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Online Casino Reviews 2022

If you’re looking for online casino reviews you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. captaingambling is a site dedicated to giving players exactly what they need, by providing them with the information about legal, legit, and trustworthy online gambling options in the States.

Our reviews can help you in many ways but one of the best features we have is that you can filter casino comparisons according to your state. Thus, if you’re looking for a place to play at and don’t know where to start, we have the answers you need. Stick around and let us make your internet gaming experience a truly enjoyable one.

Is There One Best Casino Out There?

We make it our business to find the most reliable and best casino sites out there that offer everything a player could possibly ask for. That said, it is virtually impossible to define a single operator as absolutely the best. There are many different factors that influence this definition and the truth is, it will be different for different players.

It all depends on what you’re looking for specifically and what you enjoy the most. For some players, a casino with a huge library of videoslots will be by far the best choice as they like to jump from one game to another and try their luck. Others play live dealer games almost exclusively and if an operator doesn’t offer this option, it won’t be their go to place regardless of how good their bonus might be or how neat their software is.

It really boils down to one’s personal preferences and expectations. We try our best to highlight all the important points about operators featured in our casino reviews and help you make your choice. With all this info available to you, it should be much easier to find the best casino for you, specifically.

What Makes a Good Online Casino?

While it is true that player’s personal preferences are the most important thing when choosing an online casino to play with, there are still certain aspects that every good operator needs to cover. These are criteria that we look into when doing our online casino reviews. Check them out and you can use them yourself even when deciding about an online casino not featured on the site.

  1. Overall Site Design & Functionality: The appearance of the casino site and its various functions are very important for your gaming experience. This is one of the first things to check out and see if the casino feels right for you and your playing habits.
  2. Welcome Bonus: There is hardly anything more important for new players than a welcome bonus. A nice boost to your bankroll when you first join an online casino can go a long way and help you enjoy your time much more.
  3. Gaming Library: Does the casino offer a good selection of games? What game developers are featured on the site? If you have certain game you love (like most of us), it is important that your select operator offers these titles.
  4. Mobile Gaming: Playing on the go has become much more popular in the recent years. If you ever play from your phone, it is important to make sure the operator you’re looking into offers a solid mobile solution that covers all your needs.
  5. Rewards & Promotions for Loyal Players: Is this a casino that you’re likely to come back to once you’re done with your welcome bonus? What kind of promotions and loyalty offers do they have for their existing customers? Could you be better off moving on to another operator?
  6. Deposit & Withdrawal Methods: It is important for a casino to offer a good variety of banking options. That way, even if your primary method can’t be used for whatever reason, you’ll have some alternatives to continue playing without big issues.
  7. Withdrawal Restrictions & Processing Speeds: Different players have different requirements when it comes to withdrawals. Make sure the operator meets your expectations in this particular area in terms of how fast they process cashouts and what their minimum and maximum withdrawal limits are.
  8. Player Support Department: Can you count with customer support to help you with any issues that may arise while playing on the site? This is very important as you need to have confidence they’ll assist you should something go wrong and you can’t solve it yourself.

5 Criteria for Good Online Casino Review

Writing a review of an online casino is actually a lengthy process that requires a lot of time and dedication. The fact of the matter is, the best online casino reviews go beyond what is expected and really dig under the surface. We look into other things as well and we suggest you do the same when choosing your online casino.

#1 Minimum Deposit to Claim the Bonus

Different casinos have different approaches when it comes to how they treat their players and what kind of customers they want to attract. If you’re a casual player, you’re best off with a site that doesn’t require a big first deposit to claim the casino bonus package.

What we mean by this is that you should always prefer an operator that will give you the full value of the bonus when you make a small deposit of like USD 10. While the bonus match may not be all that important here, if you can get extra 50 or 100 free spins when you deposit, this is a really nice boost.

#2 Beyond Slots & Table Games

Most players are interested primarily in playing slots or various table games. Thus, it stands to reason operators cater to the majority and these groups make up for the largest portion of their gaming portfolios. There is nothing wrong with this approach but there are players who enjoy different games altogether.

If you belong to this latter group, make sure to check out if the casino offers these other options, such as scratch cards, bingo games, etc. You have many operators to choose from so take your time shopping around until you find the one that really meets your particular needs.

#3 Quality of the Loyalty Store

Almost all casinos have some sort of a loyalty scheme for their players where you get rewarded for playing games. Usually, you’re given points, which can be exchanged for various perks in the loyalty store on the site.

If you’re someone who plays a lot and expect to accumulate a decent amount of these points, the quality of the loyalty store can be very important. Are they offering just bonuses or can you get some wager-free cash? Can you buy real-life items like electronics and apparel? Some stores will simply give you better value for money.

#4 Banking Fees

Casinos are businesses at the end of the day and they always try to make as much money as possible. However, some are more willing to give up a bit of their margin to better cater to their players. This can be seen from how they treat deposits and withdrawals.

Some operators require players to cover fees when they deposit using certain methods or to pay for the processing when cashing out. While this doesn’t have to be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, it is certainly something to look into and keep in mind when choosing where to play.

#5 Minimum Withdrawal Limits

Like with deposits, some operators will set the bar high when it comes to cashing out, requiring players to withdraw at least USD 50 or USD 100. Obviously, this isn’t something you want if you’re a small-time player who occasionally deposits a tenner to have some fun.

While higher withdrawal limits aren’t necessarily a concern for all players, they are something many users are concerned with and you should definitely check it out ahead of time. If you don’t think particular casino’s limits work for you, look for a different one that meets your needs better.

