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Pennsylvania Online Casinos 2020

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Legal since: 10-30-2017
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Pennsylvania Flag
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Legal since: 10-30-2017

Top Operators for Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania Online Casinos: Quick Overview 2020

Only second to Nevada, Pennsylvania collects on commercial casino revenues that come from the gaming that is done within the casinos in Pennsylvania. This is something that puts them at the top when considering how much the state gets back in the amount of revenue that is collected from the casinos. With a diverse, lush gaming industry, Pennsylvania offers many different gaming options in Pennsylvania online casinos to the residents and those passing through the state to check out.

Introduction into the Pennsylvania Gambling Industry

When looking to find out more about the legality of both online gambling in PA and whether a casino in Pennsylvania is legal to gamble at or not, we’ve broken down the information below for you. This makes it easier than ever to get the information, the legal issues, and more surrounding many casinos and types of casinos throughout the Pennsylvania state. Find out if you are able to play legally within the state and have a good time in your choice of Pennsylvania online casino.

Land-based Casino Legal Situation

Land-based casinos in Pennsylvania are legalized, both on a commercial level and from tribes living in the area. This allows for many different Pennsylvania online casinos in the area that you can choose from. With many choices, you will be able to find the sports betting, slots, table games, and more within these casinos for you to make use of.

There are also many different land-based casinos you can play in when you’re in the area. The list below are some of them, though there are many others in the state to choose from:

  • Mohegan Sun Poconos
  • Hollywood Casino
  • Sands Bethlehem
  • Lady Luck Casino
  • The Meadow Racetrack and Casino
  • Mount Airy Casino
  • Rivers Casino Pittsburgh

You can choose any of these legal casinos in Pennsylvania to play in, or try some of the other options that the state offers for gambling fun.

Pennsylvania Online Casino Legal Situation

Playing in an online casino in PA is completely legal. In fact, they passed a bill that made it legal in the state in 2017. This allows for not only the online casinos to operate in the area, but those in the area to play within them if they so choose without risks of persecution. Online gambling sites for PA are strongly recognized and used throughout the state because of how popular they have become in the recent years and the ease of use that comes with them.

Many of the casinos that you can play online are also casinos you can visit in real life. This makes it more fun for those that want to choose between the two options when playing and putting cash down. You can choose from one of these options for the online casino in Pennsylvania that you want to play in.

  • Parx Casino
  • Mount Airy Casino
  • Valley Forge Casino
  • Hollywood Casino
  • SugarHouse Casino
  • Wind Creek

Mobile Casino Gambling Situation

Those that want to bring the fun and games with them wherever they go can look into the online casino in Pennsylvania that they choose to play in and see if they offer a mobile casino version of their casino. The above mentioned online casinos in PA provide the user with experiences that they can bring along with them. While many of the options do not have all of the games that are in the full casino version, they have many of them to occupy you while you are away from home.

It is easy to download the online casinos in PA that have a mobile gaming option. Simply go to the app store and search up the name of the casino and then download it to your mobile device. From here, you can then make use of the casino once you open it up and sign in to your account.

Online Casino Operator Licensing Process

The casino operator licensing process is one that has to be gone through in order to operate a casino in Pennsylvania, whether it is online or on-site. This is because the casino has to be regulated, licensed, and up to standards in order to provide services to the customers. With online gambling in PA legal, it is easy to get a license for the casino that you want to own and operate in the area.

The packet, application and required documents have to be handed into the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board to be considered for acceptance.

Fill out the application, make sure to know the regulatory requirements and sign off on them with the paperwork provided, while also providing any background information on the employees, yourself, and the establishment. There should also be information on the wagering, games, and other specifics of the casino in Pennsylvania that are important for the Gaming Board to know regarding accepting the application. These need to adhere to the specific rules set forth by the Gaming Board, since it has to be completely legal.

Once filled out and the necessary paperwork is attached, it can be handed it. The application can be denied or approved. It may also be sent back if it is missing information and marked as incomplete.

Pennsylvania Online Casino List 2020

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History of Gambling in Pennsylvania

Gambling in Pennsylvania is something that has been around for decades. Providing residents and visitors alike with a quality hobby that they can make use of, you’re easily able to find the fun and games that come along with checking out the many casinos in Pennsylvania.

