sites from our comparison and deciding for yourself which site best suites your personal preferences.

8 Criteria of Top Online Sportsbooks

Our search for the top online sportsbooks led us to review dozens of different online betting sites. In order to be able to run a successful review, we had to look at each bookmaker from different angles and rate its performance in many different areas. These are the top 8 criteria which we used when rating the actual online sportsbooks for our reviews.

  1. Betting Offer & Live Betting: The number one criteria one should look at when rating a bookmaker is the number of betting markets available. We looked for sites with a lot of different sports and markets that players could bet on as well as a strong offer of live betting options.
  2. Betting Odds: What could be more important to a punter than getting a good price on his bets? Good betting odds are the cornerstone of any solid betting site, which is why we rated the betting odds offered at each site as one of the most important rating criteria.
  3. Welcome Bonus & Promotions: On top of betting odds, the promotions and bonuses add the most value to a player’s time at a betting site. We looked for sites that offer plenty of bonuses to both new and existing players at the site and add a lot of good value to their users.
  4. Customer Service: Whenever using an online service of any kind, users like to get a good user experience. This is the job of the customer support departments, which is why we made sure that the users can contact the support in a fast way and get the help they need quickly and with minimum trouble.
  5. Deposit & Withdrawal: Getting the money into one’s account and cashing out the winnings can be troubling at some sites. This is why we rated how the operator handles both deposit and cashout requests and which banking methods are on offer at each site.
  6. Limits & Payouts: Some bookmakers have a tendency to limit the user’s play and not allow big bets or deposits, which is certainly not beneficial for the high rollers out there. We looked at the minimum and maximum deposit, cashout and bet sizes at each bookie to find the best.
  7. Usability: Even an online sportsbook with solid betting odds and promotions still needs to look good and be easy to use to actually rate well in our comparison. We rated the overall looks of the site and apps, the ease of navigation and any potential issues that users may encounter at the site.
  8. Devices & Apps: Finally, for all our mobile users, we went over each operator’s mobile offer. Does the bookie offer downloadable iOS and Android apps? Can you play instantly in your internet browser? What kind of betting offer is covered by the mobile product?

5 Criteria for Good Sports Betting Books

When it comes to sportsbook online betting, every player has his own preferences, which is why we will never tell you which bookmaker you should bet with. While our sportsbook online reviews are surely a great starting point, you should also make sure that the site you are betting with is the perfect match for you personally. We recommend keeping the following things in mind, depending on the nature of sports betting you intend to get involved with.

#1 Player Rewards & Promotions

If you are going to bet online, you may as well get the best possible value from it. The majority of top rated betting sites offer some kind of a rewards program or other promotions that players can make use of. These programs will add plenty of value to all your bets, so be sure to examine what kind of promotions the bookie has to offer before signing up.

All things considered, there is no shame in signing up with some bookmakers strictly to make use of their lucrative promotions. After all, you can have an account with multiple sportsbooks, so making use of all the online betting deals that are on offer is definitely a good idea.

#2 Availability & Usability

When it comes to the US online betting market, the situation is somewhat complicated and most players don’t actually have access to all the bookies out there. In fact, depending on the state you live in, you may only have access to a handful of bookies or none at all. Whether it's horse betting websites or NFL betting sites, its the same story all over the US.

When choosing which bookmaker to sign up with, you should make sure that the site is fully licensed and regulated in the state you reside in. You will also want to check how the site performs on all the devices that you want to use for sports betting, in order to be sure that you can always place your bets and keep track of what’s going on with your account.

#3 The Banking Methods

One of the most important things that online bettors should keep track of are the ways in which they can get money in and out of their online betting accounts. If you want to bet with an operator, make sure that this site allows you to use your favored payment methods and offers fast and simple deposits and cashouts.

Payment processing is the one area of the online gambling experience that tends to give players the most trouble and nightmares, which is why we always recommend betting with sites that have a proven record of smooth sailing when it comes to banking transactions.

#4 Live Betting

This is the one area that may or may not be important to you depending on what kind of betting you prefer. In-play betting has become extremely popular among online bettors in recent years and if you like to bet on live matches, you should make sure that the bookie you are betting with is one that supports in-play betting heavily.

Fortunately, there is a large number of bookies out there who make live betting one of their primary focuses, which is why you should read our extensive bookie reviews and take a good look at what’s on offer in terms of live betting before you sign up.

#5 Bookmaker’s Special Features

Finally, when you have made sure that the sportsbook offers all the key elements that you are looking for, you can have a look at what special features are offered. Can you stream games live on the betting platform? Can you cash out your winnings before the match is over? What kind of layout and betting odds options are in place.

All of these little things can add up and significantly improve the quality of one’s overall betting experience with a betting site. By choosing sites that offer a lot in this department, players can really enjoy the time they spend betting online.

Our Top 5 Sports Betting Bonuses

We already mentioned that when choosing a bookie to bet with, they should look for one that offers a solid online betting bonus. Fortunately for you, we have also compiled a list of the top betting online bonus offers, where you can find out which sites offer the best bonuses in the industry.

