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West Virginia Casino Online 2020

Flag & Profile West Virginia
West Virginia Flag
West Virginia Silhouette
Legal since: 03-28-2019
Operators will start in 2021
  • Online Casinos are 100% legal & regulated in West Virginia
  • House Bill 2934 legalized Online Casinos starting 03/28/2019
  • Launch of first Online Casino operators earliest in 2021
  • Authority: West Virginia Lottery Commission
West Virginia Flag
West Virginia Silhouette
Legal since: 03-28-2019

West Virginia is one of the best places to live in the United States if you’re interested in wagering because the West Virginia casino industry is large and flexible. There are many casinos and sportsbooks throughout the state, and online wagering is supported for players as well. There are several casinos in West Virginia, some are racinos with active greyhound or horse tracks, while others are standard casinos with slots and table games. Even though slots are limited to 9,000 throughout the state there are many exciting amenities for gamblers at the different casino locations in the state.

Introduction into West Virginia’s Gambling Industry

West Virginia casino wagering got its start more than a century ago in the form of race betting, and slowly evolved to be the wagering industry we know today. There are casinos throughout the state making it simple for gamblers to find casinos in West Virginia to play at. There are a total of five land-based casinos today, but West Virginia online casino wagering is available to residents as well. The state is most well-known for greyhound racing, and has two of the 16 greyhound race tracks available throughout the country, helping to keep the tradition alive. Online gambling is continuing to evolve and more options are becoming available to choose from, making West Virginia one of the more liberal states to wager in today.

Landbased Casino Legal Situation

West Virginia gambling laws support land-based casinos and have for many years. That means that gamblers can travel to one of the five different locations mentioned down below and start wagering almost immediately. This is simple to do and anyone who is old enough can enjoy all the different features that these locations have to offer as well. At each of these locations there is track betting, as well as slots, table games and more to play around with. Players have many options to pick from and if they’re old enough to participate in one of the activities they can enjoy everything that the location has to offer in terms of West Virginia gambling.

  • Hollywood Casino
  • Mardi Gras Casino
  • Mountaineer Casino
  • The Casino Club
  • Wheeling Island Hotel

Online Casino Legal Situation

Online wagering has been legal in West Virginia since the early 2000’s. It’s legal for gamblers to get onto to one of the several websites and play poker, slot games and to participate in other forms of online wagering as well. Not only is online wagering available to users with computers, but it works on mobile devices as well, making it easy to place wagers from anywhere in the state. West Virginia casino revenue depends largely on online wagering, which is why the industry is doing so well today.

Mobile Casino Gambling Situation

It’s now legal to wager at a West Virginia online casino and to wager on slots, table games and other wagering options. Between all the different features offered at the different online casinos there are plenty of options to pick from as an interested gambler that wants to place one or more wagers. Mobile wagering is only available at limited operators at the moment, but more of the operators are working on offering mobile wagering. The platforms are being developed and enhanced, and eventually most of the five operators will offer mobile wagering to the players in the state. Like mobile wagering in most states, West Virginia casino wagering on mobile devices will be available to everyone within the state that’s old enough. The mobile software checks for the location of each of the gamblers, and as long as they are within the state boundaries they will be able to place wagers and enjoy all the features of the casino.

Online Casino Operator Licensing Process

In order to get one of the five available operator’s licenses to offer online gambling to West Virginian citizens operators must pay a $250,000 fee initially and then an additional $100,000 every five years. Along with those standard licensing fees, the five operators will also be expected to pay $100,000 for platform and management licenses as well as $10,000 for supplier licenses. All of these different costs come together to allow a West Virginia online casino. Obtaining an operator’s license doesn’t take long, but all of the requirements come with a cost that must be met in order to unlock the benefits offered. The licenses can be obtained from the West Virginia Lottery Commission.

West Virginia Online Casino List 2020

No legal operator yet

History of Gambling in West Virginia

A West Virginia Casino took many years to develop in the state and there were many other forms of wagering available to the citizens before players could ever play card games like poker, or spin the reels of slots. Like many other parts of the country, gambling began with racing in West Virginia. Before there were casinos in West Virginia, there were horse and greyhound race tracks. These tracks brought people from all over together to watch the outcome of the races and to wager big money on which of the animals was going to finish first. As early as the 1800’s horse and greyhound wagering was popular in West Virginia, but in 1863 all forms of gambling were no longer permissible. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that horse and greyhound bets were made legal once again.