Best 5 Casino Reviews Bonus Picks

The welcome bonus may not be the most important thing that defines the quality of an operator but it certainly is an important factor. If you’re looking for the best bonuses around, we’ve come up with our top five picks you should definitely check out.

Keep in mind that our test winner doesn’t necessarily have to be the best in this category as well. There are many things that come into play when defining a quality bonus, such as the amount, wagering requirements, and other things, and that’s what we’ve based our picks on.

Remember to take a look at our individual operator reviews for detailed information on current bonus offers, including our Betfair casino promotions and PokerStars deposit codes guides.

Best 5 Mobile Online Casinos

Like with our bonus picks, the best choice for those players that enjoy playing on the go isn’t necessarily our overall test winner. When making this comparison, we focused primarily on what the operator has to offer in the mobile department and that’s how we came up with our top picks.

A good casino app for real money is the one that offers easy deposits and withdrawals, has many games to choose from, and works well across different devices. So, if you’re looking for the best mobile betting apps USA, you won’t go wrong with these mobile-focused operators.

Why You Can Trust Our Online Casino Reviews

captaingambling is fully dedicated to providing the best online casino reviews for US players. We take great pride in making sure all our reviews and comparisons and honest, truthful, and up to date. Of course, there are many similar sites out there so it is natural for you to wonder what it is that makes us stand out from the crowd?

captaingamblings is fully licensed by the state of New Jersey to provide online casino reviews USA, so you can rest assured the information we put out is verified and trustworthy. We offer legit online casino reviews and want only what’s best for the players.

In addition to this, we give voice to our members as well, so you can also share your personal experiences about various gambling operators. This ensures all casinos featured on the site are held to a high standard and have to treat their players right if they want to hang around.

Online gambling in the US has come a long way. Right now, there are several states that have fully licensed and regulated casino sites and give players a chance to play in a completely safe environment. These sites offer a much higher level of trust than all offshore casinos that continue to accept US players against the law.

State-licensed casinos have to adhere to rigorous rules and regulations set in place to protect players and operators alike. In the event of any dispute, there are regulatory bodies in each state that take care of complaints and make sure things are done by the book. Thus, players don’t have to worry about things such as unfair confiscation of their winnings or unreasonable delays of their withdrawals.

Unfortunately, state casinos can only accept players from the state they’re located in. This means that the majority of US players still doesn’t have access to regulated gambling sites and can either abstain from playing or turn to offshore sites, risking getting scammed or worse.

There are also voices against regulated online gambling altogether and these lobbies certainly don’t help the matter. Their work behind the scenes is slowing down the entire process while players are left in the dark and hoping for the best. Additionally, certain states aren’t particularly keen on passing the iGaming legislation at all or it is simply nowhere near the top of their priorities.

Future of Regulated Online Gambling in the US

Things are definitely moving slow – but they are moving. There is every reason to believe online gambling in the US will reach the point where all players (or a great majority of them, at least) will have access to fully licensed sites and will be able to play online without fear. That day may still be far away but it will come.

As more states recognize regulated internet gambling as a source of income and a way to fill some budget halls, we’ll start to see more and more iGaming bills being passed. Regulated states will then more than likely form compacts, allowing them to accept players from all states within the compact, creating a bigger player pool.

There are still some obstacles on this path, such as the Wire Act (Can I Play in an Online Casino from Another State?), the final interpretation of which could have huge impact on the future of the gaming industry in the States. There is still a battle ahead and it will be a tough one but we firmly believe that, eventually, US players will be given the safe and regulated online gambling environment we all deserve.

If gambling isn't legal in your state, you could always have a go at social casinos - why not take a look at our Huuuge casino reviews and Bingo Blitz free coins guides for a taster?

Online Casino Reviews Player FAQs

We’ll wrap this article on casino reviews with an extensive FAQ section. If there are still some questions that you need answered, you’ll likely find an answer here. These are some of the most common questions by the players so they will likely be of use to you.

Are casino bonuses worth taking?

There is no universal answer to this question. Sometimes, bonuses are well worth taking; sometimes, you’re better off without them and playing with your own raw money.

What things should I pay attention to when checking out a bonus?

Some of the most important things to check out are wagering requirements, game restrictions, and the max bet. These factors usually define the bonus and you can use them to determine if it is a good offer worth taking.

There are no licensed casinos in my state. Can I play on a site from another state?

Unfortunately, you’ll need to be physically located within the state where the casino is located to be able to play as licensed sites aren’t allowed to accept players from other jurisdictions.

Is it worth playing with offshore casinos?

You should never play with offshore, unlicensed sites. Your money is never safe here and you could also get in legal problems depending on the state you live in.

Are online casino winnings taxable?

Yes, all casino winnings in the States are taxable, including any winnings originating from online play. In fact, you should even pay taxes on your winnings from offshore sites even though they are operating against the law.

Can I deduct gambling losses on my tax report?

It is possible to deduct some gambling losses when filing your taxes but there are very strict rules regarding this and you’ll need to keep very accurate records.

Can I play free games at an online casino?

Most operators do offer an option to play free versions of pretty much all games featured on the site and you can play them for as much as you like until you run out of free coins or play money.

What casino games pay the best?

Some of the best paying casino games are blackjack and craps [craps]. These games have the lowest house advantage and the biggest player return.

How easy is it to withdraw my winnings from an online casino?

Getting your money from a regulated casino is really a breeze. Usually, all you need to do is select your preferred withdrawal method and request a cashout. Money will usually arrive within a couple of days or even sooner with certain methods.

Are online casinos rigged?

This is a fairly common question by the players and the answer is - no. Licensed online casinos aren’t rigged and they operate within the parameters prescribed by the law.

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