The online sportsbook bonus offers for US customers range from cash offers to risk free bets which cover a player’s losses in case his first bet is a loser. In either case, there is a lot of extra value to be had when betting online through the betting promos, and we highly suggest signing up with sites that offer some sort of a kickback.

5 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$500 100% Risk-Free First Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now BetMGM Sportsbook Review
4.9 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$600 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Unibet Review
4.9 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$100 100% Bet Credits T&Cs Apply Play Now Borgata Sportsbook Review
4.7 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$1000 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now PointsBet Sportsbook Review
4.7 / 5
PayPal Icon Skrill Icon
$250 100% Dep. Match T&Cs Apply Play Now Sugarhouse Sports Review

Our Top 5 Sports Betting Apps

Another important factor in choosing which sportsbook online to sign up with is the quality of the mobile app on offer. Our extensive list of the top betting apps for US players offers you a clear insight into the top mobile betting apps on the market.

Check out our comparison of the online betting apps and choose one of the top mobile betting services that are currently available. Whichever app you choose from this list, we guarantee that you will get a solid mobile betting experience that will easily match any other form of betting you have tried in the past.

4.9 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store Icon
$500 100% Risk-Free First Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now BetMGM Sportsbook Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store Icon
$250 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply
Resorts Sportsbook Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store Icon
$500 100% Risk Free Bet T&Cs Apply
BetStars Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store Icon
$600 100% Risk-Free Bet T&Cs Apply Play Now Unibet Review
4.8 / 5
Available for:
App Store IconApp Store Icon
$1000 20% Dep. Match T&Cs Apply
DraftKings Sportsbook Review

Why You Can Trust captaingambling

The internet is certainly not a place that instills too much trust into people, considering the number of frauds and shady entities roaming the web. However, captaingambling does not come anywhere close to the list of such shady sites as we are a 100% licensed and legitimate service, with a goal of helping players get the best online gambling experience possible.

To that end, captaingambling has acquired a proper license from the authorities in the state of New Jersey, the first state in which online gambling became legalized. Our reviews and ratings are unbiased and objective and we never take payments in for reviews. This means that operators cannot pay us to make their site look good and what we write is the cold hard truth.

The information offered at captaingambling is truthful, up to date and explained in ways that regular users can understand. We break down the complicated terms of service and bonus wagering requirements and explain them in ways that every user can understand and easily follow.

Legal Situation of Online Sportsbook Market in USA

When it comes to online sportsbook betting, USA is quite a complicated market. Just a few short years ago, online gambling was not yet legal throughout the country. Today, a growing number of states are making online gambling legal through various state bills and online sportsbooks are getting a foothold throughout the nation.

In such a market, it is crucial to understand which states offer what kind of online gambling as well as which sites are licensed in each state. captaingambling is here to help with this, as users can use the filters on our site to find only the online betting operators that have an operating license in their particular state.

The legal situation of online sportsbooks in USA is also quickly changing, and captaingambling makes sure to keep a close eye on all the ongoing changes and report them back to the player as soon as they happen. By being a member of captaingambling, you get all the important information regarding the online gambling market, in real time.

Preview of the Sports Betting Market

There is no doubt that the online sports betting market in the USA is in an infantile phase and that it has a massive growth potential. As new states make online gambling legal and new bookies join the market, there is no doubt that the situation on the market will become much more interesting and complex.

captaingambling is here to track the development of the industry as a whole and keep players informed of any change that happens. As the market expands, we will keep you informed of all the new laws and regulations that you should keep in mind, for each particular state.

The reality is that online gambling may someday become legal on the federal level as well and should this happen, we are likely to see a massive expansion of the industry the kind of which has been expected for many years now. When this happens, we assure you we will be among the first to supply you with all the relevant details and information you might need at that point.

10 Key FAQs about Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbook betting is legal in some states and not permitted in others. The market is quickly changing, and you can find out which sites are legal in your state by checking out our bookmaker comparisons.

All American players who live in states with licensed bookmakers and are 21 years old can sign up for real money betting. However, make sure that you are betting with an actual licensed bookie before you proceed.

The actually licensed online bookmakers will have a seal from a government agency on their site. Additionally, you can find all the licensed betting sites right here at captaingambling.

We highly recommend that you do not bet with any offshore betting sites. These sites offer their services to US players without any license and are very unsafe to bet at.

There is really no answer to this question. While our bookmaker comparison does rate the bookies, there are many factors at play and we recommend picking among the top rated bookies yourself.

We can only tell you to use a legal and licensed online sportsbook. Other than this, the choice is really yours, but our bookie reviews are certainly here to help you pick.

US players can use credit cards, PayPal, direct bank transfers, checks, PayNearMe and other services to get their deposits and cashouts processed.

This depends on many factors, including the payment method you decide to use. Our bookmaker reviews go into some detail as to the speed of cashout request processing.

Yes! All the top rated bookies offer in-play betting, which lets you make bets on games that are already underway.

Yes! You can check out our mobile apps reviews in order to find the best rated mobile betting apps, which offer mobile betting services to US players.

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