After many decades of race wagering, poker began to get popular in West Virginia as well. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s people were playing poker all over the state in underground poker rooms, and in the late 1990s West Virginia officials made poker and slots legal to take control back from the mob-organized games. This was when the West Virginia Casino buildings that we know today really began to take shape around the state. Casinos started being developed and were eventually put in five locations around the state. Each of these locations offers slots and poker as well as some table games. Some of the casinos began as race tracks and still offer

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s legal to gamble at a West Virginia online casino for anyone that’s old enough to do so.

There are 0 online casinos available to wager at in West Virginia today. This number changes from time to time, so it’s important to be aware of the options whenever you decide to start looking for a site to play at.

Choosing a leading online casino is difficult, which is why many gamblers try out several options before deciding on the one that they like the best overall.

West Virginia online gambling became legal in 2007 as long as the wagering was limited to poker. Over the years since then more game options have been released, giving today’s players many options to choose from.

Online gambling became legal in 2007, the same year that online casinos began offering their services to the public in the state.

You can play at any of the online casinos throughout the state that offer mobile gambling support. Some offer apps while others work with a mobile internet browser for wagering purposes.

The West Virginia Lottery commission is responsible for regulating the industry.

Responsible Online Gambling

Problem gambling is a real problem for some players in West Virginia with access to different slot and table games. This is an important issue for players to be aware of before they start doing any sort of wagering. Fortunately, there are several different options available for getting help with this issue. Gamblers can reach out to the Problem Gamblers Help Network ( through the phone line and talk with experts 24/7. Most of the casinos throughout West Virginia have a self-exclusion program that gamblers can follow if they need help avoiding wagering. They can voluntarily exclude themselves from in-person and online wagering to keep gambling under control effectively.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

West Virginia online gambling is fun and a good way to pass the time, but it comes with the risk of losing real money. The best way to avoid that risk while still enjoying gambling is by using social casinos. These special establishments allow players to wager pretend money and avoid the risks that come along with traditional gambling. This is an excellent workaround to avoid losing real money and when doing this sort of gambling it’s possible to enjoy table games, slots and even sports betting. Social casinos are available all over the Internet and simple to join and make use of. Players that want to make some friends online while experiencing different types of wagering can do all of that and more using social casinos.

There are many options to join, and each site tracks the total balance of money that players have so that they have a goal to work toward. Doing well in games will help them increase their play money balance and work toward playing more and more difficult games and bet levels over time. The best players build up a stockpile of play money, while the other players lose their balances and have to start over from the beginning. Social casinos are a fun way to pass the time, but they aren’t as exciting as casino games played using real money.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy Sports is perfectly legal to participate In in West Virginia and it’s a different type of wagering or gamblers looking for something different. With Daily Fantasy Sports gamblers build teams made up of real players from many different teams combined into one. After assembling a team of players, the gamblers watch closely to see how all the different players perform in their next matches. The performance of those players determines how many points each of the players is worth and how valuable the entire team is. The player with the best team will win the prize pool that’s assembled each day with Daily Fantasy Sports.

Gamblers are challenged to choose the best set of players overall, and the one person, or group of people that build the best team will win the prize money as a result. DFS or Daily Fantasy Sports is an entertaining form of sports wagering and a new way to place wagers and to try and win. Some of the prize payouts associated with these games are massive, which makes them even more exciting to participate in. If this sounds like something you want to try, look at our DFS site comparisons below and choose the site that looks best to you. Choose a site, build your team and you could walk away with all that prize pool money as a result.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered?Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based CasinosYesavailable at five locations.
Online GamblingYesavailable all throughout the state.
Sports BettingYesavailable all throughout the state online and offline
Daily Fantasy SportsYesthere are no restrictions on DFS
House GamblingYesit isn’t expressly forbidden.


Minimum Gambling Age18 or 2121 for casino and video lottery gambling, 18 for lottery, bingo and racing.