Horse racing was the very first type of gambling legalized in the state of Pennsylvania. It was legalized in 1959, and has since been around in the state, providing many people with a way to place bets on their favorite horses that go around the track.

Casinos in Pennsylvania have been legalized for around a decade and currently are working to provide those with quality gaming experiences. With commercially ran casinos in the area, as well as those ran through Indian Reservations, this is the second to Nevada that provides this type of gambling services.

Online and phone betting was a common occurrence for this type of gambling in the state. It continues to be a way to place bets on the races that are happening in the area.

The Pennsylvania lawmakers passed a law in 2017 that allowed and legalized online gambling in the area. This opened a new form of revenue for the state. It continues to be one of the biggest and most profitable revenue streams for the state.

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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can gamble online in Pennsylvania. This is completely legal, with a bill being passed in 2017 that allows and encourages residents to do so.

There are currently 2 casinos operating within the state of Pennsylvania. As this is a legal form of gaming, many operators are looking to expand to the online base.

The best online casino site in Pennsylvania is the one that you feel the most comfortable using. You can check them all out and then choose the online casino in PA that you like the most.

Legal online casinos in PA opened around 2017 when the bill or law was initially passed which allowed them to do so. Both on-site casinos and online casinos used this law to open in the area.

Online gambling in Pennsylvania become legal in 2017 when there was a law that was passed that legally allowed residents and others within the state to gamble online.

Those that want to play in an online casino in PA while on the go can do so when they download the casino that they play in online through their mobile device. From here, they can sign into their accounts and play while on the go.

Pennsylvania gambling regulations are set forth through the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and Regulations Department for the state. They oversee all of the applications, as well as the casinos in the state.

Responsible Online Gambling

Those that are dealing with a gambling addiction need to find help for it. There are a number of organizations in the state that are able to help with this type of addiction. They are listed below, so you are able to reach out to them if you find that you have this type of issue.

Those that do not set a clear schedule of time to play these games or have a budget set for how much they play with might find themselves with an addiction that requires help.

It is always best to practice safe and responsible gambling wherever you choose to play. Online gambling sites for PA provide more information on how to get help, as well as private treatment centers that can help with this type of issue.

Social Casinos: If you want to play, but not for real

Social casinos are great for a number of reasons. Not only do these provide a way for people to get together, almost like a club, but many of them do not require that you put down money if you don’t want too. It is a way to bring people close together. In addition to this, many regular casinos in Pennsylvania might offer these types of social gaming for those that just want to get out and have a good time.

Social casinos and gaming can also be used when trying to raise money for charity or other charitable events. This is because it is a great way to provide people with a good time, but also to bring in the winnings and donate them to a good cause.

Whether you are looking for a way to become a part of a group, or you just want to know where the best online gambling in PA is, you have come to the right place to get all of what you need and more. The casinos in Pennsylvania provide the use of many different gaming options, you can be sure to find the one that works the best for you.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS): Win with Expertise

Daily Fantasy Sports are a way to provide yourself with some fun if you’re interested in sports and like to watch them, follow them, and know a decent amount about them. This is because you can choose the players you feel the most confident about, regardless of what teams they play on, and bring them all together on your own team. When they do well in the games they play in, you get points. At the end of the season, these points are then brought together, and you’re given a total. The people with the highest totals are the winners. Daily Fantasy Sports are great for many people, and they might just be a great gaming option for you to go with.

Online sports gambling in PA is legal, but Daily Fantasy Sports are considered a legal option because they say that this is a game of skill, rather than one of luck which is what you would find in many of the casinos in Pennsylvania.

You can sign up through the top websites such as FanDuel and DraftKings. This provides a great way to spend time in online gambling sites for PA and learn more about the sports that you enjoy watching. Choose your players and start the fun today. You can get it all and more.

Gambling Guide

Permitted / Offered? Notes & Restrictions
Land-Based Casinos Yes
Online Gambling Yes
Sports Betting Yes
Lottery Yes Both state-wide lottery options and multi-state options are available and legal to play.
Daily Fantasy Sports Yes
House Gambling Yes To a certain extent. There are times when this is not legal, especially if the house is not regulated or licensed to provide this type of gambling.
Minimum Gambling Age 18 or 21 18 for all gambling options besides some land-based casinos that offer alcohol within their establishments, where it is 21 years of age.